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Postal Customer

219 Church St., Kohler, WI 53044


JANUARY 15, 2015 | 920-331-4904

Sixty five Kohler alumni recognized at basketball anniversary
Sixty five former Kohler high
School athletes, cheerleaders,
coaches, and managers from
Kohler’s nine state basketball tournament teams (since 1950) turned
out to celebrate 100 years of WIAA
boys basketball at Kohler, and 40
years of Kohler girls basketball.
Kohler fans packed the stands to
see members of tournament teams
from 1950, ‘56, ‘72, ‘76, ‘80, ‘82
(boys’ and girls’ teams), ‘83 and
‘99 honored during the half-time of
the varsity boys basketball game.
Attendees included: 1950 team:
Neil Mueller and Roger Strenger.
1956 team: Jim Boerner, Ken
Schmeling, and Bill Strenger. 1972

team: Dave Hammer, John Keller,
John Rademacher, and Coach
Bruce Erickson. 1976 team: Rob
Gier, Jeff Strenger, Dennis Weeden, Bob Weeden , Jeff Wolf,
cheerleader Tammy Mueller,
Coaches Bruce Erickson, and Kay
Frostman representing Coaches
Ted and Brian Frostman. 1980
team: Doug Bocchini, Tim Collins,
Paul Prange, Curt Scheppmann,
cheerleaders Kathi Fowler and
Martha Fricke, Coaches Dan Buhr
and Larry Kampman. 1982 girls
team: Diane Arndt, Janine Capelle,
Sarah Progar, Kris Strenger, Sandy
Swanson, Pam Usadel, Beth Wells,
and Coach Len Hucke. 1982 boys

team: Tom Biwan, Mike Daoust,
Pat Gallagher, Robert Horneck,
Curt Mauer, Mike Schmeling,
Jason Unger, Mark Zimmermann,
cheerleaders Chris Kometer and
Kathy Stevens, and Coach Larry
Kampman. 1983 team: Mike
Daoust, Robert Horneck, Mike
Multer, Mike Schmeling, Jason
Unger, Mark Zimmermann, and
Coach Larry Kampman. 1999
team: Paul Gordon, Greg Gottsacker, Tim Gumm, Kevin Jensen,
Casey Maki, Zach Pethan, Dan
Robbins, Mark Schumacher, Managers Charlie Simon and Christian
Wolf, and Coaches Larry Kampman, Ken Roeder, and Jeff Wolf.

– Photo by The Kohler Villager

1982 girls basketball team: Janine Capelle, Pam Usadel, Kris Strenger, Len “The
Legend” Hucke, Sandy Swanson, Beth Wells, Sara Progar, Diane Arndt.

1972 team: John Rademacher, John Keller, and Dave Hammer, 1956 team Bill Strenger, Ken Schmeling, Jim Boerner,
– Photo by John Wheeler
1950 team Roger Strenger, Neil Mueller.

Members of the 1980 team, Doug Bocchini, Curt Scheppmann, Tim Collins, Paul
– Photo by The Kohler Villager

New winter events at Destination Kohler
Wisconsin Food Favorites

Eat Wisconsin! The Kitchens of
Kohler chefs celebrate Wisconsin’s edible delights at the new
Wisconsin Food Favorites weekend on January 23 and 24. The festivities begin with a spin on the
Friday Night fish fry with a local
flare‚ featuring specialty fish of
the Great Lakes. The delicious
weekend continues with cooking
demonstrations and samplings of
favorite Wisconsin food and drink
featuring maple syrup with Meuer
Farms (Chilton); jams and jellies

by Bertram’s (Sheboygan); and a
variety of local cheese‚ craft beer
and cocktails including the state’s
signature drink‚ The Old Fashioned‚ recreated by Death’s Door

Spirits (Washington Island/Middleton). Wisconsin Food Favorites
a la carte tickets are on sale at
w w w. K O H L E R a t H o m e . c o m
priced from $24 to $40.

– Photos courtesy of Kohler Co.

Extreme Bloody Mary
brunch and cooking
Where: Blackwolf Run
When: Saturday, January 31 from
10:00 a.m. to Noon
Cost: $65 per person inclusive
An interactive brunch experience showcasing the famous “Wisconsin Bloody Mary Brunch in a
glass.” Attendees will have the opportunity to build their own
Bloody Mary utilizing an array of
specialty spirits and “garnishes.”
Blackwolf Run Chef Paul Smitala,
Food and Beverage Manager Tom
McGinty and Whistling Straits
Chef Dan Dries will demonstrate a
unique twist on Kohler brunch favorites highlighting local and seasonal
Dumplings, Fresh Fruit Salad with
Homemade Granola, Baked Avocado with Egg, Chicken and Waffles, Zucchini Artichoke and
Potato Pancakes. A variety of
Bloody Mary styles will be offered

– Photos courtesy of Kohler Co.

and condiments include: pickled
vegetables, brats, bacon, beef
sticks, cheese curds, sirloin, celery,
shrimp, olives and pickles. Signature Screwdrivers also available.
Limited seating, to make a reservation please call 920-803-3286.

JANUARY 15, 2015




Kohler Police Athletic League (KPAL)

Sunday, February 15, 2015
11:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sheboygan County’s premier early learning
program and facility.

Kohler Fire House, (Highland Drive, Kohler)

Half Day Program; Full Day Program for working parents.
Ages 2 - 7

Brats, burgers, chicken sandwiches, potato salad, beans,
desserts, drinks, raffles and door prizes. Carryouts available
Each ticket is good for $1 in trade for food or beverage.
Each ticket will be entered for a chance to win a door prize.


