Literature Component Form 3











Literature Component Form 3

Teaching English nowadays gets more and more challenging. In our school
syllabus we also have to teach English Literature Component which consists of
poems, short stories, plays and novel.
The teaching of literature is important because students have a chance to
study the language as well as learn new cultures. It also provides the students
with many examples of good sentence structures, correct usage of grammar and
vocabulary. The teaching of literature would definitely help students to improve
their language skills. Therefore, a good introduction to literature can compensate
for the deficiencies of the linguistic approach in the area of grammar, vocabulary
and syntax and it can augment the students' competence in English.
Moreover, literature exposes students to complex themes and exemplary
uses of language. Great novels such as The Curse and Around the World in 80
Days can take students to foreign countries, exciting events and wonderful
journeys. These stories evoke certain dilemmas and powerful emotional
responses which students can reflect.
I strongly believe that using literature to teach students can help them to
become more sensitive to some of the overall features of the English Language
and enhance their linguistics ability. The aim of this module is to simplify the
teaching and learning of the literature components for both the teachers and
students. I do hope the module will play a pivotal part in our English Language
Finally, I would like to thank all English teachers who are involved in the
publication of the module. Your excellent contribution is greatly appreciated.

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Academic Management Sector
Terengganu State Education Department
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A Fighter’s Lines
Marzuki Ali

He is actively involved and have all my strength in Malaysian and Indonesian theatre. body and energy crushed see and cannot do much these times are too big a challenge for the remnants of my crippled years the net of deceit spread everywhere disturbs me In the name of justice A FIGHTER’S LINES Wake up and form (by ranks sons of our Marzuki Ali) ancestor Be brave And erect a wall of people Stand up heirs of our freedom I have no more voice 3 who should speak! It is you now . have forced sacrifices that know no name or life from the wheelchair of the rest of my days I. Most of them are lost focused on patriotism. Kuala Lumpur.Literature Component Form 3 Poetry A Fighter’s Lines is a beautiful poem written by Marzuki Ali who was born in Terengganu. He has been involved with writing poems since 1960’s up till today. He is keen on writing poems pertaining to the wonders of his hometown and I am old and the development of worn its surroundings. Malaysia. What is more interesting sufferings about himand is the that many poems have been published by history fightof forhis independence Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

He has sacrificed and suffered a lot for hi SUMMARY . That is deceit like cheating and corruption everywhere Stanza 1 ak.4 Stanza 2 worried about challenges and deceit in his country. He was a soldier who fought for independence and Stanza Literature Component Form 3 Poetry .

He demands that young people speak up for ju Stanza 3 nd stand up for their freedom.Persona An old soldier who has fought for the independence for his cou Message (Possibly the poet himself.) Age may crush your ability but not your spirit. Time : Post Independent period 5 Elements of the Poem A FIGHTER’S LINES (By Marzuki Ali) Stanza 4 dy will listen to him because he is old and powerless now. Setting Society must be free of corruption. Place : Independent country People should be united and fght for justice. He wants them to unite and fight for justice. He tells them to protect this c Literature Component Form 3 Poetry .

alliteration. straightforward language Literary devices: imagery.6 Language & Style Free verse Direct. irony Tone & Mood Serious & thoughtful Themes Patriotism An appeal for freedom and justice Moral Values Patriotism Honesty Literature Component Form 3 Poetry . metaphor.

