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selector actuators. 3-position (maintained / momentary. electronics compatibility and compactness plus IP65/67 degree of protection. Our extensive range of 3SB5 commanding and Signalling devices is designed to meet the challenge. Fault sources and system disturbances must be signaled reliably – and as early as possible. The availability of 2 separate models – the rear wire connection type for panel mounting application and the ultra-compact front wire connection type for push button stations with removable covers render the 3SB5 devices ideal for panels. And if things do get critical – the top priority is to safely and quickly stop machines and bring systems offline. reduced labour input (faster mounting and wiring). Plastic . compact & modular indicators… our 3SB5 pilot devices let you handle every situation confidently. the 3BS5 pushbuttons and lamps are a practical state-of-the-art answer to the Indian customer‘s search for higher contact reliability. Application The 3SB5 range of pilot devices is eminently suitable for installation in any control and auxiliary circuit. control stations. Range 2 Pushbutton Actuators: Normal. etc. Push button actuators. opaque / illuminated) Mushroom Actuators & E-Stop Actuators Twin Push Button Actuators Indicating Lamps: LED.Commanding and Signalling 3SB5 Special attention has to be paid to the interaction between man and machine. Packed with user-oriented features. control desks. Raised (opaque / illuminated) Key Actuators: 2 position and 3 position (maintained / momentary) Selector Actuators: 2-position. AC or DC. increased operator safety. key actuators. machine tools. BA9s filament lamp Push Button Station: Metal.

Such glow at low voltages (typically caused by residual voltage due to leakage currents) can lead to erronous interpretation. SIGUT® Termination This is yet another unique feature and is highly user-oriented. Other benefits ƒ Compact contact block design of 3SB5 makes it a preferred choice for applications where there are limitations on panel depth e. The 3SB5 LED indicating lamps are provided with low voltage glow protection (LVGP). 3 . Thanks to the “double break parallel bridge contact system“.Benefits Contact reliability 3SB5 contact block is an ideal component in control systems. This helps in easy stocking/identification. For rear connection models. The open terminals. captive screws. The holder is secured to the panel door / housing cover by means of two screws.! ƒ Easy identification for contact blocks is possible due to the colour coding. For a contact block housing a single contact (1 NO or 1 NC) the depth is just 20 mm. DCS systems. DCS systems. The snap mounting facililty minimises labour and significantly reduces installation time. lens assemblies are mounted on the panel door / housing cover into a holder and twist-latched into it. It increases safety to the operator by preventing accidental contact of the finger or the back-of-the-hand with live terminals. from switching over voltage. funnel-shaped cable entrances and guides for power screw drivers reduce wiring / testing time (electrician’s time) by approximately 30%. etc. CNC systems. ƒ Built in surge suppressors: 3SB5 LED pilot lights are provided with an inbuilt “surge suppressor“. CNC systems. ƒ Built in low voltage glow protection: The LED pilot lights are essentially Light Emitting Diodes which start glowing at low voltages as low as 4V. etc. contact blocks and lamp holders can be mounted without a screw driver. A major hazard has therefore been eliminated.g. machine tool panels etc. This eliminates the possibility of any false indication due to leakage voltage or current. This helps in protecting sensitive electronic devices such as PLC. where contact reliability at low voltage is essential as in cases involving PLCs. marine applications. In case of 3SB5 compact indicating lamps the colour of housing is same as that of the lens assembly. Snap mounting The actuators. 3SB5 offers guaranteed continuity at voltage as low as 17V DC and signal strength as low as 5mA.