Please watch for your neighbor members and youth who will be selling tickets door-to-door
and at various other locations. (Raffle tickets will also be available for purchase at the event).
Proceeds go toward KPAL Kohler youth programs
For information or tickets call Bill Rutten at (920) 208-1021 or Jim Tesmer at (920) 457-4722

Diane Gorychka

Jeff Romanoski

Bill Erbstoesser
e-Commerce Director

Sales Manager

800-459-6840 Cell 920-254-9065

800-459-6840 Cell 920-918-0352

3 Dealerships, 2 Locations, 1 Goal to be Your Dealer

Licensed Teacher Pre-K - 8th grade & Principal - WI DPI
Diploma - Association Montessori Internationale
Tel. (920) 459-7677
3103 WeHden Creek Road, Sheboygan WI





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`Ē |ĤĤļĒŶ¼® ›ļ¼®êŒĪ Ī .ĉ›ùş®¼ń |ùù êĉ›¼ĉŒêŶ¼ń |ĉ® ļ¼|Œ¼ńĪ `|Ź© ŒêŒù¼© ù꛼ĉń¼ |ĉ® ϼ¼ń ¼ŹŒļ|Ī

`Ē |ĤĤļĒŶ¼® ›ļ¼®êŒĪ .ĉ›ùş®¼ń |ùù êĉ›¼ĉŒêŶ¼ń |ĉ® ļ¼|Œ¼ńĪ `|Ź© ŒêŒù¼© ù꛼ĉń¼ |ĉ® ϼ¼ń ¼ŹŒļ|Ī

JANUARY 15, 2015


The Furniture
Store as
Large as a
Football Field

The Gibson Girls Estate Sales
A Fabulous Sale
In a 6000 sq. ft.
Georgian home near
Lake Michigan!

Over 40 mattresses
on display.
Almost 1,000 different
fabric choices for your
Flexsteel furniture.

1328 North 3rd Street - Sheboygan
• Thursday & Friday, January 15-16 2 – 6 pm
• Saturday & Sunday, January 17-18 10 am – 5 pm
AND the Following Weekend:
• Saturday & Sunday, January 24-25 10 am – 5 pm
• Monday, January 26
10 am – 1 pm

The most highly recommended bed in America


This sale includes high-end furnishings, everything for
entertaining, China and barware, exquisite paintings and
prints, books, and clothes. This is a HUGE household
overflowing with quality merchandise!

LIKE us on facebook for current updates on our sales.
For more information at 920-457-6551 bus. or 920-946-0089 cell.

2133 Eastern Ave. Plymouth, WI


Things women
love to hear:
Join us at KACIA for our debut

“60-60” Winter
Sale Night

Thursday, January 22
6:00-7:00 pm 7:00-8:30 pm
60% OFF 50% OFF
select winter

select winter


See the complete ad and 190 photos on our web site

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 8 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 5 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm



The moving sale of Dr John and Jennifer Keller



at the Shops at Woodlake

795 F Woodlake Rd, Kohler, WI 53044


Village Realty & Development is pleased
to announce our newest Sales Associate

John Brigham
Jim Schermetzler

Mike Daniels

Kathy Nonhof

Brian Homiston

Terri Stewart

Meg Trager

Fred Stone

John Brigham

Village Realty & Development Brokerage, Inc.
The Shops at Woodlake Kohler
795B Woodlake Road
Kohler, WI 53044
(920) 457-1075 or toll free (800) 351-4371

3105 N 13th St, Sheboygan

• 3 Bedroom, 1.5 bath Ranch Priced to Sell
• Nice sized living areas
• Cute dinette area and updated kitchen
• Full 2 car attached garage
• Wonderful neighborhood
• Walking distance to schools and shopping
#3874 $89,900
Kathy Nonhof 254-4784

520 River Oaks Dr., Sheboygan Falls

• Mint condition, quality workmanship
• 3+ Bedrooms, 4 bath areas, many new updates
• New roof, garage door, patio door and carpeting
• Family room with fireplace and bookcases
• Crown molding, zoned heat, cathedral ceiling
• Fabulous lower rec room w/surround sound
• Play sized back yard, deck, 2.5 car garage
#3855 $247,000
Kathy Nonhof 254-4784

429 Church St, Kohler

• 3 bedrooms, full bath with jetted tub and shower
• Sun filled family room with cathedral ceilings
• New roof in 2013, All new mechanicals
• Conveniently located adjacent to Kohler Schools
• Close to American Club and Kohler Water Spa
• Broker Owned

525 Pine Tree Rd, Kohler

The Service you expect, and the Excellence you deserve!
Raised in a ‘Real Estate Family’, John is not new to real
estate sales and comes to Village Realty and Development from a family owned firm; a lifelong resident of
Northeastern Wisconsin John and his wife Nikki reside in Kohler with
their 3 children. John is a graduate of Chamberlain College of Nursing
with a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing and now pursues real estate full time. He has been involved in emergency medical services for 15
years and continues to serve the community as a member of the local fire
department. John looks forward to assisting with your real
estate needs in the Sheboygan area and beyond.

