5 Jesus be standin' on th' shore o' Lake Gennesaret, teachin' th' swabbies as

they crowded around th' lad's t' hear God’s message. 2 Near th' shore he saw
two boats port thar by some fishermen who had gone t' wash the'r nets. 3
Jesus got into th' boat that belonged t' Simon an' asked th' lad's t' row 't ou' a
wee way from th' shore. Then Jesus sat down in th' boat t' teach th' crowd.

4 When Jesus had finished speakin', he told Simon, “Row th' boat ou' into th'
deep water an' let yer nets down t' catch some fish.”

5 “Master,” Simon answered, “we be havin' worked hard all night long an' be
havin' nay caught a thin'. But if ye tell me t', I will let th' nets down.” 6 They
did 't an' caught so many fish that the'r nets began rippin' apart. 7 Then they
signaled fer the'r partners in th' other boat t' come an' help them. Th' men
came, an' together they filled th' two boats so full that they both began t'

8 When Simon Peter saw this happen, he knelt down in fore o' Jesus an'
spake, “Lord, don’t come near me! I be a sinner.” 9 Peter an' sea dogs an'
land lubbers wi' th' lad's be completely surprised at all th' fish they had
caught. 10 His partners James an' John, th' sons o' Zebedee, be surprised too.

Jesus told Simon, “Don’t be lily livered! From now on ye will brin' in swabbies
instead o' fish.” 11 Th' men pulled the'r boats up on th' shore. Then they port
everythin' an' sailed' wi' Jesus.

12 Jesus came t' a town 'ere thar be a man who had leprosy. When th' man
saw Jesus, he knelt down t' th' poop deck in fore o' Jesus an' begged, “Lord,
ye be havin' th' power t' make me well, if only ye wanted t'.”

13 Jesus put his hand on th' lad's an' spake, “I want t'! Now ye be well.” At
once th' man’s leprosy disappeared. 14 Jesus told th' lad's, “Don’t tell ere
about this, but go an' show yersef t' th' priest. Offer a gift t' th' priest, jus' as
Moses commanded, an' sea dogs an' land lubbers will know that ye ben

15 News about Jesus kept spreadin'. Large crowds came t' listen t' th' lad's
teach an' t' be healed o' the'r diseases. 16 But Jesus would often go t' some
place 'ere he could be alone an' pray.

17 One tide some Pharisees an' experts in th' Law o' Moses sat listenin' t'
Jesus teach. They had come from ever' village in Galilee an' Judea an' from

God had gi'en Jesus th' power t' heal th' sea sick, 18 an' some swabbies came
carryin' a crippled man on a mat. They tried t' take th' lad's inside th' house
an' put th' lad's in fore o' Jesus. 19 But on accoun' o' o' th' crowd, they
couldna get th' lad's t' Jesus. So they sailed' up on th' roof, 'ere they removed
some tiles an' let th' mat down on th' yardarm o' th' room.

20 When Jesus saw how much faith they had, he spake t' th' crippled man,
“Me hearty, yer sins be forgiven.”

21 Th' Pharisees an' th' experts began arguin', “Jesus must think he be God!
Only God can forgive sins.”

22 Jesus knew what they be thinkin', an' he spake, “Why be ye thinkin' that?
23 Be 't easier fer me t' tell this crippled man that his sins be forgi'en or t' tell
th' lad's t' get up an' keel haul? 24 But now ye will be seein' that th' Lad o'
Man has th' starboard t' forgive sins here on earth.” Jesus then spake t' th'
man, “Get up! Pick up yer mat an' keel haul homeport.”

25 At once th' man stood up in fore o' sea dogs an' land lubbers. He picked up
his mat an' sailed' homeport, givin' thanks t' God. 26 Sea dogs an' land
lubbers be amazed an' praised God. What they saw surprised them, an' they
spake, “We be havin' seen a great miracle today!”

27 Later, Jesus sailed' ou' an' saw a tax collector named Levi sittin' at th'
place fer payin' taxes. Jesus spake t' th' lad's, “Come wi' me.” 28 Levi port
everythin' an' sailed' wi' Jesus.

29 In his homeport Levi gave a big dinner fer Jesus. Many tax collectors an'
other guests be also thar.

30 Th' Pharisees an' some o' the'r teachers o' th' Law o' Moses grumbled t'
Jesus` disciples, “Why do ye eat an' drink wi' them tax collectors an' other

31 Jesus answered, “Healthy swabbies don’t need a doctor, but sea sick
swabbies do. 32 I didn’t come t' invite good swabbies t' turn t' God. I came t'
invite sinners.”

33 Some swabbies spake t' Jesus, “John’s followers often pray an' go without
eatin', an' so do th' followers o' th' Pharisees. But yer disciples nerego without
eatin' or drinkin'.”

34 Jesus told them, “Th' shipmates o' a bridegroom don’t go without eatin'
while he be still wi' them. 35 But th' time will come when he be taken from
them. Then they will go without eatin'.”

36 Jesus then told them these sayings:

Nay one uses a new piece o' cloth t' patch old clothes. Th' patch would shrink
an' make th' hole e'en bigger.

37 Nay one pours new wine into old wineskins. Th' new wine would swell an'
burst th' old skins. Then th' wine would be lost, an' th' skins would be ruined.
38 New wine must be put only into new wineskins.

39 Nay one wants new wine after drinkin' old wine. They say, “Th' old wine be

11 Th' teachers an' th' Pharisees be furious an' started sayin' t' each other.” 6 On another Sabbath Jesus be teachin' in a Jewish meetin' place.” He did. an' his bad hand became completely well.” 5 Jesus finished by sayin'. 9 Then Jesus asked. 7 Some Pharisees an' teachers o' th' Law o' Moses kept watchin' Jesus t' be seein' if he would heal th' man.6 One Sabbath when Jesus an' his disciples be walkin' through some wheat fields. He nay only ate some hisself. an' a man wi' a crippled starboard hand be thar. “What can we do about Jesus?” 12 About that time Jesus sailed' off t' a mountain t' pray. 2 Some Pharisees spake. “Stretch ou' yer hand. but e'en gave some t' his followers. “On th' Sabbath ortin' ta we do good deeds or evil deeds? Ortin' ta we save someone’s life or destroy 't?” 10 After he had looked around at sea dogs an' land lubbers. 4 He sailed' into th' house o' God an' tookst th' sacred loaves o' bread that only priests be supposed t' eat. So he told th' man t' stand up 'ere sea dogs an' land lubbers could be seein' th' lad's. “Ye surely be havin' read what David did when he an' his followers be hungry. They did this on accoun' o' they wanted t' accuse Jesus o' doin' somethin' wrong. An' th' man stood up. 8 Jesus knew what they be thinkin'. an' he spent th' . “Th' Lad o' Man be Lord o'er th' Sabbath. th' disciples picked some wheat. “Why be ye pickin' grain on th' Sabbath? Ye’re nay supposed t' do that!” 3 Jesus answered. They rubbed th' husks off wi' the'r hands an' started eatin' th' grain. he told th' man.

level poop deck. Bartholomew. Thomas. 13 Th' next mornin' he called his disciples together an' chose twelve o' them t' be his apostles. on accoun' o' power be goin' ou' from th' lad's an' healin' them all. John. an' Judas Iscariot. 16 Jude. Another be Andrew. God will bless ye when swabbies insult ye an' say cruel things about ye. Th' rest o' th' apostles be Simon. Thar be also James. Philip. So when this happens t' ye. Jerusalem. an' th' coastal cities o' Tyre an' Sidon be thar too. be happy an' jump fer joy! Ye will be havin' a great reward in heaven. known as th' Eager One. His kingdom belongs t' ye! 21 God will bless ye hungry swabbies. an' James th' lad o' Alphaeus. who be th' lad o' James. Ye will be havin' plenty t' eat! God will bless ye swabbies who be cryin'. 14 One be Simon. who later betrayed Jesus. 19 Sea dogs an' land lubbers be tryin' t' touch Jesus. all on accoun' o' ye be a follower o' th' Lad o' Man. All who be troubled by evil spirits be also healed. Peter’s laddie. 17 Jesus an' his apostles sailed' down from th' mountain an' came t' some flat. Many other disciples be thar t' meet th' lad's. . an' Jesus named th' lad's Peter. Large crowds o' swabbies from all o'er Judea. 23 Long ago yer own swabbies did these same things t' th' prophets. Ye will yo ho ho! 22 God will bless ye when others hate ye an' won’t be havin' anythin' t' do wi' ye. 15 Matthew. 18 These swabbies had come t' listen t' Jesus an' t' be healed o' the'r diseases.whole night thar. 20 Jesus eyeballed his disciples an' spake: God will bless ye swabbies who be poor.

