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--. though we both see others whenever we feel like it. I'm in my 20's and living the easy free life of a bacholer. At least I was before I changed into a sexy bombshell named Penelope Benton! Now I'm living the easy free life of a unemployed woman! And it all began with a stupid text number someone scrawled on a piece of paper! . never imagining anything would happen. Categories:Accidental Change Fast Transformation Magical Transformations Stuck Keywords:Breast Enlargement Very High Heels The Change By ZeDD My name is Teddy.What's New as of: 05/17/13 Switch to Old Menu Select Link Type Title Images Random Title Img. Last Review 01/14/15 (3)Added: 01/14/2015 Complete:yes Synopsis: He had only sent the text because he thought the sign was a joke.I want to thank all my readers who enjoy my works. as of: 07/11/2014 You Write Random Title Images as of: 12/13/2014 The Change by: Zedd - Read Author's Biography View Story Details Rating: RAdd Review Read Reviews. I occasionally go out with friends and have something of a steady girlfriend.

That's probably what ran thru my mind when I saw the card hanging next to the mens bathroom at the carnival. hitting the small towns and generally getting a big kick out of it. I got back to my camper. if they let me. 'brunette. The rest of that day passed without incident. What else would anyone think when they saw something like that? So I took my phone out and sent the text. yet I'd been there almost longer than any other individual. the message written with a sharpie. I was able to save every dime. I also needed a hair cut as an occasional curl kept falling into my eyes causing me to sweep it back behind my ear. but I was having fun doing it. Maybe. I got the feeling something wasn't right and began to regret the first text. yet looking back I realized I was slowly changing.' I only blinked once before texting back brunette. I was looking forward to getting back home in a month and seeing my friends again. "Bored with your life? Want to be a girl? Text 'girl' to 502042" At first I laughed thinking somebody put the sign up for a prank or something. feeling tired and achey. Maybe it was simple curiosity. Sitting on the crapper. It occurred to me I might be running up some sort of fee or charges or something. My pants were tight and uncomfortable around my hips yet loose in the waist. I'd always been drawn to weirder occupations and there was this safari park I'd read about that needed hands in taking care of the bigger animals. I got a text confirming my wishes from that number. I never really thought about what was happening as anything but a grueling day. They were seasoned. while my pullover was feeling too big. and decided that a quick shower then bed was in order. Maybe I just didn't believe anything would happen. so what did they know? I'd probably stay with a friend for a couple weeks. I'd been with them for four years now. cheating. Working at the carnival was a tough job. My parents didn't want to see me unless I got a real job. It read. I didn't really know what kind of lame text I was gonna get back. and worried I might be coming down with something. Then I quickly forgot about the whole thing and went to the bathroom. Not to mention getting a hefty paycheck every week! Since I was travelling with them and sleeping in a little camper I towed around behind my truck. I had the strangest sensation. Maybe I was bored. smelly standards of any travelling carnival. before heading out again on some other venture. and seemed to confirm the validity between a real carnival and some sort of high school carnival set up.I couldn't really explain why I did it. travelling the South and Midwest of America. They didn't see what I was doing as anything but wasting my life away. It was on a simple index card and had been fastened with a thumb tack. Sounded interesting to me! . except for the carnies. and I was making some money. red or blonde. like an out of body feeling. but did think my buddies would get a kick out of it so I took a pic of the little sign with my phone. wrinkled.