435 Hill St., Kohler

1954 N 6th St., Sheboygan

• Close to Lake Michigan, Parks, and Schools
• Beautiful foyer and arched entryways
• Hardwood floors, tile, crown molding
• 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths
• Spacious master bedroom w/full bath
• Large living room with fireplace
• 2 Car Att. Garage, patio, fenced-in yard

• Well Maintained with character & charm
• Oversized living room, 1st floor den
• Family room addition with bay window
• 3 large bedrooms, good closet space
• Over 1800 Sq Ft, Quaint reading nook
• Shared driveway but has it’s own 2 car garage

• Outstanding value in Kohler
• Move-in Ready, Picture perfect in every detail
• 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 baths, many recent upgrades
• Living room bay window, built-in hutch & bookshelf
• Lower partially finished rec room and office
• Outstanding landscape, priced below comparables

#3870 $179,900
Jim Schermetzler 254-0861

#3862 $168,900
Jim Schermetzler 912-1982

#3850 $148,675
Fred Stone 980-1370

#3866 $199,900
Meg Trager 207-9228

3912 High Cliff Ct., Sheboygan

W5910 Sumac Rd, Plymouth

239 Settlers Trail, Sheboygan Falls

4925 Dennwood Dr, Sheboygan

• Great country setting but right in the city
• 1 acre lot close to Pigeon River
• 2 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, two fireplaces
• Main Level Family Room, large rooms
• Lower Level walk-out Family room
• Great floor plan, quality extras
#3833 $249,000
Mike Daniels 946-0034

• Beautiful quality built home on 10.45 acres
• Nicely landscaped, pond-fish stocked and sandy
• Living room & family room with fireplaces
• 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, office, deck & patio
• Lower rec room and wet bar
• Out buildings, horses permitted
#3860 $449,900
Brian Homiston 889-9439

• Set on The Bull with spectacular views
• Great room with vaulted ceiling & skylights
• Two way fireplace, kitchen with SS appliances
• 3 Bedrooms, 2 full and 2 half baths, bonus room
• Special lower level entertainment center with bar
• Sunroom with hot tub, upper balcony
• Beautiful patio with outdoor kitchen
#3859 $895,000
Mike Daniels 946-0034

• Sprawling home, Lake views from every room
• 2.5 acres on the bluff of Lake Michigan
• Over 6,150 sq ft of living/entertaining space
• Private master bedroom suite
• Indoor pool, sauna, library room
• Four fireplaces, flagstone floors
#3871 $950,000
Terri Stewart 912-4303



JANUARY 15, 2015




Wade House helps Road America offers motor coach
“bundle up” those service to the Chicago Auto Show
in need this winter and International Motorcycle Show
ELKHART LAKE, Wis., (Jan. 7,
2015) – If you are interested in
going to the Chicago Auto Show
or International Motorcycle Show
this February but not interested in
dealing with the traffic jams and
parking hassles, Road America is
again offering direct motor coach
service to the Chicago Auto Show
and International Motorcycle
Anyone interested in the
Chicago Auto Show can book
tickets for February 16, February

Wade House accepted more than 313 items, which will all be used to keep Wisconsin residents warm this winter.
– Photos by Old Wade House

Wade House historic site in
Greenbush participated in the
Tourism's “The Big Bundle Up”
charity campaign that collects
warm winter items for those in
need across Wisconsin. From midNovember through January 2,
Sheboygan and Fond du Lac
County residents dropped off new
and gently used coats, sweaters,
hats, mittens and other warm
clothing at Wade House.
During the seven-week collection period, Wade House accepted
more than 313 items, which will
all be used to help keep Wisconsin
residents warm this winter. Coats,
sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens,
and other warm clothing were collected.
Amidst the new and gently used
donated items was a wonderful assemblage of hand-knit winter gear
from a donor in Plymouth. Once
again this year, she spent hours
knitting brightly colored hats,
scarves and mittens for the charity
campaign. The 79 hand-knit items
were delivered with a note that
stated: “Last year it was my pleas-

ure to donate knit items to your
‘Bundle Up’ campaign, and I am
so pleased to be able to contribute
again this year with numerous
mittens and caps – it gives me a
nice warm feeling!”
Another community member,
Debbi Sippel, was also inspired to
help outfit the less fortunate in
winter wear. She and her colleagues at the Kohler Co. along
with the Tri-County Sportswomen
Club collected and donated more
than 60 items to the campaign,
which included several coats for
women and children, many sets of
warm gloves, multiple cozy
scarves and numerous winter hats.
All winter gear donated at Wade
House has been given to Safe Harbor and Bridgeway House in Sheboygan and Solutions Center and
Support Services in Fond du Lac.
Wade House historic site is one
of 12 Wisconsin Historical Society historic sites and museums.
For more information, please call

18 and February 20. For just $50,
Chicago Auto Show riders get admission to the Chicago Auto Show
and convenient round-trip service
from locations located along Interstate 43 including: Manitowoc,
Sheboygan, Cedarburg, Milwaukee and Racine.
Two-wheel enthusiasts can book
tickets for $45 to catch the motor
coach tour bus to the IMS Motorcycle Show in Rosemont on February 14 only. Riders get
admission to the International Mo-



The Kohler Company along with the
Tri-County Sportswomen Club collected and
donated more than 60 items to the campaign,
which included several coats for women and
children, many sets of warm gloves, multiple
cozy throws and numerous winter hats.
Greenbush resident Laurelle Lubotsky
donated 75 coats to the “Big Bundle Up.”
Amidst the new
and gently used
donated items
was a wonderful
assemblage of
hand-knit winter
gear from a donor
in Plymouth. She
spent hours knitting brightly colored hats,
scarves and mittens for "The Big
Bundle Up" charity campaign.


