Probset in Statistics

1. How many three-digit even numbers can be formed from the digits 1,2,3,4 and 5 if each digit can be
used only once?
2. How many two-digit odd numbers can be formed from the numbers 2,4,6,8, and 9 if repetition of digits
is allowed?
3. A college freshman must take a Math course, a Science course, and an English course. If he or she may
select any of six Math courses, any of five Science courses and any of four English courses, in how
many ways can he or she arrange his or her program?
4. How many different license plates which consist of three letters and three numbers are there
altogether if
a. there are no restrictions?
b. The letters must be different?
c. The letters must be different and the first digit cannot be 0?
d. The letters and numbers must be different?
5. In how many ways can you order a meal in a restaurant if you have two choices of drinks (coffee or
tea), three main courses (chicken, beef or fish), and two desserts (pie or cake) where a full meal consist
of one drink, one main course, and one dessert?
6. In the 73rd UAAP season, eight sprinters from different universities are in the final match. In how many
ways can the sprinters receive a gold, a silver, or a bronze?
7. A committee will elect a president, a secretary, and a treasurer. If the committee consists of 35
members, how many possible outcomes for the three positions can occur? (Note that no member can
be elected in two positions.)
8. In how many ways can a female model dress up at a fashion show if she has five different pairs of
shoes, four different pants, five different pants, five different shirts, and four different hats?
9. A group of five teenagers went to a movie. In how many ways can they be arranged in a row of five
10. If you will choose two students from four students, in how many ways can you arrange these two
students who will sit on two different chairs?
11. In how many ways can you arrange five different starting positions in a basketball team with nine men
who can play any position?
12. In how many ways can you plant five different trees around a circular lot?
13. In how many ways can four boys and five girls sit in a row alternately?
14. Four married couples have brought eight seats in a row for a concert. In how many different ways can
these couples sit with no restrictions? Each couple sit together? All men sit together to the right of all

In traveling from Philippines to Los Angeles, Mr. De Castro wishes to stop over in Hawaii. If he has 4
airlines to choose from in the trip from Philippines to Hawaii and has 3 airlines to choose from in the
trip from Hawaii to Los Angeles, in how many ways can Mr. De Castro travel from Philippines to Los
2. A restaurant offers 2 different soups, 5 different main courses and 4 different drinks in its lunch menu.
Each order can select a soup, a main course and a drink from the menu. How many different lunches
are possible?
3. A lady has 5 blouses, 6 skirts, 3 handbags and 7 pairs of shoes. How many different outfits can she
4. A dance club has 10 male and 12 female members. A pair of male and female members has to be
chosen to join a contest. How many pairs can be formed?
5. A computer shop has 5 types of monitors, 4 CPU systems and 7 printers available. How many different
computer systems consisting of a monitor, a CPU system and a printer can be formed?
6. A florist has 20 types of flowers, 7 types of leaves and 11 different vases. A flower arrangement is to
be made by putting a type of flower and a type of leaf into a vase. How many different arrangements
can be made?
7. There is a 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) encoded in each bank card for security reasons.
Find the number of possible PINs
(a) with repeated digits allowed,
(b) with no repeated digits.
8. In order to travel from city X to city Y, Peter has the following choices:
He can fly directly from X to Y on one of the 3 airlines.
ii. He can fly from X to another city T on one of the 4 airlines and then travel from T to Y with one of
the 5 bus lines.
In how many ways can he travel from X to Y?
9. (a) In how many ways can 5 true-false questions be answered?
(b) In how many ways can 10 multiple choice questions, each with 4 options, be answered?
(c) A test paper consists of 5 true-false questions and 10 multiple choice questions with 4 options. In
how many ways can this paper be answered?
