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Cojocari Dina
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2.1. Rooms Division
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Type of hotel
Welcome to the ZAREA BOUTIQUE HOTEL, the first
designer hotel in Moldova built by a unique style of

and major business and entertainment centers. you can taste European and Japanese cuisines. he created his own unique style where you can discover a pampering blend of classic-style comfort and refined sophistication of Merlin's Monroe age. The hotel has an attractive location that offers easy access to everywhere in the city.ZAREA BOUTIQUE HOTEL welcomes tourists. The designer's imagination knows no limit. business travelers. The hotel offers 23 comfortable rooms of various types. You will be surprised by the unique design of the hotel's interior. and all those who come to visit Chisinau. In the pleasant restaurants of ZAREA BOUTIQUE HOTEL. The hotel is located in the vibrant area of Chisinau. All rooms are distinguished by a luxurious interior and are equipped with the latest technologies. including standard rooms and deluxe suites. as well as specialties of the Chef. . close to main attractions. the capital city of Moldova.

The time spent at the hotel will be unforgettable. According to the Manager of the Hotel one of the most important feedbacks to it is the last impression . Departmental Organization The Rooms Division consists of sub-departments such as Front Office Housekeeping. couples. nature lovers. and we treat every guest with a friendly smile. Front Desk agents are responsible for the guest’s first and last impression.that's what distinguishes ZAREA BOUTIQUE HOTEL from other hotels. Courtly service and refined atmosphere . travelers who seek for relaxation. beauty and partying. The first one is the heart of the boutique hotel. are the hotel’s target. respecting their traditions. and Maintenance.Target Market Every guest is important to us. customs and ways of life. urban vacationers. Artists.

Front Office personnel: o Rooms Division Manager 1 position o Revenue Manager 1 position .is a lasting impression which will be instrumental for the guest’s decision to return to the hotel.

o o o o o o o o o Front Office Manager Night Manager Guest relations Senior Reception Reservation Clerk Reception Clerk Chef Concierge Night Auditor Bell staff & Drivers 1 position 1 position 1 position 1 position 2 position 4 positions 1 position 1 position 3 positions The working schedule is made on shifts of 8 hours. respectively: o o o o Day Shift: 7 AM to 3 PM Evening Shift: 3 PM to 11 PM Night Shift: 11 PM to 7 AM Managerial Positions: 9 AM to 5 PM .

. but it is available Credit card: It is the most common form of guaranteed reservation Cancellations: There is no penalty if guest cancels his or her reservation less than 24 hours prior to arrival. A one night room rate will be charged if room is not canceled prior to check-in.Types of reservations: Guaranteed reservation: Lhe hotel assures the guest that the required room shall be blocked after confirmation Pre-payment: Less used.

Room types and rates: The hotel offers 23 comfortable rooms of various types.00 € 94.00 0€ € .00 € * Breakfast included in price * Extra Breakfast 5€ * Extra Bed 5€ 1 1 120. 1 2 3 4 5 Junior Suite Room Standar Standar Family Deluxe and Superior Type d single d Double Room Room Double # of 5 Rooms Price per night 10 6 80.0 145.00 € 120.

Facilities and Services included: Guest Room Amenities: o o o o o Telephone o Air conditioner o Self-regulating heating system o Satellite TV o Convenient work place o Wi-Fi internet o Safe o Mini-bar Tub or shower Hair-dryer Toiletries Doors equipped with electronic locks .

Hotel Services (free of charge): o o o o Breakfast Free parking 24-hour security service Wi-Fi internet Additional charges: o o o o o Room Service Mini-Bar Restaurant Bar Telephone Calls .

and guest clothing (if equipped to do . towels. Responsibilities: o Inspects rooms before they are available for sale o Cleans occupied and vacant rooms o Communicates the status of guestrooms to the Front Office Department o Cleans and presses the property’s linens.Housekeeping Department: Zarea Boutique Hotel aims to be a modern-retro boutique hotel. which is why always maintains and improves the standards in what concerns the Housekeeping Department.

so. . free of charge or for a pre-determined fee) o Maintains recycled and non-recycled inventory items Housekeeping personnel: o o o o o o Executive Housekeeper – 1 position Assistant Executive Housekeeper – 1 position Laundry Manager – 1 position Room Attendant – 8 positions Laundry attendant – 4 positions Public Space Cleaner –4 positions The Housekeeping Department has a schedule as follows: Day Shift: from 6 AM to 8 PM.

Food and Beverage Department: The Restaurant: In pleasant restaurants. fresh fruits and delicious hot breakfast items . coffee. quality and assortment of dishes prepared from natural. as well as specialties of the chef. A freshly breakfast buffet prepared for our guests is offered daily from 7. It contains a large diversity of great tasting options such as breads. juices.00am in Tiramisu European Restaurant. healthy products. you can taste the European and Japanese cuisine. bacon and cheese. cereal.00am10. yogurt. Tiramisu European Restaurant invites guests to evaluate the taste. tea.

00am until 01. The restaurants are welcoming also the other local guests from 11.00a .Sakura Japanese Restaurant offers to all fans of the east cuisine to try the traditional Japanese food.

RESTAURANT MANAGER ROOM SERVICE RESTAURANT SUPEVISOR ROOM SERVICE SUPERVISOR RESTAUTANT HOSTESS WAITER/WAITRESS WAITER/WAITRESS o Restaurant Manager – 1 position o Restaurant Supervisor – 2 position ( 1 for breakfast and lunch. 1 for dinner ) o Restaurant Hostess – 2 position ( 1 for each shift ) o Bartender – 2 positions o Waiter/Waitress – 6 positions .

o Room Service Supervisor – 1 position o Room Service Waiter/Waitress – 4 position o They work in two shifts: o Morning shift: from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM o Evening shift: from 4:00 PM to 1:00 AM Breakfast Menu: .