torcycle Show and convenient
round-trip service from the same
convenient locations as the
Chicago Auto Show motor coach.
Billed as the largest motorcycle
show tour in the world, IMS is the
best place to experience the latest
in gear, aftermarket parts and accessories, see the all-new models
from major manufacturers, enjoy
rider seminars at the main stage
and much more!
During each day of service, the
motor coach will depart from the
following pick up points for the
trip to Chicago between 6:00 and
11:00 a.m. Return trips to Wisconsin will depart at 4:00 p.m. sharp
with anticipated return arrivals between 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. So
this year, spend less time sitting in
traffic, and more time enjoying the
Chicago Auto Show and International Motorcycle Show on behalf
of your friends at Road America.
For more information on the
Road America Motor Coach Day
Trips, and to reserve your spot,
visit or call
800/365-7223. Small coolers are
allowed on board. No carry-ins at
the show allowed and all bags are
subject to search. Visa, MasterCard
and Discover accepted.
About Road America: Established in 1955 as the first permanent road racing course in the
United States, Road America is located midway between Milwaukee
and Green Bay in Elkhart Lake,
Wisconsin. The track is celebrating
its 60th Anniversary in 2015. The
world’s best racers have competed
at this legendary four-mile, 14-turn
road circuit for over 59 years. The
640-acre, park-like grounds offer
amazing viewing opportunities,
fantastic concessions and highspeed excitement to hundreds of
thousands of spectators each year.
In addition to public race weekends, Road America offers a variety of group event programs, the
Road America Motorplex for karting and supermoto, and the Road
America Motorcycle and Advanced Driving Schools. For more
information, visit Follow Road America on
and on Twitter: @roadamerica or
call 800-365-7223.

KPAL members selling tickets for annual brat
fry to be held February 15
The Kohler Police Athletic
League (KPAL) will be selling
tickets for its annual brat fry to be
held Sunday, February 15 from
11:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. at the
Kohler Village Fire House. Each
ticket is good for $1.00 in trade for
food or beverage at the brat fry
(carry-outs available).
Brats, burgers, chicken sand-

wiches, potato salad, beans,
desserts, and drinks will be
Each ticket purchased will be
entered for a chance to win a door
prize. The first place prize is a
$250 Kohler gift card, with many
other prizes available to win. Proceeds from the event go toward
KPAL Kohler youth programs.

Please watch for your neighborhood members and youth who will
be selling food/beverage tickets
door-to-door and at various other
locations for this important event.
If you are not contacted by a
KPAL member, call Bill Rutten at
(920) 208-1021 or Jim Tesmer at
(920) 457-4722.

JANUARY 15, 2015





Catherine Delahunt announces
candidacy for Sheboygan
Circuit Court


Won’t seek re-election for
municipal court judge position
See me for all your protection needs.

Sue Breitbach Fenn Agency
American Star Certified Agency
Excellence In Customer Experience
(920) 457-1950

American Family Mutual Insurance Company,
American Family Insurance Company
6000 American Parkway, Madison, WI 53783 ©2014 009345 –9/14

Bomber Basketball Club
Raffle calendar winner
for December 2014

Sharon Kometer
Liesl Schneider
Wayne Hogue
Shelly Cieszynski
Bomber Basketball Club
Shakira Wery
John Renzelmann
Jeff Cheney
Sean Girdaukis
Beth and Tom Schueller
Pete Schueller
Tammy Ditter
Russ Ruelle
Sunny Brusse
Bomber Basketball Club
Julie North
Julie Boyer
Kay Poth
Theresa Andrews
Lisa Halverson
Nikki Chevalier
Bridgitt Zielke
Gary Dietzo
Ann Reinbacher
Randy Rau
William DeAmico
Bob Thorpe
Nugent Family
Sloan Family
Bob Milanowski
John Weber

Kohler, WI
Kohler, WI
Plymouth, WI
Kohler, WI
Sheboygan, WI
Sheboygan Falls, WI
Sheboygan, WI
Sheboygan, WI
Kohler, WI
Kohler, WI
Fond du Lac, WI
Kohler, WI
Kohler, WI
Green Bay, WI
Kohler, WI
Sheboygan, WI
Kohler, WI
Cassville, WI
Appleton, WI
Kohler, WI
Kohler, WI
Kohler, WI
Sheboygan Falls, WI
Kohler, WI
Kohler, WI
Kohler, WI
Kohler, WI
Fond du Lac, WI
Sheboygan, WI


Press release submitted by the
Delahunt campaign
Judge Catherine Q. Delahunt, the
current Multi-Jurisdictional Municipal Judge for the City of Sheboygan and Village of Kohler, has
announced that she will be a candidate for the Sheboygan County Circuit Court Branch 4.
Delahunt is running for the judgeship currently held by Judge Terrence T. Bourke, who has filed his
notification of non-candidacy.
Judge Delahunt has been approved
by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board for placement on
the ballot for the 2015 spring election.
Delahunt said she is running because she has the background and a
proven sense of justice that makes
her qualified for the position. “I
have the experience, integrity and
temperament to be an effective circuit court judge,” Delahunt said.
“I’m running because I love this
community and I am committed to
justice for all Sheboygan County
“Anyone who knows my record
as Municipal Court Judge knows
that I hold people accountable for
their actions in our community,” she
said. “After presiding over thousands of cases for the past eight
years, I know that when people are
held accountable, they willingly
change to conform their behavior to
the expectations of the community.
I am deliberate and decisive in my
rulings and am committed to equal
justice under the law.”
Delahunt also announced that she
will not seek re-election to her position as Municipal Court Judge.
Delahunt has been endorsed by over
200 citizens and continues to receive endorsements daily. To ensure
the integrity and independence of
the judiciary and to abide by
Supreme Court Rules 6.02, 6.03,
and 6.06, Delahunt will not accept
endorsement from law enforcement
personnel or lawyers who regularly
appear before the Circuit Court. Delahunt is committed to making sure
that those who appear before the
Court believe the Judge is impartial
and has avoided all appearance of
impropriety. “It is difficult for a person involved in a legal proceeding
to believe they will receive justice
if the opposing side endorsed or
contributed financially to the election of the judge.”
In addition to her duties as Municipal Judge, Delahunt is the principal of Delahunt Law Offices in
Kohler. She received her law license in 1986 and has experience
practicing in Wisconsin and Illinois
State Municipal, Circuit, Appellate,