IP65 With protective cover . 50Hz.2 A 110V 380/400V 1A 0. 110V AC/DC. 50Hz 24V AC/DC. 110V AC.5 to 0.4 A 220V Ue Volts (40-60 Hz) Ie/DC-12 6A 24V 6A 110V 6A 4A Ie/AC-12 Ie/AC-15 10 A Contact block / Illumination module configuration Actuator . 230V AC/DC 42V to 240V AC & 42V to 220V DC 10 x 106 cycles 3 x 106 cycles 3 x 105 cycles Standard execution .IP20 2 x 0. 1 1 1 240V AC 1 1 1 1 2 2 230V AC. 3TF30/31 contactors +10% -15% nominal supply voltage 1200 cycles per hour Pushbuttons & Indicating Lamps Back-up HRC fuse rating Mechanical life Electrical life Voltage limits Switching frequency Degree of protection Permissible service temperature range Terminal capacity Terminals of contact blocks and illumination modules Key execution IP 54 -25°C to +60°C Finely stranded cable with end sleeves (end sealing ferrule) Solid conductor Solid conductor with end sleeves (end sealing ferrule) Finely stranded cable with end sleeves (end sealing ferrule) AC 690V. Not applicable Not applicable 230V AC Integrated LED 24V AC/DC. 50Hz. 220/240V AC.5 A 1. 2nd-right. 110V AC Not applicable Actuator / Opaque 4 .5 mm2 2 x 1 to 2. 110V AC. 240V AC 24V AC/DC.5 mm2 (for compact variants) Continuous current. DC 250V AC 440V.Illuminated Voltage Push button and selector With BA9s LED Max. 100V DC. 110V AC/DC. 220V DC 24V AC/DC.g. 230V AC.75 mm2 2 x 1 to 1. rated operational current Ie.5 to 1. 110V DC. 3rd-middle) contact block (Order separately & position) Rear connection Front connection snap-fit on actuator) 24V AC/DC 1 2 2 110V AC/DC. 220V DC 1 2 – Push button – – 3 3 Thrust cap Selector – – 3 3 Thrust pad Key – – 3 3 Thrust pad Mushroon momentary – – 3 3 Thrust cap With BA9s Filament lamp 24V AC/DC 110V AC/DC. possible contact blocks Accessory to operate middle (lamp holder always in middle (1st block-left. 110V AC/DC. possible lamp holders Max. 10 x 106 cycles with 3TH30. 50Hz AC 250V. 110V DC.Technical Data Pushbuttons and indicating lamps Rated insulation voltage Ui All executions except lamp holder BA9s lamp holder Illumination module with integrated LED / Compact Pilot Light For contact blocks For Illumination modules with integrated LED Rated operational voltage Ue For Illumination modules with BA9s LED lamp For Illumination modules with BA9s filament lamp For Compact LED indicating lamps For compact BA9s filament indicating lamp Wide band LED indicating lamp 16A quick acting cartridge 10A delayed acting cartridge All actuators (except the following) Luminous actuators Selector. 220V DC 24V AC/DC. DC 250V 660V. 230V AC/DC 24V AC/DC.5 mm2 2 x 0. contact blocks Ie/DC-13 Ue Volts-DC 10 A 6A 24V 8A 4A 48V 220/230V 3. key and latched mushroom actuator Depends on load current e.IP67 Standard execution .