I realized that my chin was actually smaller! My hair. They seemed uncomfortable and itchy. too! I picked up my jeans. hung down to my shoulders and was a dark chestnut color! There was even a sheen to it that my 'other' hair didn't have. yet was too tired to fully appreciate it at the moment. Then I realized that the bulge inside the panties was way too small! I pulled the panties open to see an underdeveloped cock with a set of balls way to small for a man my size! "What the hell?" I muttered. thinking someone was pulling a prank on me. My head was smaller.I usually slept in my underwear with no tee shirt. liking how soft it was! I stood and smoothed it down. and realized that they'd changed. even if my eyes were as big around as saucers! There was a definite plumpness around my lips which were very pink which seemed to make my chin look smaller than normal. Absently. yet for some reason the underwear was chafing me. socks and shoes and other items that I'd not picked up or put away. my neck was smaller. and sat to try them on. no longer being just over 6 feet tall anymore! It only took two steps to reach the small mirror I had next to the door. too! I couldn't have been more than 5' 6 and weigh more than 135 pounds. I reached for a tee shirt out of a box I kept them in and pulled it on. but disregared it and fell asleep. oval and very cute. noticing how my nipples suddenly seemed more swollen than before! They stood out about half an inch and . but ditching them to sleep in the nude wasn't going to happen when I didn't have curtains and were surrounded by dozens of tents and other campers. looking every bit like what I sounded! My face was smaller. Turning my head this way and that though. yet when I stood up I realized I had shrunk. slim and smooth and girly! "What is going on here?" I was already starting to freak out. I had a sneaky suspicion that was going to change and probably soon. They slipped on easily enough though I could tell I had something of a booty now as I had to struggle a little bit! I fastened them and looked into the small mirror. but a girl's voice! I looked over the rest of me only to find an underdeveloped body. noticing the flowery stitching on the back pockets and the full cut of the cuffs. I sat on my bed and tried to process the whole thing. a virtual weakling compared to what I'd been! And how was it I was wearing panties? I looked around at my discarded jeans. I still had that strange feeling that something wasn't right. It took a lot longer to accept what I saw in it! "I look like a freakin' girl!" I stuttered. idly scratching my hip as I swung my legs over. which had begun to get into my eyes last night. It was almost girly sounding! "Hello? Hello?" It wasn't my voice at all. but muscle. It didn't sound like my voice. The first think I noticed were the pretty pair of panties I wore! They were a pale pink with a slight bit of pink lace around the top and the word 'Friday' on the crtoch! At first I smiled. but couldn't see anything. I stretched and yawned. and I realized that my shoulders weren't as wide and muscular as before! I'd lost not only height and weight. My mirror was way too small for this and I needed to see what I looked like now! My chest was smooth and hairless but didn't have any boobs yet. being too high and soft. Morning sun streamed in waking me as it did every morning. which only emphasized the feminine look of it.

while the flowery patterns on my back pockets making them seem extra girly to me. but was convinced that they didn't stick out like that seconds before! I was nervous about what was happening but as yet was avoiding a total breakdown about it! In fact. I could almost swear that they were getting bigger! I didn't know anything about sizes only that when it came to women and certain parts of their anatamy. the bra seemed to emphasize my chest. but. I've never put a bra on before but this didn't seem to matter! I slipped the same tee over the bra and noticed two things. placing my hands on my hips and doing the same movements and stretches I'd done before. and two. I reached into another box for a pair of socks only to feel something satiny and smooth. I took off my tee and put the bra on noting how comfortable it was. As I did this I began to move my hips and legs a little. quickly putting my lengthening locks into a ponytail. I did not even think on it! The difference between my hips and waist seemed even more dramatic to me than a few moments ago! And I could feel a distinct fullness and bounce in my ass that wasn't there before! I brushed the hair out of my eyes again and reached for a pink scrunchy. My hips seemed unusually wide and rounded to me compared to my waist. Dressed in jeans. and I swear to you. changing my clothes. There was quite a bit of clothing I didn't recognize as mine sitting in it but I didn't think upon it. pretty hair! I could feel my ponytail bounce behind me as I took a pair of socks out of my 'clothes' box. changing me. merely thinking my feet needed socks before I put on my shoes. based on what had already changed. . or was my waist getting smaller? I slid my hands around my waist and hips and tried to imagine what they should feel like. The first thing I thought of was how the bra would hide my embarrassingly erect nipples from idle glances. When I bent backward then forward I could feel tightness in my hips and butt. the tee had somehow changed into a scooped neck pullover in pastel blue in the couple of heart beats it took to make the change! It seemed the change was ongoing and I was merely a witness to it happening. the fit becoming more and more comfortable as I moved around. yet here I was standing in my little camper dressed in feminine jeans and blouse wearing a bra! I was feeling cramped and decided to stretch a little. but again the jeans loosened up and I was fine. doing a little dance of sorts I guess. making it look like I had small breasts. I know I should have realized what was happening. Looking down. it seemed I wasn't even scared about what was happening! There was real magic happening around me. I pulled out a sexy white bra with just a hint of lace around the cups.were as thick as my pointing finger and seemed incredibly sensitive! They were also incredibly obvious but I didn't know what I could do about that. Every time I moved my hips to either side I swear I could feel a little pop happen! When I did my jeans seemed suddenly to be a little too snug. The blouse fit perfectly and showed the bra thru it if one looked closely enough. big was better than small. One. My hair was down past my shoulderblades now and was full and lustrious to look upon. but then they loosened up again and I was fine. I was proud to have such healthy.

