A. Read the dialogue. Choose the correct answers.

Kumar : Uncle Suresh, what is hardware?
Uncle : Well, hardware refers to all the parts
of a computer unit. These include
the CPU, the monitor, the keyboard
and the mouse.
Kumar : The CPU? What is that uncle?
Uncle : Come over here Kumar. Look at my
computer unit. This is the CPU. It is
the central processing unit. The
CPU is the most important part of a
computer. It is like the computer’s
Kumar : If the CPU is the brain, then what is
Uncle : Software is the sets of programmes
that tell a computer how to do a
particular job.
Kumar : What about the mouse?
Uncle : The mouse is necessary to control
the movement of a power symbol on
the screen. For example, you use
the mouse to click the START
button. Kumar, do you know what
the keyboard is used for?
Kumar : I think the keyboard is used to key in
instructions to the computer.
Uncle : That’s right. Without the keyboard,
we won’t be able to communicate
with the computer and tell it what to
1. Where do you think Kumar is?
A. At home
B. In school
C. In his friend’s house
D. In his uncle’s house
2. What does hardware refer to?
A. All the parts of a computer unit
B. The central processing unit
C. The computer’s ‘brain’
D. Instructions to the computer
3. Who does Kumar ask about computers?
A. His father
B. His teacher
C. His friend Suresh
D. His uncle

4. Why is the mouse necessary?
A. To do our work faster
B. To tell us what to do
C. To process all the information
D. To control the movement of a power
symbol on the screen
5. How can the keyboard help us?
A. It can tell us what to do
B. It can read instructions
C. It can control the monitor
D. It can key-in instructions to the

Read the passage below and answer
the questions that follow.

Sara and Zarinah are best of friends.
They befriended one another during a
camping trip organised by their schools.
They share many things which are of similar
interests. For instance, both like bowling and
collecting stickers. In things that they differ,
they have learnt to understand the matters
better. For example, Sara likes playing
netball whereas Zarinah likes to play tennis.
However, both girls try to learn about each
other’s interest. This is the basis of their
For the past six years, their friendship
has remained strong. They have forged a
bond so close that they are like sisters. Their
families are happy because both girls have a
healthy friendship that motivates each other
to strive to become better in whatever they
do. This quality makes the girls perform to
their best in all that they do.
Sara and Zarinah are good role models
to their friends and siblings. They stand by
one another during difficult times and always
keep a lookout by making sure that they
always follow the right path. They also do not
fall prey to bad habits. They hope that their
friendship will remain strong forever as they
move on in life.

them D. their B. A. their B. the D. them D. her. theirs 17. Razi and Zul were walking home after school. has lots of bad habits C. he B. during a camping trip B. They looked around and then they saw a __15__ of stones by the road. staff 18. A. sets a good example C. 19. How did Sara and Zarinah meet? They met …………………. Bowling and collecting stickers the stones hit a beehive hanging on a branch and soon a __17__ of angry bees flew out. it C.6. clutch D. How does their friendship remain strong despite their differences? A. choir D. time they reached home they had a few bee 12. A good role model is one who ________. By the 8. They eat healthy food and exercise regularly. its D. The cat hurt ______ paw when _____ jumped over the fence. The girls do not talk about their differences. 11. them D. it. B. My mum said _______ left the handbag in ____ car. at the school library D. litter C. them 15. his C. A. D. a 14. in a birthday party throwing stones at the mangoes so that __14__ will drop. C. Suddenly Zul spotted __13__ mango tree full of ripe mangoes. 9. its . they B. Razi said that _11_ was feeling very bored. He suggested stings on ___18__ arm. him Choose the correct answers. A. A. What do the girls enjoy doing together? A. their B. They are very playful and like to waste time. hers C. Collecting stamps and stickers C. theirs 10. One of 7. B. They do things separately. Razi and Zul picked up some stones and threw __16__ at the mangoes. They help to bring out the best in one another. theirs Why do their families support and encourage their friendship? A. her. A. an B. is C. they C. she. A. litter B. has many friends D. A. The two boys looked around to find something interesting that __12__ could do. The girls always compete unhealthily. They flew straight to Razi and Zul. heap 16. C. it C. The two boys ran as fast as they could. A. is very friendly B. ‘Sara and Zarinah are good role models to their friends and siblings’. . Playing netball and tennis D. Bowling and swimming B. They force each other to do things. its. it. swarm B. her B. Choose the correct answers. A. A. hers D. she 20. they C. she. D. D. it D. they C. crate C. They try to learn about each other’s interest. legs and faces. A. its B. its. during recess in school C. 13. It was a gloomy day.

22. A. packed B. jungle D. held F. she. This is ______ book and that is _____. _______ are buying a gift for our mother for ______ birthday.21. is going 28. A. go B. and B. We. desert B. wrapped 35. I Ben __33__ 25. Based on the map. her. at B. Johan bought ______ book at that bookshop. her. Every Sunday morning. The children are in the playground. A. The 23. matched . She D. A. A. The boys will meet _____ tonight and we will give _____ the results. We. They 30. . she D. my B. goes C. Our. mine E. whose C. going D. raised D. her. they C. A. yours. my D. we. Our. her C. The old lady has been sleeping ________ two hours. farm C. they 27. _________ are playing hide and seek. We C. the puzzle at home. us. your. by C. who B. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the letter that follows. me C. him C. them D. A. mine C. . hung C. quietly C. framed C. He B. sticked D. you. A. Then he it in Ben's room. A. Ben's father sent it to a 26. loudly 29. That is the lady _____ car broke down just now. her B. whom picture was a scenery of a __32__ 24. His grandfather gave him a jigsaw puzzle. from shop to be ___34__ __35___ 32. so D. mountain 33. he B. Suzy told me that ____ and _____ will attend the meeting together. fixed D. A. for D. they B. A. but C. A. A. us. repaired C. I B. hooked 34. my D. softly B. Choose the best word to fill in the blanks below. Do your work __________ because the baby is sleeping. or 31. A. pasted B. my parents __________ to the market. her When the picture was ready. we. A. your. his It was Ben's twelfth birthday. B. He knelt down ___________ lifted the kitten carefully.

Jalan Merbok 39. My house is the __(39)_ house on your right. group D. Dear Elina. Next. You will see a _(37)__ of shophouses on your left. 65300 Perak. Jalan Rambutan 2. first C. A. third B. I think it’s not so difficult for you to find my house. Taman Nuri. fourth 40. Jalan Ratu 1 B. Walk straight on and turn right into __(38)___. I really hope to see you then.Juliana No 1. Please come. Yours sincerely. stack B. A. fleet C. You can see a big __(40)__ in front of my house on that day. Jalan Pekaka C. booth B. I would like to invite you to my sister’s wedding next Saturday. junction B. First. Jalan Cempedak D. Hello. crossroads C. 36. A. zebra crossing 37. There is a mosque at the __(36)__. I enclose a map showing the direction to my house. turn right into Jalan Merbok and go straight. tent C. A. Here. You will pass a school on your right. camp D. second D. A. row 38. shed . traffic lights D. you walk along Jalan Ratu. 28th November 2008.