10. Monica has several ways to spend her evening. She can read a book, watch a video or go for a drink.
She can choose between 7 books, 5 videos and 3 coffee shops. How many choices does she have if

33. In how many ways can he arrange 12 of them on a shelf if (a) there is no restriction? (b) a particular book must be on the shelf? (c) 2 particular books must be on the shelf and placed together? B 1. Find the number of possible combinations of 49 cards from a deck of 52 playing cards. Find the number of ways they can be seated if (a) there is no restriction. Find the number of ways that 8 different flowers can be threaded to form a circular wreath. A shop window designer has 7 balloons. 27. 1 green and 1 yellow cubes. 29. In how many ways can 4 ladies be seated in a round coffee table? 23. A store carries 7 styles of pants. 28. She hangs these balloons in a line in the shop front. Find the number of arrangements she can make by using (a) all 7 balloons. For each style. In how many different ways can these cubes be stacked up? 21. How many different types of pants could the store have? . In how many ways can they be seated so that no two women may be together? 18. There are 8 students joining a mathematics contest. Find the number of different triangles that can be formed by using the 10 points as vertices. all of which are different. a list ranking the top 4 must be made. (a) How many ways are there to pick a sequence of two different letters of the alphabet that appear in the word HOUSE? In MATHEMATICS? (b) How many ways are there to pick first a vowel and then a consonant from HOUSE? From MATHEMATICS? 2. 2 medium and 1 large car? (c) with at least 1 small car? 35. In how many ways can 4 officers be selected? 31. 17. each having 10 seats. A girl has 3 Filipino Books and 7 English books. In how many ways can a committee of 3 principals be selected from a group of 10 principals? 30. 2 are blue and 4 are red. C. (b) the parents must be seated together. (b) exactly 6 balloons. and D. 26. How many samples are possible (a) with no restriction? (b) with 2 small. A family of 5 has dinner at a round table. Find the number of different ways in which 5 children can be arranged in a circle. There are 25 students in the Science Club. 6 pants lengths. A sample of 5 cars is selected for a destructive test from a group containing 7 small. and 4 color choices. How many distinct permutations can be made from the letters of the word “EXCELLENT”? 22. How many ways are there to rank 6 candidates who attempt a fitness test? 19. 4 medium and 6 large cars. In how many ways can the first 3 positions be filled? 13. [Hint: A wreath can be viewed from both sides. There are 10 different bottles of red wine and 12 different bottles of white wine in stock. How many ways are there to make such a list? 20.] 24. there are 10 different possible waist sizes. In a restaurant. A boy has 5 different toy soldiers. 5 of which lie in the same straight line and no other group of 3 or more points can be drawn through by one straight line. From a collection of 10 hottest songs. In how many ways can a group of 5 printers be selected from 6 inkjet and 9 laser printers if the group must contain (a) exactly 3 laser printers? (b) at least 3 laser printers? 34. In how many ways can the letters of the word “WEEKEND” be arranged? 15. 1 blue. Find the number of possible combinations. (c) the parents must not be seated together. 16. A student has 15 different books. 5 out of 11 different sets of lunch are listed on its menu daily. A shopkeeper determines to display 2 bottles of red and 3 bottles of white wine on a rack. A debate team of 3 students is selected from students A. Find the number of ways in which 20 persons may be seated at two round tables. B. A baby has 4 red. of which 1 is white. Given 10 points in a plane.(a) she only takes one activity? (b) she only takes two activities? (c) she takes all three sorts of activities? 11. 25. In how many ways can he arrange them to stand in a line? 12. How many days will elapse before the lunch menu has to be repeated? 32. 4 men and 4 women join a social dinner at a round table. Find the number of possible arrangements he can make. In how many ways can she arrange (a) 6 of them on a shelf? (b) the 3 Filipino books on the left and the 7 English books on the right of a shelf? (c) all of them on a shelf with the Filipino books together? 14.