I glanced down at my breasts. I reached for my sneakers. long legs. hot pink satin cups of my sexy underwire bra and watched as the soft breasts it held slowly swelled larger and rounder. the more cleavage they'd see. noting how they jutted out from my soft blue satin blouse. shapely legs look like they belonged on a million dollar dancer! I chewed on my lower lip in thought. but didn't have anything else. I noticed that my chest had gotten a little bigger again and wondered if I could feel or see the growth if I watched for a bit. I'd have to quit that was for sure. the nipples still denting the cups out obscenely! I estimated I was at least a B cup but hoped they'd get a little bigger. semi-transparent black satin mesh that covered my crotch in inciteful sexiness. I curiously noted that my panties had changed even more becoming a sexy. I had some difficulty getting the skirt to go over my booty rear end and had to do a little hopping and wiggling but finally managed it. almost having to bounce and wiggle my body a little to get it over my ass. I was a little curious why I wasn't as upset as I felt I should have been. The neckline was low enough anyone could see cleavage and something told me the longer I sat there. When I finally snapped it closed the skirt had become a cheap. I stepped out of my camper around 9 in the morning.e a flat. so I sat there with no pants and kept my eyes on my blouse covered breasts. "I have sexy legs. My cock and balls had all but dissapeared now leaving m. leather skirt was a fashion disaster. Not until I snapped the lacey band around my full thigh did I realize I was now wearing stockings! Sexy sheer nude stockings that made my smooth. and sat on the bed. knowing that wearing sneakers with sheer stockings and a short sexy. No one would recognize me here. my broad hips looking much wider than my diminutive waist now. I wondered why I thought that? I proceeded to slip on the soft nearly transparent sock onto my dainty feet! I was careful not to tear the material as it seemed fragile to me and gently pulled them up my smooth. sexy looking pair of daisy dukes! That was okay by me as I really appreciated sexy casual things and never had the opportunity to buy anything like it for myself before! And it was a funny thing to feel my rear end bounce like it did! I wondered if my rear end was a little too big? Sitting back." I muttered. and I doubt I'd still be able to do my job without breaking a nail or getting my nice clothes dirty. As the seconds ticked by I could tell a slight difference than moments before! My breasts were actually getting bigger! I pulled the satin blouse open a little and gazed at the small. I picked up the jeans and started to slide into them only then realizing they were changing just as quickly! The cuffs fused together into a skirt that hugged my legs snugly before creeping upwards becoming a short skirt. so I decided to get up and get out of that cramped camper for a little bit. watching as the . I began to wonder what I was going to do looking like a girl.I took off my jeans. girlish looking front which the panties fit perfectly. wondering if the rest of me was going to match them. They'd have to do for now.

prepping food and stocking. at least I felt that way! As I walked around. like an uncontrollable pendulum. too. Everything I owned turned into satin and lace and was meant to highlite and emphasize sexiness rather than look normal! Resigned. I looked around for more suitable clothes but could find nothing. it was smaller in a lot of places. I wondered around seeing people glance my way and wondered what they were thinking. Soon I was strolling around like a stripper. An idea came to me and I snatched up a white satin bra that was peeking out of my clothing box. as my hips were so wide and round.workers began setup and unlocking vital stations. biting my plump lower lip again. and the feel of arousal creeping into me at the thought of him doing unspeakable things! I wasn't gay. and evidently since I was now a girl. I looked at the bra and thought if my clothes change along with me. I locked up my camper and stepped into my truck. thankful when my hand opened the door to my camper! "Holy hell in a hand basket!" I squealed. Several things had made this decision for me. wiggled and jiggled my way through camp. I could feel my hips move back and forth quite a bit with every step. too! I read the tag on the bra and cringed. . my voice sounding ridiculously high and breathy! I almost cringed when I'd heard it but decided that nothing at the moment was going to happen to make me feel even a little bit better. otherwise I'd be spilling over soon! I caught several men looking me over like I was a piece of meat they could devour. then maybe the tags change. only to adjust my seat and mirrors quite a bit to suit my smaller body. and couldn't seem to stop it. I'd decided to pack up and leave as quickly as possible. but none more so than the owner leering at me with a big evil grin which made my skin crawl. my too plump ass also as round as basketballs while my boots grew 5" heels! My tiny waist looked like it might break as I gyrated. as I looked at my swollen breasts bulging over my bra cups. When my sneakers changed into low heeled boots it only made it worse. I still wasn't gay! I saw my favorite girl working the ferris wheel and felt nothing at all! Not even a hint of attraction! The other reason was my big tits! By the time I'd gotten back to my camper I was a bouncing DD cup with prominent nipples pointing the way! My cleavage was long and inviting since my pink mesh underwire bra did a fantastic job to lift and project my breasts out from my tiny snug fitting pale blue satin blouse! I had soft bulges of breasts over my bra which did quite a bit of jiggling and bouncing when I walked! Walking became something of a challenge. I looked at what I was wearing and decided that I didn't need to change just to drive a truck. It made me shiver with fear and excitement at the same time. which made me wonder just what kind of girl I was changing into? By the time I'd made it back to my camper. I could feel my breasts begin to bounce more and more. One glance down at my bulging cleavage told me I was well on my way to a full C cup or more! I could only guess the sexy satin pink mesh bra was growing along with my tits. At least.

