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• PMS Definition:
• PMS - Planned Maintenance System is a Process of
planning, directing, and controlling the preventive
maintenance of all systems, subsystems, and
components within a facility.
• Paper/Software-based system which allows owners or
operators to carry out maintenance in intervals
according to manufacturers and Classification

• To get the best practice in work management for
operation and maintenance by using Enterprise
Asset Management Software which covers:

Productive Value.
• Operational & Maintenance.
• Capital Investment.

• IBM Maximo Asset Management is a computerized
maintenance management system - CMMS - that
support companies in asset intensive industries
increase their return on asset investment while
decreasing their operating costs, including greater
work force efficiency, inventory/material
optimization and lower supplier transaction costs.

. . • Maximo has several modules each module has several applications.Data requirement use various analysis methodologies (failure data and cause effect data).Maximo • Maximo is using ISO 14224 to establish requirements of data system to collect and focus on the two main issues: .Planning to deliver right action.

Maximo .

The Value of Asset Management Reduce downtime Manage risk Maximize output Highest reliability Compliance Framework Maximizing Return on Assets Visibility Lowest cost Comply with Regulations Improve planning & scheduling Retain Knowledge Limited Resources Reduce labor costs Reduce Inventory .



Tools Spare Parts MAINT WO tasks Safety Craft PURCH Costing Assets .

Assets • Any item of economic value owned by an individual or corporation. • We are able to list all Assets with detailed data and code it using naming conventions. especially that which could be converted to cash we used for Operational & Maintenance work. .


Safety Stock: This is the minimum stock balance that you want to have on hand at all times. • Maimo introduces: . Store rooms) • Inventory management: .Reorder Point (ROP): Reorder point is the balance level at which you want your inventory reorder to take place for the given item.Inventory (Items. The actual value will be heavily based on how critical the inventory item is to your operation.Activities employed in maintaining the optimum number or amount of each inventory item. . Tools. . The calculation is a forecast of demand over lead time plus a calculation of safety stock.

Items .

Tools .

Store Rooms .

People .Crafts & Labors • Is to mange your work force based on: .Labors .Craft .Skill Levels .

Crafts & Labors .

Crafts & Labors .

Crafts & Labors .

.Maintenance Planning and Executing • For Planning We have Preventative Maintenance PM which is job plan application and Preventative Maintenance Application. • For Execution we have Work Order Application. .Safety Plans could be assigned to job plans. . • For Managing unplanned Corrective Maintenance CM . spare parts and craft (skill level and task duration).Assign frequency to job plan to be Preventative Maintenance.Plan for Assets using tasks.

Job Plan .

Job Plan .

Preventative Maintenance .

Work Order • Match Work Assignments With Available Laborers • Request for Materials and Services • Report Actuals. • Failure Reporting. .

Work Order .

Work Order .

Work Order .

Work Order .

.Purchasing • Purchase Requisitions Material request for stored items or tools. • Purchase Order Generate PO after handle RFQ and companies list.

Purchase Requisitions .

Purchase Order .

Purchase Order .

• Adapt Inventory cost for Items. . tools and spare parts. • Review all cost history for all assets and related work orders.Cost Management • Control maintenance Management. • Control labor costing after get the best practice to assign labors.

Reports .

KPIs .

. • Ensure that an audit trail exists for each record and process. • Route a record and appropriate instructions to the appropriate individual(s) so that they can act on it. • Ensure that individuals act on records assigned to them in a timely manner.Work Flows ( Business Process Models) Is an electronically reproducing your business processes: • Consistently apply your business practices to Maximo records. • Guide users through their interaction with a record. • Manage the movement of a record through a process from start to finish.

SeenopeX Business Process Cycles as SeenopeX_IMS • Maintenance Management • Show • Service Management • Show • Procurement and Material Management • Show • show .

Analysis & Data Standards Establishment: .Milestones 1. 4. 5. Import Data Collected. 2. 3.Collect technical data . labors and job plans. Analysis Business Process Model.Compare Technical data with actuals .Establish standard for assets. Analysis Reports and KPIs . Maximo System Configuration. spare parts.

SeenopeX Consultancy. IT. Supported Team (SW. Maintenance. . 2. Quality) 3. Strong PMS software.Qualifications 1.

Thank You CMMS Team .