000 are there with (make sure to avoid sequences of digit with leading 0s): (a) Distinct digits? (b) Repetition of digits allowed but with no 2 or 4? (b) Distinct digits and at least one of 2 and 4 must appear? 13. Given nine different English books. and Mrs.) C 1. In how many ways can a hand of Ace full-house be obtained? . B.g.. How many different five-letter sequences can be made using the letters A. 15.g. A person can pass the rumor on to anyone except the individual who just called. How many three-letter sequences without repeated letters can be made using a. Cathy. How many integers between 1000 and 10. and so on. How many ways are there for a man to invite some (nonempty) subset of his 10 friends to dinner? 24. If this restriction is imposed. How many times is “25” written when listing all numbers from 1 to 100.3. e. Re-solve the problem of counting the number of three-letter sequences without repetition using a. How many ways are there to pair them off into a collection of 5 pairings? 21. 11. f in which either e or f (or both) is used? Comment on the answers: (a) 3  2  4  3. and Mr. How many sequences of length 5 can be formed using the digits 0. How many ways are there to pick 2 different cards from a standard 52-card deck such that: (a) The first card is an Ace and the second card is not a Queen? (b) The first card is a spade and the second card is not a Queen? (Hint: Watch out for the Queen of spades. …. Rivera and their son. c. 2. A receives the third call? 10. sequences such as ABADD are excluded. seven different French books.. Five cards are dealt from a standard deck. b. 05550? 14. There are 10 different people at a party. how many seating arrangements are possible? 2. (a) Five students. How many five-letter “words” (sequence of any five letters with repetition) are there? How many with no repeated letters? 4.000? (This is an extension of the previous exercise. How many seating plans are possible if men and ladies must alternate? 4. C. d. 15251) are there? 8. 3.) 6. How many ways are there to place two identical queen on an 8  8 chessboard so that the queens are not in a common row. How many ways are there to place two identical kings on an 8  8 chessboard so that the kings are not in adjacent squares? On an n  m chessboard? 22. who calls someone. 4. Donna and Eve are to be seated in a row. There are 15 different apples and 10 different pears. Bonnie. 00174. column or diagonal? 23. (a) By how many different paths can a rumor travel through the group in three calls? In n calls? (b) What is the probability that if A starts the rumor. c. and Mrs. How many ways are there to place a red checker and a black checker on two black squares of a checkerboard so that the red checker can jump over the black checker? (A checker jumps on the diagonal from in front to behind. In how many ways that the members of the same family sit adjacent to each other? 3. A receives the third calls? (c) What is the probability that if A does not start the rumor. 9 with the property that exactly two of the 10 digits appear. e.g. 2. what is the probability that the highest value is twice the smallest value? 20. Two different cards are chosen at random. There are 50 cards numbered from 1 to 50. e. one of each language? (c) How many ways are there to make a row of three books in which exactly one language is missing (the order of the three books makes a different)? 5. Mr.. (b) 3  2  5  4. How many seating arrangements can be made? (b) The teacher would not allow Bonnie and Cathy to sit together as they are often chatting in class. Amy. How many ways are there to roll two distinct dice to yield a sum divisible by 3? 7. How many four-digit numbers are there formed from the digits 1. 12. D with repetition such that the sequence does not include the word BAD – that is. What is the probability that one number is twice the other number? 19. and five different German books: (a) How many ways are there to select one book? (b) How many ways are there to select three books. If three distinct dice are rolled. f that have an e by first counting the number with no e.) 17. In how many ways can this be arranged if the men and ladies must alternate? (b) They are to be seated at a round table to have a dinner. and (d) 6  5  4 – 4  3  2. b. e. A rumor is spread randomly among a group of 10 people by successively having one person call someone. (a) In a dinner-for-six social gathering 3 ladies and 3 men stand together to have a photo taken. (a) How many different five-digit numbers are there (leading zeros. 1. What is the probability that the top two cards in a shuffled deck do not form a pair? 9. not allowed)? (b) How many even five-digit numbers are there? (c) How many five-digit numbers are there with exactly one 3? (d) How many five-digit palindrome numbers (number that are the same when the order of their digits is inverted. How many ways are there for Jack to pick an apple or a pear and then for Jill to pick an apple and a pear? 16. e. 5 (with possible repetition) that are divisible by 4? 18. (c) 3  2  4  4 – 3  2  4. Alonzo are attending a dinner gathering at a round table of eight. d.