5 . $ Illumination module can be used with illumination push button. illuminated selector actuators & lens assembly. # With voltage reducer. @ Use of bridge rectified DC source (filtered o/p) recomended.Indicating Lamps Wide band LED PILOT Lamps Compact LED indicating lamps Voltage 24 V AC/DC 30 V DC@ 110 V AC 50/60 Hz 110 V DC Voltage Colour Type ref @ 220/240 V AC 50/60 Hz 220 V DC@ R G A B W Y C R G A B W Y C R G A B W Y C R G A B W Y C R G A B W Y C 3SB52 85-6HC01 3SB52 85-6HE01 3SB52 85-6HL01 3SB52 85-6HF01 3SB52 85-6HG01 3SB52 85-6HD01 3SB52 85-6HH01 3SB52 85-6HC13 3SB52 85-6HE13 3SB52 85-6HL13 3SB52 85-6HF13 3SB52 85-6HG13 3SB52 85-6HD13 3SB52 85-6HH13 3SB52 85-6HC02 3SB52 85-6HE02 3SB52 85-6HL02 3SB52 85-6HF02 3SB52 85-6HG02 3SB52 85-6HD02 3SB52 85-6HH02 3SB52 85-6HC04 3SB52 85-6HE04 3SB52 85-6HL04 3SB52 85-6HF04 3SB52 85-6HG04 3SB52 85-6HD04 3SB52 85-6HH04 3SB52 85-6HC03 3SB52 85-6HE03 3SB52 85-6HL03 3SB52 85-6HF03 3SB52 85-6HG03 3SB52 85-6HD03 3SB52 85-6HH03 R G A B W Y C 3SB52 85-6HC05 3SB52 85-6HE05 3SB52 85-6HL05 3SB52 85-6HF05 3SB52 85-6HG05 3SB52 85-6HD05 3SB52 85-6HH05 24 V AC/DC 110 V AC/DC 230 V AC/DC 3SB52 86-6HC01 3SB52 86-6HE01 3SB52 86-6HL01 3SB52 86-6HF01 3SB52 86-6HH01 3SB52 86-6HC11 3SB52 86-6HE11 3SB52 86-6HL11 3SB52 86-6HF11 3SB52 86-6HH11 3SB52 86-6HC12 3SB52 86-6HE12 3SB52 86-6HL12 3SB52 86-6HF12 3SB52 86-6HH12 Compact indicating lamps w/o lamp (use with BA9s filament lamp of appropriate voltage) Colour Type ref R G A 3SB52 86-6HC00 3SB52 86-6HE00 3SB52 86-6HL00 Colour Type ref B 3SB52 86-6HF00 C 3SB52 86-6HH00 3SB52 35-6HC10 3SB52 35-6HE10 3SB52 35-6HL10 3SB52 35-6HF10 3SB52 35-6HG10 3SB52 35-6HD10 3SB52 35-6HH10 Illumination modules Integrated LED $ Voltage 24 V AC/DC 110 V AC 230 V AC Colour Type ref R G A B W Y R G A B W Y R G A B W Y Voltage 3SB54 00-7CC 3SB54 00-7CE 3SB54 00-7CL 3SB54 00-7CF 3SB54 00-7CG* 3SB54 00-7CD 3SB54 00-7EC 3SB54 00-7EE 3SB54 00-7EL 3SB54 00-7EF 3SB54 00-7EG* 3SB54 00-7ED 3SB54 00-7TC 3SB54 00-7TE 3SB54 00-7TL 3SB54 00-7TF 3SB54 00-7TG* 3SB54 00-7TD Colour Type ref R G A B W Y R G A B W Y 110 V DC@ 220 V DC@ 3SB54 00-7DC 3SB54 00-7DE 3SB54 00-7DL 3SB54 00-7DF 3SB54 00-7DG* 3SB54 00-7DD 3SB54 00-7HC 3SB54 00-7HE 3SB54 00-7HL 3SB54 00-7HF 3SB54 00-7HG* 3SB54 00-7HD BA9s LED $ Voltage Colour Type ref 24 V AC/DC 110 V # AC/DC Colour Type ref R G A B C R G A B C R G A B C R G A B W Y C 42 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz & 42 to 220 V DC Compact BA9s FILAMENT indicating lamps Voltage Colour Type ref 240 V AC# R G B Y R G B Y R G B Y 3SB54 00-8CC 3SB54 00-8CE 3SB54 00-8CF 3SB54 00-8CD 3SB54 00-8FC 3SB54 00-8FE 3SB54 00-8FF 3SB54 00-8FD 3SB54 00-8SC 3SB54 00-8SE 3SB54 00-8SF 3SB54 00-8SD BA9s Filament $ Voltage Type ref 24 V AC/DC (24 V lamp) 3SB54 00-6CC 110 V AC/DC (130 V lamp) 3SB54 00-6FH 230 V AC/DC (230 V lamp) 3SB54 00-6LH Lens assembly with holder Lens assembly with holder (for modular indicating lamps) Colour Type ref R G A B 3SB52 01-6BC00 3SB52 01-6BE00 3SB52 01-6BL00 3SB52 01-6BF00 Colour Type ref W 3SB52 01-6BG00 Y 3SB52 01-6BD00 C 3SB52 01-6BH00 * Can be used with clear lens.

