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Professional Level Experience
 Requires a theoretical understanding of the principles of mathematics, physical sciences, or
earth sciences.
 Carries out responsible and varied assignments requiring general familiarity of a broad field
of engineering or geoscience;
 Requires knowledge of reciprocal effects of the work upon other fields;
 Problems usually solved by use of combinations of standard procedures, modifications of
standard procedures, or methods developed in previous assignments;
 Participates in the planning phase of projects as well as the execution
 Independent technical decisions with recommendations for independent projects/studies of
limited scope;
 Decisions take into account financial, social, environmental impact of the work;
 Difficult, complex, or unusual problems are referred to a more senior engineer or
Supervision Received:
 Work under supervision and self-initiated technical guidance with regular interaction with
more senior engineers or geoscientists;
 Broad duties assigned in terms of outcomes, constraints, and resources available;
 Work is periodically reviewed for accuracy, adequacy, conformity with requirements, and
soundness of approach.
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