GlobalMedic  SupporEng  the  Urgent  Needs  of  Displaced  Families  in  Iraq
Ongoing  violence  in  the  Middle  East  has  affected  
millions  of  people,  with   over  302,000  families  internally  
displaced   in   the   Iraqi  Kurdistan  region.   An   esCmate   of  
40%   of  these   IDPs  have   sought   shelter  in  spontaneous  
communal  seHlements  such  as  schools   and  abandoned  
or   unfinished   buildings.   These   families   lack   heat,  
electricity,   running   water,   latrines   and   proper  
protecCon  from  the  elements.  With  no  foreseeable  end  
to  the   crisis  and  winter   fast  approaching,  humanitarian  
needs  in   the   Kurdistan  region   are   immense.   Access  to  
basic  necessiCes  such   as  clean   drinking   water   remains  

• 1.4  million  Aquatabs  water  purificaCon  tablets
• 1  Aqua-­‐Response  10  water  purificaCon  unit
• 540  RainFresh  household  water  purificaCon  units

In   response   to   the   refugee   crisis,  
GlobalMedic  has  secured  access  to  safe,  clean  
drinking   water   for   thousands   of   IDPs   in  
Sulaimaniyah   and  Dohuk.  Urgent   water  needs  
were   addressed   through   the   operaCon   of   an  
Aqua-­‐Response   10   water   purificaCon   unit  
which   produces   40   litres   of   clean   drinking  
water   every   minute.   The   distribuCon   of   1.4  
million  Aquatab  water  purificaCon   tablets  will  
effecCvely   purify   another   14   million   litres  of  
drinking  water  for  families  to  use  regardless  of  
their   locaCon.   In   addiCon,   GlobalMedic   has  
distributed   540   RainFresh   household   water  
purificaCon   units.   These   point-­‐of-­‐use   systems  
are  lightweight,  durable  and  portable,  filtering  
water   from   virtually   any   source   to   support   a  
family’s  water  needs  for  an  enCre  year.  
To  view  a  video  of  GlobalMedic’s  clean  
drinking  water  program,  please  visit:  

A  displaced  Iraqi  family  and  their  new  Rainfresh  unit  




Winterization  Kits
1,243  displaced  families  have  received  kits  to  support  
their  needs  through  the  cold  winter  months

In   addiCon   to   the   water   crisis,  
increasingly   cold   weather   marks   a   severe  
threat   to   families   in   Northern   Iraq.   The  
thousands  of  families  who  have  sought   shelter  
in   abandoned   or   unfinished   buildings   are  
hugely   vulnerable   through  the   winter   months.  
In   response,  GlobalMedic  implemented  an   NFI  
w i n t e r i z a C o n   p r o g r a m   i n v o l v i n g   t h e  
distribuCon   of   1,243   winterizaCon   kits.   The  
contents   of   the   kits   varied   depending   on   the  
needs   and   sizes   of   families   and   included  
blankets,   maHresses,   coverlets,   household  
heaters,   soap,   baby   diapers   and   female  
sanitary  pads.  
Through   this   winterizaCon   program,  
GlobalMedic   supported   the   warmth,   health  
and   safety   of   thousands   of   men,   women   and  
children  living  in  inadequate  shelters.  

• 3,659  blankets
• 2,729  maVresses  
• 1,200  coverlets
• 900  fuel-­‐powered  household  heaters
• 19,522  bars  of  soap
• 1,365  packs  of  baby  diapers  and  female  sanitary  pads

To   view   a   video   of   GlobalMedic’s  
winterizaCon  program,  please  visit:  


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