GlobalMedic  Providing  Innova2ve  Shelter  Solu2ons  

to  Typhoon  Affected  Families
As   the   largest   storm   ever   to   make  
landfall,   Typhoon   Haiyan   le8   the   community  
of  Salvacion,  Tacloban   devastated.  Homes  and  
infrastructure   in   Tacloban   were   damaged   if  
not  en?rely  destroyed,  crops  were  demolished  
and  lives   lost.  With  hundreds  of  thousands  of  
families   le8   homeless   in   the   wake   of   the  
disaster,   the   struggle   to   find   quality,  
affordable   building   materials   posed   a   major  
In   support   of   families   who   lost   their  
h o m e s   a s   a   r e s u l t   o f   t h e   t y p h o o n ,  
GlobalMedic   operated   an   innova?ve   shelter  
project.  By   simply  compac?ng   earth   from   the  
ground,   a  strong,  durable  and  environmentally  
friendly   building   material   was   produced   and  
used  to  construct  new  homes.  

Compressed  Earth  Block  (CEB)  
is   a   powerful   machine   that  

compresses  earth  mixed  with   a  minimal  por?on  
of   concrete   to  produce   blocks  at   a  compressive  
strength   of   1200-­‐2200   PSI   -­‐   surpassing   North  
American   building   codes.   GlobalMedic’s  
Compressed   Earth   Block   (CEB)   project   is  
incredibly   cost-­‐effec?ve,   reducing   the   use   of  
lumber   and  manufactured  bricks,   as   well  as   the  
cost   of   transport   as  the   blocks   were   created   on  

Perhaps  most  importantly,   the  
CEB   project   empowered   disaster  
affected   community   residents.   By  
hiring   local  labourers  to   produce   the  
blocks   and   construct   the   homes,  
GlobalMedic   invested   money   back  
into  the  community.

GlobalMedic  CEB  Housing  Project
• 20  CEB  homes  constructed

• Sustainable

• Safe  shelter  solution  provided

• Cost-­‐effective

In   turn,   the   project   not   only  
provided   sustainable   housing  
solu?ons   but   created   employment,  
strengthened   local  par?cipa?on   and  
supported   the   livelihood   of   the  

• Support  of  local  livelihoods

Local  residents  were   able   to   personally   rebuild  
their  homes  and  those   of  family  and  fellow  community  
members.   GlobalMedic’s   innova?ve   housing   project  
has  empowered  the  community  of  Salvacion   to  recover  
and  thrive  at  a  ?me  when  they  needed  it  most.  
To  view   a  video  of  GlobalMedic’s  CEB  project  
in   the   Philippines,   please   visit:   h>ps://