Homeworlds of the



he Imperium of Man is spread across the stars, laying

claim to huge reaches of space and encompassing nearly
the entire galaxy. It is made up of over a million systems,
each an uncertain light flickering in the surrounding
darkness. Holy Terra is at its centre, the birthplace of
humanity. Surrounding it are the many other planets, void
stations, vessels, and other locations where man has
established a presence. From these come the teeming
billions that are the true measure of the Imperium, each life
molded and shaped from the place of its origin.
The Adeptus Administratum classifies each world into one
of many broad categories in a vain attempt to apply
organization over the domains of man. Though each setting
is utterly unique, there are enough commonalities to make
these generalizations somewhat effective. Hive cities might
appear superficially identical, no matter the planet, but in
reality each proves to be wildly different once one ventures
inside the kilometers-tall metallic spires.. The billions that
reside inside of each hive, though, still share more in
common with each other than those from a primitive
wasteland or massive trawler migrating through the void.
In an Imperium where only a small fraction ever leave
their local environs, let alone the actual planet of their birth,
home worlds play a huge part in a character’s development.
They impart certain favored types of clothing, such as the
blood-marked leathers of an ex-ganger or the elaborately
braided feathers of a feral warrior. Fashion or grooming
styles might also stay with a character long after he has left

his home world. A highborn might insist on keeping his
distinctive diamond-dust facial tattoos that once indicated his
familial sect, or a Tech-Priest might continue to wear the
forge-lathe’s binary pattern engraved on his first
Home worlds also instill unique religious beliefs, for
though the Imperium officially worships the Emperor as the
deific Master of Mankind, each world does so in its own
manner. Some worlds might venerate Him as a Sun-Father,
the bringer of blessed heat to Mankind. On others, the Cult
Imperialis has assimilated local beliefs into worshipping the
Emperor as the Storm-Fury, showing displeasure through
terrible cyclonic devastation whenever His peoples fail in
their service. Even the worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus,
which all worship the Emperor as the Omnissiah, might do
so in slightly differing fashions from forge to forge.



ome worlds also shape characters physically and

mentally. Those from a rough, feral world usually grow up
strong and tough—or do not grow up at all. Voidborn that
come from artificial habitats of lessened gravity can develop
taller but frailer forms. Hivers are used to dense
concentrations of people, and might feel uncomfortable in
large, open spaces that lack the usual industrial scents.
Highborn are often groomed to rule, and develop charm and
social skills at early ages in order to navigate the deadly

along with an example from the Askellon Sector. Home World Bonus: A special ability that a character from this home world gains during character creation. The player rolls 1d10. players are encouraged to use additional information on a location to be found in this or other DARK HERESY books to add greater distinctiveness to their characters’ previous lives. Though the home worlds in this chapter represent archetypal settings. the player increases his character’s Fate threshold by 1. Each home world presented here includes a description of its setting. but one from Desoleum would place greater value on personal vows. and compares the result to the Emperor’s Blessing value for his home world. A character starts with a threshold equal to the listed value. but has a chance at gaining the “Emperor’s Blessing” and increasing the value by 1. Each also includes the following special rules that are applied to a character from this home world: Characteristic Modifiers: Modifiers that alter how the player generates the Acolyte’s starting characteristics (see page 31 of Dark Heresy Second Edition Core Rulebook).) that a character from this type of home world would be likely to follow. This is commonly a static value plus die roll. Home World Aptitude: An aptitude page 79 of Dark Heresy Second Core Rulebook) that the character gains based on his world.paths to power. (see Edition home (see a . An Acolyte from a world gone feral after its pre-Crusade civilization destroyed itself might view technology as dangerously taboo. Note that the character does not need to meet the prerequisites for talents (see page 119 of Dark Heresy Second Edition Core Rulebook) granted in this stage. Recommended Backgrounds: Several samples representing backgrounds (see page 44 of Dark Heresy Second Edition Core Rulebook). If the result is equal to or higher than the listed value. A character might be from a hive world. Fate Threshold: A value representing the starting Fate threshold of a character from this home world (see page 293 of Dark Heresy Second Edition Core Rulebook). representing that hive’s elaborately binding network of oaths and obligations. Wounds: The number of wounds page 232 of Dark Heresy Second Edition Core Rulebook) a character possesses at the beginning of the game. one from a violently evolving land could see it instead as useful against the megafauna he battles each day.

