Black Garden Dam on Channab River Pakistan

Scope of Dam
Channab River periodically flood vast areas of Punjab which destroys villages and
corps and cause great loss. Every time flood came it destroys the canals built for
irrigation and drinkable water. We are also getting low on energy resources and
right now dams and hydroelectric power plants are the best source of meeting
energy crises. We proposed construction of the high dam to solve these problems.
We will made a colony for the employees of dam spillway and power plant.
Construction of the high dam would control the periodic floods, store water for
irrigation, municipal and industrial use. And we will also generate energy through
hydropower plant to meet the energy crises of Pakistan. The customers would be
the people getting water for irrigation purpose and from the electricity bills.

Procurement Management
5200 workers will require there for construction with 3 shifts per day. 5 million barrel
of cement will used in the concrete of dam and making of colony. 9,000 tons of
structured steel components will be used for power plant and dam. 44,000 tons of
large steel pipe and fittings will be required for this project. Giant cooling towers will
also be required for power plant.

Time Management
In 2015, the government will pass the bill for damn and hydro power plant
construction, allocating 300 million dollars for the dam construction. Construction
will begin in april 2015 by september 2015, sufficient housing facilities will be in
place. Construction will be completed in March 2021, if everything goes on time and

Cost Management
It cost a total of 300$ million. It will cost $150 million to build the black garden dam
100$ for power plant construction and $50 million to build a colony.
Unskilled labor paid will get paid $4 per day and minimum wage cost will be $6 per
hour. Paid back will be over a period of 50 years to Federal Treasury by selling

� Physical risks: the earthquake and geology experts have identified that the dam is located in the influenced area where might occur earthquake at 6 magnitude at highest level. Physical risks control and arrangement: because the earthquake and geology experts have identified that the dam is located in the influenced area where may occur earthquake at 6 magnitude at highest level. impossibly makes any grave consequence. Once the earthquake take place and the dam may collapse the consequences would be even worse than if the dam had not been there. Society risks control and arrangement: the project adopts the mode of “Developmental Immigration” which is moving out the inhabitant.000 citizens have been displaced. such as inflation. The government needs to consider two serious problems that moving out the inhabitants and their economic reconstruction simultaneously.000 metric tons of steel and numerous workforces. in the meantime taking the infrastructure construction and industry construction.200. dollars.309 meters long and 185 meters high. changes of inputs price and some contingency.000 cubic meters of concrete. If these necessary inputs cannot be in place. and the majority of the remaining people will be relocated within Punjab Province. the time limit for the whole project would be badly affected � Society risks: the relocation of local residents is the central part of the Black Garden dam Project. 463.000 residents will be relocated somewhere else. It will result in some very bad society effects if the two problems cannot be solved well and smoothly � Financial risks: the government has to consider carefully for any influencing factor on the final budget. The wall is 115 meters wide on the bottom and 40 meters wide on top. The project used 27.Risk Management Black Garden Dam Project is a huge project which will cost estimated 300 billion U.S. Black Garden Project Corporation allocates the funds to . About 140. There are a lot of examples of projects were abandoned for lack of enough funds. including physical risks. The whole construction of dam is built at the defensive lever of magnitude of 7 .400. Even if the dam will collapse for earthquake or other reasons. 1. Therefore there are lots of risks about it ranging over a variety of aspects. It is considered as important as the construction of the dam. Risk Control and Arrangement. it has the ability to discharge all the water in three days. financial risks and society risks etc. � Inputs risks: The dam wall is made of concrete and is about 2.

local government for the inhabitant arrangement annually and all the other provinces have been called on to support every district of three gorges .