Executive Summary:
Name of the Executive: Ms.Priyadarshini Karkhanis
Designation: CEO- PriVib Group, MTech (Advanced Information Technology)
Qualification: BE (IT)
Total Experience: 8 years of projects in C, C++, Java, HTML, .Net, PHP
Core Experience: 6 years.
We are specialized in making standalone and web based applications. We have been undertaking
such projects since 7 years. We provide high quality software which uses current technology.

Statement of Work:
Scope of Work:
You can sell your products online and get more business & revenue. You can edit
the category list or you can add more categories, products for sales. This project is totally based
on website development.
As for as scope of this web site is concerned, this is well known that more and more people will
start using Internet with the time. People, today, have everything but time so this web site will
save their time that otherwise they would spend in searching the items they will be looking for.
Also this web site is designed with a very easy and effective interface, and help will be provided
to all the users even to visitors of this site who is not a member of this site, keeping in mind that
most of the people today are not much equipped with the vast knowledge of using computers.
Since this web site is developed only to sell products of all kind, there will be huge possibility to
add more and more items in future, not only related to item of daily use but also those items that
can be purchased by user without touching or seeing them for example books module. It can be
done by just adding few more modules and tables in its database, even without changing existing
E-mail module can be added in future to enable users of this site to send and receive messages
from any part of the globe. Adding some options like search by product type etc can increase the
number of search options. A news module can be added in future to make the users of this site
know about the selling their products and item of daily use are to be organized in various parts of
the country.
Method of Work:
Follow Agile Software Development based on iterative and incremental development, where
requirements and solutions will evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, crossfunctional teams. It will promote adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, a
time-boxed iterative approach, and encourage rapid and flexible response to change. This
framework will promote foreseen interactions throughout the development cycle. Through this
work we can value:

If required.. Legal Section:    The Contract awarded shall be revised according to the completion date. Solution to meet the speed and time requirements. Facility to use each module of the system in more than one way. contact us for assistance. flexibility in arranging a meeting can be maintained throughout if any desired changes are to be made. it can serve more than one purpose of requirement. Ownership of code produced: Client and Developer share ownership of the code produced by the Developer during this project. 3. 5. 6. Additional changes shall not be entertained in accordance to the original contract and may be included with the revised contract is carried out. The project will be carried out by sincere and skilled engineers. 8.000.000 Labor cost : 20. Meet the basic needs mentioned in the request for proposal.inclusive of hardware. Either party may do whatever they wish with the resulting code.Hence.80.90. On the basis of reporting and discussions held while reporting. contributing parts of it to open source or applying the work to other projects. 2.Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan The progress of the system’s development will be reported every Friday to the respective representative of your organization. The mode of payment shall be by Demand Draft (DD).000/. Realistic Benefits: 1. Tool must be track the website activity and maintain the log on daily basis. . software and development cost. Cost and Payment:     The estimated implementation cost for the project is 1. The DD will be in favor of ‘PriVib Group’ payable at Mumbai. including reselling parts of it. Guaranteed and Tested to work under minimum and existing computer configurations. 7. Associated Software Cost : 85. The system will be developed in Visual Studio 2010 as an Web based application to allow installation on modern computers with specified configurations. It can even be programmed to work in a Windows environment.000 The cost of the project will be 1. Easy interface to world of cosmetics. Feel free to shopping with discount prize availability. 4.

E. But. ACI does guarantee that the software will meet limited needs but may not be free from errors.I.PriVib Group B.E. The foregoing exclusions are an essential part of this agreement and formed on the basis for determining the price charged for the software. in case of any errors. Legal Necessities and Warranties: The software furnished under this agreement is provided on an “as is” basis (any flaw according to the agreement will be corrected by the Client organization). Ms. Vibhavari Pawar Chairman.Priyadarshini Karkhanis CEO... Ms. MBA (Operations) . the correction will be done on a high priority basis. Management Qualification Section: 1.PriVib Group B.I.T.T. MBA(Operation) 2. or that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted.