2014-2015 Registration Packet

We are thrilled to announce the start of two new classes at MMS
that will make learning music even more fun! We are beginning a
group flute class for students in 5th and 6th grades called
Flutastiks! We are also pleased to announce the launch of a
monthly acting class called Impack Actors! For now, this class is
available for younger voice students only. However, older
students will receive acting training in lessons if they choose.
Both of these classes will begin in September 2015.

Musical Minds Studios Classes
Flutastiks! is a unique group class for flute students in the 5th and
6th grades that is going to be CRAZY EXCITING!!!

In these

classes we will be using games and activities to teach theory,
technique, musicality and performance. We will be learning some
awesome flute choir pieces with flutter tonguing, clapping, whistling, etc. We also make these classes
challenging--we love to push our students! We study in depth flute technique and scales. When
students are challenged and have fun at the same time that is when music seeks deep into the heart.
There is no better way for a young flutist to be introduced to lessons! Having fun with your friends and
working hard at the same time—what more could you ask for!
In Flutastiks! we study Flute 101, 102 and 103 as well as the Theory Gymnastics Workbooks. At MMS,
we begin advanced skills such as double tonging and vibrato from day one. This helps students reach an

advanced level at an astounding pace. Our goal is to have every student at an intermediate/advanced
level by the end of the first year!
Flutastiks! is an hourly once a week class and is divided into three sections. These sections will include:
Flute Technique and Musicality, Theory Racing and Performance Proficiency. All three of these subjects
are essential to great playing because flutists need a solid understanding of music as well as technique
and musicality to compete in the competitive flute world of today.
Group lessons are a great way to begin lessons! It is essential for students to be able to listen to other
peers and be able to mimic them. Learning happens from both repetition and imitation. This gives
them a safe and fun setting to do this. These sessions also give students a chance to practice
performance skills in front of their friends before being in front of an audience.
Flute Technique and Musicality:

Learn scales and the basics of great playing
o Tonguing: five types of tonging including single and double
o Embouchure
o Scales
o Phrasing
o Dynamics
o Air
o Fingers

Theory Racing:

Play games using concepts we are learning
Work in cool Theory Gymnastics Workbooks

Performance Proficiency:

Students perform in front of one another
Critique one another
Learn super flute choir pieces with flutter tongue, clapping, clicking, air sounds, etc.
Learn about walking on stage, holding flute, cutting off a pianist, bowing and exiting

Flute Lessons
Private flute lessons are an excellent way to excel with
one-on-one time with the teacher. In this setting, the
teacher can focus on specific aspects of an individual
student’s needs, which helps them perfect their unique
playing style.
We want students to have fun and enjoy lessons while
being challenged! So, we use creative ways to teach,
such as games both on the I-Pad and others. We also
use several learning activities, such as listening to
phenomenal flutists, visuals aids and using movement
while playing. We find out each student’s unique learning style and desires and teach to their
In these lessons, students whip through a variety of scale and technique work which prepares
students for competitions and college auditions. The natural result of all of this is a high playing
level, a love for music and the flute, fast movement through studio playing levels and confidence!
Younger students are highly encouraged to complete the three years of group lessons before
moving into the private lesson setting. As student’s progress in the private lesson setting they are
asked to move from half an hour lessons to hourly lessons to ensure the student’s continued

Voice Lessons
In private singing lessons, we work on strengthening and
evening out the voice. Many problems with the voice begin at
the vocal cord level: the vocal folds are usually coming
together too hard or not enough. We work aggressively in each
session to fix these issues with each student on their unique
needs until their singing voice is as easy, as strong and as
healthy as their speaking voice.
With IVA, lessons are extremely individualized and each lesson
is designed explicitly for the unique needs of each student on
that specific day.
Our voice lessons automatically increase student’s range up to
a full octave, eliminate any cracks or breaks in the voice, banish
any signs of hoarseness or soreness, and create power in the
voice. We ensure that all words a freely and clearly understood
and that vibrato and pitch and bridges are all present. Because IVA

is a technique and not a genre, we are able to work on MANY different kinds of songs in lessons. This
helps students find what they enjoy singing, discover their individual style and exposes them to many
different kinds music .