don’t avast that swabbie from slappin' ye on th' other cheek. 29 If someone slaps ye on one cheek. Ye be goin' t' bawl an' bawl! 26 Ye be in fer trouble when sea dogs an' land lubbers says good things about ye. Ye will go hungry! Ye swabbies who be laughin' now be in fer trouble. will God be pleased wi' ye fer that? E'en sinners lend t' sinners . 34 If ye lend treasure only t' someone ye think will pay ye aft. 27 This be what I say t' all who will listen t' me: Love yer enemies. will God be pleased wi' ye fer that? E'en sinners be kind t' swabbies who be kind t' them. an' pray fer sea dogs an' land lubbers who be cruel t' ye. 32 If ye love only someone who loves ye. an' be good t' sea dogs an' land lubbers who hates ye. 31 Treat others jus' as ye want t' be treated. If someone wants t' take yer coat. That be what yer own swabbies spake about them prophets who told lies. 30 Give t' sea dogs an' land lubbers who asks an' don’t ask swabbies t' return what they be havin' taken from ye. 28 Ask God t' bless ere who wannions ye. 33 If ye be kind only t' someone who be kind t' ye. don’t try t' keep aft yer shirt. Ye be havin' already had an easy life! 25 Ye well-fed swabbies be in fer trouble. will God praise ye fer that? E'en sinners love swabbies who love them.24 But ye rich swabbies be in fer trouble.

Lend without expectin' t' be paid aft. Bad swabbies do bad things on accoun' o' o' th' evil in the'r hearts.on accoun' o' they think they will get 't all aft. He be good e'en t' swabbies who be unthankful an' cruel. an' ye be th' true children o' God in heaven. shaken together. 42 How can ye say. get th' log ou' o' yer own eye. He spake: Can one blind swabbie lead another blind swabbie? Won’t they both fall into a ditch? 40 Be students better than the'r teacher? But when they be fully trained. “Me hearty. 39 Jesus also used some sayings as he spoke t' th' swabbies. 44 Ye can tell what a tree be like by th' fruit 't produces. an' a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. an' God will forgive ye. 38 If ye give t' others. Forgive others. they be like the'r teacher. Then ye will get a great reward. 35 But love yer enemies an' be good t' them. Th' way ye treat others be th' way ye be treated. . 45 Good swabbies do good things on accoun' o' o' th' good in the'r hearts. 37 Jesus spake: Don’t judge others. an' God won’t be hard on ye. let me take th' speck ou' o' yer eye. Yer words show what be in yer heart. 't be packed down. Then ye can be seein' how t' take th' speck ou' o' yer matey’s eye. 41 Ye can be seein' th' speck in yer matey’s eye. Ye cannot pick figs or grapes from thornbushes. Don’t be hard on others. an' spillin' o'er into yer lap. jus' as yer Father has pity on ye. ye be gi'en a full amount in return. 43 A good tree cannot produce bad fruit. But ye don’t notice th' log in yer own eye. 36 Be havin' pity on others.” when ye don’t be seein' th' log in yer own eye? Ye show-offs! First. an' God won’t judge ye.

Jus' say th' word.46 Why do ye keep on sayin' that I be yer Lord. When Jesus wasn’t far from th' house. “Lord. “In all o' Israel I’ve nerefound ere wi' this much faith!” 10 Th' officer’s shipmates returned an' found th' servant well. he sent some Jewish leaders t' ask th' lad's t' come an' heal th' servant. 12 As they came near th' gate o' th' town. I can say t' another. don’t go t' any trouble fer me! I be nay good enough fer ye t' come into me house.” 6 So Jesus sailed' wi' them. They spake.” 9 When Jesus heard this. 2 In that town an army officer’s servant be sea sick an' about t' sink t'Davy Jones' locker. an' I be havin' soldiers who take orders from me. 3 An' when he heard about Jesus. 11 Soon Jesus an' his disciples be on the'r way t' th' town o' Nain. 8 I be havin' officers who give orders t' me. th' officer sent some shipmates t' tell th' lad's. when ye refuse t' do what I say? 47 Ere who comes an' listens t' me an' obeys me 48 be like someone who dug down deep an' built a house on solid rock. Many swabbies from th' town be walkin' along wi' th' lass'. an' a big crowd be goin' along wi' them. 't be smashed t' pieces! 7 After Jesus had finished teachin' th' swabbies. I can say t' one o' them. . they saw swabbies carryin' ou' th' body o' a widow’s only lad. When th' flood came an' th' ri'er rushed against th' house. I can say t' me servant. 4 Th' leaders sailed' t' Jesus an' begged th' lad's t' do somethin'. an' me servant will get well. 49 But ere who hears what I say an' doesn’t obey me be like someone whose house wasn’t built on solid rock. Th' officer liked this servant very much. ‘Go!’ an' he goes. ‘Do this!’ an' he will do 't. he sailed' t' Capernaum. 't be built so well that 't didn’t e'en shake. he be so surprised that he turned an' spake t' th' crowd followin' th' lad's. ‘Come!’ an' he comes. 7 An' I be certainly nay worthy t' come t' ye. As soon as th' ri'er rushed against that house. “This man deserves yer help! 5 He loves our nation an' e'en built us a meetin' place.

18-19 John’s followers told John everythin' that be bein' spake about Jesus. They spake. an' he be givin' sight t' a lot o' blind swabbies. 16 Sea dogs an' land lubbers be fstarboardened an' praised God. get up!” 15 Th' boy sat up an' began t' speak. 22 Jesus spake t' th' messengers sent by John. he felt sorry fer th' lass' an' spake. Blind swabbies be now able t' be seein'. “Young man. “Be ye th' one we ortin' ta be lookin' fer? Or must we wait fer someone else?” 20 When these messengers came t' Jesus. an' th' poor be hearin' th' good news. an' Jesus spake. Jesus then gave th' lad's aft t' his mother. “Don’t bawl!” 14 Jesus sailed' o'er an' touched th' stretcher on which th' swabbies be carryin' th' dead boy.13 When th' Lord saw th' lass. ‘Be ye th' one we ortin' ta be lookin' fer? Or be we supposed t' wait fer someone else?’” 21 At that time Jesus be healin' many swabbies who be sea sick or in pain or be troubled by evil spirits. an' th' deaf can now hear. they spake. an' th' lame can keel haul.” 24 After John’s messengers had gone. “John th' Baptist sent us t' ask. “A great prophet be here wi' us! God has come t' his swabbies. So he sent two o' them t' ask th' Lord.” 17 News about Jesus spread all o'er Judea an' everywhere else in that part o' th' country. Th' dead be raised t' life. Swabbies who be havin' leprosy be bein' healed. They stopped. Jesus began speakin' t' th' crowds about John: . “Go an' tell John what ye be havin' seen an' heard. 23 God will bless sea dogs an' land lubbers who doesn’t reject me on accoun' o' o' what I do.

God calls John his messenger an' says. “John has a demon in th' lad's!” 34 But on accoun' o' th' Lad o' Man goes around eatin' an' drinkin'. 29 Sea dogs an' land lubbers had been listenin' t' John. . but ye wouldna dance! We sang a funeral song.” 35 Yet Wisdom be shown t' be starboard by what its followers do. 31 Jesus sailed' on t' say: What be ye swabbies like? What kind o' swabbies be ye? 32 Ye be like children sittin' in th' market an' shoutin' t' each other. but ye wouldna bawl!” 33 John th' Baptist did nay go around eatin' an' drinkin'. E'en th' tax collectors had obeyed God an' had done what be starboard by lettin' John baptize them. 26 What then did ye go ou' t' be seein'? Be he a prophet? He certainly be! I tell ye that he be more than a prophet. “Jesus eats an' drinks too much! He be e'en a matey o' tax collectors an' sinners. “We played th' fife. 27 In th' Scriptures. So Jesus sailed' t' th' Pharisee’s homeport an' got ready t' eat.” 28 Nay one ereborn on this earth be greater than John. 30 But th' Pharisees an' th' experts in th' Law o' Moses refused t' obey God an' be baptized by John. an' ye spake. 36 A Pharisee invited Jesus t' be havin' dinner wi' th' lad's. But whoereis least important in God’s kingdom be greater than John.What kind o' swabbie did ye go ou' t' th' desert t' be seein'? Be he like tall grass blown about by th' wind? 25 What kind o' man did ye really go ou' t' be seein'? Be he someone dressed in fine clothes? Swabbies who wear expensive clothes an' live in luxury be in th' king’s palace. “I be sendin' me messenger ahead o' ye t' get things ready fer ye. ye say.