.............................................................(8) in their nation........ 5............................... During the war.................. .......... It can only be done if people join together as a........ 3...... This has to put to an.......(5) he sees around him.......................... he feels strongly against the....... Which words in the poem tell us the persona is weary and has been around a long time? ........... 2.. What has the younger generation inherited from their forefathers? .. The persona became crippled rule COLUMN B (a) free from colonial .. Who is the persona addressing in this poem? .........................................(1) and recalls the war he fought in....... The former soldier sits in his.................................................... .............. ACTIVITY 2 ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS 1....................................... Though crushed in body and........ FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH SUITABLE WORDS..........(3) and crippled.....ACTIVITY 1 READ THE FOLLOWING PASSAGE.............................(4)................(6)....................... .................... ...................... Who wrote the poem A Fighter’s lines? .................................................. (7) force and speak out....................................................................... Who is the persona in this poem? .... They have to work together to bring about ..................................... It was a fght for .................(2) for his country............ ................................. he became ............... ACTIVITY 3 MATCH THE PHRASES IN COLUMN A WITH THE PHRASES IN COLUMN B COLUMN A 1.... 4........

4. The ‘net of deceit’ refers to (f) feel tired and (g) after fghting in the war for Independence 8. 4. The persona feels helpless for he (e) overcome it and be successful 6. Crushed Suffering Force Sacrifce Energy Disturb Remnants Deceit or interests 9. 2. crippled people have to be (h) is old and ACTIVITY 4 MATCH THE WORDS IN COLUMN A WITH THEIR MEANINGS IN COLUMN B COLUMN A 1. To be worn out is to (b) in body and spirit 3. To stand up for justice. The persona feels crushed (d) united and courageous 5. 6. 5. To face a challenge is to be able to weak 7. Our nation fought for the Independence to (c) corruption among be nation’s leaders. Ancestors COLUMN B (a)broken down in spirit (b)compel (c)remains (d)distress (e) cause anxiety (f)forefathers (g)corruption (h)act of forgoing our own needs (i)power (j)build . 3. 8. 7.2. Erect 10.

.......and lost count of the lives lost in the course of time............. 2.................................. 8.................... The persona says that the old have no more.................... willing to ................... However.................................................. ACTIVITY 6 WRITE TRUE (T) OR FALSE (F) FOR THE STATEMENTS BELOW .................................of the country and had seen a lot of......... 4. 7....... and worn and is crushed in ...... 6............. The social problem that is currently affecting society is the............................... up and be united as a ....... The Fighter’s lines............. and energy................................. 5........ and ....... for him simply because he is ..... people who should speak out......ACTIVITY 5 FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH THE CORRECT ANSWERS............................... that is everywhere..... 3.................... or say and it is the ........................... he can see the problems which are affecting the country and they are too big of a ....... of the freedom he and others had fought for to come forward in the name of...................... ...................................... The persona had fought for the ................. . The poem....... 1.... The persona says that the youths should be............................. is written by.................... He and his friends had made ........... and cannot do much...................... The persona wants the youths who are ..................... The persona feels handicapped as he is now .....................

The persona is disturbed by the spread of poverty in the country. 7. The persona is an old man. 8. Then rearrange the sentence in the correct order. the persona calls upon us ________________________________________ He feels helpless because. The persona has endured much suffering. 10. The poem shows us that the old man pass his responsibilities to the young. although he can see what is happening around him. 2. 3. The persona feels that the youths have done enough for their country. The main theme of the poem is patriotism. The youth of today do not care for their country. 5. _________________ He suffered much during his __________________________________________________________ . The persona wants the youth to sacrifce their lives. 9. The word “you” in the last line of the poem refers to soldiers. 4.1. 6. ACTIVITY 7 Match the sentence parts. The persona is angry with the young people. speak up and make the necessary changes maintain our freedom dishonest practices spreading throughout the nation tired and lacking in strength country’s struggle for independence spend the rest of his days in a wheelchair and his energy depleted he cannot do anything about it cannot be named or remembered  to rally bravely in support          In the name of fairness.

The persona is so weak that he has to ___________________________________________________ The persona is a fghter who is old and __________________________________________________ The persona has done his part and he wants us to stand up and act to _________________________ His sacrifces are beyond description and ________________________________________________ It is now the younger generation who should _____________________________________________ His body is damaged _______________________________________________________________ For the rest of his crippled life. the persona can only worry about the _________________________ ACTIVITY 8 Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the box. energy challenges wheelchair young disturbed .