Description Colour Type Ref.Opaque 3 POSITION. Normal Colour Type Ref. pull to release Push to trip. R 3SB50 00-0LC01 R 3SB50 01-0AC01-0PQ0 R 3SB52 18-0LC01-0PQ0 G 3SB50 00-0LE01 G 3SB50 01-0AE01-0PQ0 G 3SB52 18-0LE01-0PQ0 B 3SB50 00-0LF01 A 3SB50 01-0AL01-0PQ0 A 3SB52 18-0LL01-0PQ0 3SB50 00-0AG01 W 3SB50 00-0LG01 B 3SB50 01-0AF01-0PQ0 Raised B 3SB52 18-0LF01-0PQ0 3SB50 00-0AD01 Y 3SB50 00-0LD01 W 3SB50 01-0AG01-0PQ0 W 3SB52 18-0LG01-0PQ0 3SB50 00-0AB01 BLK 3SB50 00-0LB01 Y 3SB50 01-0AD01-0PQ0 Y 3SB52 18-0LD01-0PQ0 C 3SB50 01-0AH01-0PQ0 C 3SB52 18-0LH01-0PQ0 Raised Normal Modular selector actuators 2 POSITION . key to release 3SB52 03-0UC01 Configuration Type Ref. R G A B W Y C BLK Red Green Amber Blue White Yellow Clear Black . turn to release R 3SB50 01-2AC01 G 3SB50 01-2AE01 B 3SB50 01-2AF01 Colour Type Ref. Description Type Ref. Colour Type Ref. R 3SB50 00-0AC01 G 3SB50 00-0AE01 B 3SB50 00-0AF01 W Y BLK Colour Type Ref. Maintained Momentary 2 POSITION .Actuators Modular pushbutton actuators Actuator with holder . Colour Type Ref. 1 NO 3SB54 00-0B 1 NC 3SB54 00-0C 3SB50 00-0UC01 1 NO + 1 NC 3SB54 00-0A R 3SB50 00-0VC01 2 NO 3SB54 00-0E R 3SB50 00-0TC01 2 NC 3SB54 00-0F Colour Twin pushbutton .Opaque Twin pushbutton .Illuminated Colour Type Ref. turn to release R Push to trip.Opaque Colour Type Ref. BLK 3SB50 00-1NB01 R 3SB50 00-1NC01 Push to trip.Illuminated Colour Type Ref.Illuminated Colour Type Ref. Twin pushbutton with 1NO & 1NC 3SB52 01-7EC01 Twin pushbutton with 1NO & 1NC 3SB52 34-7EC01 6 * Use Illumination module with integrated LED only.Opaque Actuator with holder . BLK 3SB50 00-2AB01 R 3SB50 00-2AC01 BLK 3SB50 00-2BB01 R 3SB50 00-2BC01 Maintained Momentary BLK 3SB50 00-2DB01 R 3SB50 00-2DC01 BLK 3SB50 00-2EB01 R 3SB50 00-2EC01 Maintained Momentary Description Momentary Push to trip. Maintained R 3SB50 01-2DC01 G 3SB50 01-2DE01 B 3SB50 01-2DF01 Y 3SB50 01-2AD01 Y 3SB50 01-2DD01 C 3SB50 01-2AH01 C 3SB50 01-2DH01 R 3SB50 01-2BC01 R 3SB50 01-2EC01 G 3SB50 01-2BE01 G 3SB50 01-2EE01 B 3SB50 01-2BF01 B 3SB50 01-2EF01 Y 3SB50 01-2BD01 Y 3SB50 01-2ED01 C 3SB50 01-2BH01 C 3SB50 01-2EH01 Momentary Contact block for panel mounting Emergency stop 40 mm ø Mushroom actuators 40 mm ø 3 POSITION . turn to release with 1NC R BLK 3SB50 00-1CB01 Push to trip.Illuminated* Description Type Ref.