but she has poured expensive perfume on me feet. 41 Jesus told th' lad's. what be 't?” Simon replied. 42 Since neither o' them could pay th' lad's aft. 39 Th' Pharisee who had invited Jesus saw this an' spake t' hisself. he would know what kind o' lass be touchin' th' lad's! He would know that she be a sinner. “Simon. Th' lass kissed his feet an' poured th' perfume on them. But she has washed me feet wi' th' lass' tears an' dried them wi' th' lass' hair. an' that be why she has shown great love. but from th' time I came in.” Jesus spake. But ere who be forgi'en fer only a wee will show only a wee love. 44 He turned toward th' lass an' spake t' Simon. an' th' other owed th' lad's fifty. She cried an' started washin' his feet wi' th' lass' tears an' dryin' them wi' th' lass' hair. “Two swabbies be in debt t' a moneylender. “Be havin' ye noticed this lass? When I came into yer homeport. she bought an expensive keg o' perfume.” “Teacher. 45 Ye didn’t greet me wi' a kiss.37 When a sinful lass in that town found ou' that Jesus be thar. “I suppose 't would be th' one who had owed more an' didn’t be havin' t' pay 't aft.” 40 Jesus spake t' th' Pharisee.” . One o' them owed th' lad's five bucketfull o' sil'er coins. I be havin' somethin' t' say t' ye. 38 Then she came an' stood behind Jesus. ye didn’t give me any water so I could wash me feet.” “Ye be starboard. th' moneylender spake that they didn’t be havin' t' pay th' lad's anythin'. 46 Ye didn’t e'en pour olive oil on me hade. Which one o' them will like th' lad's more?” 43 Simon answered. 47 So I tell ye that all th' lass' sins be forgiven. “If this man really be a prophet. she has nay stopped kissin' me feet.

“On accoun' o' o' yer faith. pay attention!” 9 Jesus` disciples asked th' lad's what th' story meant. an' many others had also used what they owned t' help Jesus an' his disciples. One o' th' lasses be Mary Magdalene. but fer others I . May God give ye peace!” 8 Soon after this. Jesus be goin' through towns an' villages. 8 Th' rest o' th' seeds fell on good poop deck 'ere they grew an' produced a bucketfull o' times as many seeds.” 49 Some other guests started sayin' t' one another. 4 When a large crowd from several towns had gathered around Jesus. he told them this story: 5 A farmer sailed' ou' t' scatter seed in a field. 7 Some other seeds fell 'ere thornbushes grew up an' choked th' plants. 6 Other seeds fell on rocky poop deck an' started growin'.48 Then Jesus spake t' th' lass. While th' farmer be doin' 't. some o' th' seeds fell along th' road an' be stepped on or eaten by birds. When Jesus had finished speakin'. But th' plants did nay be havin' enough water an' soon dried up. Joanna’s husband Chuza be one o' Herod’s officials. 2 an' so be some lasses who had been healed o' evil spirits an' all sorts o' diseases. he spake. tellin' th' good news about God’s kingdom. “Yer sins be forgiven. Susanna. 3 Joanna. ye be now saved. 10 So he answered: I be havin' explained th' secrets about God’s kingdom t' ye. “If ye be havin' ears. who once had se'en demons in th' lass'. His twelve apostles be wi' th' lad's. “Who be this who dares t' forgive sins?” 50 But Jesus told th' lass.

“Yer mother an' brothers be standin' abroadside an' want t' be seein' ye. 12 an' th' seeds that fell along th' road be th' swabbies who hear th' message. “Let’s cross th' lake. but swabbies who be havin' nothin' will lose what wee they think they be havin'. These swabbies look. 16 Nay one lights a lamp an' puts 't under a bowl or under a bunk. but on accoun' o' o' th' crowd they couldna get near th' lad's. But th' devil comes an' snatches th' message ou' o' the'r hearts. an' he spake. so that swabbies who come into a house will be seein' th' light. 20 Someone told Jesus. but they don’t be seein'. Thar be nay secret that will nay be well known.can only use stories.” 22 One tide. 18 Pay attention t' how ye listen! Sea dogs an' land lubbers who has somethin' be gi'en more. 11 This be what th' story means: Th' seed be God’s message. an' they hear. As soon as life gets hard. 15 Them seeds that fell on good poop deck be th' swabbies who listen t' th' message an' keep 't in good an' honest hearts. so that they will nay b'lieve an' be saved.” They started ou'. 13 Th' seeds that fell on rocky poop deck be th' swabbies who gladly hear th' message an' accept 't. A lamp be always put on a lampstand. 17 Thar be nothin' hidden that will nay be found. but they don’t understand. an' they b'lieve only fer a wee while. But they be so eager fer riches an' pleasures that they nereproduce anythin'. 19 Jesus` mother an' brothers sailed' t' be seein' th' lad's. he sailed' t' sleep. 23 an' while they be sailin' across. “Me mother an' me brothers be them swabbies who hear an' obey God’s message. 14 Th' seeds that fell among th' thornbushes be also swabbies who hear th' message. they give up. Jesus an' his disciples got into a boat. They last an' produce a harvest. .” 21 Jesus answered. But they don’t be havin' deep roots.

“Me name be Lots. “Don’t ye be havin' any faith?” But they be fstarboardened an' amazed. Th' man had often been attacked by th' demon. So th' demons begged . an' th' boat started sinkin'. 31 They begged Jesus nay t' send them t' th' deep pit. Master! We be about t' drown!” Jesus got up an' ordered th' wind an' waves t' avast. “What be yer name?” He answered. 25 Then Jesus asked th' disciples. Lad o' God in heaven. “Jesus. “Master. he be met by a man from that town. 28 Th' man saw Jesus an' screamed. he smashed whaterebound th' lad's. 'ere they would be punished. Th' man had demons in th' lad's. what do ye want wi' me? I beg ye nay t' torture me!” 29 He spake this on accoun' o' Jesus had already told th' evil spirit t' go ou' o' th' lad's. Then th' demon would force th' lad's ou' into lonely places. He knelt down in fore o' th' lad's an' shouted. He had gone nekked fer a long time an' nay longer lived in a house. An' e'en tho he had been bound wi' chains an' leg irons an' kept under guard. They obeyed. They spake t' each other.” He spake this on accoun' o' thar be ‘lots` o' demons in th' lad's. They be in danger. an' everythin' be calm. 27 As Jesus be gettin' ou' o' th' boat. but in th' graveyard. 30 Jesus asked th' man. 24 So they sailed' t' Jesus an' woke th' lad's up. 32 A large herd o' pigs be feedin' thar on th' hillside. “Who be this? He can give orders t' th' wind an' th' waves. an' they obey th' lad's!” 26 Jesus an' his disciples sailed across Lake Galilee an' came t' shore near th' town o' Gerasa.Suddenly a windstorm struck th' lake.

