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Changing Habits
Gabriel Kolling de Oliveira
Friends University
Integrated Reading/Writing II
Joshua Paulus

. in the portion size. For instance. and the composition of its ingredients. but it cost 1320 calories.HABITS 2 Changing Habits Childhood obesity is one of the most growing health problems that come from the past decade. The increasing inactivity allied with the advertisement on TV and all over the internet. a soft drink. p. With this high number about childhood obesity. and 1030 milligrams of sodium (43%). contributing most in the past decade for this problem. according to the Mc Donald's website. the fast food companies are trying to change their menu. the availability. another cause of this health problem. places where most of the children spend their time. Data presented on the article of St-Onge. and fat on all their menu make it even more real. The article written based on the intervention made in Europe with middle-class children prove the point that by changing their eating habits. and a toy cost less than 10 dollars. "16% of children between the ages of 6 and 11 were overweight and that an additional 14. For example. calories. The low price of a "meal" accompanied with a huge cup of soft drink allied with its greasy taste make it inviting as a quick meal. and Heymsfield from 2003 shows that. with a cheeseburger.1068) The changes on food composition and the high intake of fast food by are factors that can somehow explain this case. The dangerously increasing consumption of fast food by children is one of the many causes of childhood obesity. although its same article shows that without government regulations it is impossible to fight all factors. Mc Donald's started research a few years ago. are examples of how they are trying to change. TV and the internet bombard the children with ads. a Happy Meal. fries."(2003. causing concern in families nowadays. and the decrease of sodium. childhood obesity can be combated. 196 grams of sugar (65%).3% were already at risk of becoming overweight. from Mc Donald's. and it is making some changes in their menu. Adding fruits of the season for the Happy Meal and creating the "Kids" fries size. Keller. 47 grams of total fat (73% of the daily value). an ice cream.

menu’s composition and everything else. governmental laws that restrict the at-school availability of low-nutritive products may be necessary" (p. Both researches showed that childhood obesity is a real issue in today’s society.HABITS 3 This research was made with three different groups from fifteen random schools in Belgium summing 2991 children and the conclusion from this research was that "Combining physical and social environmental changes with computer-tailored feedback in girls and their parents can induce lower fat intake in middle-school girls.” (Brugs et al. The increasing number of children obese made Mc Donald's start a study on its menu. to have an impact on the consumption of soft drinks and water. But this change will not come only from the sellers. and the biggest influencer. 443). p. and that with some little life changes at the beginning it can be modified. to somehow make it less damaging to the health of the children. water consumption and soft drink consumption did not show a real change. intervention without support. “However. it must come from the parents.443). The result was that only girls with parental support presented a significant decrease on fat intake compared with the other two groups. and all the boys.. The groups were: intervention with parental support. the government. . 2007. and control group.. this can create new regulations to change schools’ menu.

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