(10 points) Read the text below and decide which variant A, B, C or D best fits each
space. Circle the respective letter in the grid:

From the moment we 0) B born, we start learning about the world 1)………us. We learn a great deal
of things over a very 2)………period of time, and this forms the foundation 3)……..all our future
learning. 4)………to the age of six, we are extremely sensitive and we develop the important skills
that will prepare us for 5)……. life. Therefore, it is very important to have a good preschool
programme 6)………helps us to develop hand-eye co-ordination and problem-solving abilities, as well
as exposing us to a 7)………variety of stimuli and materials. Maria Montessori developed 8)………a
programme, which helps children to 9)………their intelligence and independence. The Montessori
Method, as it is 10)………, combines practical activities, which stimulate the senses of touch and
smell, with mathematical and language development activities.
1. A against
2. A short
3 A of
4 A Above
5 A after
6 A what
7 A broad
8 A so
9 A expand
10 A known

B among
B small
B to
B Over
B next
B when
B far
B such
B increase
B called

C around
C little
C with
C Near
C later
C which
C rich
C quite
C develop
C titled

D along
D tiny
D on
D Up
D older
D who
D wide
D many
D improve
D branded

II. (10 points) Fill the gaps in the text below with ONE suitable word:
Many English people feel a great deal of admiration for Queen Elizabeth I, who ( 0 ) ruled England
from 1558 to 1603. Their admiration is based (1)_______ the view of this queen as a strong and
powerful woman, (2) _________ possessed great political skill. (3)__________, Elizabeth did not
seem to have much happiness in her private life. She was born in 1533, the daughter of Henry VIII and
his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Henry (4) _______already divorced his first wife, Catherine of Aragon,
(5)________ marry Elizabeth’s mother, and in fact executed Anne Boleyn when their daughter was
three. Elizabeth was a clever child, and was well taught, but her early years were not happy. When
Henry died in 1547, Elizabeth’s brother, Edward, became king at the age of nine. When he died, seven
years (6) _______, their elder sister Mary, a Roman Catholic, became queen. Elizabeth, herself (7)
________ Protestant suffered greatly (8) ________ these years and was kept (9) ________ a prisoner
in the Tower of London. Elizabeth finally became queen in 1558, when Mary died, and reigned over
the country (10)_______ 1603.
III. (10 points) Read the text and use the words given in capitals to form words that fit in the
numbered gaps. The words are given in the order in which you need to use them. There is an
example at the beginning.

an elderly woman (4)………… (slowly put) a silver plate into a bag that she (5)………… (carry). the (4) ________ have a mixed (5)_________ of sailing . Scientists are on the point of making a vital breakthrough. A (1) _______ popular summer holiday option is to go (2)________ with friends. (buy) a new alarm clock the other day in Taylor’s the jewellers. (50 points) . BANNED 5. the trip will be far more (9)_________ for everyone. They've stopped traffic from using the centre. V. (10 points) Put the verbs in brackets in the right tense: I (1)…………. I can't seem to stop sneezing lately. (turn) around. and so that the meaning stays the same: 1. IF 9. UNIVERSAL BOOKSHOPS We are hiring people to work as shop assistants in our international bookshops in the months of July and August. By contributing fully to the holiday. Miller. Write your letter in 150-180 words. Paul is different from what he used to be. Diana wasn't always as rude as that. IV. (put) an expensive-looking watch into the bag and (10) ……… (go) outside. SERVED 4.. (3) ________. when I actually (2) ……… (see) somebody shoplifting.. I can't seem to stop sneezing lately. *Do you like reading? *Have you worked in a similar post before? *Do you have a good level of English? Send in your application to Mr.Making a leisure activity 0 choice in summer is difficult. We’d prefer you not to wear jeans and trainers when you come to the office. If (7)______ are made so that everyone uses their (8)________ to the full. I’d just finished paying for my clock and as I (3)………. BE 8. Therefore. 2 . as it would give you the opportunity to spend the summer in England. riding the waves can be truly (10)____________. (10 points) Rephrase the following sentences so that they contain the words in capitals. BEEN 2. the less (6) ________ are given a chance to improve their sailing skills. HAS 7. She broke her leg so she couldn’t go skiing. she (9)………. Whose watch is this ? BELONG 3.FORMAL LETTER You see this advertisement in an English language magazine and you decide to apply for the post advertised. BEEN 6. ABOUT V. saying why you think you are suitable for a position in one of our bookshops. Sign it as Barry Johnson. Then she (6)……… (walk) over to another part of the shop and. You usually eat this kind of fish with a white sauce. RATHER 10. when she (7)…………(think) that nobody (8)………(look).