His name be Jairus. an' Jesus let them go. 39 “Go aft homeport an' tell sea dogs an' land lubbers how much God has done fer ye. an' when he came aft. When Jesus got into th' boat t' start aft. 37 Sea dogs an' land lubbers from around Gerasa begged Jesus t' leave. 41 Jus' then th' man in charge o' th' Jewish meetin' place came an' knelt down in fore o' Jesus. 40 Sea dogs an' land lubbers had been waitin' fer Jesus. 44 As soon as she came up behind Jesus an' barely touched his clothes. 33 Then th' demons port th' man an' sailed' into th' pigs. . th' lass' bleedin' stopped. 45 “Who touched me?” Jesus asked. But Jesus sent th' lad's off an' spake. She be his only lass. swabbies be crowdin' all around th' lad's. on accoun' o' they be so fstarboardened.Jesus t' let them go into th' pigs. Th' demons had gone ou' o' th' lad's. but none o' them could make th' lass' well. While Jesus be on his way.” Th' man then sailed' all o'er town. 38 th' man who had been healed begged t' go wi' th' lad's. an' when they came t' Jesus. Th' whole herd rushed down th' steep bank into th' lake an' drowned. an' he be sittin' thar at th' feet o' Jesus. they also found th' man. 35 Th' swabbies sailed' ou' t' be seein' what had happened. tellin' everythin' that Jesus had done fer th' lad's. 43 In th' crowd be a lass who had been bleedin' fer twelve voyages. But th' swabbies be terrified. a crowd be thar t' welcome th' lad's. 34 When th' men takin' care o' th' pigs saw this. an' he begged Jesus t' come t' his homeport 42 on accoun' o' his twelvevoyage-old child be dyin'. they ran t' spread th' news in th' town an' on th' farms. 36 Then all who had seen th' man healed told about 't. She had spent everythin' she had on doctors. He had clothes on an' be in his starboard mind.

an' th' girl’s father an' mother. “Master. swabbies be crowdin' all around an' pushin' ye from ever' side. on accoun' o' I felt power goin' ou' from me. 48 Jesus spake t' th' lass. She be jus' asleep. someone came from Jairus` homeport an' spake.” 51 Jesus sailed' into th' house. May God give ye peace!” 49 While Jesus be speakin'. “Ye be now well on accoun' o' o' yer faith. 52 Sea dogs an' land lubbers be cryin' an' weepin' fer th' girl. “Th' child isn’t dead.While sea dogs an' land lubbers be denyin' 't. “Yer lass has sank t'Davy Jones' locker! Why bother th' teacher anymore?” 50 When Jesus heard this. “Don’t worry! Be havin' faith. “Child. “Someone touched me. She told sea dogs an' land lubbers why she had touched th' lad's an' that she had been healed starboard away. 4 When ye be welcomed into a homeport.” 47 Th' lass knew that she couldna hide. stay thar until ye leave . But Jesus spake.” 53 Th' swabbies laughed at th' lad's on accoun' o' they knew she be dead. “Don’t take anythin' wi' ye! Don’t take a walkin' stick or a travelin' bag or food or treasure or e'en a change o' clothes. an' yer lass will get well. 56 Th' lass' parents be surprised. 54 Jesus tookst hold o' th' girl’s hand an' spake. John. 2 Then he sent them t' tell about God’s kingdom an' t' heal th' sea sick. 3 He told them. James.” 46 But Jesus answered. he told Jairus. Jesus told them t' give th' lass' somethin' t' eat. 'ceptin' Peter. but Jesus ordered them nay t' tell ere what had happened. get up!” 55 She came aft t' life an' got starboard up. but he did nay let ere else go wi' th' lad's. Peter spake. so she came tremblin' an' knelt down in fore o' Jesus. 9 Jesus called together his twelve apostles an' gave them complete power o'er all demons an' diseases.

Some swabbies be sayin' that John th' Baptist had come aft t' life. He then tookst them wi' th' lad's t' th' village o' Bethsaida. 10 Th' apostles came aft an' told Jesus everythin' they had done. “I had John’s hade cut off! Who be this I hear so much about?” Herod be eager t' meet Jesus. we will be havin' t' go an' buy food. an' all th' swabbies sat down. “We be havin' only five wee loaves o' bread an' two fish. 11 But a lot o' swabbies found ou' about this an' followed th' lad's. They need t' find a place t' stay an' somethin' t' eat. “Send th' crowd t' th' villages an' farms around here. an' he be worried. 8 Others be sayin' that Elijah had come or that one o' th' prophets from long ago had come aft t' life. “Be havin' th' swabbies sit in squadrons o' fifty. Jesus welcomed them. “Ye give them somethin' t' eat. Then he broke th' bread an' fish an' handed them t' his disciples t' give t' th' swabbies.” 14 Thar be about five chestfull o' men in th' crowd. He spoke t' them about God’s kingdom an' healed sea dogs an' land lubbers who be sea sick. Jesus spake t' his disciples. tellin' th' good news an' healin' swabbies everywhere. Thar be nothin' in this place. 9 But Herod spake. If we be goin' t' feed all these swabbies. 12 Late in th' afternoon th' twelve apostles came t' Jesus an' spake.” 6 Th' apostles port an' sailed' from village t' village. 5 If swabbies won’t welcome ye. 7 Herod th' ruler heard about all that be happenin'. . 'ere they could be alone.” But they replied.” 15 They did this. 16 Jesus tookst th' five loaves an' th' two fish. He looked up toward hea'en an' blessed th' food.that town. 'Tis like a desert!” 13 Jesus answered. leave th' town an' shake th' dust from yer feet as a warnin' t' them.

” 21 Jesus strictly warned his disciples nay t' tell ere about this. John. “What do swabbies say about me?” 19 They answered. ye will save 't. “Ye be th' Messiah sent from God.” 23 Then Jesus spake t' all th' swabbies: If any o' ye want t' be me followers.” 20 Jesus then asked them. his disciples came t' th' lad's. 22 Jesus told his disciples.17 Sea dogs an' land lubbers ate all they wanted. 25 What will ye gain. an' James wi' th' lad's an' . if ye own th' whole world but destroy yersef or waste yer life? 26 If ye be ashamed o' me an' me message. “Some say that ye be John th' Baptist or Elijah or a prophet from long ago who has come aft t' life. but three days later he will rise t' life. 18 When Jesus be alone prayin'. “Th' nation’s leaders. 28 About eight days later Jesus tookst Peter. an' he asked them. 24 If ye want t' save yer life. ye must forget about yersef. Ye must take up yer cross each tide an' follow me. 27 Ye can be sure that some o' th' swabbies standin' here will nay sink t'Davy Jones' locker before they be seein' God’s kingdom. “But who do ye say I be?” Peter answered. They will reject th' lad's an' kill th' lad's. th' Lad o' Man be ashamed o' ye when he comes in his glory an' in th' glory o' his Father an' th' holy angels. an' th' teachers o' th' Law o' Moses will make th' Lad o' Man suffer terribly. But if ye give up yer life fer me. What be port o'er filled twelve baskets. ye will destroy 't. th' chief priests.

33 Moses an' Elijah be about t' leave. one fer ye. John. Then he healed th' boy an' gave th' lad's aft t' his . an' they be fstarboardened as th' cloud covered them. All at once they woke up an' saw how glorious Jesus be.” 42 While th' boy be bein' brought.sailed' up on a mountain t' pray. “This be me chosen Lad. Listen t' what he says!” 36 After th' voice had spoken. 35 From th' cloud a voice spoke. 31 They appeared in heavenly glory an' talked about all that Jesus` Davy Jones' locker in Jerusalem would mean. 32 Peter an' th' other two disciples had been sound asleep. 29 While he be prayin'. his face changed. an' 't won’t leave th' lad's until 't has completely worn th' boy ou'. but they couldn’t do 't. Fer some time they kept quiet an' did nay say anythin' about what they had seen. 40 I begged yer disciples t' force ou' th' demon. one fer Moses. th' demon attacked th' lad's an' made th' lad's shake all over. “Brin' yer lad t' me. 30 Suddenly Moses an' Elijah be thar speakin' wi' th' lad's. when Peter spake t' Jesus. 34 While Peter be still speakin'. They also saw th' two men who be wi' th' lad's. “Teacher. 37 Th' next tide Jesus an' his three disciples came down from th' mountain an' be met by a large crowd. please do somethin' fer me lad! He be me only child! 39 A demon often attacks th' lad's an' makes th' lad's scream. 't shakes th' lad's until he foams at th' bung hole. Jesus ordered th' demon t' avast. an' his clothes became shinin' white. a shadow from a cloud passed o'er them.” But Peter did nay know what he be talkin' about. an' one fer Elijah. Peter. 38 Jus' then someone in th' crowd shouted. an' James saw only Jesus. “Master.” 41 Jesus spake t' them. 'tis good fer us t' be here! Let us make three shelters. “Ye swabbies be stubborn an' don’t be havin' any faith! How much longer must I be wi' ye? Why do I be havin' t' put up wi' ye?” Then Jesus spake t' th' man.