Impack Actors!
Impack Actors! is a creative and exciting acting class for young students of MMS. This is an optional class
held once a month and is an hour in length. At this class students will:

Learn how to emotionally connect with the audience
Prepare and perform monologues
Perform in front of one another in a safe and comfortable setting
Discover how to put acting into their songs just like they do on Broadway!
Have a BLAST letting go of what others think and just being free to take chances
Move and be creative!
Use super fun exercises to study acting skills which apply to singing such as:
o whom, where, sense memory, moving from image to image, substitution,
paraphrasing, the want, backstory, obstacles, connecting emotionally with the
audience, believable movement on stage, basic dance steps, holding and using
the microphone, etc.
Learn how to use their imagination to make their performance “Real”

*These classes are designed for younger children. All older students will receive individualized acting
training in private lessons if they choose.

Lesson Fees
Monthly payments reflect an annual tuition. Each student will receive either 32 or 16 lessons in
the school year depending upon their lesson option plan. Tuition is determined by calculating the total
number of lessons in the school year and then dividing that by the number of months therein.
Because tuition is based upon the full year, if a student begins lessons in the middle of the year,
the monthly tuition fee will remain constant no matter how many lessons are contained in the current
month. The registration fee also remains consistent no matter when in the year the student joins the
studio. . Please remember the tuition reserves an exclusive spot in the studio for you or your child.
And the registration fee assures that we will be able to continue making lessons the finest in Rexburg
and a blast for you or your child!
MMS is based upon a proficiency leveling system. Students are expected to move up in lesson
time as they reach higher levels of skill. To help with the cost, when a student passes to a higher level,
they may move to bi-monthly lessons. It is more important to have the extra lesson time at further
intervals than to not be able to get through the material needed for their achievements’ level. Students
will still progress at a fast rate even though they have lessons less often as long as they are working hard
at home!


30 Min.

60 Min.


Registration Fee (yearly)




Weekly Lessons (monthly)




Bi-Monthly (monthly)




Impack Actors! (per semester)




**Please Remember that other than Flutasticks! students, the cost of books and mp3’s are separate from these fees.

Musical Minds Studios Policies 2015
Tuition is billed monthly and is due at the first lesson of each month. Tuition is nonrefundable. A $25 late fee will be added to the student’s account for all late payments.
Discounts will not be given for multiple siblings attending lessons.

Students must bring all necessary materials for lessons. Please check before leaving home.
A quality music education is a significant financial investment. In addition to tuition, flute
student parents should understand the cost of purchasing, maintaining and upgrading a flute.
Many student model flutes are not capable of producing quality sounds and ease of playing for
students as they progress over time.
Also, please be prepared to pay for a metronome with a tuner, music stand and any guest artist
workshops, competitions, summer camp fees and all necessary music.
Voice students’ parents should understand the cost and frequency of purchasing a flash drive,
and all necessary music books and mp3’s.
Students who are progressing well will go through a significant amount of music each year.

A good practice environment is essential. Flute student’s instruments should be in good
working order. Practice requirements vary according to class and level. Voice students should
have easy access to a computer or other means to play their recordings daily.
Many times students get frustrated with lessons, not because they aren’t working, but because
they aren’t working with a strategy or a goal in mind. At MMS, we teach students that the
outcome is more important than the actual amount of time put in for practice. We teach
students to practice smarter rather than longer. (And when they do this, they actually end up
practicing longer)

The Role of Parents
At Musical Minds Studios we believe that student’s progress is highly based upon parental
involvement. In order to help with this, in the student’s binder is a section for parents to be able
to monitor what being learned in lessons as well as the goals for the week.
Parent Checkpoints Section of Binder:

2 days after lesson:

1/3rd ready for lesson

3 days after that:

100% ready for lesson

Monthly sections in the newsletter will be sent home to help parents with this. This will assist
both the parent and student to be more successful with lessons.
*Older students will be able to do these checks themselves.

Registration Fee
Each student pays a yearly registration fee. This fee helps us keep lesson fun! It pays for the cost of
running a music studio including materials as well as the time spent doing things besides actual



Website cost, maintenance and technology

Time spent on email and phone calls


Creative Recitals

Practice Planners

Lending Library

My Music Staff

Game materials

Music Learning Aps

Books and mp3’s for all classes are the responsibility of parents to purchase asap when
assigned. Books and mp3’s are a separate fee from tuition and the registration fee. In order for
students to move forward, they need books and music! Please make sure you child is prepared
with the assigned materials!

