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TITLE: GreenSofts System Ltd. Profile

GreenSofts System Ltd.
1.1 Introduction:
GreenSofts System is an innovative, fast growing information technology
house working in the field of software development, Networking and data
communication. Starting from its first contracts in 1996, GreenSofts
System has proven to be a creative result-driven software developer.
GreenSofts System has developed/developing integrated software
system for local industrial and business concerns to monitor production
and business paths, evaluate and analyze information to help make
management decision ,increase productivity and efficiency. We help our
customers achieve their business objectives by developing IT solutions
that encompass our ideation, key skills, and technology partnerships

“To create and deliver the right technology solutions by teaming with our
customers to understand their business needs and empower them to
achieve their goals”. GreenSofts mission is to provide integrated, costeffective (optimized) and vendor neutral solutions for Business Process
Automation & Management (BPAM).
Our Mission every day, we deliver high quality, applied IT solutions,
services and education to individuals, for business, for life. We
accomplish this through: Our People Our Professionalism Our Innovative

For fast few years, GreenSofts System Ltd. has been determined to
produce high-quality, professional software for a reasonable, low, and
affordable price for our clients. We are proud to say that we have
reached that goal. We are still determined to reach better and higher
Not only have we reached our original goals, but we also have, in the
process, listened to our clients and worked to change and adapt to their

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Panacea Copyright @ GreenSofts System Ltd. and support. GreenSofts provides expertise right from defining business objectives and architecture roadmap to deployment of solutions. we work to provide a quality application for a relatively low price. Page 2 of 9 . We provide: Business Objectives Translation: GreenSofts is strongly positioned to transform business strategy into a framework. design and implementation. Profile Project Code: GSS_Prof Revision No.2 Corporate Objective : • • • • To To To To evolve and implement quality business software meet the changing demands of business processes provide customer satisfaction by exceeding expectation compete globally.Project Name: GreenSofts System Ltd. develop and connect distributed technologies. We work extensively on each new product to ensure that it is a stable. With its expertise. Architecture Roadmap: GreenSofts helps the Enterprise to maximize return on investment and minimize total cost of ownership. We take all bug reports and support requests seriously and we work to the best of our abilities to solve a problem. Profile GreenSofts is committed to providing you with professional quality products.3 Methodology GreenSofts provides the Enterprise with an in-depth understanding of the technology and mentoring for application architecture.0 TITLE: GreenSofts System Ltd. with the most up-to-date products 1.1 :20101215 Version No.: 1. If a client orders a custom application. 1.: 0. We will do this through the intensity of our methods and our commitment to developing the best IT professionals and IT solutions for the business community. services. GreenSofts is uniquely positioned to help you successfully deploy your solutions at a very low cost and integrate solutions with the existing infrastructure. Our Vision We will continue to be the benchmark against which other IT companies are measured. fast. and easy to use product.

reusable tools and modules to deliver high quality solutions in a short period of time.: 1. Address: House#29. Road#3. Training Specialist.. repeatable.GreenSofts. time-to-market and ensure your business maximizes gains through the benefit of IT solutions. Dhaka-1230 Phone: E-Mail: 8912663. 0171-232216 getmamun@hotmail. draws on its core professional staff on its 1. Implementation: GreenSofts provides consulting services that take advantage of a proven. Sec#13. Operators and Hardware Engineers. System Analyst. Company also has the panel of specialist consultants which includes Accountant. Data Entry and Control Supervisors. low-risk implementation methodologies.4 Summary Company Profile: Company Name: GreenSofts System Ltd. rapid. Web Address: www.: TITLE: GreenSofts System Ltd. Personnel Resources To provide the requisite services GreenSofts System Ltd. Profile Project Code: GSS_Prof Revision No. Programmers. which includes MIS Specialists. Financial Analysts and General Administrators. Uttara Model Town. Development Experts. Profile provides consulting services web services architecture roadmaps to achieve business objectives. info@GreenSofts. GreenSofts solutions will support attaining goals such as.Project Name: GreenSofts System Ltd. Management Experts. 1.5 Skills: Copyright @ GreenSofts System Ltd. Page 3 of 9 .1 :20101215 Version No.

