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Sep 4,1980
(84)0906994844 , 0906724844
(84) (8) 38373653
Viet Nam
HCM city

I graduated diploma of Information Technology of Natural Sciences
University in 2003.
I graduated Bachelor of Information Technology of Natural Sciences
University in 2008.
In the college and the university, I wrote some code about C/C++.
I have a strong point about C / C++.
I have the capacity to complete my works.
C/C++ , VC++6.0 , .NET ( C++) , C#2005 , MS Access , SQL Server ,

In the college , I wrote some programs about interrupts in PC , data
structure, ……… with C / C++.
In the university, I continue with VC++6.0 , C++ 2005 , embedded .
In the college, I learned ANSI C and I wrote all programs with ANSI C.
I used ANSI C for :
_ data structs and algorithms: sorts , single linked list , double linked
list , circle linked list,………………
_ programming technical: write C code .
_ operating system: write C code for interrupts.
_ and I wirte C code for many things. I think I am so strong ANSI C.
In the university, I learned ANSI C++ , VC++6.0 , C++2005,
_ I write ANSI C++ replace ANSI C with projects that I did in the

I wrote an embedded application by C++ for a machine ( automation system. I can backup . Cashier . from 4/2012 to 5/2013 I work technical staff : repair computer. I wrote Chinese game for Mobile . from 4/2008 to 8/2008: I have stopped works for examination graduated. Manage of store . _ I analyzed and designed some software (system) as Air ticket . some application .college. From 3/2014 to 5/2014 I work with electric board.0 to porting C code from Linux to Window _ received and finished jobs from TESSI ( US) _ report weekly to TESSI by MS Word in 4/2008: I worked in Hi_Tech company. because I have to work in family. _ With Oracle10g. My jobs is related to IC ( This is a project about test IC that Viettech cooperate with TSSI company of US : tessi. COM). . setup software. restore . _ I write VC++6. with Software position ( infrastructure).com. with R&D position . C programming. Experiences: from 11/2007 to 3/2008: I worked in Viettech. I write C / C++ in Linux. understand and reseach test tool‘s document _ use VC6. And I had wrote ANSI C code for 4 months. ………. _ I think I am so strong ANSI C++ . From 9/2008 to 3/2012: I have stopped jobs with Software. TCP/IP. COM). I work with C++ ( embedded). _ With C#2005. ……. _ I write code C for 8051. Starting of this project is to hand over TDS from TSSI to Viettech.. with Software position. too. Booking of restaurant . too. in 9/2008: I worked in Tuc Thoi company. window explorer . MFC.). Ltd company in VietNam.0: server – multiclients .… From 7/2013 to 2/2014 I work with C# 2008. _ worked on a product of TESSI ( test tool for chip) _ was trained to use that test tool _ read . I wrote an application for POS ( communication terminal program. I work with TDS about 4 months. setup networks. discovery .