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Presented By:
Dr. V. Chandrasekhar, Dean ( R&D

& Civil  Tie-up with ATI and CDAC for certificate courses : ECE.. Germany  For testing GASR and ABS portals to explored for accreditation  Few more to explore such as Lab view Academy.Proposed tie-ups  Tie-up with VMEdu: USA : Have approval for Project management programs  Approval from ASSE for safety management courses : Mech.. Future Tech Pvt limited (Chenai).  PMI Accreditation for All project Management Programs  ISO 9001:2008 certification for the competency development centre  Tie-up with Stain-basis university. Mat lab Academy..... Fands Infonet (Pune) ....  Following few companies have come forward to associate so far: Karesihnee Softech Pvt Limited.

NET Certificate program on Java C & C++ certification C & C++ certification Certificate program on RDBMS Certificate program on Windows Administration Certificate program on LINUX Administration Certificate program on Networking Certificate program on Network security Certificate program on Ethical Hacking C & C++ certification Certificate program on Software Project Management Certificate program on Software Testing Certificate program on Software Quality Assurance Certificate Program on Requirements Management Application Development in Android PROGRAM DESIGNED FOR B.Tech All branches & MTECH PS) B.Tech All branches & MTECH PS) Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do C & C++ .Tech All branches & MTECH PS) B.roposed Certification Programs : CSC & Others Type of program Prerequisites Certificate in C &C++ programming Certificate program on .

MTECH (ES. PS) BTECH (ECE. EEE. EEE). Embedded toolbox Simulation BTECH (ECE.MECH). EEE) Certification program PCB design and Fabrication Certification program on LABVIEW Certification program on Antenna Testing & Measurements Basic of Microwave Certification program Microwave Measurements engineering Certification program VLSI C & C++ certification Certification program for embedded systems design (FPGA Basic Embedded system based) Design .roposed Certification Programs : ECE Type of program Prerequisite PROGRAM DESIGNED FOR BTECH (ECE. MTECH (ES) Certificate program on Basics of Embedded systems Design C & C++ certification Certificate program on Advanced Embedded systems Basic Embedded system Design Design Certificate program on Certificate program on MATLAB Fundamentals of MATLAB and Toolbox: Communications & DSP .

ECE). MTECH (PS.Proposed Certification Programs : EEE Types of program Prerequisites PROGRAM DESIGNED F Certificate program on Power Quality Analysis BTECH (EEE) Certificate program on Renewable Energy Sources BTECH (ALL). Embedded toolbox ) Certificate program on PLC design Certificate program on Fundamentals of MATLAB and Simulation BTECH (EEE). MTECH (PS . MTECH (PS.ES) BTECH (EEE.ES) Certificate program on MATLAB (Toolbox: Control systems .

Complete 2rd BTECH (MECH.CE). MTECH (ME. Certificate program on Project Management Complete 2rd BTECH (MECH. MTECH (ME. Certificate program on Construction & Safety Management Certificate program on Environnent Management Certificate program on Interior Design Certificate program on Design on HVAC systems Certificate program on Project Management BTECH (MECH.CE).Proposed Certification Programs : ME & Civil epartment of MECH epartment of IVIL Types of program Certificate program on AutoCAD Certificate program on CATYIA Certificate program on ANSYS Certificate program on Design on HVAC systems Prerequisites PROGRAM DESIGNED FO BTECH (MECH). MTECH (ME.CE) Complete 3rd 1st sem.CE) BTECH (MECH. MTECH (ME) Complete 2rd BTECH (MECH. MTECH (ME. MTECH (ME. BTECH (CE).CE).CE).CE) BTECH (CE).CE). MTECH (ME. MTECH (ME. . MTECH (ME. BTECH (CE).

MCA & M Tech Certificate program on working with MINITAB All Branches Certificate program on Enterpreneuship Development ALL Certificate program on Business Analyst MBA Certificate program on Android Application Development JAVA certification ALL Certificate program on IOS Application Development JAVA certification ALL Certificate program on Windows Mobile Application Development JAVA certification ALL .Proposed Interdisciplinary Certification Programs : 1 Type of program Interdisciplinary including MANAGEMENT Prerequisites PROGRAM DESIGNED FO Six Sigma Green Belt Certification MBA.

rest optional Certificate program on C & C++ Certificate program on JAVA PROGRAM DESIGNED FOR C & C++ certification All the four years . M.Tech & MCA Certificate program on implementation of QMS / Six sigma ALL Branches including MBA Certificate program on project management ALL Branches including MBA Certificate program on Fundamentals of MATLAB and Simulation ALL Engineering Branches .Proposed Interdisciplinary Certification Programs : 2 ommon rograms Types of program Prerequisites Mandatory for 1st year.

To be explored..Blending with curriculum First Year • C & C++ • Tutored by External consultants • In the annual calendar design factor five days per semester for CDC (one or two slots) Second year Third year Forth year • Two mandatory course per year need to be completed pertaining to core branch • Tutored / mentored partially by faculty depending upon the requirement • One course from interdisciplinary is mandatory • Tutored / mentored partially by faculty depending upon the requirement • Option to complete the Min Project • Overall four certifications is mandatory for placement eligibility • Tutored / mentored partially by faculty depending upon the requirement • Completing the Main project . .

Method Of Delivery Course Material Training Evaluation • Online access for few programs • Printed in few cases • Five day instruction by external faculty practice assistance by support faculty • Weekend training where needed • Project attached for more practical approach • Online Examination .

Course material + Examination + + Courses offered in each semester will depend on number of registrations. On an average 10 courses will be planned based on Instructor availability. Course material + Training + Examination + 2.Delivery Options The programs can be delivered in three modes 1. .

Discourage folks failing the program. exam retake at an additional cost.Student Eligibility Criteria • Self Funded Programs • Students above 60% are eligible for any course • Minimum Four certifications per student is mandatory to become eligible for placement training. • Student need to clear the exam in each semester. Instructor has to ensure proper learning .

(Explain the Euclid Mode of Cognizant and Wipro. – By offering the program on campus they save time and get better price and a certification worth mentioning on the resume then a typical course completion provided by Ameerpet institutions. We have better bargain when we speak for campus placement. Focused students are doing their on their own and may need to spend additional time and money. – Can it not be delivered by our faculty do we need really an external agency to do this? : This a typical program conducted for campus recruits by most corporate..Criticism • Why a student need to join and why I have to pay I paid college tuition fee – Just curriculum helps them to get degree and doe’s not make them industry ready.) .

Academic calendar will be published for each semester and students have to register. Exam need to be completed by the student in the same semester .Execution Model Will be under the leadership of CMR – CDC supervised by R &D Any industry related enhancements needed from time to time will be incorporated T&P cell will be provided with the information about the certified candidates from CMR – CDC at any point of time. Certified students database will be maintained online by CMR –CDC for four years post completing B Tech.

• Should have delivered projects to clients with referral track record. exercises. Evaluation question bank. training presentations.Expectations from the training Providers • Should have decent history of training • Should be able to present couple of faculty members for demo • Structured training material interims of lessons plan. • Should hold ISO 9001 certification. case studies. .

How to Bring success to this model Promote among the whole group Start building standards Very good experts to steer the initial batches Good support from HOD and faculty Encourage faculty to be part of the mentors and reward them for the contribution • Getting recognition Industry showcasing our ability • Handling certification with integrity and upgrading the exam from time to time. • • • • • .

Thank you .