and Supreme Courts, as well
past Secretary/Treasurer of
as Federal Courts. She began
the Sheboygan County Bar
her law practice as an AssisAssociation; and a National
tant State’s Attorney in Cook
Ski Patroller and Outdoor
County Illinois, and then pracEmergency Care Technician
ticed with the Milwaukee law
for Heiliger Huegel ski hill.
firms of Crivello Carlson; and
She is a member of the WisGonzalez, Saggio and Harlan.
consin Municipal Judges AsDelahunt was appointed Judge
sociation; the Criminal Justice
in 2006 by the City of SheAdvisory Committee; the
boygan and Village of Kohler Catherine Delahunt
Ozaukee County Bar Associ– Photo: Erika Humke
at which time she established
ation; the Association for
all policies and procedures for the
Women Lawyers; and Women in ManSheboygan/Kohler Municipal Court; she agement, Sheboygan Chapter.
has earned re-election three times.
She is married to Kevin Delahunt and
Delahunt enjoys being active in the has five children.
community as a volunteer for numerous
“I have deep roots in this community,”
organizations and serves as the President Delahunt said. “My husband and I chose
Elect of the Sheboygan Downtown Ro- to raise our family here, and I am comtary Club; Vice-President/Trustee of mitted to justice for everyone in SheboyMaywood Environmental Park; Pastoral gan County.”
Council/Finance committee member of
Holy Name and St. Clement Parishes;

Something old.
Something new.

the New

Highway 23 in Greenbush WI •



JANUARY 15, 2015





31st Annual Winter Festival

Saint John Evangelist Parish
Kohler, WI – 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Sunday, January 25, 201
(after special 10:00 AM Mass at St. John’s)



Independently Owned

Office: (920) 457-2306 Ext. 107
Direct: (920) 783-2107
Fax: (920) 457-2328
Home: (920) 458-8315
Toll Free: (800) 569-6801
Sheboygan Sales Office
2500 Kohler Memorial Drive
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Great Food & Fellowship!
Rita M. Gast, CRS, GRI
Associate Vice President

Prevea Health Center
1526 N. Taylor Drive ■ Sheboygan
(920) 457-2100
Pediatric and adult otolaryngology/ENT
Allergy Testing and Treatment
Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery



e & Door Prizes
ll D
ay !

Prevea Ear, Nose & Throat

Edward Smith, DO


Traditional Favorite Foods
Coors Light & Blue Moon Winter Abbey
Select Wine, Pepsi Products, Nicolet Water
Fabulous Homemade Soup!


Carryr -Outs
r Service
For the

The Kohler School Foundation thanks the following
businesses and individuals for their generous support of the
2014 Fall Follies and, in turn, the Kohler Public School District
We extend our deepest gratitude to our Supporters and Volunteers listed below
Above and Beyond Children’s
Alyca and Andrew Arentsen
Art Imig’s
Bank First National
Michael Belot
Tom and Diane Belot
Amy and Mark Biznek
The Black Pig
Kathleen Blazer
Betty Bley
Blue Harbor Resort / Latitude
Doug and Lisa Bocchini
Eldon and Judy Bohrofen
Julie and Rick Boyer
Paul and Sara Breitenbach
Frank G. and Frieda K. Brotz
Family Foundation, Inc.
Bullard Children’s Dentistry
Caan Floral and Greenhouses
Steve and Christine Campione
Elise and Mark Cantrell
Cassy Tully Fine Art
Catalunya Restaurant
Pam Butler Channel/Nest
Jess Childs
Daven Claerbout
Sydney Cleven
Cosmic Bounce
Joni Coto Dominquez
Katy Creek
CrossFit Eastern Ridge
Dave DeBruin and Tech Ed Class
Holly DeBruin
Drake Hotel
Duane DuMez

Entourage Salon and Spa
El Camino
Amy Elsesser
Lynn Erbstoesser
Festival Foods
Melvin Free
Fresh Snapped Photos
Gabe’s Construction
John and Sandy Garland
Tom and Rita Gast
Lydia Geddes
Jodi Grossen
Bruce and Carol Grover
Kristin Guske
Jenna Hamann
Helen and Steve Hamer
Jim and Sarah Hapeman
Harry’s Prohibition Bistro
Heck Capitol Advisors
Heiden, Inc.
Jeff and Suzie Herold
Kathy and Jay Hoekstra
Holiday’s Pub
Molly and Rob Holzrichter
Lori and Len Hucke
KLC Football
Ulrich and Christina
Laura Kohler and
Steve Proudman
Nina and David Kohler
Kohler Co.
Kohler Drumline and
Rich Tengowski
Kohler High School
Art Department
Kohler Public Schools

Dana Krejcarek
Wendy and Jim Kukla
Deborah LaDuke
Lakeside Pepsi
Jim and Linda Lewis
Christopher Lofgren
John and Carol McClary
Edward and Jacque
Jeanene Meisser
Morgan Stanley
Laura Multer
Tom and Jill O’Donnell
Maryellen Pelligrino
PGA of America
Scottie Pippen
Pizza Ranch
Prevea 360
Prevea Health
Kristi Richardson
Kristi and Jim Richerson
Road America
Ken Roeder
Kristin Romanoski
Randy and Rita Romanoski
Stacy Rozmarynowski
Salon 511
Coralee Sandee
Amy Schoenfeldt
Pete and Erin Schueller
The Sheboygan A’s
Sheboygan Chevrolet
Scott and Amy Silvestri
Jaswinder and Rana Sokhi
Jody Solberg

Stardust Limousines
Laura Stayer
Dr. Peter and Julie Steinert
Sud z Paws
Superior Lawn and Garden
Margaret and John Suralik
Sweet Potato’s Boutique
Tangerine Salon
Tents, Inc.
Nicole Thomas
Gerald and Norrita Thorne
Thorpe Decorating
Tom & Jerry’s Mini Golf &
Batting Cages
Torke Coffee Roasting Co.
Heather and Jay Torke
Ward Torke
Quynh and Joe Trueblood
Laurie Turner
Jeff and Tania Twohig
Amy Unger
Tom and Jeanne Valicenti
Village of Kohler
Recreation Department
Vintage Elkhart Lake
Watson’s Vending
Christine Voice
Weber Productions
Pete and John Weber
Jonathan Wheeler
With Child Maternity &
Baby Boutique
Marlene and Stew Yang
Charyl and Mark Zehfus

ft Sale
Handmade by
Local Artisans

Lots of Fun Kids Games
…and the Cake Walk!