Therefore it is the duty of the young heirs of freedom to fght (9) __________________ and to form a united ‘wall of people’. Column A Column B 1 Challenge A Fairness 2 Deceit B Self-government 3 Remnants C Difficulty (line 11) 4 Crippled D Forefathers 5 Justice E What is given up 6 Independence F Dishonesty 7 Sacrifces G Disabled 8 ancestors H What is left behind ACTIVITY 10 Read the poem and answer the questions. ACTIVITY 9 Match the words in Column A with their synonyms in column B and identify the location of the words in the poem. The (8) ____________________ people are enjoying freedom only because people like the persona sacrifced their lives for the country. and therefore he appeales to the young people to wake up and do something. The present times are hard times. .fght bravely disorder responsibility independence A Fighter’s Lines is a call of patriotism for young people to speak up. He is wheelchair bound and he feels tired physically and crushed spiritually. trapped as he is in the wheel chair. The (7) _____________________ are big and the persona can do nothing. The frst one has been done for you. he looks sadly at his country that has won independence and is (3) ___________________ by what he sees. There is much (4) ____________________ that he sees in the country and he feels pained. The baton has to be passed on to the next generation. The persona is a fghter who has struggled for the (1)_______________ of the country and is now old and disabled. It is their (10) _____________________ to speak for the people. Life for him is only from his (6) _____________________. He has suffered much in the (2) _______________ for independence. He feels that he cannot do anything about it because he does not have the (5) ___________. Now.

h 5. What are the two phrases he uses to address the young people? 7. justice Activity 2 1. disabled 4. What are the two things he asks the young people to do? 6. d Activity 6 1. old. crippled 5. What is the main theme of this poem? 8.f Activity 5 1. F 4. F 10. Why do his sacrifces have no name? 3. Marzuki Ali 2. j 10. soul/spirit 5. d Activity 7 1. end 7. justice 7. Why has the persona lost his strength? 2. T 6. T 9. speak 8. f 3. Where is he going to spend the rest of his days? 4. a 3. task 8. independence 3. c 8. F 5. Old and worn 3.. young Activity 3 1. T 7. voice. sacrifces 3. They have inherited their Independence from their forefathers 2. What special quality must these people have? 10. g 5. sufferings. c 8. . h 6. How do you feel after reading this poem? Answer Key Activity 1 1. What disturb the persona a great deal? 5. T 2. b 2. a 4. e 7. . to rally bravely in support. corruption 6. wheelchair 2. corruption 6.. independence. F 8. e 7. challenge. How can the people form ‘a wall’? 9. He is addressing the younger generation 5. Marzuki Ali 2. old.1. F 3. He is probably a veteran soldier who has fought for Independence 4. force. g 9. brave/courageous. i 6. spirit/soul 4. b 4.F Activity 4 1.

. H line 12 4. He is old and worn out.2. He will be stucked in his wheelchair. 6. They should love their country and work for its success.. G line 12 5. 6.. 6.. speak up and make the necessary changes. 7. spends the rest of his days in a wheelchair.... and his energy depleted 10. 10. They must be brave. 5. 3. disorder 5. E line 5 8.. 3. 7 Activity 8 1. . 4.. . he cannot do anything about it. The sequence of the poem 8. 7. 2. independence 2.. 5.. People should be honest and good citizens.I think the poem is good and suits the present times well... maintain our freedom. 1. 4. 9. disturbed 4. cannot be named or remembered. 10. 4.responsibility Activity 9 1. They are many and cannot be named easily. 8. 9. C line 11 2. fght 3.. . . ‘sons of our ancestors’ and ‘heirs of freedom’. F line 13 3... 9. 5. dishonest practices spreading throughout the nation. . wheelchair 7. challenges 8. country’s struggle for independence. . B line 4 7.. 3. He is bothered by the dishonesty he sees around him. tired and lacking in strength.. . bravely 10. He wants them to wake up and form a wall of people.. 2. D line 16 Activity 10 1. A line 15 6. They must unite to form that wall. I like the poem. energy 6. 8. .. young 9.

Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass. And watch her feet how they can dance. full of care. No time to wait till her mouth can Enrich that smile her eyes began. Streams full of stars. We have no time to stand and stare. A poor life this if. full of care. No time to stand beneath the boughs And stare as long as sheep or cows.15 POET’S BACKGROUND What is this life if. when woods we pass. No time to turn at Beauty’s glance. by William Henry Davies LEISURE . We have no time to stand and stare. in broad daylight. No time to see. No time to see. like stars at night.

♠ He died in 1940. We will notice this only if we take the time to watch the rivers or streams. to New York and then to Klondike. Monmouthshire. we can see how this natural beauty dances in the winds and under the sun or a beautiful dancer 16 . Take the time to look around when we pass woods full of trees. ♠ His best known novel is Autobiography of a Super-Tramp. ♠ After his apprenticeship. he travelled to America. They are just standing and staring at their surroundings. We have no time to appreciate the beauty of nature and the people that is around us.♠ William Henry Davies was born in Newport. ♠ His first poems were published when he was 34. ♠ He married Emma in 1923. The river or streams glimmer and shimmer in the sunlight like stars at night. he became an apprentice to a local picture-frame maker. ♠ He wrote two novels and autobiographical works. ♠ He returned to England after losing a foot whilst jumping a train in Canada. ♠ His poems highlight nature’s beauty based and his observations on the hardships in life. We should take the time to stand under a tree and do nothing just like sheep and cows which graze in the fields.Wales. ♠ After finishing school at the age of 15. If we look carefully. Look at the squirrels as they scurry around hiding their nuts in their nuts in the grass. hard life living in London lodging houses. ♠ Upon his return in Britain he led a poor life. Couplet 1 2 3 4 5 Description What type of life do we have if we do not have the time to just relax and do not take time to appreciate the things going on around us.

Themes 17 . ☺ The persona emphasizes again that a life without leisure is a sad life. -The persona is also likely to be someone who has gone through life and can now reflect upon it. Persona     -The persona is a young person. 6 7 SUMMARY OF THE POEM ☺ The poem Leisure is about the need to find time for leisure in order to live a fulfilling life. like watching wildlife. Take the time to enjoy the smile of another person or the beauty of nature. -The persona is a person who seems too burdened with study or work. -The persona uses the first person ‘we’. a field or in the Countryside. ☺ The persona highlights the busy lives of Man today which doesn’t give them much time to relax and enjoy nature. Watch how the smile starts from the eyes and spreads gradually to the mouth.dancing gracefully. ☺ The persona wants the reader to imagine what life would be if we don’t even have time to enjoy the simple things in life. observing streams sparkling in the sunlight and admiring the stars twinkling at night. ☼ -The place is in a park. We have a poor life if we really have no time to relax mentally or physically. any time of the day. ELEMENTS OF LEISURE Setting ☼ -The time setting is present. a garden.

blind to simple pleasures in life and you will be rich mentally and spiritually. -Having a balance of work and play in life. animals and things however small and simple.He gives examples of how he has been so pressed for time that he has had no time to just do nothing like the 18 . -The need to balance our activities in life. Moral Values We should lead a balanced life. o Everything we see. ENRICHMENT EXERCISES Task 1 Fill in the blanks with words from the box to understand the poem. We should take note of the beautiful things around us. o o o o o o Personification ‘Beauty’s glance’. Do not be. We should spend time appreciating nature. -Today’s life is bogged down with work and worries. -The need to take time to enjoy life.      -People today are too busy to appreciate nature. We need to take advantage of our free time to live a better lifestyle We should use leisure time creatively to strengthen aour minds and hearts. o Appreciate people. Study Hide Leisure shining Time cattle Unhurriedly Unhappiness The poem is about a persona who is overburdened with work or (1)________The persona has come to realize that he will have to take a break from all his responsibilities and find time for (2)___________ He realizes that (3)________________________ must be given for enjoying activities or interests that need to be done (4)______________. touch and hear make our life beautiful.personified as a woman who can dance and has a wide smile. -The need to find time for rest or relax and put leisure time to good use.