“REVERSE” 3SB58 03-8AH3 3 Normal opaque push button .C . “STOP” + Normal opaque push button .”FORWARD” + Normal opaque push button . “STOP” 3SB58 02-8AE3 2 Normal opaque push button . “START” + Normal opaque push button . “REVERSE” No..with 1NC contact block.”START” + Red mushroom-maintained with 1NC contcat block . 1NO 3SB54 20-0B 1NC 3SB54 20-0C Illumination module base mounting Configuration Type Ref.”START” + Red mushroom-maintained with 1NC contcat block . “STOP” 3 3SB58 21-7AA3 Normal opaque push button . turn to 3SB58 01-7AM3 release.KC .Modular key actuator 2 Position key actuator (with holder for contact block) 3 Position key actuator (with holder for contact block) * * 3SB50 00-4AC01 L . Contact blocks base mounting Type Ref.of control points Description Pendant mounting : Aluminium die cast Type Ref. “REVERSE” Configuration Type Ref.Red with 1NC contact block. turn to 3SB58 01-8AM3 release. “E-STOP” 1 Red maintained mushroom actuator.KR * Left 3SB50 00-4HA01 L . “STOP” 3SB58 02-7AE3 3 Normal opaque push button . ”START” + Normal opaque push button Red with 1NC contact block.3SB58 23-8AH3 Green with 1NO contact block. Lamp Holder with Lamp 3SB54 20-2PF0 110V AC/DC Lamp Holder with Lamp 3SB54 20-2PL0 230V AC/DC 7 .Green with 1NO contact block .Red with 1NC contact block.of control points Description Type Ref.Green with 1NO contact block .”FORWARD” + Normal opaque push button .KR * * 3SB50 00-4TA01 Momentary 3SB50 00-4HC01 KL . 1 Normal opaque push button Green with 1NO contact block. ”FORWARD” + Normal opaque push button Red with 1NC contact block. “START” 2 Normal opaque push button 3SB58 22-7AC3 Green with 1NO contact block.”STOP” 3SB58 02-7AC3 2 Normal opaque push button . with 1NC contact block."STOP" 3SB58 02-8AC3 2 Normal opaque push button . “START” 3SB58 01-7AA3 3SB58 01-8AN3 1 Red mushroom momentary actuator.Green with 1NO contact block.Green with 1NO contact block.KR Maintained * 3SB50 00-4AA01 Maintained KL . “STOP” + Normal opaque push button . ”FORWARD” + Normal opaque push button Red with 1NC contact block.Green with 1NO contact block. No. “REVERSE” 3SB58 04-7AG3 Pendant mounting : Plastic No. “STOP” 3SB58 01-8AA3 1 Normal opaque push button . “STOP” + Normal opaque push button Black with 1NO contact block.Red with 1NC contact block. “STOP” + Normal opaque push button Black with 1NO contact block.Green with 1NO contact block. with 1NC contact block.KR * 3SB50 00-4HB01 KL .Black with 1NO contact block. “E-STOP” 2 Normal opaque push button .3SB58 23-7AH3 Green with 1NO contact block.Red with 1NC contact block.with 1NC contact block.. “STOP” 3 Normal opaque push button .Black with 1NO contact block. “STOP” 3SB58 01-7AN3 1 Red maintained mushroom actuator. ”START” + Normal opaque push button Red with 1NC contact block.Green with 1NO contact block.R KL < R Momentary 3SB50 00-4JA01 L > KC < R * 3SB50 00-4TC01 L > KR * Key removable position Pushbutton stations Metal enclosure : Aluminium die cast Plastic Enclosure No. 2 Normal opaque push button .of control points Description 1 Normal opaque push button . “START” 1 Red mushroom momentary actuator.Green with 1NO contact block.3SB58 22-8AC3 Green with 1NO contact block. "START" + Normal opaque push button .R L R Right C Centre KL Key at Left KR Key at Right KC Key at Centre * * * * * 3SB50 00-4AB01 KL .of control points Description Type Ref.KC .

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