Milk 5. Fresh Fruit 12. Cottage Cheese 13. Juices 7. Muffins 16. Omelette 22. Coconut Cream Blended with Ice MOJITO Matusalem Rum Muddled with Lime and Mint . Tea 6. Pancakes 3. tonic water lime slush Tahiti treat Lambs White Rum o lemon o lime o pineapple juices o grenadine o Peach on the Beach o Banff Ice Vodka. Porridge 4. Coffee. Jam 20. Soft Drinks 8. Yogurt 14. Muesli 15.1. Butter 18. Pineapple Juice. Meat Platter 9. Bacon Bar Cocktails o o o o o o Lime Majestic Plymouth Gin. Vegetable Platter 11. Croissant 17. Honey 19. Sausage 2. cranberry pineapple juices PINA COLADA Matusalem Rum. Eggs 23. o o o o o o o o o o Peach Schnapps. Toast 21. Cheese Assortment 10.

o Over Crushed Ice o MAI TAI o Bacardi Light and Select Rum. Beer o o o o o o Kozel Chisinau Heineken Stella Artois Corona Baltika Wines o o o o o o o Pinot Noir Chardonnay Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Cricova Purcari Chateau Vartely o Pineapple and Orange Juice o with Grenadine .


The Kitchen: Zarea Boutique Hotel’s kitchen is professionally and modern equipped. Kitchen equipment: o 2 ovens o 2 cookers o Lighted ventilation hood with automatic fire suppression system o 2 sinks. and together with the chef and his team. including a large 2-basin dish sink with sprayer wand Food storage: o o o Refrigerators with assigned shelf-space Freezer with assigned shelf-space Shelving with mouse-proof storage boxes . the flavor of success is spread all around.

skewers. pie tins and loaf pans o Knives and cutting boards o Blender o Kitchen-aid electric mixer o Can openers o Cooking and serving utensils. spatulas o Measuring cups and spoons o Grill Serving: o o o o o Dishes Silverware Glasses. large spoons.Cooking equipment: o Stove-top pots and pans o Baking/ Roasting pans of various sizes and shapes. including muffin forms. such as whisks. including wine glasses Water pitchers Water cooler dispensers . tongs.

bleach.Exhaustible supplies: o Dish soap. mops. dumpsters Kitchen Personnel: o o o o o o o o o o o Executive chef: 1 Executive sous chef:1 Station chef: 2 Pastry chef: 2 Salad cook : 2 Rottiseur: 2 Fish cook: 2 Pastry cook: 1 Bakery cook: 1 Assistant cook: 2 Storeroom and Receiving staff: 2 . plastic garbage bags. sponges.

The HR department's role is to support the organization by freeing up management to concentrate on the business of doing business. Based on interviews and selection processes. Zarea Boutique Hotel has an external recruitment method. as long as they understand the uniqueness of the property. and its philosophies.its human resource -. on-line applicants. employment agencies and educational programs students (internships) can be a part of Zarea Boutique Hotel.the HR department is called on to administer employee-related activities that may be critical to the continued success of the organization.Human Resources The hospitality field generally includes businesses such as restaurants and hotels. As an administrator of a hospitality organization's most valuable asset . . due to the fact that is new on the market. These establishments serve the public and frequently employ numerous staff members to efficiently accomplish this task. job fairs attendants. Recruitment Methods: The key to effective recruitment is matching the best people with the property.

especially in republic of Moldova. We are with our guests. in order to be preferred in the boutique hotels world industry . It will always be about the quality. we are more than that. We care deeply about our services. Mission Statement: Our job is our passion. .Training Methods: o o o o o o Supervisory skills Group training techniques Health and safety qualification Profit & Loss workshop Managing performance Complaint handling Vision: To offer high quality service. if they smile. if they are satisfied. we smile.

and satisfied. For our guests we are committed to provide high quality service. and unique meals in a special ambient.Goals: For our staff to be motivated. to develop their career. best assistance. to have fun at their workplace. satisfactory experiences. to be trained. Values: o o o o o o o o Innovation Creativity Teamwork Communication Respect Loyalty Uniqueness Traditional .

md . Locals. They come up with something pretty unique. internet. with all the lavish amenities of a sophisticated hotel. magazines) . Fest. there are outlets promoting the opening of the new boutique hotel. Instragram. the front desk employees do a special social media reward for them upon check-in. It became heavily involved in Twitter. Also.Marketing Social media is one of the most popular ways Zarea Boutique Hotel can creatively market its business. Anyone who posts for an upcoming stay at Zarea. along with a note that says “thank you” and the reason why giving the small attention. radio. (Television. Facebook. Another way of marketing and retaining guests is by offering an excursion package so that guests can visit the surroundings.

Some of the activities that are undertaken in the Accounting Division are listed below: o o o o o o o o o Pays outstanding invoices Distributes unpaid statements Collects amounts owed Processes payroll Accumulates operating data Compiles financial reports Makes bank deposits Secures cash loans Performs other control and processing functions .Accounting We believe accounting serves a purpose beyond presenting the historical financial position of a hotel. is information that management can use to improve future performance and compare income and expenses to past performance and future goals. Timely accounting information. The Accounting Division monitors the financial activities of the property. properly presented. www.reviewpro.