NET. GUI : C# . TAPI.PHP .OLE. MySQL.Net. VML . ASP.XML / XSLT . Flash. VB . HTML. AJAX 1. Oracle. • Data processing and data entry. POP3.Code Igniter Graphics & Multimedia : Adobe Photo Shop. Page 4 of 9 .TCP / IP. SOAP . XML.COM / DCOM .1 :20101215 Version No.AJAX . . and technology partnerships. Adobe Illustrator . Multimedia builder. and are focused on five areas where we have proven skills and can consistently deliver successful solutions that meet or exceed clients' expectations. SAPI . • Develop Electronic multimedia company brochere.: 1.Net.JavaScript .NET. Our services address the business and technical challenges that our clients are facing. DHTML. ASP . Programming Technologies: Microsoft. XSL. RDBMS : MS Access.HTML / DHTML. SMTP. XHTML . Profile Project Code: GSS_Prof Revision No.Net.Project Name: GreenSofts System Ltd.Net. ActiveX . AJAX. These focus areas are: • Software Development for local and foreign market. Unix.6 Solutions : We help our customers achieve their business objectives by developing IT solutions that encompass our ideation.VBScript Code Igniter.VB. • Develop multimedia software for education and entertainment.NET . Profile Operating System Platform: Windows XP. XSLT.MAPI. SSL .: 0. • Supply hardware as a part of total solution • Human Resource Development specially in the field of Information Technology Copyright @ GreenSofts System Ltd. Flash (ActionScript) . Visual MS Access. Internet Programming. Windows 2003 server. • MIS Consultancy • Interactive Web page design. HTTP / FTP.CSS . Dream weaver. SQL Server. Web Technologies : HTTP.0 TITLE: GreenSofts System Ltd. • Networking and data communication. Macromedia Fireworks. Visual Basic 6. C#. key skills. CSS. PHP . Linux.

You only pay for what you get (provided of course you are satisfied with it!) New features and enhancements can be added later as required. Our customers include major Agro Based Industries. To us delivering the product in time is as important as the performance of the system Satisfaction Guaranteed: In order to make our clients happy we are willing to do whatever it takes as much as it lies within our power to do so. We never stop working for you improving performance usability and innovative Ideas. This means that in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with the end result you will not be billed. Page 5 of 9 . Proven Track Record: GreenSofts has proven its capability in technology business. Hospital etc. Manufacturing Company.Project Name: GreenSofts System Ltd. Due to our effective cost structure in our offshore unit in Bangladesh. Distribution House.7 Why GreenSofts ? Improve your Bottom line: Our System are guaranteed to improve your productivity. Total Quality Control: We have the procedures in place to give us total control over the quality of the software we deliver.1 :20101215 Version No. This means we build you a business application with as few or as many features as you like. All the responsive Software has written during the past 10 years has gone into operation and is successfully fulfilling the purpose for which it was intended.0 TITLE: GreenSofts System Ltd. We have highly trained team of professionals not only on site but offshore development too. We also treat any information we receive with the utmost confidentiality and renounce the possibility of gaining any commercial advantage from our privileged position as your software professional. This includes a policy of zero-tolerance for software defects or "bugs" in our code. If even a Copyright @ GreenSofts System Ltd. We therefore offer a guarantee of total satisfaction. Profile 1. RMG. Profile Project Code: GSS_Prof Revision No.: 1. For more information please take a look at our track record or some of the comments from our clients. Incremental Development: We take an incremental approach to software development. You are welcome to make direct contact with the individuals quoted if you are genuinely interested and would like further information. Cost Effective : GreenSofts offshore rates are up to 50% lower than those of our main competitors in India and China.: 0. we strongly believe that we can maintain this advantage in long term.

It includes a general function. Domain Knowledge: Software suppliers will tell you that every business is basically the same in order to convince you that their package will suit your particular requirements.Project Name: GreenSofts System Ltd.8 Our Product: Copyright @ GreenSofts System Ltd. not only the needs of your business but also. the total cost of ownership (TCO) is significantly less when considered over a period of just a few years. This Framework is a fundamental component in a number of applications used by our clients as part of their mission-critical business operations.0 TITLE: GreenSofts System Ltd. With packaged software all you'll ever get is a licence to use something that belongs to someone else! 1. It also includes all the logic necessary for client/server communications and database management. Although the initial cost of a customized system may be greater than that for an off-the-shelf package. They will then expect you to adjust your business processes to suit their software.: 0. Page 6 of 9 . We do not "code around" or ignore it. more and more data and an increasing level of complexity. the differing needs of a multitude of other businesses at the same time! At Responsive Software we have a different approach. The software we create belongs to you and is designed to provide trouble-free running for your business for many years to come.1 :20101215 Version No. It provides them with a sound basis on which to further develop their System as they are subject to larger numbers of users. And the reason their software is so complex is that it aims to meet.: 1. And with customized software you end up owning both the software and the source code upon which your business depends. Profile minor defect appears in our software we eliminate it permanently by finding the logical error and fixing it. This is particularly important when making changes or enhancements to System that are already in use. Profile Project Code: GSS_Prof Revision No. Our competent professional programmers work directly with you in your business to develop only the software you need to meet your specific requirements. It also gives you an excellent basis on which to develop your information System as your business grows. Pre-built Framework: We have built and tested a generic business application that we make available to our clients as a starting point for customized software. Because many of our clients' business operations are critically dependent on the System we develop we place the utmost priority on ensuring they will continue operating smoothly without interruption. We call this our Framework.