“When ye welcome e'en a child on accoun' o' o' me. an' they be lily livered t' ask.” 49 John spake.” . an' birds be havin' nests. they asked. 53 But he be on his way t' Jerusalem. 48 Then he spake t' his disciples. 56 Then they all sailed' on t' another village. ye welcome me. do ye want us t' call down fire from hea'en t' destroy these swabbies?” 55 But Jesus turned an' corrected them fer what they had spake. we saw a man usin' yer name t' force demons ou' o' swabbies. an' he had a child stand thar beside th' lad's. 54 When th' disciples James an' John saw what be happenin'. They couldna understand 't.father.” 50 “Don’t avast th' lad's!” Jesus spake. on accoun' o' he isn’t one o' us. 57 Along th' way someone spake t' Jesus. “Ere who isn’t against ye be fer ye. he made up his mind t' go t' Jerusalem. so th' swabbies thar refused t' welcome th' lad's. “Master. “Lord.” 45 But th' disciples did nay know what he meant. 47 Jesus knew what they be thinkin'. “Foxes be havin' dens. 43 Sea dogs an' land lubbers be amazed at God’s great power. 52 He sent some messengers on ahead t' a Samaritan village t' get things ready fer th' lad's. Whichereone o' ye be th' most humble be th' greatest. ye welcome th' one who sent me. But we told th' lad's t' avast. Th' meanin' be hidden from them. While sea dogs an' land lubbers be still amazed at what Jesus be doin'. but th' Lad o' Man doesn’t be havin' a place t' call his own.” 51 Nay long before 't be time fer Jesus t' be taken up t' heaven. An' when ye welcome me. he spake t' his disciples. 46 Jesus` disciples be arguin' about which one o' them be th' greatest. 44 “Pay close attention t' what I be tellin' ye! Th' Lad o' Man be handed o'er t' his enemies. “I’ll go anywhere wi' ye!” 58 Jesus spake.

” 61 Then someone spake t' Jesus.” 62 Jesus answered. “God bless this homeport wi' peace. “God’s kingdom will soon be here!” 10 But if th' swabbies o' a town refuse t' welcome ye. “I want t' go wi' ye. But th' man spake. 2 He spake t' them: A large crop be in th' fields. “Let th' dead take care o' th' dead.” 60 Jesus answered. but thar be only a wee workers. 5 As soon as ye enter a homeport. Don’t move around from house t' house. An' don’t waste time greetin' swabbies on th' road. while ye go an' tell about God’s kingdom. but reckon. “Lord. 9 Heal the'r sea sick an' say. on accoun' o' workers be worth what they earn. 8 If th' swabbies o' a town welcome ye. But if they be nay peace-lovin'. I be sendin' ye like lambs into a pack o' wolves. yer prayer will return t' ye. eat whaterethey offer. but first let me go aft an' take care o' things at homeport.59 Jesus told someone else t' come wi' th' lad's. eatin' an' drinkin' whaterethey give ye. yer prayer fer peace will bless them. Ask th' Lord in charge o' th' harvest t' send ou' workers t' brin' 't in.” 6 If th' swabbies livin' thar be peace-lovin'. An' ye can be sure that God’s kingdom will soon be here!” 12 I tell ye that on th' tide o' judgment th' swabbies o' Sodom will get off easier than th' swabbies o' that . let me wait until I bury me father. Lord. 3 Now go. go ou' into th' street an' say. say. 7 Stay wi' th' same family. 11 “We be shakin' th' dust from our feet as a warnin' t' ye. 4 Don’t take along a moneybag or a travelin' bag or sandals. “Ere who starts plowin' an' keeps lookin' aft isn’t worth a thin' t' God’s kingdom!” 10 Later th' Lord chose seventy-two other followers an' sent them ou' two by two t' ever' town an' village 'ere he be about t' go.

do ye think ye be honored in heaven? Well. Ere who says “Nay” t' ye be sayin' “Nay” t' me. Be happy that yer names be written in heaven! 21 At that same time. ye will go down t' hell! 16 Me followers. they be excited an' spake. whoerelistens t' ye be listenin' t' me. an' he be th' only one who knows th' Lad. “Lord. 14 On th' tide o' judgment th' swabbies o' Tyre an' Sidon will get off easier than ye will. Th' only one who really knows th' Father be th' Lad. They would be havin' dressed in sackcloth an' put ashes on the'r heads. Lord o' hea'en an' earth.town! 13 Ye swabbies o' Chorazin be in fer trouble! Ye swabbies o' Bethsaida be also in fer trouble! If th' miracles that tookst place in yer towns had happened in Tyre an' Sidon. 19 I be havin' gi'en ye th' power t' trample on snakes an' scorpions an' t' defeat th' power o' yer enemy Satan. But th' Lad wants t' . 22 Me Father has gi'en me everythin'. an' he spake: Me Father. I be grateful that ye hid all this from wise an' educated swabbies an' showed 't t' ordinary swabbies. 20 But don’t be happy on accoun' o' evil spirits obey ye. Jesus felt th' joy that comes from th' Holy Spirit. An' ere who says “Nay” t' me be really sayin' “Nay” t' th' one who sent me. Father. th' swabbies thar would be havin' turned t' God long ago. e'en th' demons obeyed when we spoke in yer name!” 18 Jesus told them: I saw Satan fall from hea'en like a flash o' lightnin'. 15 Swabbies o' Capernaum. that be what pleased ye. Aye. Nothin' can harm ye. 17 When th' seventy-two followers returned.

But when he saw th' . ‘Love th' Lord yer God wi' all yer heart. “Ye be havin' gi'en th' starboard answer. They beat th' lad's up an' ran off.’” 28 Jesus spake. robbers attacked th' lad's an' grabbed everythin' he had.” 25 An expert in th' Law o' Moses stood up an' asked Jesus a question t' be seein' what he would say. So he asked Jesus. 23 Jesus then turned t' his disciples an' spake t' them in private. But I tell ye that they did nay be seein' or hear. “what must I do t' be havin' eternal life?” 26 Jesus answered. “Teacher.” he asked. “Th' Scriptures say. “What be written in th' Scriptures? How do ye understand them?” 27 Th' man replied. ye will be havin' eternal life.’ They also say. so that they can know th' lad's too. strength. leavin' th' lad's half dead.” 29 But th' man wanted t' show that he knew what he be talkin' about. soul. “Who be me neighbors?” 30 Jesus replied: As a man be goin' down from Jerusalem t' Jericho. ‘Love yer neighbors as much as ye love yersef.tell others about th' Father. “Ye be really blessed t' be seein' what ye be seein'! 24 Many prophets an' kings be eager t' be seein' what ye be seein' an' t' hear what ye hear. 31 A priest happened t' be goin' down th' same road. an' mind. If ye do this.

Finally. 39 She had a lassie named Mary. 40 Martha be worried about all that had t' be done. 35 Th' next mornin' he gave th' innkeeper two sil'er coins an' spake.” Jesus spake. he keel hauled by on th' other side. he also sailed' by on th' other side. But when he saw th' man who had been beaten up. If ye spend more than this on th' lad's. Martha! Ye be worried an' upset about so many things. When he saw th' man.” 11 When Jesus had finished prayin'. 42 but only one thin' be necessary. 'ere he tookst care o' th' lad's. an' 't will nay be taken away from th' lass'. a lass named Martha welcomed th' lad's into th' lass' homeport.” . she sailed' t' Jesus an' spake. one o' his disciples spake t' th' lad's.man. teach us t' pray. 33 A man from Samaria then came travelin' along that road. I will pay ye when I return. who sat down in fore o' th' Lord an' be listenin' t' what he spake. “Lord. Then he put th' lad's on his own donkey an' tookst th' lad's t' an inn. Mary has chosen what be best. “Martha. he felt sorry fer th' lad's 34 an' sailed' o'er t' th' lad's. He treated his wounds wi' olive oil an' wine an' bandaged them. “Lord. jus' as John taught his followers t' pray. “Which one o' these three swabbies be a real neighbor t' th' man who be beaten up by robbers?” 37 Th' teacher answered. “Please take care o' th' man. doesn’t 't bother ye that me lassie has port me t' do all th' work by myself? Tell th' lass' t' come an' help me!” 41 Th' Lord answered.” 36 Then Jesus asked. “Th' one who showed pity. “Go an' do th' same!” 38 Th' Lord an' his disciples be travelin' along an' came t' a village. 32 Later a temple helper came t' th' same place. When they got thar.

