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Regional Youth Leadership Conference

Regional Youth Leadership Conference, or shortened as RYCL,
was held in Ayer Island on Saturday, December 6, 2014. Organized
by students of Bina Nusantara International University, this event
was a successful event in a bigger scale of the other existed event
that ever held by Binus students. The event was an interesting
event in the view of participants; the number of participants that
joined the event has proved it. There were more than 100
participants listed on that event, and all of the participants have
showed their enthusiasm. Seeing the fact that they were arrived
around 7.15 at the bay, crowding the area with presence and
enthusiasm could see it. The presence of Mr. Firdaus Alamsjah excite
the participant, not forgetting to mention that our beloved faculty
member, Ms. Atur Tetty Lubis and our head of IB school, Ms. Karen
Imam were also there to attend the event.
Arrived at Ayer Island, the participants were lead to the
registration desk to re-register and to receive the event tag from the
committee. Straight after that, participants were indicated to go to a
hall where the conference would be conducted. A refreshing mixed
drink of cranberry and orange was welcoming the participants
before the conference began. Our beloved International Business
lecturer, Ms. Atur Tetty Lubis was chosen to welcome the participant
and give an opening speech to formally open the event. The speech
that was brought by Ms. Atur Tetty Lubis or familiar with Ms. Tetty
was talking about changes and creativity. How important to stay
creative and dare to embrace changes nowadays. She quoted a lot
from experts and philosopher in particular fields. She also welcomed
three participants from Unpad. An around of applause was given to
her for such a beautiful and encouraging speech she made. After a
session of opening speech, the master of ceremony, Rachel Oei,
took over and welcoming the participants.
Moving along, after a short introduction by the MC, we came
to the first speaker. The first session was conducted by Vikra Ijas,

with his presentation The persuade of innovation. A graduate from

a well known university from New Zealand was opening the session
with a question, what is status quo?. A participant from back side
answered it with By being the same. Vikra justify it with staying
the same. He also added that we must break the status quo. He
believed that by breaking status quo, it could lead us, to a change,
and with a change, we could form an innovation, which is highly
demanded as I do this paper. He said that people who were
originally from eastern part of the world (Asia) tend to resist the
changes. He came up with three different ideas:

Comfort zone
o By comfort zone, he meant that eastern people were
tend to work on zone where they know they will
perform best (If I could implement this to hofstedes,
it proves that most of the eastern part of the world







membedong as one of the examples of practice


that our parent still do to make us feel comfort.

What to learn vs how to learn
o He believed that eastern tradition is more to what to
learn, it means that spoonfeeding is a common
thing. While in western tradition, they are leaner to
how to learn kind of process. In my opinion, we,
eastern people, are more into the result, while
western people are more into the process. We could
see by the curriculum of the education, we are
weighted by the standard of the government while
western people have more freedom on choosing

Lack of clarity in passion (what keeps you excited)
and purpose
o Lack of passion and a clear purpose also one of the
reasons why people later decide not to change. With
no clear purpose, we might deviate from the track,

which later affect our decision not to change

After he gave factors that bind us from change, he also
proposed some
Tips to break the status quo:

Pursue meaning, not money example: Apple,

o He used Apple as an example. Steve and Wozniak true
intention was not about money, they want to make a
computer that is affordable, because at that time,
computer was an extremely expensive thing and also a
humongous thing to have at home. We should pursue

the meaning of what is exactly our reason to do this.

Ideas should have sex (connect ) Example:
Wikipedia, OPENideo.
o Everyone you will ever meet knows something you
dont. Dont be afraid to share your ideas. He chose
Wikipedia as an example. In Wikipedia, everyone can
edit the article, so the understanding of that particular

topic will improving

Deploy or Die
o If you dont deploy, we dont know whether it's working
or not. YOU CANT SATISFY EVERYONE. Dont be afraid
to fail, at least by failing, we know that our current
approach is not working, then we must develop new
approach or at least make improvement with the current

Jump to the next curve example: uber, from taxi to
o Dare to go big! Most of the companies, start to innovate
once they plunge, but to succeed, we need to innovate,

once we reached our peak moment.

DO one thing that's scares you. Every single day
o We need to challenge ourselves. By doing that, we could
always improve ourselves. Don't need to jump to the big
thing right away.