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Kohler School Cafeteria

Adults and students:
Tickets $8.00
Children 4 years and under
$4.00 each

Dessert table is extra

JANUARY 15, 2015


Have your home SOLD by Menzer

Call today to find out more


Redeem this ad for 50% off reg.
fee for 2015 enrollment!

Family owned and operated since 1994

Tour Today! Openings Available!



Infant (6 wks.), toddler, 3-6 preschool
& Kindergarten classes

Attorney announces candidacy
for Municipal Court Judge for
City of Sheboygan, Village of
Torry-Morgan is a previous president of the Sheboygan County Bar
Association, has served on the Office of Lawyer Regulation District
IV Committee since 2007, is a
member of the Lakeshore Community Health Personnel Committee
and the Sheboygan Service Club.
Attorney Torry-Morgan began
her career at Legal Services of
Northeastern Wisconsin (now
Legal Action of Wisconsin) and
the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee, because she believes in public
service and access to justice for all
citizens. She recognizes that the
municipal court is where most citizens have contact with the judicial
system and understands the importance of providing them with a fair
trial and, when necessary, appropriate penalty. She is committed to
making the Sheboygan-Kohler
Municipal Court a model for others.


Montessori Children’s
House Preschool

Save big $$$
Rates as low as 4.5%

Press release submitted by the
Torry-Morgan campaign
Attorney Natahsa Torry-Morgan, a 2001 graduate of the University of Wisconsin law School
has announced her candidacy for
the position of Municipal Court
Judge for the City of Sheboygan
and Village of Kohler.
Torry-Morgan recently joined
the practice Morgan & Torry-Morgan, Ltd, where she focuses on
family law, guardianship and estate planning. For over ten years
she served as Assistant Corporation Counsel for Sheboygan
County where she gained extensive courtroom experience. TorryMorgan worked closely with the
circuit court judges, court commissioner, police officers and social
workers to protect the interests of
children, the elderly and persons
with mental illness and/or cognitive disabilities.


Natahsa Torry-Morgan

(Before and after school care available)
Montessori certified & early childhood educated teachers

Call for a tour!
“Free the child's potential, and you
will transform him into the world.”
Dr. Maria Montessori (Italy)
1907 N. 20th St., Sheboygan
Montessori Charter School
grades 1-6 now available!
M-F 6am – 6pm

– Submitted photo

Torry-Morgan is unopposed in
the election taking place on April
7, 2015. The term begins May 1.
For more information about
Natasha Torry-Morgan and her
campaign for Sheboygan-Kohler

Kohler alumni take to the basketball court to
raise money for athletic programs
Submitted by Susie Wandschneider
This year marked the 26th Annual Alumni Basketball game.
This tradition started in 1989 as a
way of raising money for a former

Kohler Foreign Student, Noel Nettie. Noel was an exceptional field
goal and extra point kicker. After
spending a year with the Pat Giese
family he went back to Ghana.

Upon finishing his high school education, he was given the opportunity to attend Lakeland College.
Our community was asked if we
would be interested in helping to

raise some funds to help Noel fulfill his dream.
Since then we have helped
Kohler school athletic programs
with donations for uniforms,

– Submitted photo

busses and fulfilling other requests
from the athletic department.
The proceeds from this year’s
game will be used for Kohler’s
WIAA Anniversary Celebration.
Participants this year included athletes from the 1970’s to 2014. They
are: Joe and Tom Erickson, Rob
Gier, Curt Scheppmann, Pete
Schueller, Doug Bocchini, Bob, Ty
and Cody Maki; Britton and Christian Wolf, Jay Maki, Todd Zimmermann,
Schumacher, Greg Pierce, Tobi
Gopon, Greg Gottsacker, Jesse
Brotz, Jeff Hocevar. Mike Reilly,
Drew Bogard, Zach Pethan, Michael
Garland, Ryan and Jon Peters. Cody
Gartman, Brennan Ladwig, Austin
Neerhof, Jake Hart, Nick Scheppmann, John Benisheck and Ryan Zittel.
Special thank you to Mike and Peg
Zimmermann, Doug Bocchini, Larry
Kampman, Kyle and Carter Gebler.


JANUARY 15, 2015




Stay Active this Winter: Experiential Events
Abound at Destination Kohler

Destination Kohler offers several interactive events to celebrate the winter season with the storybook charm, old-world elegance and Five-Star experiences, offering a calendar speckled with culinary
experiences, unique events and relaxing wellness opportunities. The resort offers a serene winter setting and a five-star first-class canvas upon which to create a lifetime of colorful memories, starting
with the new Wisconsin Food Favorites event on January 23-24, 2015.
Relaxation leads to romance, rejuvenation and cherished experience. Whether guests celebrate the season with a day trip to the Village of Kohler or a getaway at the historic The American Club, or the
more contemporary Inn on Woodlake, they are afforded the opportunity to explore acres of wilderness, world-class cuisine, exciting shops, events and activities. For reservations, please call
800-344-2838 or visit for more information. Stay up to date on resort news and happenings on Facebook and on Twitter, *Event dates and details subject to change.

