Technique: Skimming

Skimming is a fast reading technique to get a general idea of what the
text is about.
 Read the title, subtitles and subheadings
 Look at the illustrations to give you further information about the
 Jump from paragraph to paragraph, don’t try to understand every
Technique: Scanning
Scanning is the method to use when you need to search a passage
quickly to locate the specific information you need to answer each
 Understand only enough to answer the question: Is it what I am
looking for or not?
 Don’t try to read every word. Instead let you eyes move quickly
across the page until you find what you are looking for.
Literacy (n) ≠ illiteracy (n)
Literate (a) ≠ illiterate (a)
Ironic (a) – Irony (n)
Overlook (v)
Significant (a)
Significance (n)
Statistics (n)– Statistical (a) – statistician (n)
Millennium (n)

The United Nation General Assembly (n) Reading: Why ironing shirts is better than working out Vigor (n) – Vigorous (a) Diabetes (n) diabetic (a) Outfit (n) Intense (a) Intensive (a) – intensity (n) Hypertension (n) – hypertensive (a) (to) deal with sb (v) (to) deal with sth (v) Digestion (n) – digest (v) Reading: Earthquakes Tsunami (n) Landslide (n) Epicenter (n) Vibration (n) – vibrate (v) Contraction (n) ≠ Expansion (n) Destroy (v) – Destruction (n) – Destructive (a) Seismograph (n) – seismography (n) – seismologist (n) Magnitude (n) Record (n) – record (v) The former (n) ≠ the latter (n) Alleviate (v) – alleviation (n) Reading: Personal Communication in the Age of the Internet .

phr.Swift (a) Pessimist (n) ≠ optimist (n) Pessimistic (a) ≠ optimistic (a) Succinct (a) – succinctness (n) Anonymous (a) – anonymity (n) With a view to doing sth (prep.) (to) gnaw at sth (to) gaze at sb/sth Isolation (n) to be isolated from (v) Reading: Location is everything Adequate (a) ≠ inadequate (a) Adequacy (n) ≠ inadequacy (n) Dominate (v) – domination (n) (to) play a role (v) Flourish (v) # Prosper (v) Fertile (a) – fertility (n) – fertilizer (n) Stone (n) spices (n) silk (n) ivory (n) wool (n) wealthy (a) Wealth (n) .

meteorological (a) – meteorologist (n) Climate (n) – climatic (a) – climatologist (n) Mediterranean (a) Desert (n) – desertification (n) Service workers are the happiest staf  Satisfaction (n) – be satisfied with sth : hài lòng  Supervise (v) – supervisor (n.person) – supervision (v): giám sát  Solicitor (n): cố vấn  Potential (n): tiềm năng  Explain (v) – explanation (n) : giải thích  Perk (n): tiền thù lao hưởng thêm .Invade (v) Invader (n) Invasion (n) Irrigate (v) Irrigation (n) Reading: Deserts on Our Doorstep Erode (v) – erosion (n) Evaporate (v) – evaporation (n) Prevalent (a) Meteorology (n).

v): tràn lên.ích kỷ. ngụ ý  Intervene (v) – intervention (n): can thiệp  Restrict (v) – restriction (n): hạn chế  Plausible (a) – plausibility (n)  Adulteration (n) – adulterate (v) – adulterant (a): làm giả Volunteering: enriching others and helping oneself  Criterion (n) – Criteria (n): tiêu chí  Selfless (a) – self-interested (a): không ích kỷ . Register (v) – registration (n): đăng kí  Dismal (a) – dismalness (n): ảm đạm Childhood obesity goes global  Epidemic (n) – epidemical (a) – epidemically (adv): dịch bệnh  Catch up (v): bắt kịp  Lag behind (v): tụt hậu  Starch (n): tinh bột  Surge (n. tăng lên  Doughnut (n): bánh ngọt hình tròn  Ingest (v) – ingestion (n) – ingestive (a): đưa thức ăn vào bụng The world’s expanding waistline  Dilemma (n): tình thế khó khăn  Implication (n) – implicate (v): dình líu.vụ lợi  Volunteer (n/v) – voluntary (a): tinhg nguyện  Coercion (n) – coercer (n) –coercive (a) – coerce (v): ép buộc  Income (n): thu nhập .

 Qualification (n): bằng cấp .