What would you like to see in your obituary (see what

you see when youre passed away)
o Think about how do you want people to remember you
later, after you passed away. By doing this, it could drive
us to be better.
After sharing the tips, he, the co-founder of,

closed the session with Q&A session. One of the questions was
what is his passion, and he answered with a simple question, to
help people. That is why he started to help people and
make change in the society. After answering three questions from
the participants, Ms. Karen gave task, which was:

What is your passion?

What is your meaning in your life?
How this event helps you?
How to embrace change?
And she would choose 5 people randomly after the lunch.

Right after the first session, participants were given a coffee break
and snacks were provided by the committees.
The second session began 15 minutes after the provided
break time. This session was a kind of panel interview, and Ms.
Karen was the chosen one to moderate this session. This session
had 3 speakers, Archie, Omar, and Razih.
The format of this session was Ms. Karen would give them 3
questions, and they will answer it in a certain time of amount.
1. What is your background? Your Position
Archie : Graduated from UI, communication. The reason
why he chose communication is because he was very
bad at public speaking, got scared to talk in public, and
he wanted to improve it, thus he chose communication.
As right now, he is working in a branding company,
because that is the only form of communication he
never tried
Omar: Having a hospitality major background. He has
been working since hes 17. And right now, he is
managing group with 7 Subsidiaries Company

Razih: Back to several years before, his motto was not

to have a job; So, he wanted to work where he can
direct people and fully control about his future. He also
had change his degree twice which later became so
important to him. Graduated from Australia, majoring in
Digital product management.
2. Are you enjoying what youre doing?
Razih : He enjoys what hes doing. What is the
problem that we try to solve. Focus something on what
you like to be more focused or giving more clarity
towards our goal ( Define the problem so
the definition wont be ambiguous and we can change
and solve the problem. Focus on being good and
identify the problem and try to solve it. We are
solving the same problem with a new approach.
Omar: He started as employee in hospitality, and now
he owned his own company.
Archie: His passion fall under communication in the
earlier life. Worked for 9 different companies which is
bad for his CV. Working your passion might not gain you
enough money, what he suggest is find a way to have
enough money and make it as fuel to pursue your
3. What creativity means in your business?
Omar: Most of the company in the world are struggling
to grow, the most thing is not cutting the cost but need
to INNOVATE but also relevant and impacted the people.
CONSISTENCY is the key. All your team in the
organization must be on track.
Archie: They help companies to define the brand. In
order to creatively find a way, a large pool of knowledge
is needed. Creativity could be in very simple thing, and
specifically relevant to company and its not has to be

all new, it could be simple thing such as open space ( no

partition between colleagues) in the workspace.
Razih: Key: To solve the problem. So, see the problem in
creative way. Creativity, to him, means looking at the
problem differently and come up with the resolution. He
believed that creativity can be defined but how you
approach is important. You don't have to make a new
solution when there is an existing solution that fits the
most, but the important thing is HOW you see the
problem. When problems exist and also there is an
existing solution, you are allowed to use that solution
and developed it, make it simpler and more reliable.
After this session was done, Ms. Karen officially opened a
Q&A session to the participant, and 3 participants were chosen. All
of the questions were asked to three of them.
1. What is your daily activity to



Omar: Giving freedom to the colleague to let the
creativity out. To get the new ideas, you need to
relax. In his company, he provides backyard, pool,
Archie: Be free, fear mind. Collaboration is also
important; people always know something that
you don't know, so you just have to be out there
and meeting people
Razih: Fundamental keys that people try to solve
were freedom, which is trying to find the solution
out there.

2. What














Leading is about helping other and giving opinion,

and leadership is what we will be eventually.
Creativity and leadership form part, where if






incapable on solving problem

Omar: Leadership has to delegate people and
trust them. Let them decide what they going to do
or making their decision
Archie: (In this session, archie was fully agree
with Razih and Omar)
3. What kind of people you are looking for? How you will
decide, trust, and delegate
Archie: He wants to have people that know what they
are doing, and want to grow big as they are now.
Omar: More into interview. Passion and attitude is
crucial. If you don't have passion, just stop. He said
passion drive someone to be better.
Razih: More interesting to have leadership trait, and it
could be shown in their integrity. Whether you believe
on what the company was doing. Critical thinking or the
ability to look at a situation, in real life, because in real
life, there is no curriculum; problem tends to occur by
itself. He stated that we, human, learned the best when
we struggled.
After the panel session done, all of the participants were
assigned to an open stage area, to enjoy lunch for 1 hour.
The Third session was opened with 5 people pitching their
ideas about questions that were asked by Ms. Karen. After a short
session of pitching ideas, the third session continued to a
presentation by Stefanus Alvie, a representative from WIR group,
and he was talking about Continuous Brand Innovation.

He opened the session with a brainstorming question what is

a brand?, and some participants answered with the identity of a
brand, name, logo. He also presented common answer
regarding brand, which was: Nice visual, a logo, a reputation, and
Identification. He also said that a brand should be able to
communicate itself to the targeted consumer so it could perform as
intended. To rely on visual is something he against, we cannot only
represent a brand with the visual, because visual is something that
can be made, so it could be distorted by the perspective and the
current technology. Such as models in magazine, thanks to
photoshop, you don't have to worry about bloated skin, moles, and
chubby cheeks.
He also stated that, in current situation, to be inventor or to
be innovator is not so important. The important thing is the
continuity of both in an Individual. He took as an
example. At first, Friendster was one of the very first social medias,
user could put widgets, background song, theme, and organize their
page easily. He called it as inventor. Not long after the crowning
moment of Friendster, Facebook came along, slowly took over
Friendster market and up till now, one of the most biggest social
media platform. He called that as innovator. Thus, he claimed
that, in order to succeed in nowadays situation, it is crucial to have
both traits in one individual, the capability to invent something and
keep improving it and innovate something from that.
He also stated facts about current situation of Indonesia and
current market like, e-commerce in Indonesia. He also mentioned
some challenges that might become a block in building brand.
Which was world of similarity and changing world where people tend
to have a nasty habit of changing and showrooming (Practice of
examining merchandise in traditional brick and mortar retail store
without purchasing it). He closed the session with an augmented
reality technology, which wowed all the participants.

Later after the session, we continued the event to workshop

session. Participants were divided into 3 groups based on their
choice of workshop. IB students were assigned to join the workshop
of branding and technology by redspace. The workshop took place
in a different hall.
The presentation of the workshop was about ideaception.
The title means that we must be in love with the idea of ideas,
because ideas come from us. And idea has relations with creativity.
They also served us 5 creativity myths:
1. Creativity is only for the right-brainer Wrong, creativity is
not ONLY for the right-brainer, although the fact that rightbrainer is more creative than left-brainer, but that doesn't
mean that left-brainer can't be creative.
2. Children are more creative than adults Adults and
children are both creative, but children are more openminded and curious, and they tend to think limitless
despite the process, while adults tend to think the process
as well, and it becomes the obstacle in thinking for some
3. Great concept are original Idea Great concept developed
from different ideas, so to achieved a great concept, we
must generate ideas from surrounding, collect, analyze,
and mixed them as one idea.
4. Money is a creativity motivator our passion makes us
creative. Our creativity will come up when we found our
passion on our current activity. .
5. Brainstorming is the best way to be creative together
Brainstorm is good, but it should not be the first way to
come up with initial ideas. People need time to work
alone, which is important to find their goal, to think
thoroughly, to find the meaning of what they do.
People from redspace also taught us how to generate ideas:

Think Reverse Think in the opposite way.

o Sometimes, thinking the opposite way is much

more easier. Example, you are afraid to wake up
late. You list down, all the possible factors that
might ended up you wake up late, maybe you
could say go to the bed late, then to wake up

early, you need to go to the bed earlier.

What would ____ do? Taking someone perspective to
see or assume how would they see the problem
o People found it easier to generate idea


someone elses shoe. Example: What would Lady

Gaga do with a paperclip? She could make a dress
out of it, or maybe bracelet, or ring by clipping it

one with another.

Analogy a comparison between two things, typically
on the basis of their structure and for the purpose of
explanation or clarification.
o Example: Using body parts as analogy of a car.
Heart is the machine, blood is battery, food and

drinks are the gasoline, and clothes are the paint.

Mixmatching Taking one idea and then match it with
another idea
o Example: A belt and a pouch. You can make a bag
out of it. Use the belt as the strap and stick it to
your pouch.

Right after the workshop, participants and all the committees

went back to Jakarta right away due to unexpected weather.