Wisconsin Food Favorites:
January 23-24
Eat Wisconsin! The Kitchens of
Kohler chefs celebrate Wisconsin’s
edible delights at the new Wisconsin
Food Favorites weekend on January
23 and 24. The festivities begin with
a spin on the Friday Night fish fry
with a local flare‚ featuring specialty
fish of the Great Lakes. The delicious
weekend continues with cooking
demonstrations and samplings of favorite Wisconsin food and drink featuring maple syrup with Meuer Farms
(Chilton); jams and jellies by
Bertram’s (Sheboygan); and a variety of local cheese‚ craft beer and
cocktails including the state’s signature drink‚ The Old Fashioned‚ recreated by Death’s Door Spirits
(Washington Island/Middleton).
Wisconsin Food Favorites a la carte
tickets are on sale at priced from
$24 to $40.
In Celebration of Chocolate:
February 6-8
From sweet to savory and everything
in between, In Celebration of Chocolate is a three-day chocolate-themed

soirée headlined by Johnny Iuzzini –
James Beard Award-winning pastry
chef and judge of Bravo’s Top Chef:
Just Desserts and Scott Green‚ a pastry chef‚ of Travelle and The Langum.
These featured chefs and Kohler’s
culinary team‚ collectively‚ showcase
distinctively delicious events including
an inventive Chocolate & Wine Dinner‚
educational chocolate pairing and
cooking sessions and a Chocolate
Lovers Brunch. The signature event
“Sugar High” at the Kohler Design
Center showcases specialty dishes
from The Kitchens of Kohler‚ an expansive fondue station‚ dynamic desserts
from Chef Iuzzini, and limitless
KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates‚
accompanied by live entertainment.
The two-night Chocolate Indulgence
hotel package at The American Club®
(starting at $436) features an exclusive opportunity to meet Chef Iuzzini.
View schedule of events‚ hotel packages and pricing online.
Fowles Wine Dinner: February 19
First generation winemaker Matt
Fowles, a lawyer turned winery owner
with a strong belief in gourmet farmto-table cuisine, hosts an Australian
Wine Dinner in the comfort of The

Wisconsin Room. Fowles will walk
through a selection of their “Food
Wines”; wines made with the purpose
of pairing with food, perfectly paired
with signature restaurant selections.
The price for hotel guests to enjoy this
exclusive dinner is $75.

Seasonal Spa Services:
Available through March
Enrobe in the season at Kohler Waters
Spa - a winter sanctuary of water and
hydration. Kohler Waters Spa offers
warming seasonal spa services for the
chilly winter months with three blissful
treatments: Bamboo Bliss Massage,
Kohler Comedy Classic:
Head to Glow Body Treatment and Soy
February 20-21
Joy Delicious Pedicure. The Bamboo
Destination Kohler welcomes a sixBliss Massage melts away tension
pack of nationally touring comedians
with skillful manipulation of warm
for two nights of laughter at the inaubamboo for a tropical escape. Head to
gural Comedy Classic Weekend.
Glow treats the body from head to toe
Guests can take in one night or a
with a gentle dry-mitt body exfoliation
whole weekend of laughs and fun with and brightening facial‚ followed by a
six nationally touring comedians innourishing Agave Nectar Body Oil for a
cluding Keith Albertstadt‚ who has per- beautiful glow. Re-energize overformed on The Late Show with David
worked feet with the Soy Joy Delicious
Letterman‚ and Rocky LaPorte‚ a final- Pedicure featuring a salt scrub exfoliaist on Last Comic Standing. Set in The tion, cooling foot masque‚ warm
American Club Great Lakes Ballroom, stones and therapeutic massage. All
this line-up of laughs offers the perfect three seasonal spa services are available at both Kohler Waters Spa at The
medicine for the winter blues. Public
American Club in Kohler‚ Wis.‚ and
tickets available for $25 and hotel
Kohler Waters Spa at Burr Ridge in
packages start at $94 per person per
night featuring exclusive opportunities Burr Ridge (Chicago)‚ Ill. Available
through March 31. Pricing varies.
such as cocktail seating with table
side service and an invitation to the
Demonstration Kitchen Series:
Comedy Q&A Panel on Saturday after- January – April
Learning never tasted so good! Home

chefs enhance cooking skills at the
weekly Kitchens of Kohler Cooking
Demonstration Kitchen Series led by
classically trained chefs demonstrating
a variety of cuisine from preparation to
presentation to final tasting. Chefs and
guests interact in the Demonstration
Kitchen, an intimate, informal working
kitchen at The Shops at Woodlake.
Tickets are available for the 2015
Kitchens of Kohler Cooking Demonstration Series featuring two sessions
at 11am and 2pm on Saturdays from
January 3, through April 25, 2015 for
$35 per person.
Outdoor Experiences: Available
through April (some activities are
weather pending)
Heartwarming outdoor activities
abound at the enchanted winter destination. Guests wonder what to do first
as the charming Village of Kohler turns
into a winter wonderland serving as a
perfect backdrop for snowshoeing, ice
skating, sledding, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, upland bird hunting,
trap shooting and five-stand sporting
clays. Guests of all ages can explore
the wilderness or quaint streets of
Kohler while cherishing the joys of
Wisconsin winters.