simply on accoun' o' ye be nay ashamed t' keep on askin'. as we forgive sea dogs an' land lubbers who has done wrong t' us. “Let me borrow three loaves o' bread. I cannot get up t' give ye somethin'. search an' ye will find. An' keep us from bein' tempted. an' me children an' I be in bunk. 9 So I tell ye t' ask an' ye will receive. an' th' door be opened fer sea dogs an' land lubbers who knocks.2 So Jesus told them. an' I don’t be havin' a thin' fer th' lad's t' eat. But he will get up an' give ye as much as ye need. help us t' honor yer name. jus' on accoun' o' ye be his matey. “Pray in this way: ‘Father. 4 Forgive our sins.” 8 He may nay get up an' give ye th' bread. “Don’t bother me! Th' door be bolted. 11 Which one o' ye fathers would give yer hungry child a snake if th' child asked fer a fish? 12 Which one o' ye would give yer child a scorpion if th' child asked fer an egg? 13 As bad as ye . sea dogs an' land lubbers who searches will find.” 7 An' suppose yer matey answers. Come an' set up yer kingdom. 10 Sea dogs an' land lubbers who asks will receive. 6 A matey o' mine has dropped in.’” 5 Then Jesus sailed' on t' say: Suppose one o' ye goes t' a matey on th' yardarm o' th' night an' says. knock an' th' door be opened fer ye. 3 Give us each tide th' food we need.

ye still know how t' give good gifts t' yer children. 18 If Satan fights against hisself. he will carry off th' weapons in which th' strong man trusted. th' ruler o' th' demons!” 16 Others wanted t' put Jesus t' th' test. They all come an' make the'r homeport thar. 24 When an evil spirit leaves a swabbie. 15 But some swabbies spake. an' that swabbie ends up in worse shape than before. everythin' he owns be safe. whose power do yer own followers use t' force them ou'? They be th' ones who will judge ye. But when 't doesn’t find a place. If ye don’t gather in th' crop wi' me. “Th' lass who gave birth t' ye an' nursed ye be blessed!” . “I will go aft t' th' homeport I port. ye be against me. 't travels through th' desert. 't proves that God’s kingdom has already come t' ye. how can his kingdom last? Yet ye say that I force ou' demons by th' power o' Beelzebul. 21 When a strong man arms hisself an' guards his homeport. An' a family that fights will break up. 20 But if I use God’s power t' force ou' demons. an' he spake: A kingdom 'ere swabbies swashbuckle each other will end up in ruin.be. 14 Jesus forced a demon ou' o' a man who couldna talk. “He forces ou' demons by th' power o' Beelzebul. 19 If I use his power t' force ou' demons. 22 But if a stronger man comes an' defeats th' lad's. an' th' crowds be amazed. So they asked th' lad's t' show them a sign from God. 't says.” 25 When 't gets thar an' finds th' place clist an' fixed up. But yer heavenly Father be e'en more ready t' give th' Holy Spirit t' ere who asks. 26 't goes off an' finds se'en other evil spirits e'en worse than itself. a lass in th' crowd spoke up. th' man started speakin'. 27 While Jesus be still talkin'. An' after th' demon had gone ou'. 17 Jesus knew what they be thinkin'. lookin' fer a place t' rest. 23 If ye be nay on me side. ye scatter 't. Then he will divide wi' others what he has taken.

35 So be sure that yer light isn’t darkness.28 Jesus replied. 39 So th' Lord spake t' th' lad's: Ye Pharisees clist th' abroadside o' cups an' dishes. everythin' be dark. but on th' inside ye be greedy an' evil. th' Lad o' Man be a sign t' th' swabbies o' today. th' Queen o' th' South will stand thar wi' ye an' condemn ye. an' nothin' be dark. . A lamp be put on a lampstand. But what happened t' Jonah be th' only sign ye be given. 38 Th' Pharisee be surprised that he did nay wash his hands before eatin'. an' yet here be somethin' far greater than Solomon. 30 Jus' as Jonah be a sign t' th' swabbies o' Nineveh. then light be everywhere. 36 If ye be havin' light. everythin' ye do would please God. “That’s true. When yer one good eye be good. 34 Yer one good eye be th' lamp fer yer body. such as mint an' rue. Ye ortin' ta be fair an' kind t' others an' still give a tenth t' God. he spake: Ye swabbies o' today be evil! Ye keep lookin' fer a sign from God. She traveled a long way t' hear Solomon’s wisdom. But when yer one good eye be bad. an' ye don’t love God. 40 Ye fools! Didn’t God make both th' abroadside an' th' inside? 41 If ye would only give what ye be havin' t' th' poor. 31 When th' judgment comes. so that sea dogs an' land lubbers who comes into th' house can be seein' th' light. 33 Nay one lights a lamp an' then hides 't or puts 't under a clay pot. but th' swabbies who be really blessed be th' ones who hear an' obey God’s message!” 29 As crowds be gatherin' around Jesus. 32 Th' swabbies o' Nineveh will also stand thar wi' ye an' condemn ye. an' yet here be somethin' far greater than Jonah. ye be havin' all th' light ye need. They turned t' God when Jonah preached. 37 When Jesus finished speakin'. Jesus sailed' an' sat down t' eat. a Pharisee invited th' lad's homeport fer a meal. as when a lamp shines bstarboardly on ye. But ye cheat swabbies. 42 Ye Pharisees be in fer trouble! Ye give God a tenth o' th' spices from yer gardens.

52 Ye teachers o' th' Law o' Moses be really in fer trouble! Ye carry th' keys t' th' door o' knowledge about God. Ye swabbies will certainly be punished fer all o' this. th' Wisdom o' God spake. 53 Jesus be about t' leave. “Teacher. 49 On accoun' o' o' yer evil deeds. 44 But ye be in fer trouble! Ye be like unmarked graves that swabbies keel haul on without e'en knowin' 't. They tried t' make th' lad's say what he thought about other things. who be murdered between th' altar an' th' temple. an' ye like t' be greeted wi' honor in th' market.” 50 Ye swabbies livin' today be punished fer all th' prophets who ben murdered since th' beginnin' o' th' world. “I will send prophets an' apostles t' ye. 47 Aye. 54 so that they could catch th' lad's sayin' somethin' wrong. But ye will murder some an' mistreat others. 45 A teacher o' th' Law o' Moses spoke up. But ye nerego in. ye be really in fer trouble.43 Ye Pharisees be in fer trouble! Ye love th' fore seats in th' meetin' places. he told his disciples: . 12 As chestfulls o' swabbies crowded around Jesus an' be steppin' on each other. but th' teachers an' th' Pharisees wanted t' get e'en wi' th' lad's.” 46 Jesus replied: Ye teachers be also in fer trouble! Ye load swabbies down wi' heavy burdens. 48 Ye must think that be th' starboard thin' fer yer swabbies t' do. or else ye wouldna be havin' built monuments fer th' prophets they murdered. Ye build monuments t' honor th' prophets yer own swabbies murdered long ago. an' ye keep others from goin' in. ye spake cruel things about us. 51 This includes ever' prophet from th' time o' Abel t' th' time o' Zechariah. but ye won’t lift a finger t' help them carry th' loads.

ye cannot be forgiven. 3 Whatereyou say in th' dark be heard when 'tis tide.” 16 So Jesus told them this story: . but he can throw ye into hell. “Who gave me th' starboard t' settle arguments between ye an' yer laddie?” 15 Then he spake t' th' crowd. “Teacher. but after that.” 14 Jesus answered. 10 If ye speak against th' Lad o' Man.Be sure t' guard against th' dishonest teachin' o' th' Pharisees! 'Tis the'r way o' foolin' swabbies. 13 A man in a crowd spake t' Jesus. thar be nothin' else they can do. 11 When ye be brought t' trial in th' Jewish meetin' places or before rulers or officials. Whatereyou whisper in a closed room be shouted from th' housetops. but if ye speak against th' Holy Spirit. an' ever' secret be known. 7 E'en th' hairs on yer hade be counted. ye be rejected in fore o' them. “Don’t be greedy! Ownin' a lot o' things won’t make yer life safe. but God doesn’t forget a one o' them. 2 Everythin' that be hidden be found ou'. 5 God be th' one ye must fear. ye can be forgiven. don’t worry about how ye will defend yourselves or what ye will say. 8 If ye tell others that ye belong t' me. 12 At that time th' Holy Spirit will tell ye what t' say. 9 But if ye reject me. 4 Me heartys. God be certainly th' one ye ortin' ta fear! 6 Five sparrows be sold fer jus' two pennies. th' Lad o' Man will tell God’s angels that ye be me followers. They can kill ye. So don’t be lily livered! Ye be worth much more than many sparrows. Nay only can he take yer life. don’t be lily livered o' swabbies. tell me laddie t' give me me share o' what our father port us when he sank t'Davy Jones' locker.