Imperial Guard. Military formations are then raised from among the population as necessary. which is for life. They tend to be barren worlds that have few other uses.Penal Worlds A Penal World is a class of Imperial world used entirely as a military-prison planet. Penal World Rules A character from a feral world applies the following benefits during character creation: Characteristic Modifiers +Toughness. A single such world's population consists of criminals from hundreds of different worlds. Adeptus Astra Telepathica . +Perception. If the test is failed the drug still has no useful effect for the next 24 hours. Home World Aptitude Perception Wounds A Penal World character starts with 9+1d5 Wounds. Recommended Backgrounds Outcast. to serve as Penal Legion troops within Imperial Guard regiments. Only through death in service of the Imperium may they be worthy of the Emperors mercy. -Influence Fate Threshold 2 (Emperor's Blessing 8+) Home World Bonus Everything in Excess: If this character uses more than one dose of a given drug in a 24 hour period they must make an Ordinary (+10) Toughness test as per the rules for excessive drug use. There they may earn redemption through their term of service. however this character never receives the normal cumulative -10 penalty for each additional dose.


work and die for the Imperium at large. Adeptus Mechanicus. Governors of such planets are required by the Adeptus Terra to protect the harvest and meet the quotas placed on them. Often inter-commander rivalry leads to attempts to destroy or steal crops and livestock and then blaming them on pirates or raids. Finally this character gains a +10 bonus to any fellowship based checks made against characters from the same or similar homeworld.Agri-Worlds A n Agri-World or α-class is one devoted to food production. (GM's Discretion as to circumstances where this may not be appropriate). Agri-Worlders would live out their entire lives on their home world if not for the occasional tithe of manpower. taking ignorant farmhands and villagers off to fight. To live on such a world is to endure a life of labor but also relative peace from the greater horrors of the galaxy. The majority of its surface is given over to producing food for other worlds reliant on such imports . -Intelligence Fate Threshold 3 (Emperor's Blessing 8+) Home World Bonus Labors of Man: This character gains a +20 bonus to Trade (Agri) skill tests when cultivating or harvesting crops or animals (that they would be logically familiar with). +Fellowship.the foodstuff itself forms part of the planet's required tithe. Agri-World Rules A character from a Agri-world applies the following benefits during character creation: Characteristic Modifiers +Strength. Home World Aptitude Fellowship Wounds An Agri-World character starts with 8+1d5 Wounds Recommended Backgrounds Adeptus Administratum. Adeptus Ministorum . They also gain a +20 circumstantial bonus to Trade (Technomat) skill checks relating to agricultural or horticultural equipment.

and do. Death worlds can take many forms. but it is a neverending struggle. (Sound Constitution is added in addition). ranging from jungle-covered hell-holes with carnivorous plants and animals.concentrating forces against intruders to destroy them. Natives of death worlds are therefore perhaps some of the best prepared men and women to face the harsh realities of the galaxy.Death World Rules A character from a death world applies the following benefits during character creation: Characteristic modifiers + Toughness. On many death worlds it is as if the entire bio-mass of the planet were consciously motivated against human settlement . Outcast . live on these worlds. + Perception. Humans can. – Fellowship Fate threshold 3 (Emperor’s Blessing 10+) Home World Bonus Bitter Survivor: A death world character starts with either the Resistance (Pick One) or Sound Constitution Talent. Recommended Backgrounds Imperial Guard. To survive on such a world shows a toughness and ingenuity beyond that expected of the Imperium's citizens. to barren wastelands wracked by radiation storms and extreme toxicity levels. Death World A δτ-class planet or 'death world' is a planet in which the native flora. Home World Aptitude Toughness Wounds A death world character starts with 9+1d5 wounds. fauna and/or environmental conditions have become almost completely inhospitable to human life either due to natural causes or outside influence.

leading to planet-wide environmental disaster. in the most barren of environments. It is home to the renowned Catachan Jungle Fighters regiments of the Imperial Guard. are invariably tough and cunning. The most famous Death World of this type is Catachan. Anyone who will not fight by your side is an enemy you must crush. jungles and all other appropriate woodland areas for purposes of movement. When in such spaces. the planets are desert worlds when they are first colonized. Jungle Pathfinder: A jungle death world character ignores forests. he also gains a +20 bonus to Navigate (Surface) tests. a formerly habitable planet had its ecosystem completely destroyed. This was the case on Tallarn after it was bombarded by the Iron Warriors. Desert Death Worlds D esert worlds are desolate planets with no bodies of water and with completely desert terrains. Inhabited desert worlds often produce tough people who know how to survive There can be no bystanders in the battle for survival. .Replace Home World Bonus With. but in some extreme cases such as virus bombing. who by virtue of being born on the harshest world in the Imperium. treating them as open terrain. a world in which its only valuable resource is its people. ungle Death Worlds are worlds in which the entire Jungle Death Worlds J landmass consists of a single hostile jungle. Generally.