He is always in a hurry. He has not enjoyed watching stars. ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) Task 3 Match the words in the box to their meanings as used in the poem. ______________ 6 To improve the quality of something. The persona resigns to the fact that life will be full of worries and (8)_________________ because he does not have any time to relax and enjoy life. Leisure Glance Care enrich State Poor Beneath Daylight 1 The time where you do not have to work. Task 2 Say if these statements about the persona are True (T) or False (F) 1 2 3 4 5 6 He has a lot of work to do. ______________ 4 Under. He also has passed by woods quickly without stopping to see the squirrels (6)________________ their nuts. spare time ______________ 2 Something that makes you worried or unhappy. List these words. when it is easy to see. ______________ Task 4 The poem is written in couplets with words that rhyme at the end of each line.(5)_________________. ______________ 5 A quick look. He realizes that he needs leisure time. ______________ 3 To look at somebody or something for a long time. 19 . ______________ 7 Of low quality or a bad position ______________ 8 During the day. One other thing he has no time for is the night view of stars (7)_______ When seasons comehe has no time to neither enjoy them nor realize when they change. He has not had time to relax. He wants to live in the woods.

What do cows and sheep do in the field? A Graze the grass B Mow the grass C Pick up litter D Stand and sleep 2.____________________________ Task 5 Tick the values that are related to the good quality of life as suggested in the poem.___________________________ Stanza 3:__________________________________.Which of the following animals are considered dairy animals? A Cows B Sheep C Chicken D Squirrel 20 .____________________________ Stanza 6:__________________________________. 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Preoccupied with work Keeping busy Managing time well Moderation Worrying about things Admiring nature Taking time to relax Unhappiness with life ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Task 6 Choose the best answer.___________________________ Stanza 2:___________________________________. ____________________________ Stanza 5:__________________________________.____________________________ Stanza 4:__________________________________.____________________________ Stanza 7:__________________________________.Stanza 1:___________________________________.

Task 7 Answer all questions 1 What is the main idea in the first stanza? _______________________________________________________________ 2 What point is the persona making when he mentions about sheep and cows? _______________________________________________________________ 3 What do the streams look like under the hot sun? _______________________________________________________________ 21 . Beauty can do the following except A smile B dance C glance D scream 5.According to the poem.3.Streams are full of stars because of the A reflection of sunlight B ripples in the water C heavy rainfall D lightning 4.The main theme in the poem ‘Leisure’ is A work hard B Perseverance in work C Relaxation is a part of life D Take it easy for good health.The last line in the poem means we A have no time to relax B Have not set aside for work C cannot stand on our own two feet D should look around carefully before we relax 6.

What two actions of people is he referring to when he says this? (a)______________________________________________________________________ (b)______________________________________________________________________ Exercise 2 1 What does the persona means he says “What is this life. the persona uses the words ‘not time to stand and stare’. full of care”? 22 .4 What are the two themes of the poem? _______________________________________________________________ 5 What are the messages of the poem? _______________________________________________________________ 6 Give reasons why we should take time to appreciate the beauty of nature? _______________________________________________________________ 7 What is the significance of the poem in our life? _______________________________________________________________ 8 What is Nature personified as? _______________________________________________________________ PMR PRACTICE Exercise1 1 What emotion is the persona expressing in the poem? _____________________________________________________ 2 In the last line.