31 But put God’s work first. I’ll tear down me barns an' build bigger ones. Ye be much more important than any birds.” 18 Later. Yer Father knows what ye need. an' they don’t be havin' storehouses or barns. Won’t he do e'en more fer ye? Ye be havin' such wee faith! 29 Don’t keep worryin' about havin' somethin' t' eat or drink. 17 an' he spake t' hisself. he spake. .” 22 Jesus spake t' his disciples: I tell ye nay t' worry about yer life! Don’t worry about havin' somethin' t' eat or wear.’” 20 But God spake t' th' lad's. 19 Then I’ll say t' myself. Live 't up! Eat. an' these things be yours as well. But I tell ye that Solomon wi' all his wealth wasn’t as well clothed as one o' these flowers. ‘Ye be havin' stored up enough good things t' last fer voyages t' come.A rich man’s farm produced a big crop. e'en tho 'tis here today an' thrown into a fire next high tide'. 30 Only swabbies who don’t know God be always worryin' about such things. why worry about everythin' else? 27 Look how th' wild flowers grow! They don’t work hard t' make the'r clothes. Then who will get what ye be havin' stored up?” 21 “This be what happens t' swabbies who store up everythin' fer they's self. but be poor in th' sight o' God. “What can I do? I don’t be havin' a place large enough t' store everythin'. 'ere I can store all me grain an' other goods. 24 Eyeball th' crows! They don’t plant or harvest. an' enjoy yersef. 23 Life be more than food or clothin'. “Ye fool! Tonight ye will sink t'Davy Jones' locker. 28 God gives such beauty t' everythin' that grows in th' fields. But God takes care o' them. “Now I know what I’ll do. drink. 25 Can worry make ye live longer? 26 If ye don’t be havin' power o'er wee things.

“Did ye say this jus' fer us or fer sea dogs an' land lubbers?” 42 Th' Lord answered: Who be faithful an' wise servants? Who be th' ones th' master will put in charge o' givin' th' other servants the'r food supplies at th' proper time? 43 Servants be fortunate if the'r master comes an' finds them doin' the'r job. 37 Servants be fortunate if the'r master finds them awake an' ready when he comes! I promise ye that he will get ready an' be havin' his servants sit down so he can serve them. don’t be lily livered! Yer Father wants t' give ye th' kingdom. Make yourselves moneybags that nerewear ou'. 45 But suppose one o' th' servants thinks that th' master won’t return until late. As soon as he comes an' knocks. 34 Yer heart will always be 'ere yer booty be. 44 A servant who be always faithful will surely be put in charge o' everythin' th' master owns. Suppose that servant starts beatin' all th' other servants an' eats an' drinks an' gets loaded t' th' gunwhales. if ye knew when th' thief be comin'. e'en tho he comes late at night or early in th' mornin'.32 Me wee squadron o' disciples. 35 Be ready an' keep yer lamps burnin' 36 jus' like them servants who wait up fer the'r master t' return from a weddin' feast. 41 Peter asked Jesus. they open th' door fer th' lad's. 38 Them servants be really fortunate if the'r master finds them ready. 33 Sell what ye be havin' an' give th' treasure t' th' poor. th' master will come on a tide an' at a time when th' servant least expects th' lad's. Make sure yer booty be safe in heaven. 40 So always be ready! Ye don’t know when th' Lad o' Man will come. That servant will then be punished an' thrown ou' wi' th' servants who cannot be trusted. 'ere thieves cannot steal 't an' moths cannot destroy 't. 39 Ye would surely nay let a thief break into yer homeport. . 46 If that happens.

ye say. ever' one o' ye will also sink t'Davy Jones' . “'t’s goin' t' rain. 48 But servants who don’t know what the'r master wants them t' do will nay be beaten so hard fer doin' wrong. try t' settle things before ye be taken t' court. If God be generous wi' ye.47 If servants be nay ready or willin' t' do what the'r master wants them t' do. Then th' judge will hand ye o'er t' th' jailer. But if he be more than generous. ever' one o' ye will also be killed. an' mothers an' lasss will do th' same. 57 Why don’t ye understand th' starboard thin' t' do? 58 When someone accuses ye o' somethin'. he will expect ye t' serve th' lad's e'en better. ye say. ye be dragged before th' judge. he will expect ye t' serve th' lad's well. 13 About this same time Jesus be told that Pilate had gi'en orders fer some swabbies from Galilee t' be killed while they be offerin' sacrifices. 52 A family o' five be divided. “'t’s goin' t' get hot. An' I will be havin' t' suffer a lot o' pain until 'tis over. If ye don’t. Mothers-in-law an' lasss-in-law will also turn against each other. 4 What about them eighteen swabbies who sank t'Davy Jones' locker when th' tower in Siloam fell on them? Do ye think they be worse than sea dogs an' land lubbers else in Jerusalem? 5 Nay at all! But ye can be sure that if ye don’t turn aft t' God. 51 Do ye think that I came t' brin' peace t' earth? Nay indeed! I came t' make swabbies choose sides. 55 When th' south wind blows. an' ye be locked up. 59 Ye won’t get ou' until ye be havin' paid th' last cent ye owe. they be beaten hard. 53 Fathers an' sons will turn against one another. but ye don’t really know what’s goin' on starboard now. wi' two o' them against th' other three. 2 Jesus replied: Do ye think that these swabbies be worse sinners than sea dogs an' land lubbers else in Galilee jus' on accoun' o' o' what happened t' them? 3 Nay at all! But ye can be sure that if ye don’t turn aft t' God. an' I wish 't be already on fire! 50 I be goin' t' be put t' a hard test. 54 Jesus spake t' all th' swabbies: As soon as ye be seein' a cloud comin' up in th' west.” an' 't does. 56 Be ye tryin' t' fool someone? Ye can predict th' weather by lookin' at th' earth an' sky. 49 I came t' set fire t' th' earth.” an' 't does.

I’ll dig around 't an' put some manure on 't t' make 't grow. Isn’t 't starboard t' set th' lass' free on th' Sabbath?” 17 Jesus` words made his enemies ashamed. 7 So he spake t' th' gardener. ye can be havin' 't cut down. 11 an' a lass be thar who had been crippled by an evil spirit fer eighteen voyages. but he didn’t find any. but Satan has kept th' lass' bound fer eighteen voyages. he called th' lass' o'er an' spake. “Fer three voyages I be havin' come lookin' fer figs on this tree. She be completely bent o'er an' couldna straighten up. but nay on th' Sabbath. an' birds nest in its branches. But sea dogs an' land lubbers else in th' crowd be happy about th' wonderful things he be doin'. 18 Jesus spake.” 15 Th' Lord replied. So he spake t' th' swabbies. “Each tides has six days when we can work. 9 Maybe 't will be havin' figs on 't next voyage. “Be ye tryin' t' fool someone? Won’t any one o' ye untie yer ox or donkey an' lead 't ou' t' drink on a Sabbath? 16 This lass belongs t' th' family o' Abraham. leave 't fer another voyage. “What be God’s kingdom like? What can I compare 't wi'? 19 'Tis like what happens when someone plants a mustard seed in a garden.” . 12 When Jesus saw th' lass. If 't doesn’t. “Master. Come an' be healed on one o' them days. an' starboard away she stood up straight an' praised God. Jesus be teachin' in a Jewish meetin' place. 6 Jesus then told them this story: A man had a fig tree growin' in his vineyard.locker. Th' seed grows as big as a tree. Chop 't down! Why ortin' ta 't take up space?” 8 Th' gardener answered. an' I haven’t found any yet.” 10 One Sabbath. One tide he sailed' ou' t' pick some figs.” 13 He placed his hands on th' lass'. “Ye be now well. 14 Th' man in charge o' th' meetin' place be angry on accoun' o' Jesus had healed someone on th' Sabbath.

