The overall objective of organizational study is to experience the way in which
organizations function in given environment. The keyword is experience. Experience has
two dimensions.
i. Understand the industry in which the organizations operate.
ii. Understand the business model of the organization
iii. Understand particular functional area such as Marketing, Finance, HR, etc.

Student's Academic Requirements
There are some very important academic requirements in this Internship. Briefly stated
they are:
1) Preparing a Organizational Study Report; and
3) Presentation and Viva on the Organizational Study Report.

Evaluation of the Project Report
Each Project Report and Presentation shall be valued for 50 marks a panel of examiners.


In partial fulfillment o f the requirement For award Of PG Diploma IN Business Administration <MONTH> & <YEAR> 2 .The organizational study report should be prepared in the following format:- Cover Page <TITLE OF PROJECT> Conducted At __(NAME OF ORGANISATION) ___ Submitted by NAME OF STUDENT REGISTRATION NO.

is an original and authenticated work done by me. Bangalore hereby declare that the research project report on “ ………. Roll no……………….. student of PGDM. ISBR Business School.”.Declaration I…………………………. I further declare that it has not been submitted elsewhere by any other person in any of the University for the Award of any degree or diploma. Date: Name of student Acknowledgement 3 ..

Contents 4 . Mainly it must consist of Acknowledgement towards the organization you study and to the company where you have done your project followed by the people who have helped you in the process.Acknowledgment is the regards given to the people and organization who have helped you in completing the project undertaken.

Bibliography Page no. Page no. 7 S Framework ii. Introduction Page no. Importance of study ii. Chapter I i. Page no. Chapter II i. Chapter III i. CHAPTER I Introduction 5 . Chapter IV i. Company profile / Industry Detail / Products /Services Page no. Porters 5 force model Page no. ii. SWOT Analysis iii.Executive Summary Page no. Appendix i. Limitations of the study Page no. Conclusion and recommendations Page no.

) One paragraph about each of the departments explaining their functions within the company. Goals. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) The Background The Promoters The Company and its Product Line Features of the Product Marketing Strategies Competitors Govt. 7 S Framework.CHAPTER II i. Mission.) Vision. ii.) Types of services/products given/produced DEPARTMENTS OF THE COMPANY a.) Its position/stage in the life cycle d. Importance of study AIM & ESTABLISHMENT OF THE COMPANY a. 6 .) When was it established and by whom? b.) Organizational Chart showing the different departments b. Policies Taxation Aspects Major Problems Achievements Share Market Position National and International Image Future Prospects Chapter III i). Aims and the Policies developed c.

and all that values stuff. SWOT Analysis Porters 5 forces model of competition Chapter iv i. Conclusion and recommendations 7 . that shapes the destiny of the organization Skills Dominant attributes or capabilities that exist in the organisation ii).Strategy A set of actions that you start with and must maintain within an organisation Structure How people and tasks / work are organized Systems All the processes and information flows that link the organization together Style How managers behave Staff How you develop managers (current and future) Shares Values Longer-term vision.

"Title of work within a project or database. Book title. cite what is available. WEBSITE OR WEBPAGE Format: Author's last name." Title of site. and name of any sponsoring institution or organization).5 inch. Date of access and <full URL>. first name. City of publication: Publishing company. Note: If an edition is named on the masthead. publication date. MAGAZINE & NEWSPAPER ARTICLES Format: Author's last name. or database. add a comma after the date and specify the edition. TYPING INSTRUCTIONS Paper A4 Size Margins Left = 1." Periodical title Volume # Date: inclusive pages. Right = 1 inch Spacing within a sentence: Double Between words: 1 space 8 . Note: If you cannot find some of this information. Additional information. Electronic publication information (Date of publication or of the latest update. first name (if available). project.ii. "Article title. Editor (if available). first name. Limitations of the study Bibliography BOOKS Format: Author's last name.

without underlining) Times New Roman 14 font size Paragraph head followed by a colon (Caps and Lower case underlined) Times New Roman 12 font size NOTE:The report should be hard bound and eco-friendly with no plastic transparencies and plastic covers. It should be of minimum 30 pages and more than 50% of the report should cover project report. 9 .TEXT Headings Types: Centre Head (All Caps without underlining) Times New Roman 14 font size Centre subhead (Caps and lower case underlined) Times New Roman 14 font size Side Head (All Caps.