Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Planning Edition

See if you can figure out how planners are within six
degrees of being connected to actor Kevin Bacon.

How public spaces make
cities work

Amanda Burden helped plan some of NY’s newest
public spaces, drawing on her experience as an animal
Time: 18:28 min
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Social Media for
Paper craft video giving basic strategy for use of
social media by municipalities
Time: 4:23 min
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Conversation with an
A resident has a conversation with a project engineer
about the proposed improvements to her street.
Time: 8:34 min
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Talking to a Planner
Illustrating the kind of problems that arise when we
don't design our processes in a way that facilitate
Time: 2:36 min
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The Stroad
When you combine a street and a road, you get a
STROAD, one of the most dangerous and
unproductive human environments.
Time: 5:15 min
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New York's streets? Not
so mean any more
Janette Sadik-Khan, transportation commissioner of
New York City, shares projects that reshaped street
Time: 14:02 min
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Cities for people: A
lecture by Jan Gehl
Jan Gehl: great observer of urban quality and an
indispensable philosopher of cities as solutions to the
environmental and health crises that we face.
Time: 1:00:41
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How to design
breakthrough inventions
Global firm IDEO incorporates human behavior into
product design -- an innovative approach being
taught at Stanford
Time: 12:40 min
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Virtutes Architectura
Architect Edmund Bacon (Father of Modern
Philadelphia & of Kevin Bacon) uses loads of
wonderful models and diagrams along with
Part 1- 29:20 min
appearances from a variety of architects and
planners describing their roles in the redevelopment
of Philadelphia.
Time: 2:07 min
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Part 2- 28:08 min

Adam Bienenstock on

International expert on natural playscapes and park
designs talks about the importance of collaboration
Time: 1:00 min
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The Art of Hosting - Open
Space Technology
Overview of the self organizing collaborative process
Time: 3:10min
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Leader 3P Project
A look at the use of LEGO in redesigning rural health
Time: 8:30 min
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Stanley King and Susan
Chung at CU ENVD
Finding the sweet spot: engaging youth in the design
dialogue for planning their neighbourhoods
Time: 46:52 min
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Edmund Bacon Skates
Love Park
On October 28, 2002—at age 92—Bacon rode a
skateboard to protest the ban on skateboarding.
Time: 0:44 min
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How To Build a Better
Opposite to the 'top down' concept of urban design
Time: 18:10 min
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The shareable future of
Alex Steffen shows some cool neighborhood-based
green projects that expand our access to things we
want and need
Time: 10:31 min
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Marshall McLuhan - The
World is a Global Village
Seeing the connected world well before it was a
Time: 8:44 min
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Dr Mike’s 23 ½ hours
What is the single best thing we can do for our
community’s health?
Time: 9:18 min
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Remarks from Dan Burden,
Honorary Member, OPPI
Upon receiving his Honorary Membership, Dan takes
a moment to reflect on his work with over 3500
communities (“half way through his journey”)
Time: 2:03 min
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The walkable city

Jeff Speck shows how we can free ourselves from
dependence on the car — which he calls "a gasbelching, time-wasting, life-threatening prosthetic
Time: 16;56 min
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Revisiting Donald
Appleyard's Livable Streets
Explores three studies in "Livable Streets" that
measured, for the first time, the effect of traffic on
our social interactions and how we perceive our own
homes and neighborhoods.
Time: 5:59 min
Web address:

The ghastly tragedy of
the suburbs
In James Howard Kunstler's view, public spaces
should be inspired centers of civic life and the
physical manifestation of the common good.
Time: 19:44 min
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Explore the city they call "the cradle of New
Urbanism" with the man who helped design it 30
years ago, Andrés Duany.
Time: 15:35 min
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Retrofitting suburbia
The big design and development project of the next
50 years is going to be retrofitting suburbia
Time: 19:23 min
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A new vision for
rebuilding Detroit
City planner Toni Griffin asks us to imagine an
entrepreneurial future for the city's 700,000 residents
Time: 11:48 min
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Curbside Chat
Strongtowns Trailer
Time: 20:51 min
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Jane Jacobs on urban
design - circa 1969
Jane Jacobs comments on late 1960s Toronto and
Montreal on how they have been planned and built,
while condemning major highways planned for GTO
Time: 11:20 min
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Westbank Salon Series Larry Beasley (April 15, 2014)
Why great design and architecture should be the
standard, affordability and accessibility, and how to
build better, smarter cities with the help of visionary
planners, developers and designers
Time: 2:09:44
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Brilliant designs to fit
more people in every city
How can we fit more people into cities without
Time: 16:41 min
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How the Dutch got their
cycle paths
The Netherlands is well known for its excellent
cycling infrastructure. How did the Dutch get this
network of bicycle paths?
Time: 6:29 min
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A song of the city
Jaime Lerner reinvented urban space in his native
Curitiba, Brazil. Along the way, he changed the way
city planners worldwide see what’s possible in the
metropolitan landscape
Time: 15:36 min
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How food shapes our

Architect Carolyn Steel discusses the daily miracle of
feeding a city, and shows how ancient food routes
shaped the modern world.
Time: 15:40 min
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Powers of Ten
Ray and Charles Eames’ film on the relative size of
Time: 9:02 min
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Dan Burden On Great
Responsibility and Future
for Planners
Dan Burden, Honorary OPPI Member, speaks about
the great responsibility the planning profession holds
and where it might be headed in the future.
Time: 1:03 min
Web address:

Keynote Speaker Richard
Saul Wurman
Richard Saul Wurman, founder of TED, talks about
the 19, 20, 21 vision.
Time: 40:40 min
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The First Four Seasons
The Center for Outdoor Living Design (COLD) is an
ongoing initiative dedicated to improving livability in
cold weather cities by inspiring artists, architects,
and urban designers
Time: 3:43 min
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Disney’s Magic Highway
A look into the future past.
Time: 8:47 min
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Mythbusters Test
The Mythbusters take on roundabouts
Time: 10:11 min
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