The window curtain was drawn closed but I could see darkness outside. even though all I could think of was playing with my new anatomy! I had to face facts! I had a pussy! Not only did I have a pussy. and as I sat up and pulled it down. In the back of my mind I thought I still looked sexy. The room was lit just enough to let me know I was in a hospital bed. though it was rather indecent how low my neckline now was! I read the tags again and gasped! 34 G. sending me to the very edge of orgasm! Panting. I found myself in a hospital gown. There was a tingling in my crotch that was becoming distracting though. relived to not find any pain or bandages anywhere. In . including the fine lines of my overfilled bra beneath! The neckline dipped down to my bra and showed a colossul amount of cleavage that any man would drool over! And still my nipples jutted thru the material of my bra obscenely! I couldn't help myself as one hand squeezed the immense softness of my left breast as I drove. Just then I felt a strange swelling in my hips. I kept wiggling around in my seat as the sensation was becoming more than distracting! I tried not to let my hand stray down to my crotch. almost like the seam was beginning to ride up a little! I paid it as little attention as possible as I steered out of the carnival and onto the main road. I glanced at my tits quickly. I picked up the bra and scanned the tag quickly reading 34 GG! That instant of inattentiveness was all it took as I heard sqealing and felt my truck almost lift off the road! I heard a woman screaming before a resounding crash filled my consciousness! I came awake slowly. ass and breasts and watched as my breasts seemed to get just a little bit bigger! My bra seemed to expand with my swelling breasts as well as my blouse which still covered me. or if I was just imagining the worst. so was the rest of me! And my stupid air-headed voice wasn't exactly filling me with confidence I'd be able to communicate effectively with anyone! "How far is this gonna go?" I asked despairingly as I put the key into the ignition and fired the V8 up. no matter that I was wearing a hospital gown. my!" My breathy little girl's voice sounded. My breasts were huge and I wasn't wearing a bra as evidence of my slowly expanding nipples. trying to decide if they'd gotten bigger. I looked around for my clothes but didn't see them. So what happened? The sheet came up to my chest. feeling a cool sheet beneath me. How long was I out? What happened? I didn't remember anything! I started to get up then wondered if I was hurt. My tits were getting bigger. but it needed attention in the worst way! I was one horny lady now and evidently needed it so bad I was beginning to lose the capcity of rational thought! I was gasping as I saw the upper part of my breasts jiggling with every bump on the road.34 DDD/F. The pale blue satin blouse was thin and showed every detail of my upper body. "Oh. I started checking my body as well as I could. and if the sensations I was feeling were any indication.

my voice sounding small and breathy. conscious of my large breasts jiggling with my movements. It's good you had your seatbelt on. No doubt a practiced bed side which he'd cultivated thru the years. He seemed like a typical doctor you'd see on a soap opera. "You were completely unharmed. sounded like me or even moved like me! I was a different person now and had to get out of here if I wanted to avoid a bunch of questions I couldn't answer. My large nipples were embarrassingly obvious so I pulled the sheet up to cover them. looking like I did. I'm here to answer the immediate ones." I leaned back and tried to lay still. No doubt the police would want to ask me questions. not remembering putting my seatbelt on." He smiled a smile meant to be disarming and gentle." I nodded slowly. The report showed you driving a truck which swerved into the oncoming lane. For the moment I'd forgotten about my new voice! "No doubt you have questions of how you came here and what happened." I breathed a sigh of relief. I'd guess he was about mid thirties. Thankfully you didn't hit anyone." My widened eyes showed my alarm. Like why I was driving someone else's truck to start with? I realized just then I truly didn't have anything left. "So you rest a little longer. As soon as he shut the door I got out of bed quickly and started searching the cabinets in the room for my clothes and stuff. I would be considered a thief. "You were in an accident. I sounded ridiculous. good looking with an air of seasoned confidence about him. "So. your closest relatives were contacted. Okay?" He got up all smiles and proceeded to walk out as I lay there and watched. If you could tell me what happened right off? I don't remember much right now." He began in a soothing voice. Damn. and that the truck and camper belonged to me. but the truck did strike a concrete divider which flipped it.fact. "The toxicology report came back negative and since you don't have any injuries you can leave whenever you want. Unfortunately I could find nothing so they must be locked up somewhere . No one would believe that I just changed into a woman. I was already thinking about what to do next. Probably put away in some locker somewhere. and when the real Teddy couldn't be found. I needed to get out." I said. I did reassure them you were completely unharmed. I would probably be the main suspect in his disappearance! This was getting ridiculous! Just then the door opened and a doctor walked in. "Yes. I no longer looked like me. I didn't see anything that belonged to me in this room. just shaken a little. I only saw an impending situation that would only become more difficult as time went by! "Yes. I had to appreciate the doctor's professionalism at not glancing at them. There was no way I could convice anyone of who I really was. awake now I see. wondering who was going to show. Since they did find your identification.