and then from McDonald to his apartment? Assume he can only walk on the pavements of the streets.) (b) Mr. Legarda sit on two sides (see the figure below). A M C Ricky has no class on Wednesday afternoon and he usually walks home. Legarda are to play mahjong with two of their friends. second. (a) How many selections are possible for the candidate? (b) If Richard is able to answer only 2 questions in Part 2. and so on. and Mrs. How many seating arrangements are possible? 10. ii. July and October. Determine the number of attendance required of each of them during the two-year period. (a) Mr. showing the locations of the campus (C). 9. (a) If their names are drawn from a hat to determine who goes first. 6. In how many ways can the four players it? (c) After playing mahjong. McDonald (M) and Ricky’s apartment(A). Ricky is a university student who lives in an apartment close to campus. second. 8. how many presentation orders are possible? (b) If their names are put in alphabetical order to determine who goes first. how many selections can he have? A softball league has 14 teams. and Mrs. i. how many presentation orders are possible? 11. In how many ways can 4 men be chosen from 5 Filipino and 6 Chinese so as to include (a) only one Chinese? (b) at least one Chinese? An examination paper consists of two parts and each part has 4 questions. All of them must present their portfolios and explain their work to the instructor and their classmates at the end of the semester. 12. A photo for press release is to be taken with the chairman and deputy chairman in the middle positions. A group of eight women and six men must select a four-person committee. Mr. A candidate is required to answer any 5 questions. A street map is given below. How many pairs of representative are required? Illustrate with a simple example. An art class consists of 12 students. In a deck of 52 playing cards(jokers not allowed). In how many ways can Ricky walk from campus to McDonald. the married couple will treat dinner to six of their friends at a long table. he often has lunch at McDonald with his classmates. Also suppose the members take turn at attending this meeting. how many games must be scheduled? (a) The executive committee of an alumni association consists of six members. while he can answer any question in Part 1. (a) How many five-card poker hands containing exactly three aces are possible? (b) How many five-card poker hands containing three of a kind are possible? . You may also assume that each of the above three places are located at the intersection of two streets. How many seating orientations can be made? (Note: a seating orientation means the four players are seated in a particular clockwise direction. 7. and the executive committee formed in December 2002 is to last two years. In how many ways can this be arranged? (b) Two representatives of the committee are to be nominated to attend a meeting that is held quarterly.5. April. Being the host and the hostess. If every team must play every other team once in the first round of league play. and Mrs. Legarda insist not to sit next to each other so as to avoid “cooperation”. It is required that the chairman or the deputy chairman will participate with one of the other four-committee members. with at least 2 questions from each part. How many committees are possible if it must consist of the following? (a) two women and two men (b) any mixture of men and women (c)a majority of women 13. How many pairs of representatives can be formed? (c) Suppose the meeting mentioned in (b) is held on the first Saturday of January. and so on. Before going home.

19. A baseball league has six teams – A. If a fair coin is flipped 9 times. 2) sequences with exactly nine 0s are there? Comment on the answers: (a) 3n – 9. 10 distinct gloves in all. Suppose that campus telephone numbers consist of any 4 digits (repetition allowed). having dinner.g. and F. (b) (3!(n – 3)!)3. (a) What is the probability that the digit 6 appears at least twice in a campus telephone number? (b) What is the probability that a campus telephone number contains exactly two different digits (e. b. Note that the problems assume that people are distinct objects (no identical people). How many 10-letter (sequences) are there using 5 different vowels and 5 different consonants (chosen from the 21 possible consonants)? What is the probability that one of these words has no consecutive pair of consonants? Comment on the answers: (a) 3(n – 1)!. How many ways are there to distribute seven different books among 15 children if no child gets more than one book? 3. In how many ways can you select three out of eleven items under the following conditions? (a) Order of selection is not important. and Ms. How many ways are there to arrange the cards in a 52-card deck? 2. A volleyball league has 10 teams. (b) How many different ways can Sid and Nancy celebrates their anniversary? 