Paper (1): Classical Poetry

1. Chaucer’s art of characterization
2. Irony and satire in the prologue
3. Treatment of Ecclesiastical characters
4. Chaucer’s style and narrative skill
5. The Prologue as a picture gallery
6. Critical Appraisals of characters: Knight, WIB, Pardoner, Summonor, Parson, Friar and
7. Wyatt’s Contribution/ Wyatt as poet or sonneteer
8. Surrey’s Contribution/ Surrey as poet or sonneteer
9. Critical Appraisals: The Long Love that in my thought I harbor, Is it possible? Madam
Withouten many words, Wyatt’s Death, Prisoned in Windsor, Love that doth reign and
lived in within my heart
10. Donne as a metaphysical poet
11. Donne as a love poet
12. Critical Appraisals of select poems: Death be not proud, The Sun Rising, A
Valediction: forbidding Mourning, The Good Morrow, Twicknam Garden
13. Milton’s Grand Style
14. Paradise as a Renaissance Epic
15. Hero of Paradise Lost: Satan or Adam
16. Main Theme in PL: Justifying the ways of God
17. The Rape of the Lock as a Mock-Epic
18. The Role and Function of Machinery in ROL
19. Character of Belinda
20. ROL as a Social Satire.

Paper (2): Classical Drama
21. Oedipus’s Fate-Action/ Hamartia of Oedipus: hubris
22. Oedipus as a tragedy
23. Dramatic Irony in Oedipus Rex
24. Main Theme: Relationship between man and gods.
25. Dr. Faustus as an over-reacher/ Faustus as Icarus
26. The real sin of Doctor Faustus
27. Dr. Faustus as a tragic Hero
28. Renaissance Elements in Dr. Faustus
29. Othello as a tragic hero.
30. Othello as a (domestic) tragedy
31. Theme of Jealousy in Othello
32. Iago’s motives and Othello’s cause of destruction
33. Winter’s Tale as a tragic-comedy
34. Theme of Jealousy in Winter’s Tale
35. Pastoral elements in Winter’s Tale.
36. Importance of Being Earnest: theme of love, money, marriage and social status.
37. IBE: The title – its significance and value
38. A trivial comedy for serious people/ IBE as comedy
39. Oscar Wilde’s style: pun, wit, paradox & verbatism
40. IBE as a social satire

Paper (3): Novel
41. Pride and Prejudice: Title and significance
42. Character of Elizabeth in P&P
43. Theme of love and marriage in P&P
44. Jane Austen’s Irony
45. A Tale of Two Cities: Title and its value
46. The theme of resurrection & renunciation in ATC
47. Symbolism in A Tale of Two Cities

Popularity of Gulliver’s Travels 64. Melodic Trains. Describe the first and the last voyage G-Travels. After the Last Bulletins. 63. Bacon as a moralist 60. Bacon as an essayist/ his style and contribution 59. The Painter. John Proctor as a tragic hero 75. Robert Jordon as a tragic hero 80. Seamus Heaney’s justification. Critical Appraisals: Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers. Hemingway’s style – Fictional technique 83. Mourning Becomes Electra as a tragedy. functions and redressing effects of poetry. John Ashbery as a modern poet 69. Still Citizen Sparrow. The Cause of Eustacia or Clym’s tragedy in TRN Paper (4): Prose 58. The Crucible: its title and significance 74. ATC is a social novel in political background 49. Character of Abigail Williams 78. Chance and Fate – Hardy as a novelist 57.48. its cause and redemption 53. Justify Robert Jordon’s sacrifice 81. For Whom the Bell Tolls: Main theme 79. Swift as a satirist 61. Robert Jordon as a code hero 82. The Return of the Native as a tragedy 55. Swift as a misanthrope 62. Sydney Carton and his sacrifice in ATC 50. Egdon Heath as a character in TRN 56. Why does Edward Said refer to various novelists to prove his thesis of imperialism? 67. You are! Ariel. Symbolic Significance of the title Jazz 84. Major Themes in Adrienne Rich and Sylvia Plath 71. Adam Bede and Psychological Realism 51. Paper (5): American Literature 68. . Bertrand Russell as an essayist. 65. Diving into the Wreck. Major themes in Ashbery and Richard Wilbur 70. Major themes in Jazz 86. Hetty’s suffering. Arrival of the Bee box and Final Notations 73. Relationship between individual & society in The Crucible/ Individual commitment in society 77. George Eliot’s art of characterization 52. What is culture and what is imperialism and how does Edward Said relate the two? 66. Mass Hysteria and theme of evil in the Crucible 76. City as a character in Jazz 85. Education and regeneration of Adam Bede 54. Adrienne Rich as a poet 72.

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