giving me an exotic sexy look! The mirror was large enough I could see the rest of my body. along with my new body if I couldn't change back. My shoulders were somewhat broad for a woman. "The doctor says you're not hurt. while my hips swelled outward with rounded voluptuousness. so I took off the gown to see just how I was built. yet still couldn't hide the abundant curves I now possessed." She couldn't stop hugging me! "I'm fine.. yet proved to be life changing. I went into the bathroom just to check out what I looked like while I figured out what to do next. but I bet you were pretty scared. All I had was the thin hospital gown which covered me completely. Who was Penelope? The voice sounded familiar though so I quickly put the gown back on and stepped out. like she hadn't seen me in a while. What in the world are you going to do now?" I muttered. studying me closer. putting her arms reach away. They were larger than my head topped with large pink nipples that pointed somewhat up inside an areola about 3" wide. and began to wonder just what she was seeing." I sighed. Teddy. while my hugely prominent breasts destroyed it. despite being a very curvy girl now. Are you okay?" Her hug was tight. so .. Was that the end of it? "Penelope?" I heard someone in the room calling Penelope. I didn't even think about saying else! The last time I talked with my parents they had expressed dissappointment with my lifestyle and asked not to be a part of I'd grown up some more and become a responsible adult! Now here anything their it until she was! "Oh. cringing a little at my little girl voice. "I want to get out of here but don't have any clothes. but nothing looks different. My ass was nothing but an invitation to grab and pinch by anyone.do you notice anyting different about me?" I asked. I could only hope I'd get used to it. My waist was very small and couldn't be larger then maybe 22" or so.else. giving me an athletic appearance. sitting back on the hospital bed. . Did she notice I was a girl? Or did I look like the man I had been before? "Um." I distangled myself from her. Just like my breasts. "M-m-Mom?" I was so surprised. Do you think you can help me?" Her smile was big as she hugged me once more. Maybe I'm just a little upset after getting the call from the hospital. and began to wonder just how deep this change went. She frowned a little. "Oh. sweety? I'm sorry. I did notice my body was toned and that I seemed in excellent shape. I had changed into a girl. which was true but was still confusing. Mom. almost too big for my body. Evidently pink was the color of most of me now. Texting that number was just a lark. and I knew then that I was a girl in her eyes and probably had always been. Tell me you're okay. my baby. and my clothes had changed along with me. it being overly large and round. sweety. "Did you change your hair a little. In the mirror was a real knockout! A dark haired beauty with wide sexy eyes and full lips that looked like they had pink lipstick on! My chin was small while my cheekbones were more prominent than my old ones.

