“The Way Forward”
Institutional Excellence
For the past century, Queen’s has been building momentum as
Canada’s University. With a campus and community conducive of
excellence and success, students from across Canada seek Queen’s to
further their education and ensure their future. My goal is to keep that
progress going and push beyond, solidifying Queen’s as a national and
international institution.

Enhance the value of the Queen’s degree
o Promote Queen’s legacy as a leading Canadian institution
that encourages creativity, collaboration and academic
o Build the national and international reputation as a leading
research and teaching university
o Support integration of community and industry expertise
into curriculum
o Promote competition of applicants
o Increase accessibility to all eligible applicants, regardless of
socio-economic background
o Support student involvement in research and academic
mentoring from peers and alumni
Promote University Advancement
o Focus on connecting student societies with distinguished
alumni and honorary degree recipients
o Encourage direct student benefit from philanthropic
o Increase connection to alumni base
Explore further integration of internships and co-op placements
o Expand the opportunities for students to gain actual
experience during their time at Queen’s

Student Safety and Experience
My principal motivator for sitting on the Board of Trustees is role they
play in protecting student safety. I will ensure every level of Queen’s
administration appreciates the role our university plays in protecting all
of us.

Protect students
o Ensure that student safety is the clear priority at the board

o Work with ResLife and the Residence Society to make
student life safer and more enjoyable while living at
o Ensure proper support is given to important health and
wellness agencies across campus
o Push for changes to HCDS to increase accessibility and
scope of service
o Support mental health initiatives
o Support specific policies to ensure student safety in cases
of sexual assault and/or harassment
Promote the student experience
o Protect student orientation activities
o Ensure relationships with the AMS and SGPS
o Support the AMS ReUnion Street Festival advocate for safe
celebratory alternatives during homecoming

Queen’s currently faces a challenging financial situation that requires
close attention to ensure student interests are protected. My
experience with corporate governance and student advocacy will allow
me to understand these issues and communicate them effectively to
the student body.
Ensuring Financial Sustainability

Promote student interests throughout labour negotiations
o Support a pension plan that protects university assets
o Promote student input in collective bargaining processes
Ensure Responsible Capital Purchases
o Advocate for responsible spending
o Ensure clear benefit to students
Promote fair management of differed maintenance
o Increase the quality of student spaces and residences
o Identify and fix priority facilities issues that affect student
learning abilities

Building on my experience with corporate governance, student
leadership and social media, I aim to serve the students of Queen’s as
a genuine student leader that puts our collective interests first.