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Md Khambari

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30th June 2015

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Queensland Avenue

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CV5 8FF, Coventry
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January-October 2008

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Mumtaz HSM Corporation

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School Entrepreneurship Program
(State Level)

X Food and Drink Assistant Conference Assistant Bar Service Foyer Services & Car Parking Banqueting Delivered food and drink Please answer Yes or No to the following questions: Will you be available for employment over Easter & Summer Vacation Periods 2014? Yes Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? (You do not need to disclose convictions deemed as spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974) No Are there any criminal proceedings against you? If you answered ‘yes’ please provide full details enclosed in an envelope with your application form marked private and confidential. or lead to termination of employment. Signature Date . Please specify one area only. well organised. Was also the committee for Fundraising project for housetrip to Pangkor. No No I declare that the information contained in this application form is correct. which will support your application. This is reflected When I was in college. with all of my previous experiences. Do you consider yourself to have a disability? N. as well as a proactive person that is keen on learning and gaining new experiences. well-organised. as well as a proactive person that is keen on learning and gaining new experiences in my life. experience or responsibilities held. Was also the Public Relations committee for my House in college. I was awarded the Central Bank of Malaysia Scholarship Award and is expected to work with them upon my Preferences Please indicate which area of work you would prefer. I believe I would be able to do any task that will be given to me to make sure the conference will be run smoothly Based on these experiences along with my sound academic performance. Please notify us of any requirements or reasonable adjustments we can make if called for interview. I am a passionate. Public Relation EXCO Director of Creative Fair Fundraising in KY In conclusion. I am a passionate.Additional Information Please give details of any relevant skills.B. I understand that giving false information or failure to supply details will make an offer of employment invalid. I was the director of our college’s annual Creative Fair.