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software quality report

E-paes >> 2014/11/26 01:46 .com © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved Page 2 .PRIMERI ANALISIS software quality report table of contents introduction: methodology application & analysis information risk index quality reparation efforts main metric values quality distribution in files metric distribution in files 10 top repair first defects about kiuwan.

Portability. The capability of the software product to protect information and data so that unauthorised persons or systems cannot read or modify them and authorised persons or systems are not denied access to them. The capability of the software product to provide appropriate performance relative to the amount of resources used under stated conditions. improvements or adaptability of the software to changes in environment and in requirements and functional specifications. You can even compare two different technology applications. 70-100 region.PRIMERI ANALISIS software quality report software quality evaluation methodology checKing Quality Model for Software (CQM) is Kiuwan methodology for evaluating the internal quality of a software product. CQM proposes indicators for the following software characteristics: CQM indicators are normalised to represent these regions: • • • • • • Security. Maintainability. It defines us the internal quality scope and characteristics. Efficiency. this means that you can say if the software is more maintainable than it is efficient or reliable. Modifications may include corrections. Represented by YELLOW and means that you have to keep your mind on this indicator. Improvements are needed. No critical defects founded. Your next moves will depend on your requirements. 30-70 region. You are going to compare different version of the same application over time because the meaning of the indicator does not change. The characteristic pointed to by the indicator is in the RED zone. Page 3 . CQM simplifies ISO 9126 focusing on internal quality.E-paes >> 2014/11/26 01:46 . CQM is ISO-9126 based. The capability of the software product to maintain a specified level of performance. The capability of the software product to be transferred from one environment to another. This normalisation allows the comparison of different characteristics between them. The capability of the software product to be modified. Reliability. © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved • • 0-30 region. This is the zone where all indicators must be. The GREEN zone.

zip javascript. In order to put in context this analysis and your results. • unrecognized files are the ones that were in your analyzed path but they aren't source code or they contains code in languages that Kiuwan doesn't support yet.E-paes >> 2014/11/26 01:46 .6 182 90 Note: • unparsed files are the source code files of your application that kiuwan engine couldn't read during the analysis process.1. kiuwan is going to give you some statistics: name Bussiness value Times analyzed analysis info label date ordered by encoding analyzed path languages found analyzed files unparsed files unrecognized files application info PRIMERI ANALISIS 2014/11/26 08:46 Carlos Arevalo UTF-8 E-PAES.PRIMERI ANALISIS software quality report application & analysis information Kiuwan've analyzed for you a set of source files that is called application. © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved Page 4 . php 110 0 - E-paes critical 1 model info model name model version engine version active rules active metrics CQM 1.

But if your effort needed to get better is very high your risk index will be high too. risk index 98. but if the effort needed to get better is low you are not assuming a high risk in this application because you are going to repair your problems easily. So if you have poor quality. So far as you are (measured in effort) to get an acceptable quality level. © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved Page 5 .PRIMERI ANALISIS software quality report risk index Risk index represents the potential problems that you are assuming for not paying attention to the quality of your source code. It has been used your quality indicator and the effort that you need to spend to reach the quality level set as goal for you.95 Pay attention to risk index evolution in time.E-paes >> 2014/11/26 01:46 . It is a number that concentrates all the evidence found in the source code of your application.

It is important that you know if your quality is better or not that these values and you modify them according to your requirements.13 Pay attention to the target values that have been set when you configure your application. The quality evolution is another important point. target Efficiency Maintainability Portability Reliability Security 70 0 92 55 42 70 70 70 70 70 © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved Page 6 . Are you improving? characteristic quality app. 47.E-paes >> 2014/11/26 01:46 .PRIMERI ANALISIS quality software quality report quality indicator You get your global quality indicator at the right and a breakdown in software characteristics.

PRIMERI ANALISIS reparation efforts software quality report effort to target Now you know your quality level. You can configure (for accuracy) the effort needed to correct each defect type. 463 hours We've calculated for you the minimum set of defects will be corrected to achieve it.E-paes >> 2014/11/26 01:46 . Here's what you need to invest. characteristic effort to target Efficiency Maintainability Portability Reliability Security 0h 159 h 0h 12 h 292 h © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved Page 7 . you'll want to know how much it will cost to reach your goal.