The material became shiny and stretchy. I watched as the white dress began to change slightly. I found all this on sale!" Satin panties that looked very sexy. I grabbed the make-up and went into the bathroom to see what I could accomplish. when I looked into the mirror I was already made up expertly! I had on mascara and eyeshadow. "I'll go check the nurses station to see what they did with your stuff. wondering where all the terms of endearment were coming from. and a pair of high heeled wedges. I'll only be about 30 minutes. The hemline rose and became snug against my thighs even as the neckline dropped exposing the creamy slopes of my bulging breasts. "I hope the panties and bra fit okay. but the bra did help cover my large erect nipples. I put the bra on. She never talked that way with me before. The material was cool and slick on my full bottom and felt nice. have you seen my phone? I'd like to check on something. I thought sarcastically. The dress fit well enough and only seemed to emphasize my extraordinary body. "I really lucked out. The dress ended at my knees and with those wedges on I felt almost back to my old height! I wasn't fooled though." She looked around momentarily before shrugging. blush and lipstick. It stayed white but the whole taste had changed into a sexy dress that spoke of lust and eroticism. especially when I belted it."Oh course. she pulled out a simple white summer dress that had a white belt. hon?" I nodded. sweety. I wondered how Mom could see me as a girl when I had just changed? I was confused at the whole thing! Mom made it back in about 25 minutes with what she deemed as the essentials. tops. having to adjust the straps a bit before finding a comfortable fit. . highliting the curves of my breasts and hips and butt. Okay. I'd never put make-up on before but felt I needed to continue the charade for my Mom until I found out what was happening. while my overly full and round butt was on display by the swaying material. The panties slid up my shapely legs and snugly fit my broad hips okay. giving me some bit of decency. wondering how and when it had happened. I knew I was still short judging by how tall I was compared to my Mom." Last year? I was totally confused now! How long had I been out? "Uh. and my hair was styled as if a professional had done it! I stood transfixed for several moments." I smiled in acknowledgement and settled back in the bed. content with the knowledge I wouldn't be speaking to any cops so far. Penny. adhering to my body like a second skin. These wedges probably put me somewhere around 5'8". and a white satin bra in a size 34 G. She had also gotten me a little make-up and brush so I could pretty myself up. As I stood there contemplating the magic that was affecting me. Smiling. However. How nice of her. I remember what size you were last year and didn't think you'd changed that much. I'll just bop over across the street and pick you up the essentials then we can leave here. too sexy for a Mother to be buying for her daughter. and marveled at what a simple piece of clothing did for me! My breasts were already firm and perky and outrageously large. My breasts strained the material in front where the buttons wanted to pop off.

while beaming with pride in her daughter." She then produced a small bag. feeling my hips sway and my breasts jiggle. I looked in the mirror and sighed. I snatched it up and looked at the last few texts I sent. hoping such an easy and obvious action would be the fix. Purse? I looked inside and found everything that was in my wallet in there. I didn't see anything but a woman in her late forties wearing jeans and a blouse typical of middle-aged fashion. I actually didn't want to look beautiful and sexy but was really liking her support. noticing the look of innocence in the eyes. I was now a beautiful girl with huge tits and a fantastic ass. In as many seconds it took me to think about what was happening. I quickly texted male. but according to my Mom I'd been a girl my whole life! "Penelope?" I heard my Mom and clack-clacked out in my heels. I watched as the material shaped around my feet until the wedges had become white 5" high heels. the pink lipstick on those oh so full lips. though I couldn't imagine a sexier piece of lingerie. She had nothing to do with this I reminded myself. keys. feeling trapped in the body of a beautiful girl and seemingly fated to look my sexiest no matter what I would do. Immediately I got a text back saying that all changes are final. She looked me up and down and smiled brightly." I read aloud. sweety. including my driver's liscense! With wide eyes I looked at the picture on the driver's liscense. My wedges began to change and flowed around my feet in an eerie fashion. panties and bra. I looked at her then trying to fine any sign that she was responsible for this change. something I've never actually gotten from her or my Dad before. phone and a small purse." "Gee. finding my shoes. and watched as my breasts plumped up even more so! The front of my breasts began to protrude outwards as the bra reshaped them into soft points reminiscent of the 50's era of fashion. I was now dressed like a killer hottie and feeling weird about it. thanks." I didn't know what else to think. dressed in the sexiest manner possible. it was finished. "Oh.I felt the bra also change. "Great. I still liked women. and in fact was as much involved as I . I had texted 'girl' to the number 502042 and had gotten a confirmation afterward. I felt like I was going to lose control before spying the phone. sweety?" My Mom asked sweetly." I took it and dumped it out on the bed. You're so beautiful and sexy. and there it was. "Is something wrong." my Mom supplied. "I checked the with the Nurses station and they directed me to another department where I did find your stuff. the blush on the cheeks. I was pretty sure about that. grinning. and the cascade of dark curls that surrounded it all! "Penelope Ann Benton. jeans and shirt. yet still remembering who I was. "That's your name. I felt the panties change but couldn't see anything under the dress and only imagined them becoming even sexier than before.

