Federalist Speech

As a Federalist, I believe the Constitution will give create a strong enough central
government while still giving the American citizens the power to influence the changes in
the country. The Federalist idea of ratifying the Constitution will help to bring peace to
the conutry and satisfy all states. The Anti- Federalist are mistaken by the purpose of the
Constistution. They beleive it will be taking away the rights of the people, but the
Constitution will do no such thing.
In Federalist No. 10, James Madison explains that operating a country based off
of the ideals of a few people is not a democracy. Only by creating a large republic, as the
Constituion would, creates a government where the majority of the people are heard. By
allowing the people to elect their representatives, the Constitution creates a diverse
goverment with the voice of all the people rather than the personal opinions of a few.
Again in Federalist No. 39, Madison expresses the Constitution's role in creating a
government run by the people. He explains that the Constitution's idea of a republic and
the ancient Roman's idea of a republic are different and that there is no need for the
American people to worry about the fall of the government. Madison further explains
what a republic needs to thrive: the consent of the people, representatives elected by the
people to run government, service of those representatives limited by time, good
behavior, and favor of the voters.
In both these articles, Madison's quotes reveal the truth of the Constitution. He
reassures the American that the government will not fail them like many others started in
the past by other countries. Madison's quotes also explains to the people that they will
have the ultimate say in the running of the country. His quotes express the ideals of a
stronger central government run by the people with the people's best interest in mind.
This is a true Federalist ideal which is why I strongly agree with James Madison.
I believe this country needs a stronger central government than what was provided
under the Aritcles of Confederation. The Constitution will provide just that while still
provide the cititzens with tthe ability to have their opinions and concerns voiced in the
governement. Much thought and planning has gone into the making of the Constitution. It
is created in such a way that it will provide the American people with a strong
governement that will not deteriorate with time. It will remain strong in serving the
American people following it own statement to create a government run for the people
and by the people.