________________________________________________________________ 2 What two things does the persona suggest we should do? (a)_______________________________________________________________ (b)_______________________________________________________________ Exercise 3 1 What is the poet’s message in the poem? _______________________________________________________________________ 2 Based on the poem. state what these lines mean? a “streams full of stars” _______________________________________________________________________ b And stare as long as sheep or cows. what kind of life do we lead today? _____________________________________________________________ 2 How is Beauty personified? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Exercise 5 1.What does the phrase “full of care” mean? _____________________________________________________________________ b. How long does the persona think we should stare at trees? ______________________________________________________________________ 23 . _______________________________________________________________________ Exercise 4 1 According to the persona.

a.According to the persona. b What does ‘stand and stare’ represent? 24 . what would make life worthless? ________________________________________________________________________ Exercise 7 1 a. State one example of how nature is personified in the poem.What does the persona emphasize in the poem? ________________________________ __________________________________ Exercise 6 1. What can we expect to see when we pass by the woods? ________________________________________________________________________ b.2. What does the line ‘No Time’ to turn at Beauty’s glance mean? b How does the persona describe a life without leisure? 2 How does the persona view nature? Exercise 8 1 a.Why are the streams “full of stars” during the day? ________________________________________________________________________ 2.

T 3.glance 6.T 4. What do verses 5 and 6 to tell us about Man’s attitude towards nature’s beauty? c.T 4.daylight .cattle 6. What does ‘no time to stand and stare’ tell you about today’s pace of life? 3.leisure 2.shining 8.poor 8.stare 4.leisure 3.beneath 5.unhurriedly 5.time 6.unhappiness Task 2:1.hide 7.T 2.2 How does the persona view nature? Exercise 9 1 a.T 5. What does the persona suggest we do for leisure? ANSWERS Task 1: 1.enrich Task 4: 25 2.F Task 3: 1.

A admiring nature. A beautiful woman.stare Task5 managing time well.grass Stanza 4:daylight.Stanza 1: care. We can see squirrels hiding their nuts in trees and glimmer in the streams and stare at the beauty of nature. 2 (a)Learn to relax more. 3.A 3.C Task 7 1. 4. 6. Exercise 3 1 That we should relax more. 4. cows Stanza 3:pass. 8. Task 6 1. 2. –lack of recreational activities in life. We are so engrossed in our everyday worries that we do not have time for leisure. night Stanza 5: glance. 2 (a)Sunlight being reflected in the streams. We should lead a balanced life and we should spend time appreciating nature. taking time to relax. Exercise2 1 He means that our lives are full of worries and problems. stare Stanza 2:boughs. 26 .dance Stanza 6:can . We are reminded that life is not about working all the time and we should have time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. -Beauty of nature 5.A 2. These animals live in a simple world unlike ours. (b)Learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. began Stanza 7: care. a.D 5. Answers: Exercise 1 1 Regret/Disappointment 2 (a) People being too busy to relax (b) People not appreciating the nature.B moderation. 7. They look a sky full of stars. 6.

Hectic 1b They are ignorant towards the beauty of nature 2 Observe nature/ the simple things in life.The need for a balance between work and play. (REFERENCE:PELANGI TOP GEAR ENGLISH FORM 3-MATHILDA XAVIER) Exercise 4 1 We lead a life full of care and long as sheep and cows 2.a.(b)Relax like common animals? Not worry too much.Nature is likened as a woman dancing in grace 1b The simple things in life 2 concerned Ex9 1a. Ex 6 1. 2 Beauty is personified as having feet that dance and mouth and eyes that smile.not having time to relax Ex 7 1a.lot of responsibilities 1b. Due to the reflection of the sunlight 2.No time to appreciate the beauty of nature 1b A poor life 2 The persona views nature as a source of relaxation Ex8 1a. (REFERENCE:ILMU BAKTI-Modulpentaksiranpmr 2012) Ex 5: 1a. 27 .squirrels hiding their nuts in the grass 1b.