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Erica Jackofsky • Fiddle Knits Designs • Simply Striped Shrug

Simply Striped Shrug

This simple striped shrug is pure comfort knitting. The thick and thin texture of Billow yarn looks great in
stockinette. Thin stripes of two similar colors combined with the yarn’s texture gives the main body of the shrug a
slightly tweedy appearance.
Because Billow is a 100% cotton yarn this shrug has the appeal of a nice cozy, chunky knit without being too
warm to wear indoors or as Spring approaches.
The pattern is written in four standard sizes with instructions for customizing your fit.
1 skein each of Tea Rose and Ice Lily (or your two main body colors) will allow you to knit up to a 12” upper arm
circumference in sizes small to x-large. To knit a wider armhole you’ll need another skein of each. If using only
one color for the main body of the shrug (instead of striping) purchase 2 skeins for up to 12” and another skein for
wider armholes. (Remember you’ll still need a skein for the ribbing as well!)
Finished Sizes
Small (Medium, Large, X-Large)
Width (crossback) measurement: 24 (25, 26, 26)”
Length (minus ribbing): 10 (11.5, 12, 13.5)”

US 7 / 4.5mm circular needles 24” or longer
US 7 / 4.5mm dpns
Adjust needle size to obtain correct gauge.

Knit Picks, Billow
[100% cotton; 120 yds; 100 g; bulky weight]
1 (1, 1, 1) skein Gosling (Color A),
1 (1, 1, 2) skeins Ice Lily (Color B),
1 (1, 1, 2) skeins Tea Rose (Color C).

16 sts & 22 rows = 4” in 2x2 ribbing
12 sts & 21 rows = 4” in stockinette stitch
Tapestry needle for weaving ends

Erica Jackofsky • Fiddle Knits Designs •

The RS of your piece should now be facing you. (I would then make my cast on 102 stitches. Make sure it’s a number divisible by 4 + 2 extra stitches for symmetry. Next have someone measure across your back from the shoulder to shoulder. rep from * to end. 36. p2. rep from * to end. Join Color A and knit 1 row. (So I have 17 + 8 = 25 x 4 = 100. however. Sale of items made from pattern is not permitted . To accomplish this you will need to be working on circular needles. 106. WS 2: Purl with Color C. cast on 98 (102. *k2. Stripes In the next section you will be working two right side (RS) rows followed by 2 wrong side (WS) rows in order to create slim. rep from * to end. one-row stripes of color. rep from * to Pattern is for personal use only.FiddleKnits.) Pull needle to the left & prepare for another WS row. Sew the side (3” edge) of ribbing together. p2. Have someone measure around your upper arm just below your armpit. *p2. *k2. or work up to an inch longer for a more relaxed fit. p2. (For me this number is 17. knit a swatch and make sure you’re getting gauge (4 sts per inch). Turn work. Using dpns and Color B. RS 1: Join Color B and knit 1 row.This design is written in four standard sizes. *p2. First. 2 x 2 Ribbing You will have ended having just knit a WS 2 row. pick up 30 (35. (RS is still facing you. Cut Colors B & C leaving a tail long enough to weave in. RS 2: Join Color C and knit 1 row. *k2. Knit 1 rnd. Row 2 (WS): P2. 106) sts. Next Row (WS): P2.5. 2 x 2 Ribbing Row 1 (RS): K2. k2. (WS is now facing you. Repeat these 2 rows until ribbing measures 3” Bind off using k2tog stretchy bind off or sewn bind off (see Stitch Guide). Cut yarn (leave a tail long enough to weave in).5)” or desired length for upper arm circumference. Row 2 (WS): P2. Bind off using k2tog stretchy bind off (see Stitch Guide). Repeat these 2 rows for 3” End having just worked a WS row. k2. Take the resulting number and multiply it by your stitches per inch gauge. Leave the striped section open for armholes.) The cast on number corresponds to the finished width measurement. You will want to knit to this number for your length.) WS 1: Purl with Color B. Page 2 • www.) Pull needle to the left & prepare for another RS row. Row 1 (RS): K2. you can easily customize it to fit your unique measurements with some simple math. Erica Jackofsky • Fiddle Knits Designs • Simply Striped Shrug The Pattern With Color A. (RS is now facing you. Your finished upper arm circumference will be determined by the length of the piece you knit (minus the ribbing).) Add 8 inches to this measurement (4 inches for each sleeve). Do not turn work. Do not turn work (WS is still facing you. Turn work. Do not reproduce. 41) sts evenly spaced around armhole. 13.) The final number is the amount of stitches you should cast on. 12. rep from * to end. Finishing Lay piece on a flat surface and fold so that edges of ribbing meet.) The stripe pattern continues as follows: RS 1: Knit Color B RS 2: Knit Color C WS 1: Purl Color B WS 2: Purl Color C Repeat these 4 rows until piece is 10 (11.

*k2. *p2. Fasten off last stitch. Pull yarn through and remove first st from needle. Continue working these two rows until desired length. Step 2: Insert tapestry needle knitwise through first st on left needle. 1 stitch remains on right needle. One stitch bound off. repeat from * until all sts have been bound off. K2tog Stretchy Bind Off Knit 2. Simply Striped Shrug Design Copyright Erica Jackofsky • Fiddle Knits Designs All Rights Reserved • February 2013 For more information contact: Erica@FiddleKnits. *Repeat steps 1 & 2 until all sts have been bound off. p2. purl 2 ribbing (see Stitch Guide) Knit Purl Repeat Right side Stitch(es) Wrong side Erica Jackofsky • Fiddle Knits Designs • Simply Striped Shrug Stitch Guide 2 x 2 Ribbing – multiple of 4 + 2 RS: K2.Abbreviations [] * 2x2 K P Rep RS St(s) WS Repeat instructions within as specified Indicated a repeat in pattern Knit 2. *place 2 stitches back on left needle and knit together through back loop. rep from * to Photos: Erica Jackofsky Page 3 • www. WS: Pattern is for personal use only.FiddleKnits. Sewn Bind Off Cut yarn at least 3 times longer than circumference of garment. Step 1: Insert tapestry needle & pull yarn through first 2 sts on left needle as if to purl. Knit 1. Sale of items made from pattern is not permitted . k2. rep from * to end. Thread with a tapestry needle. Do not reproduce.