Using established frequencies
to manage your risk
Software for calculating leak frequencies used in onshore and offshore quantitative
risk assessments
LEAK is a software tool for calculating the leak frequencies of equipment, segments, areas and installations from base element data. It comes equipped
with a large database of historical failure frequencies ready for you to use.

LEAK’s output can be used to provide you with
important information on which parts of a plant or
types of equipment are most likely to generate leaks.
It ensures that a frequency assessment of changes to
an installation can be executed quickly and easily. In
addition, sensitivity analysis can be performed efficiently and in a structured manner.

• Improves Safety: An effective way to reduce
your costs and improve safety
• Comprehensive: UK Health and Safety Executive,
Hydrocarbon Release Database
• User Defined Base Type: Discrete and
continuous leak data

• Integration: Reporting to Microsoft® Excel
• Flexibilitity: A living database that can be quickly updated with your corporate or other published data
• User-friendly: Easy-to-do sensitivity analysis
• Accountability: Quality control with an
auditable trail for leak frequencies

The database is a compilation of all hydrocarbon releases from offshore installations in the UK sector of the North Sea since 1992 and is the most comprehensive database available. 500/11-2005 LEAK is based on historical data from the UK Health and Safety Executive.com Fully featured • Established historical database of leak frequency data from reliable sources • Reports include: Input.LEAK DNV Software NO-1322 Høvik. strength assessment. flanges. vessels). offshore and process industries. DNV Software is a market leader in software development of design. and multiply these frequencies by the inventory in your sys- tem.com Find our local office at www. The database has been analysed and filtered to remove reports with partial or invalid data to ensure the quality of the data and your leak frequency calculations. Leak Frequency and Contribution of Base Element Types • Grid data entry for base elements and output categories • Hierarchical defaulting for pressure and gas/liquid fraction inputs • Frequency modification factor DNV Software is the commercial software house of DNV serving more than 3. Norway Tel: +47 67 57 76 50 Fax: +47 67 57 72 72 E-mail: dnv. risk and information management.dnvsoftware. it can involve a large volume of input data and can be laborious. Design: DNVE Graphic Services Printed by Gan 0511-013 To calculate frequencies for events based on historical records you use the historical failure frequencies for leaks of different sizes from different types of equipment.software@dnv. LEAK makes your task much easier and provides you with the database of failure frequencies on which you can build. pipes.g. all operators in the UK sector of the North Sea have been required by law to report hydrocarbon releases. but if your system is complex.000 customers in the marine. Since 1992. Hydrocarbon Release Database. These calculations are simple. . (e.