The ratio of the duplicated code.E-paes >> 2014/11/26 01:46 . Below are shown the most important ones. • • • • Lines of code.18 6. Functional size calculated by backfiring strategy. Excluding commented lines and blank lines. lines of code function points average complexity duplicated code © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved 16. Average of each function (or method). Avg complexity.PRIMERI ANALISIS software quality report main metric values We've computed some metrics of your source code.72% Page 8 .446 268 11. Dup code. Function points.

php 72./FORM_Reg_Especialidad_ADMIN./borrar_archivos_docentes../npm..97 - - ........ you will get the files with the lower quality values...php 100 - - ./Form_Examen.97 - - ..php 73.95 - - ..js 72..php 100 - - ../ADMIN_FORM_Registrar_curso.php 72./calligra.E-paes >> 2014/11/26 01:46 .95 - - Page 9 ../makefont./borrar_archivos_admin./cargar_archivo./Registrar_alumno. low quality © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved high quality software quality report file name quality previous delta ./ttfparser.15 - - .php 72...97 - - ..99 - - .php 94...87 - - ..php 99.68 - - .php 100 - - ./timesi.91 - - .php 95./FORM_Editar_alumno_ADMIN./ALUM_FORM_NO_EXAMEN...php 72./ver_nota_examen_docente.../Editar_Preguntas./FORM_Editar_NIE.92 - - ./modifi_examen.php 89.php 80.php 96. In the chart we've used quintiles dividing the file quality value in five equal sized subsets..... you have a list of the files (the worst ones) that have reduce their quality indicator from previous analysis..PRIMERI ANALISIS quality distribution in files It's important to know if your quality is distributed homogeneously through files..php 72.php 99.96 - - ./ALUM_FORM_Registrarse..php 76.php 99./FORM_Editar_NIE_1..php 72. If this is your first analysis./Cerrar_Sesion.php 100 - - ..php 100 - - . In the table.php 72..php 100 - - ..../zapfdingbats.96 - - ..1 - - ./Form_ver_editar_examen.61 - - .. and then we tell you how many files fall in each subset.1 - - .01 - - ./LOGIN...35 - - ..php 87...85 - - ../Logearse.36 - - ..php 99.../ADMIN_FORM_modificar_materias...

complexity as average cyclomatic complexity of each function per file.PRIMERI ANALISIS software quality report metric distribution in files It's important to know if your metrics are distributed homogeneously through files. We give you the most three popular metrics: • • • size as lines of code of each file. dup code as the ratio of the duplicated code of each file. simple files © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved complex files small files large files low ratio high ratio Page 10 . and then we tell you how many files fall in each subset. We've used quintiles dividing the file level metric values in five equal sized subsets.E-paes >> 2014/11/26 01:46 .

php php php javascript php php php javascript javascript javascript characteristic priority difficulty Maintainability Efficiency Efficiency Reliability Maintainability Maintainability Maintainability Maintainability Maintainability Maintainability 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 1 If you want a complete list of defects to repair in order to reach a quality target or to spend a bag of budgeted hours you can take an action plan report from kiuwan. © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved Page 11 . Avoid a high level of if statement nesting. for) with empty body. rank defects files 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 375 6 4 88 2 4 17 2 3 881 54 6 2 1 2 2 8 1 1 7 rule name Avoid using echo or print to construct HTML. If you want to start fixing quality issues. Do not update control vars in 'for' loop body. do/while. Avoid assigment in conditions.E-paes >> 2014/11/26 01:46 . These defects are the ones that once eliminated give more benefit by unit time of effort. you must start with this to maximize your time. lang. Avoid loops (while.PRIMERI ANALISIS software quality report top 10 repair first defects Here you have a list of top 10 defect types that you have in your application. Do not use POSIX Extended regular expression functions. Do not use error suppression with @. for) with empty body. Avoid global variables within functions. Avoid loops ( in what if function. Avoid statements without semicolon. do/while.

And. Our solutions raise the quality and increase the performance of business systems. quality and productivity management initiatives whilst improving the overall maintainability of the software estate. thus achieving maximum IT value.kiuwan. www. cost control and productivity within an organization. They improve the efficiency. enabling rationalization initiatives and impact analysis capabilities to reduce maintenance quality report about Optimyth Optimyth is an independent software company specialized in solutions to support large companies with their rationalization. These solutions are based on our state of the art checKing products: an Integrated Application Quality Management Portal which aggregates information from all the stages of a development life cycle into one “single pane of glass”. an Application Inventory Management system that allows companies to untangle the complexity of their application through automatic discovery of software components. and the relationships between them at different @KiuwanJelly kiuwan fan page © Optimyth 2014 – All rights reserved Page 12 .