9. 3 Jessore Feed Ltd. GreenSofts Account Management Software.GreenSofts School/College Management Software. 8.9 Our Valuable Client List: Sl Company Name Address 1 Paragon Poultry Ltd.GreenSofts Software Development Company Management Software. GreenSofts Shoe Inventory Management Software. Using Since 2000 2004 2006 2007 Page 7 of 9 . Mokhali C/A Dhaka-1221 5. 17.GreenSofts Cold Storage Management Software. GreenSofts Layer Management Software. 20.: 1.GreenSofts Printing Press Management Software. Profile Project Code: GSS_Prof Revision No. Mokhali C/A Copyright @ GreenSofts System Ltd. 3. 15.GreenSofts Distribution House Management Software.GreenSofts Hotel Management Software.GreenSofts Automobile & Transport Pool Management Software. 12. 16. GreenSofts Departmental Store Inventory Management Software 6. 2 Usha Feed Mill Ltd. GreenSofts Hatchery & Flock Management Software. 10. 4. GreenSofts Personal Management & Attendance Time keeping Software.GreenSofts Pharmaceutical Company Management Software.1 :20101215 Version No. GreenSofts Feed Mill Management Software. GreenSofts Hospital/Diagnostic Centre Management & Medical record keeping Software. 18. Mokhali C/A Dhaka-1221 5. 7. 4 Chitagong Feed Ltd.: 0. 5. 19. 1.Project Name: GreenSofts System Ltd. 11.GreenSofts Sales & Service Center Management Software. Mokhali C/A Dhaka-1221 5. 5.GreenSofts Ceramics Factory MIS Software.0 TITLE: GreenSofts System Ltd.GreenSofts Club & Amusement center Management Software. GreenSofts Gym Management Software. 13. 2. 14. Profile We already developed following customize Software for local Market: 1.

Rd#12. Aleya Feeds Ltd. Motijeel. 5. Mokhali C/A Dhaka-1221 Lion Feeds Ltd. 19 Electra Telecom (BD) Ltd. (Feed H#34. Dhaka-1000 106. Gazipur Bangladesh Majumder House (6th Floor) 39. 2006 2004 2006 2007 2009 2007 2006 2007 2006 2008 2003 2007 1997 2001 2007 Page 8 of 9 . Moulovibazar. Dhaka Index Agro Ind. Gazipur Chow rasta. Saitul Market. Dhaka National Feed Ltd. VIP. Profile Project Code: GSS_Prof Revision No. Gazipur. Gazipur 2008 2007 17 Tweed Sweater Ltd.: 0. Ltd. Moulovibazar. Ltd. Meem Knitting Ltd. Sena Kalyan Bhaban. Block # A. Dhaka.0 TITLE: GreenSofts System Ltd. Dhaka-1230 Bangladesh Poultry Care Lab. Profile 13 14 Dhaka-1221 Usha Poultry Ltd. Barleka. Block #K Mill) Baridhara Diplomatic Zone Dhaka-1212 Index Agro Ind.Road. Dhaka Bangladesh 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Copyright @ GreenSofts System Ltd. HMM Road. (Poultry) H#34. DIT Ext Rd. Banani. 21 Sports Zone Ltd.Purana Paltan. 22 Bangladesh Fried Chicken (BFC). Nayapaltan . Kodda Bazar. Hazi Nagar Tea Estate Kulaura. Kunabari. Dhaka Avon Animal Health.1 :20101215 Version No. Gulshan Avenue (5th Floor) Gulshan. H # 102. Jessore 5. Rd#3. 2008 18 Electra International Ltd. 20 Shamrat Shoe Co. Dhaka-1212 39. Kunabari. Block #K Baridhara Diplomatic Zone Dhaka-1212 Mono Feed Ltd. Rd#12. 15 16 Rahmania Tea Estate. Suite-1402. Mokhali C/A Dhaka-1221 DOHS. Kulaura.Project Name: GreenSofts System Ltd.: 1. Ltd. Uttara Model Town.

0 TITLE: GreenSofts System Ltd.71-72. Eskaton. 24 Rangs Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 25 26 Nahar Agro Group Aftab Poultry Ltd (Group) Copyright @ GreenSofts System Ltd.: 1. Dhaka-1000 Jaowtala.: 0.Project Name: GreenSofts System Ltd. H#34. Profile 23 X-Ceramics Ltd. Rd#12. Block #K Baridhara Diplomatic Zone Dhaka-1212 Red Crescent Borak Tower. Chittagong 2010 2010 Page 9 of 9 .1 :20101215 Version No. Old Elephent Rd.. Profile Project Code: GSS_Prof Revision No.