18. and go dancing either at Le Club or at Lizards. e. C. how many ways are there to distribute two gloves to each of 5 sisters: (a) If the two gloves someone receives might both be for the left hand or right hand? (b) If each sister get one left-hand glove and one right-hand glove? 7. dine either at Stars. different for each problem. Remember to read problems carefully to avoid misinterpretation.g. How many n-digit ternary (0. How many ways can a committee be formed from four men and six women with: (a) At least two men and at least twice as may women as men? (b) Between 3 and 5 people. and Mr. with repletion allowed) contain exactly one A and exactly two Bs? 8. at least two of whom are women. They will go to either the Museum of Modern Art or the New Photo Gallery. How many 5-letter sequences (formed from the 26 letters in the alphabet. Use Pascal’s Triangle to answer the following. and (c) C(n. Baggins cannot both be chosen? 10. d. 2444)? (c) What is the probability that a campus telephone number consists of 4 distinct digits in ascending order (e. There are six different French books. Most of these exercises require individual analysis. (a) Construct a tree diagram to list all possible ways in which Sid and Nancy can celebrate their anniversary. and Mrs. second and third place are possible (disregarding ties)? D. Wonder is excluded? (c) Five people. 1. or at the Chelsea. Given 5 distinct pairs of gloves. eight different Russian books. 8)3n – 9 9. Each team must play each other team exactly once. All games are played at 7:30 p. (b) Order of selection is important. which will include viewing an art exhibit. f has (a) a and b side-by-side? (b)a occurring somewhere before b? c b 14. on Fridays. and not all of the three O’Hara sisters can be on the committee? (d) Four members. (a) In which row would you find the value of 4C2? (b) In which row would you find the value of nCr? (c) Is 4C2 the second number in the fourth row? (d) Is 4C2 the third number in the fourth row? (e) What is the location of nCr? Why? 16. (b) 2n – 9. Pay special attention to whether a problem involves arrangements or subsets. Which of the teams above must team B play second? 17.  Team C plays team F first. and five different Spanish books. Sid and Nancy are planning their anniversary celebration. How many ways are there to arrange the books in a row on a shelf with all books of the same language grouped together? 12.  Team B plays team E first and team C third. at Johnny’s.14. 2578)? 11. what is the probability of 7 or more heads? 6. D. How many different lottery tickets can you choose? (Order is not important. How many different end-of-the-season rankings of first. c. 1. A 6/55 lottery requires choosing six of the numbers 1 through 53. How many triangles are formed by (assuming no three lines cross at a point): a f d e .. and the numbers do not repeat. E.m. What is the probability that an arrangement of a. How many arrangements are there of the 8 letters in the word VISITING? 4. 13. How many ways are there to pick a 5-person basketball team from 12 possible players? How many teams if the weakest player and the strongest player must be on the team? 5. and the following conditions must be met:  Team A plays team D first and team F second. and going dancing. B. and (c) 3((n – 1)!)3.) 15.

2)  48  44  40/C(52. How many arrangements of the 26 letters of the alphabet in which: (a) a occurs before b? (b) a occurs before b and c occurs before d? (c) the 5 vowels appear in alphabetical order? 18. (d) Four 1-vote people and four 2-vote people (majority is 7). 1. for example. How many arrangements of INSTRUCTOR are there in which where are exactly two consonants between successive pairs of vowels? 20. efd. What is the probability that there are 5 days from each month in the subset? (For simplicity. Queen. abf. (b) One pair or more (three of a kind.) 7. How large must n be? 16. If a coin is tossed eight times. 3. Determine the Shapley-Shubik index of a 1-vote person and a 2-vote person in the councils with the following make up: (a) Three 1-vote people and one 2-vote person. What is the probability of randomly choosing a permutation of the 10 digits 0. A man has n friends and invites a different subset of four of them to his house every night for a year (365 nights). 2. What is the probability that a random five-card hand has: (a) Exactly one pair (no three of a kind or two pairs)? Comment on the answers: (a) 13  C(4. (b) 13  C(4. (a) How many points of intersection are formed by the chords of an n-gon (assuming no three of these lines cross at one point)? (b) Into how many line segments are the lines in part (a) cut by the intersection points? (c) Use Euler’s formula r = e – v + 2 and parts (a) and (b) to determine the number of regions formed by the chords of an n-gon. How many arrangements of SYSTEMATIC are there in which each S is followed by a vowel (this includes Y)? 