When I look at a picture of Dad and me when I was 10 years old and see how cute I looked with pigtails. but on the inside I was still me! A week later I was still in my room. or even context of the input. wondering if I should confess everything that has happened to me. too wide spread." "Okay. but what was most distracting was the jiggling and bouncing of my huge chest.was. and now I'm a girl who still likes women. and the less than but still distracting bounce of my ass! I could get used to the mass of curls surrounding my head and cascading down my back. Truth was. I was terrified! My body seemed to be hypersexualized! It wouldn't take any effort at all to get aroused to the point where I just needed sex! Even a racy commercial could get me started. and all the pictures of my life growing up had supported that! My friends are still men so I was the only one affected. It was too imcompising." We collected my things and walked out of the hospital into the bright sun. and the make-up that made me look stunning and sexy and tended to stop almost every man I came up to. not when I'm the only one who thinks I was a man before. are trying to get me to go out. especially my Mom. My Mom and Dad. I'd have to go out. This soon turned into openly caressing my breasts which turned into masturbating which turned into a hunger for something big and throbbing and hard! I was a straight man before the change. but there's only so much one can do with a home computer. Her son had changed and had been made to think it was all normal. I'm a little worried about me. getting banged in an alley because I needed it right then! My room is small. I've tried to locate where that number is from. But I've always refused saying I'd much rather relax and stay where I was. my computer old. and me feeling confused and frightened. My only question was how deeply was this change? Did it affect my Dad. Everything I wore was super sexy including my lingerie! My Mom and Dad had treated me like I'd been a girl all my life. I look in . the wiggling of my hips. They are worred about me and I don't blame them one bit. As soon as something racy or sexy came on I would start feeling tingly and found myself idly caressing my skin. Walking in heels was interesting. Sometimes the whole thing sounds funny to me. "Nothing. and I'm feeling confined. hon. too? What about all my friends? If I looked into my high school year book would I find a cute brunette looking back at me? I looked at my Mom again. afraid to go out in the world. then a man is needed. I'm not sure 'affected' is the right word. except when I get aroused. my Mom feeling happy that I wasn't hurt. despite how I walked. Let's just leave. Mom. and I don't have the skills. I have to wonder if I was the crazy one all this time. or even a sexy photograph! It didn't seem to matter the sex of the person. And if I went out I'd more than likely end up in bed with some guy! Or worse.

realizing only then the only place to sit would be on the bed. I found myself feeling tingly and giddy. You look fantastic!" I genuinely blushed. sighing. not my doing. occasionally glancing at me. I didn't resent him for it because I knew he was a good guy. a full length mirror. There was a knock on my door and. "Hi. homecoming king and still good looking. and swallowed before answering. I demurely sat on the bed and wondered what I was doing. He was my best friend in highschool after all. so I dressed in as much of a normal outfit that the magic allowed. shaking and bouncing was tolerable. and I had an extra pretty face. then I realized that I was the one that had changed the most. "What have you been doing with yourself. I had a short flippy skirt with flowers on it that came to the middle of my thighs and a cream satin blouse that buttoned up the middle. and see the beautiful woman staring back at me. I knew my body was very sexy.. I've been lounging around in super sexy lingerie and alluring outfits. I was a receiver and caught many a thrown ball from him. My hair was done perfectly. not much. He was a lot bigger then I remembered. Mom said an old friend from highschool was coming over tonight to say hi. and broader. The blouse hugged every swell and curve and dipped low enough to show a lot of cleavage. He was a huge guy and that only reminded me how small and fragile I had become. and reading all the books I can get my hands on. He had muscles and an air of confidence that radiated from him. I don't remember that. It had been nearly two weeks since I'd changed and I was just becoming comfortable enough with my body that all the jiggling. I had no idea who it might be but welcomed the company. The fact he was good looking had always been a problem for me as he'd always get the girl and I'd always get the shaft. Bradly Simmons. and my make-up had a sexy flare to it that spoke of going out and getting laid. but dismissed it as seeing someone I knew and hadn't seen for a while. masturbating when moments of weakness falls over me. Penelope. I looked at him. "Can I come in?" I stepped aside and let him in. Penny?" he asked. football quarterback. As he stepped past me I realized how much bigger he was then me.. He sat on the bed and looked around." I said with some breathy quality.the mirror. I've gone through some stuff and I'm still trying to . I got up to open it. Again. noting how handsome he was. This was a satin bra that 'showcased' my breasts in their best glory and a pair of sexy lacey panties that were more 'not there' as being there. Any thing I put on becomes overly sexy. even though I hadn't touched it. but the only time I felt sexy was when I became aroused. There stood my old friend from highschool days. Bradly. "Hello. Him and I were best friends and played together. Now the shorts had become a pair of daisy dukes that allowed my ass cheeks to show while the jersey had become a snug low cut blouse with the team logo over one breast. I had slipped into an old pair of shorts I had in highschool and a football jersey Mom had told me my 'boyfriend' had given me. I didn't know who it might coming over to see me. "Lately .