Demonstration Kitchen Series 2015
Through April 25, 11am and 2pm, $35
Join the chefs of Kohler in The Demonstration Kitchen on Saturdays‚ January
through April. Home chefs have the opportunity to interact with classically
trained chefs and taste a variety of cuisine
while exploring the tastes of Kohler.
Reservations are encouraged; call
1-888-293-7337 for information
and scheduling or visit
New Year, “Nu” Hands Event
January 22, 4-8pm, $40
Kohler Waters Spa
With winter now in full swing, it’s important to treat your hands and keep them
looking young and free of spots! Join us
to be the first to get a sneak peak at the
Nu Red Light Manicure, a NEW service
launching in May 2015. Enjoy a 25
minute manicure, including red light therapy on the hands. Red light therapy has
been demonstrated to be effective in stimulating the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump
look. This treatment is ideal for preventative skin care, slowing down the aging
process, and restoring a natural, youthful
look. The event price includes a
25-minute manicure and $30 credit to
apply towards any Skin Authority or NuFace product purchases during the event
(minimum $50 retail spend). Advance
reservations are required. Please contact
Megan Hoffmann at 920-451-2160 or to reserve
your appointment. Space is limited. Registration fee is non-refundable and non-

transferable for special events. Access to
full spa facilities not available for event
Wisconsin Food Favorites
January 23-24
Destination Kohler
Celebrate the favorite foods of Wisconsin
– not just brats, beer and cheese. Well,
yes those things but also the farm fresh
products, wine and more. Enjoy specialty
dinner and brunch, cooking demonstrations and a tasting event at the Kohler
Design Center. Call (888) 293-7337 for
reservations or purchase tickets online at
Friday, January 23
Feast of the Great Lakes: 5-9pm Blackwolf Run Restaurant - $30
Give Friday night fish fry a local flare by
sampling the best of the Great Lakes.
Blackwolf Run Chef Paul Smitala will
share his favorites.
Saturday, January 24
Stack & Pour Maple-it-up Breakfast:
7-11am - The Wisconsin Room - $24
Experience the feel of a farm-to-table
restaurant while learning about Wisconsin’s state tree, the sugar maple, from the
owners and harvesters of Meuer Farms.
Enjoy freshly made table side pancakes,
waffles and French toast stacked with
fresh maple syrup. These engaging presenters will help you understand the complexities of pure syrup and how it is
extracted, harvested and made into a delicious breakfast commodity.
Cooking with Wisconsin Cheeses:
11am-Noon or 2-3pm - Demonstration

Kitchen - $35
Join Immigrant Restaurant Chef Matt
Bauer as he takes your taste buds on a
culinary journey to explore different styles
of cheese and varieties of milk from the
proud artisanal cheesemakers in Wisconsin. He’ll show you easy entertaining
dishes you can make at home including
braised short ribs and Pleasant Ridge Reserve grilled cheese or roasted mushroom and SarVecchio Parmesan arancini.
The Wisconsin Room Tea Party:
1-3pm - The Wisconsin Room - $30
Put your pinkies up for some savory tea
sandwiches and winter afternoon tea.
Enjoy crackers and biscuits accompanied
by Bertram’s Jams, Jellies & More.
Old-Fashioned Demo with Death’s Door:
3:30-4:30pm - The Winery Bar - $25
Wisconsin’s favorite drink. Learn how to
make the original and some new twists
featuring spirits from Wisconsin’s own
Deaths Door Distillery. Relax in the warm
atmosphere of The Winery Bar at The
American Club, and explore Wisconsin’s
favorite signature drink, the classic oldfashioned, with Death’s Door Spirits.
Taste of Wisconsin - 8-11pm - Kohler
Design Center - $40
Enjoy live entertainment in the beautiful
Kohler Design Center, the Wisconsin
Cook-Off featuring Johnsonville products
and sample the best of Wisconsin’s savory foods and brews.
Winter Clearance Sale
January 23-25
The Shops at Woodlake
Save 20-60% in select stores

Visit or call
920-459-1713 for more information.
Extreme Bloody Mary Brunch &
Cooking Demonstration
Blackwolf Run
Saturday, January 31
from 10am to Noon
$65 per person inclusive
An interactive brunch experience showcasing the famous “Wisconsin Bloody
Mary Brunch in a glass”. Attendees will
have the opportunity to build their own
Bloody Mary utilizing an array of specialty
spirits and “garnishes”. Blackwolf Run
Chef Paul Smitala, Food and Beverage
Manager Tom McGinty and Whistling
Straits Chef Dan Dries will demonstrate a
unique twist on Kohler brunch favorites
highlighting local and seasonal ingredients. Brunch highlights include Apple
Dumplings, Fresh Fruit Salad with Homemade Granola, Baked Avocado with Egg,
Chicken and Waffles, Zucchini Artichoke
and Potato Pancakes. A variety of Bloody
Mary styles will be offered and condiments include: pickled vegetables, brats,
bacon, beef sticks, cheese curds, sirloin,
celery, shrimp, olives and pickles. Signature Screwdrivers also available. Limited
seating, to make a reservation please call
For more information, pricing details
and to register call Sports Core at 920457-4444 or online at
for more information.

TRX Training Winter Session 1 and
Group Swim Lessons begin the week of
begin the week of January 5.
Kids on the Move - Saturdays, Beginning
January 3, 10-11am
Cardio Tennis - January 15, 19, 21, 27,
29, Times Vary
Kids Night Out - January 9, 5-9pm
Kids Motion - January 17, 9-10am
Friday Fitness Mashup - January 16,
Junior Tennis Pizza & A Movie/Junior
Match Play - January 31, 6-9pm
Salon at Sports Core: Start out the New
Year with a “new” look in our Salon.
From a new color to hair extensions, we
can complete the new you. Looking for
more? Enjoy your transition with a friend,
and they receive 20% off their service,
and you receive a free 8oz. Bumble and
Bumble product. Bring in your old makeup bag and allow our make-up artists to
revive your new look with 10% off all
make-up purchases. *Specials not valid
with any other coupons or discounts.
Special workshops and events will resume in June. For more information,
pricing details and to register call Yoga
on the Lake at 920-453-2817.
Yoga Body Bootcamp - January 17,
Overcoming the fear of Inversions and
Arm - January 24, 11am-1pm
Yoga Basics - January 25, 2-4pm