Cancellation Policy
Any lesson that I have to cancel will be made up or a credit will be given.
No payment or credit or makeup lessons will be provided for students who miss lessons for
any reason.
Try to choose a lesson time in which you feel confident. Please understand that the tuition you
pay reserves an exclusive weekly time in my schedule for your child. Unlike a doctor or a
hairdresser, I cannot resell that time nor can I create extra teaching time in which to give

However, to help accommodate an occasional unavoidable change in student’s schedules, you
have two options:

You can choose to be part of the email Swap List. (Please let me know if you do not
want to be included in the list.) Most parents receive only a few requests a year from
someone who’d like to switch lesson times. Please let me know if you have made a
swap so I can plan accordingly. It’s easiest to just cc me on the final email between two
parents confirming that a switch will be happening.

2. You may send a sibling or parent to take the student’s place. Flute students may have a
family member exchange their time for a voice lesson or vice versa.

Pay Pal
The studio is equipped with the option to pay through Pay Pal.

This is a great way to make

sure you make your payments on time. Just click on the link on your invoice in the email to
make these payments. Please add $3 to the fee you are paying for all Pay Pal transactions.

The enrollment is a firm commitment and guarantees your place in the studio. To maintain a
position in the studio, all students are required to register for summer lessons.

Recitals, Performance Events and Competitions
Studio recitals are held often at MMS. It is imperative that students learn how to perform in
front of others. The frequency they do this determines how confident and comfortable they will
on stage.

We make recitals fun at MMS! We host a variety of themed recitals such as Pajama Party,
Disney, Show Tunes, Breakfast Bake-off, Formal Nights, etc

We have begun our own competition at MMS! Each year, students are invited to participate in
a professional and exciting competition hosted by MMS. We hire judges, award money prizes
and have a final concert on stage for the winners.

Musical Minds Studios encourages participation in performance events including District and
State Solo Competitions, All-State and All-Northwest. All flute and voice students will be
preparing repertoire for these in lessons.

Song Repertoire (voice students)
Students will be learning a variety of genres in the studio, including: Musical Theatre, LDS,
Classical, Show Tunes, Jazz and Pop. Students should be open to learning many different types
of music. A student may find themselves in many differing situations they may be asked to
sing in, whether in musical theater, church, or a pop concert, they need to have the skills to sing
whatever style is required of them.
Musical Minds Studios is dedicated to maintaining the health and longevity of each student’s
voice. Songs that may cause health problems, such as limiting range or damaging any function
of the vocal folds are not sung in the studio. Many popular songs today can cause polyps,

nodules or may even lead to severe vocal cord hemorrhaging and permanent damage to the
Because of these issues, the policy approved pop songs will be mostly from the 60’s, 70’s and
80’s. Each student will receive a list of studio approved songs from which to work. Students
may request songs to sing that are not on the list, but they need to be approved before being
Songs in the studio will have a natural, changing melodic line with lyrics that tell a story and
should have a logical flowing chord progression.
These repertoire policies are in place for all competitions. Please only request songs that follow
the above stipulations.

Musical Minds Studios 2015 Contract Agreement
General Information
Student Name_________________________________________________Age__________DOB_________________________
Parent(s) Name(s)_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone______________________________Cell Phone________________________________Text: Yes or No_______
Email______________________________________________________________How Often Checked?_____________________
What is the most effective way to contact you? _______________Email_____________Phone Call_________Text

Cancellation Policy

I understand that tuition is to reserve the student’s time slot in the studio and that
lessons not attended by the student for any reason may not be made up and no refund will
be given.
□ I know that in order to help in these situations, parents may opt to be part of the swap list
where they can switch lessons with another student.
□ I know that I may also send another child in their spot to receive a lesson instead of that

Summer Lessons Policy

I understand that in order to maintain my child’s position in the studio for the fall, each
student is required to take summer lessons.

Studio Policies Agreement

I have read and understand the studio policies sheet and approve of every point
contained therein.
□ I agree to conduct business in accordance with the policies.

Parent Signature__________________________________ Date______________________