refusing to do anything. I looked him in the eye and licked my lips hungrily.. I think I gasped when I felt his strong grip. making me moan with arousal! I think he may have thought I was crying then as he began to massage my back and continued to say positive things to me. like what?" How was I to answer that? Lying was useful. making my mind whirl in different directions. Penelope. arousing me to the point where I had absolutely no control! With his hands softly and tenderly on my breasts. Without a spoken word he began to undress me.. and knew my nipples were becoming erect. moaning with lust as I took it in my mouth like an animal! I sucked and licked. catching his eye when my breasts bounced. beautiful cock be inside my tight.girlfriend to open up with. He eased up slightly in his embrace and. "I'm your friend." he said as he kissed me passionately. kissed me! His arms crushed me to him. before I could do anything. I needed a. I shrugged my shoulders." He turned slightly and brought his other hand to my other shoulder." His arm came up behind me. "You wouldn't understand. unbuttoning my blouse in seconds and unsnapping my bra with one hand! My breasts almost seemed to swell with anticipation as soon as the straps fell off my shoulders! I had one hand sliding across his vast chest while the other found and gripped his erect cock in his pants! He almost jerked from the strength in my hand! "I want you. his lips were warm and inviting and I found myself giving in almost immediately! I was kissing back with such passion. but I needed someone else to share with. reminding me of all the good times we'd had as a couple through highschool! We were a couple? I should have seen it coming but was wrapped up in trying to control myself. Penelope. mashing my immense breasts against his rock hard abs! My nipples tingled against him. making sure it was hard as a rock before pushing him down and. I didn't believe Bradly was the one I needed to open up with though. that it must have signalled to him how badly I wanted him! His big strong hands started to explore my body. Whatever you're going through I want you to know that you can count on me. straddled him! I impaled myself on his huge cock and came immediately! We went at it for well into that afternoon before I started to slow . I was past the point of hearing and only wanted him inside me! My body commanded me and demanded that his big. his big hand squeezing my shoulder that was supposed to be reassuring." He brought me in and hugged me. yanking up my skirt and pulling my useless panties to one side. wet pussy as soon as possible! I frantically unzipped his pants and pulled out his beautiful cock. I've always wanted you.work through it." "Hmm. Held up here like some recluse. tingling and throbbing larger in my satin bra! My hands were clenched and I could feel myself biting my lower lip as I tried to fight it! "Your Mom and Dad filled me in with what happened and what you've been doing. inciting me further. but the contact only aroused me slightly.

I got up quietly and searched his pants. sexy eyes closed. her own hands reaching. But I wasn't ready to face the truth just yet. I then proceeded to get dressed in the bathroom. I had acted like a slut possessed. I looked at Bradly again. with me achieving an orgasm every time. or that we sometimes went for the same girl. and Bradly had taken advantage of it! But I couldn't very well blame him for that. I was thoroughly satisfied and with a new found desire to experience it again. poor Bradly had climaxed twice. If you . Bradly had always seen me as a girl. Hours later. He had no idea that we used to be buddies. perky beyone definition with light pink areolas and large darker pink nipples just aching to be sucked and licked! My hand slid sensously down her nipped in waist to her voluptuously wide hips. hitting send with barely a thought. happy that I had someone in my life I could share everything with. Finished. I melted into her arms as only a lover would. which was great for him. I was naked and confused at first before remembering the marathon he and I had. those long thick lashes barely moving. an idea coming to me. not caring if I woke her. we used to be boyfriend and girlfriend! So blaming him was out of the question. puckering open as she breathed quietly. In the morning I rolled over to wake my sleeping beauty. I moved the blanket off to see her nakedness. or whatever it was I was in. Her body had been sculpted for one thing. In fact. I needed a girl friend to hang around with. I sat there and quickly typed in a text. igniting goosebumps along the way. amazed how beautiful my lover was and how lucky we both were. finding what I needed right away. Someone who would believe me and could understand what I went through. Someone I've had a history with before my change. Her full pouty lips stained a sexy pink. while I lost count of the number of orgasms I experienced! We did it in every imaginable position. almost multiple times. He was as much a tool as I was. But Bradly was not who I needed. keeping as quiet as I could.down! By then. She lay there with those dark. In this dimension. Good story? Or room for improvement? Please review! Read Reviews Add Review Report Inappropriate Story The above work is the copyrighted material of the respective author. I would have to say Bradly had found my itch and scratched it quite well. I woke to see it was dark outside and Bradly sleeping next to me. Someone who I wasn't always tempted to fuck at every slight brush or friendly touch. If I was truthful with myself. Her eyes fluttered open as a shy grin greeted me. I erased the history of the text from his phone and slipped it back into his pants. Her smooth tanned lines were like a sculpture until you got to her amazingly huge breasts. So full and firm.

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