4. What is the probability that 2 (or more) people in a random group of 25 people have a common birthday? (This is the famous Birthday Paradox Problem. 5). Given a collection of 2n objects. U)? No repetitions are allowed. no diamonds or clubs. (a) Find the probability of 2 of the 20 fish being marked if the lake has k fish (assuming the fish are caught at random). 17. assume a year has 12 months with 30 days each. O. 3)/C(52. How many ways are there to form an (unordered) collection of 4 pairs of 2 people chosen from a group of 30 people? 3. How many triangles can be formed by joining different sets of three corners of an octagon? How many triangles if no pair of adjacent corners is permitted? 15. (b) What value of k maximizes the probability? 10. and Jack? (b) The same number of hearts and spades? E. 9 in which: (a) An odd digit is in the first position and 1. (b) Two 1-vote people and two 2-vote people (majority is 4). I. (a) What is the probability that k is the smallest integer in a subset of four different numbers chosen from 1 through 20(1 < k < 17)? (b) What is the probability that k is the second smallest? 5. How many subsets of three different of three different integers between 1 and 90 inclusive are there whose sum is: (a) An even number? (b) Divisible by 3? (c) Divisible by 4? 13. 1. and 2 people who can play forward or guard? 8. two pairs. .(a) Pieces of n nonparallel lines. What is the probability that a five-card hand has (a) At least one of each of the four values: Ace. How many way are there to pick a team if there are 6 forwards. Ten fish are caught in a lake. four of a kind. 19. the four lines below form four triangles: acd. 2 of which have been marked.) 21. and (c) (52  3  48  44  40)/(52  51  50  49  48). what is the probability of getting: (a) Exactly four heads in a row? (b) At least four heads in a row? 14. E. How many arrangements of the letters in PREPOSTEROUS are there in which the first vowel to appear is an E? 11. and the values of the spades are all greater than the values of the hearts? 12. at least one heart. full house)? (c) The cards dealt in order of decreasing value? (d) At least one spade. 3 in “forward” positions (this includes the “center”) and 2 in “guard” positions. 5). m of which are parallel and the others mutually nonparallel? 15. King. What fraction of all arrangements of INSTRUCTOR have: (a) Three consecutive vowels? (b) Two consecutive vowels? 2. How many 6-letter sequences are there with at least 3 vowels (A. …. 2)  C(48. Two days later 20 fish are again caught. and ebc? (b) Pieces of n lines. 4 or 5 is in the last position? (b) 5 is not in the first position and 9 is not in the last position? 22. how many different subcollections of n objects are there? 9. n identical and the other n all distinct. 4 guards. A baseball team has 5 players. How many ways are there to place eight identical black pieces and eight identical white pieces on an 8  8 chessboard? 6. 2. and then returned to the lake. marked. Suppose a subset of 60 different days of the year are selected at random in a lottery. (c) Four 1-vote people and three 2-vote people (majority is 6).

2. Find the coefficient of (a) Find the constant term in the expansion of (b) Find the coefficient of 3. Find the value of a and the coefficients of 6. How many ways are there to invite a different subset of three of these friends for a dinner on seven successive nights such that each pair of friends are together at just one dinner? F. 8 1. A man has seven friends.  1 from Pascal’s triangle. Find the ratio a3 : an 3 where n  9. in the expansion of  1  x    1  2 x    1  4 x  where n is a n Find n n positive integer. 4.  1  ax  2 x  2 6 In the expansion of where a  ¡ . 3 2 x 20 in the expansion of  1  2 x  x  .16. 12 2 x k in the expansion of  3  2 x  x   1  x  34 is zero. Show that this sum of the seven entries in the entries in the hexagon is twice the entry directly below the hexagon.  n x3 . 1  3 1  in the expansion of  2  x 3 where x  0. 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 6 7 8 5 10 15 21 28 1 6 35 56 1 10 70 5 6 21 56 28 1 7 1 1 8 1 1 1 8 5 6 7 3 4 1 10 21 1 6 15 28 1 3 1 1 15 35 2 1 4 20 1 1 3 4 1 1 3 1 1 1 10 20 35 56 4 1 15 35 70 5 6 21 56 28 1 7 1 8 1 . Draw a hexagon around your chosen entry and the six Pick any entry    k adjacent entries (see Figure below for  5   3 n  10 ). the coefficients of x 2 and x11 are 27 and –192 respectively. How many triangles are formed by (assuming no three lines cross at a point): (a) Pieces of three chords of a convex 10-gon such that the triangles are wholly within the 10-gon (a corner of the 10-gon cannot be a corner of any of these triangles)? (b) Pieces of three chords ort outside edges of a convex n-gon? 17. (b) 5. find the value of k. x  x 2  If the coefficient of (a)  1  x   2 x  12 where x  0 . ar . the coefficient of x r .