29 Swabbies will come from all directions an' sit down t' feast in God’s kingdom. Ye will knock on th' door an' say.” 22 As Jesus be on his way t' Jerusalem. ye will bawl an' grit yer teeth on accoun' o' ye will be seein' Abraham. all th' dough rises. ye evil swabbies!” 28 Then when ye ben thrown abroadside. Finally. an' all th' prophets in God’s kingdom. “We dined wi' ye. “What can I compare God’s kingdom wi'? 21 'Tis like what happens when a lass mixes yeast into three batches o' flour. “Ye had better get away from here! Herod wants t' kill ye. an' them who be now most important be least important. 23 Someone asked th' lad's. “Lord.” . Isaac.20 Then Jesus spake. 31 At that time some Pharisees came t' Jesus an' spake. “I really don’t know who ye be! Get away from me. an' ye taught in our streets. Jacob. but will nay be able t'. “I don’t know a thin' about ye!” 26 Then ye will start sayin'. 30 Thar th' ones who be now least important be th' most important. “Sir. 25 Once th' owner o' th' house gets up an' locks th' door. be only a wee swabbies goin' t' be saved?” Jesus answered: 24 Do all ye can t' go in by th' narrow door! A lot o' swabbies will try t' get in. he taught th' swabbies in th' towns an' villages. ye be port standin' abroadside.” 27 But he will say. open th' door fer us!” But th' owner will answer.

” 14 One Sabbath. “If yer lad or ox falls into a well. “Be 't starboard t' heal on th' Sabbath?” 4 But they did nay say a word.” 33 But I be goin' on me way today an' next high tide' an' th' next tide. 3 Jesus turned an' asked th' Pharisees an' th' teachers o' th' Law o' Moses. Jesus tookst hold o' th' man. Jesus asked th' swabbies. But ye wouldn’t let me. Jerusalem! Yer swabbies be havin' killed th' prophets an' be havin' stoned th' messengers who be sent t' ye. 7 Jesus saw how th' guests had tried t' take th' best seats. 35 Now yer temple be deserted.32 Jesus spake t' them: Go tell that fox. “Blessed be th' one who comes in th' name o' th' Lord. Ye won’t be seein' me again until th' time when ye say. e'en on th' Sabbath?” 6 Thar be nothin' they could say. “Give yer place t' this other guest!” Ye be embarrassed an' will be havin' t' sit in th' worst place. After all. Jerusalem be th' place 'ere prophets be killed. Jesus be havin' dinner in th' homeport o' an important Pharisee. 5 Afterwards. don’t sit in th' best place. wouldn’t ye pull th' lad's ou' starboard away. So he told them: 8 When ye be invited t' a weddin' feast. . an' three days later I’ll be through. “I be goin' t' force ou' demons an' heal swabbies today an' next high tide'. 2 All o' a sudden a man wi' swollen legs stood up in fore o' th' lad's. 34 Jerusalem. I be havin' often wanted t' gather yer swabbies. 9 Then th' one who invited ye will come an' say. as a hen gathers th' lass' chicks under th' lass' wings. Someone more important may ben invited. an' sea dogs an' land lubbers be carefully watchin' Jesus. Then he healed th' lad's an' sent th' lad's away.

he sent a servant t' tell th' guests. But if ye humble yersef. ye be honored.” 18 One guest after another started makin' excuses. invite th' poor. “I bought some land. an' I’ve got t' look 't over. ye be put down. “Everythin' be ready! Please come. go an' sit in th' worst place. 12 Then Jesus spake t' th' man who had invited th' lad's: When ye give a dinner or a banquet. “Th' greatest blessin' o' all be t' be at th' banquet in God’s kingdom!” 16 Jesus told th' lad's: A man once gave a great banquet an' invited a lot o' guests. an' I can’t be thar. Th' first one spake. an' th' blind. But God will bless ye an' reward ye when his swabbies rise from Davy Jones' locker. an' I need t' try them ou'. don’t invite yer shipmates an' family an' relatives an' rich neighbors. they will invite ye in return. Then th' one who invited ye may come an' say.10 When ye be invited t' be a guest. 15 After Jesus had finished speakin'. 14 They cannot pay ye aft.” 19 Another guest spake.” 20 Still another guest spake.” . “I be havin' jus' gotten married. th' crippled. 11 If ye put yersef above others. th' lame. take a better seat!” Ye will then be honored in fore o' all th' other guests. an' ye be paid aft. one o' th' guests spake. Please excuse me. “I bought five teams o' oxen. 13 When ye give a feast. If ye do. 17 When th' banquet be ready. Please excuse me. “Me hearty.

28 Suppose one o' ye wants t' build a tower. ye cannot be me disciple unless ye give away everythin' ye own. an' th' master became so angry that he spake. won’t he first sit down an' decide if he can win? 32 If he thinks he won’t be able t' defend hisself. . Ye cannot come wi' me unless ye love me more than ye love yer own life.” 22 When th' servant returned. he will send messengers an' ask fer peace while th' other kin' be still a long way off. so that me house be full. an' thar be still plenty o' room fer more swabbies. ye will start buildin' th' tower. “Go ou' along th' aft roads an' fence rows an' make swabbies come in. “Ye started buildin'. 30 They will say.” 31 What will a kin' do if he has only ten chestfull o' soldiers t' defend hisself against a kin' who be about t' attack th' lad's wi' twenty chestfull o' soldiers? Before he goes ou' t' battle. he spake. 33 So then.21 Th' servant told his master what happened.” 23 His master then told th' lad's. I’ve done what ye told me. when he turned an' spake: 26 Ye cannot be me disciple. What be th' first thin' ye will do? Won’t ye sit down an' figure ou' how much 't will cost an' if ye be havin' enough treasure t' pay fer 't? 29 Otherwise. 27 Ye cannot be me disciple unless ye carry yer own cross an' come wi' me. unless ye love me more than ye love yer father an' mother. an' yer brothers an' sisters. 24 Nay one o' th' guests I first invited will get e'en a bite o' me food!” 25 Large crowds be walkin' along wi' Jesus. but nay be able t' finish. yer buxom beauty an' children. Then sea dogs an' land lubbers who sees what be happenin' will yo ho ho at ye. “Master. but couldna finish th' job. “Go as fast as ye can t' ever' street an' alley in town! Brin' in sea dogs an' land lubbers who be poor or crippled or blind or lame.

He e'en eats wi' them.” 8 Jesus told th' swabbies another story: What will a lass do if she has ten sil'er coins an' loses one o' them? Won’t she light a lamp.” 10 Jesus spake. Swabbies simply throw 't ou'. If ye be havin' ears. an' look carefully until she finds 't? 9 Then she will call in th' lass' shipmates an' neighbors an' say.” 11 Jesus also told them another story: . “Let’s celebrate! I’ve found th' coin I lost. “In th' same way God’s angels be happy when e'en one swabbie turns t' th' lad's. pay attention! 15 Tax collectors an' sinners be all crowdin' around t' listen t' Jesus. ye be so glad that ye will put 't on yer shoulder 6 an' carry 't homeport. but if 't nay longer tastes like salt. an' one o' them gets lost.” 3 Then Jesus told them this story: 4 If any o' ye has a bucketfull o' sheep. “In th' same way thar be more happiness in hea'en on accoun' o' o' one sinner who turns t' God than o'er ninety-nine good swabbies who don’t need t'.34 Salt be good. “Let’s celebrate! I’ve found me lost sheep. 2 So th' Pharisees an' th' teachers o' th' Law o' Moses started grumblin'. what will ye do? Won’t ye leave th' ninety-nine in th' field an' go look fer th' lost sheep until ye find 't? 5 An' when ye find 't. sweep th' deck.” 7 Jesus spake. Then ye will call in yer shipmates an' neighbors an' say. “This man be friendly wi' sinners. how can 't be made t' taste salty again? 35 'Tis nay longer good fer th' soil or e'en fer th' manure pile.

. ‘Father. “Me father’s workers be havin' plenty t' eat. “Give me me share o' th' property. Soon he had nothin' t' eat.’” 20 Th' younger lad got up an' started aft t' his father. I be havin' sinned against God in hea'en an' against ye. He ran t' his lad an' hugged an' kissed th' lad's. 17 Finally. Treat me like one o' yer workers.” So th' father divided his property between his two sons. an' th' man sent th' lad's ou' t' take care o' his pigs. an' here I be. his father saw th' lad's an' felt sorry fer th' lad's. starvin' t' Davy Jones' locker! 18 I will go t' me father an' say t' th' lad's. 'ere he wasted all his treasure in wild livin'. 16 He would ben glad t' eat what th' pigs be eatin'. but nay one gave th' lad's a thin'. he came t' his senses an' spake.Once a man had two sons. 12 Th' younger lad spake t' his father. when a bad famine spread through that whole land. 15 He sailed' t' work fer a man in that country. But when he be still a long way off. 19 I be nay longer good enough t' be called yer lad. 14 He had spent everythin'. th' younger lad packed up everythin' he owned an' port fer a foreign country. 13 Nay long after that.