– Intelligence Fate threshold 2 (Emperor’s Blessing 8+) Desert Death Worlds I ce World is the term given to perpetually cold planets covered in glaciers and snow and located so far from their sun that they are locked in a permanent ice age. Hard lives breed hard men. and benefits from a +10 to Survival Skill Tests when in tundra environments. A desert death world character starts with 8+1d5 wounds. As a Fortress world the entire population of Replace Fate threshold With.Cadia is dedicated to military service and it is often remarked that Cadians learn to shoot before they can walk. a wall against the tide which ensures the safety of hundreds of far less defended worlds. + Willpower. Regiments raised on such worlds are often considered the finest soldiers in the Imperium. Recommended Backgrounds Imperial Guard Fortress Worlds A Fortress World is a category of Imperial planet where the entire populace is immersed in constant warfare. constant supply of fuel. Wounds Replace Wounds With: A fortress world character starts with 8+1d5 wounds. 2 (Emperor’s Blessing 3+) Replace Home World Bonus With. Replace Home World Bonus With. Born of the Frozen Wastes: This character gains the Resistance (Cold) Talent. The most well known fortress world is Cadia. They are created as bastions against a great threat. A character from a fortress world applies the following benefits during character creation: Fortress World Rules Characteristic modifiers + Ballistic Skill. Home World Bonus Only War: A fortress world character starts with either the Marksman or Weapon Training (Pick One) Talent. but above all a tough constitution. and benefits from a +10 to Survival Skill Tests when in desert environments. Home World Aptitude Under the Scorching Sun: This character gains the Ballistic Skill Resistance (Heat) Talent. . Living on such worlds requires extensive construction (usually underground). which guards the Cadian Gate at the entrance to the Eye of Terror.

– Willpower Fate threshold 2 (Emperor’s Blessing 6+) Home World Bonus A Friend with Shuttered Eyes: When using the charm skill. to cities filled with music halls. they are trained in all manner of arts and pleasurable service. Underworlds where even the most illicit good can be found to pleasure cults worshiping the Prince of Pleasure. Adeptus Pleasure Worlds M ost worlds in the Imperium are bleak worlds.Pleasure World Rules A Pleasure World character applies the following benefits during character creation: Characteristic modifiers + Fellowship. Some however. Dark shadows however often lurk in such places. To those raised on such a world. . pleasure worlders do not suffer penalties from being of strange dress or appearance. and brothels. Home World Aptitude Fellowship Wounds A Pleasure World character starts with 8+1d5 wounds. Recommended Backgrounds Adeptus Administratum. or outright war. gambling dens. Visits to such worlds are rewards for exceptional servants of the Emperor. From carefully managed gardens and forests. filled with teaming masses. They also gain +10 bonus to resist Charm attempts made on them. Adeptus Arbites. + Perception. rampant pollution. are beautiful to behold.

these roles can include. . Commissars of the Imperial Guard. Tempestus Scions. officers of the Imperial Navy. they are frequently sent for further training and service within other Imperial organizations. to sons of administrators lost in the far reaches of Imperial space.Schola Progenium T he Schola Progenium takes children whose parents have perished in the service of the Emperor. Progena are often earmarked for roles that call for the most rigorous dedication to the Imperium. Graduates of the Schola are known as Progena. and because of the loyalty their training has instilled in them. claiming command positions in whatever part of Imperial society they end up in. from daughters of Imperial Officers killed on the battlefield. Imperial Assassins and even budding Inquisitors. Female Progena often join one of the Orders of the Adepta Sororitas. These orphans often go far. and trains them to become the backbone of Imperial society. even inside the Inquisition.

The resulting individual is then something of a blank slate to be rewritten. . a laborious and involved process sometimes known as mind-scrubbing or the “death of self ”. control or to possess your mind or otherwise) Home World Aptitude Intelligence Home World Aptitude Wounds Willpower A Schola Progenium character starts with 8+1d5 Wounds wounds. lives too heinous to continue and there are memories too terrible to bear. Outcast Mind Cleansed T here are things too dangerous to know. In most of these cases. perhaps along with a reconditioned physique and a new face to go with it. But for a small number. even for the strongest mind. chemically. – Fellowship Fate threshold Fate threshold 3 (Emperor’s Blessing 5+) 4 (Emperor’s Blessing 10+) Home World Bonus Home World Bonus Tempered Will: Whenever take a Willpower Engram you Implantation: You gaintest. Adeptus Arbites. They may also (completely unbeknownst to them) be programmed with implanted memories of events and people that never were. + Willpower. Through a combination of psycho-viral.Schola Progenium Mind Cleansed Rules Rules A Schola Progenium Acharacter appliescharacter the Mind Cleansed applies the following benefits during character creation: following benefits during character creation: CharacteristicCharacteristic modifiers modifiers + Influence. the subject’s memories are selectively erased and thought patterns altered. or with deep-rooted mental commands they have no choice but to obey when the time comes. – Perception + Toughness. mimetic and telepathic intervention. the answer as far as the Inquisition is concerned is simple: death. The mind cleansed are effectively reborn and remade in the image of the Inquisition’s desire. Adeptus Astra Telepathica. Imperial Guard. This does not apply focus power tests. Adeptus Adeptus Administratum. a different solution is found—mental cleansing. complete with whatever implanted skills or personality traits are required. Recommended Backgrounds Recommended Backgrounds Adeptus Administratum. + Intelligence. the Jaded talent and a you never suffered+10 a penalty -20 the fear or attempts to bonus of onmore teststhen made toto resist roll. and in extreme cases entire new personalities and skills are imprinted directly into the mind.(psychically. be it a well-deserved execution or the blessing of the Emperor’s peace. A Mind Cleansed character starts with 8+1d5 wounds.