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One of the many benefits of an HSA is the option to invest

your funds into tax-deferred investment accounts.
You have over 6,000 HSA investment options offered through
National Financial Services (NFS), a wholly-owned subsidiary
of Fidelity Investments.
Investment accounts are completely self-directed. Your
brokerage account and HSA are electronically linked.


User-friendly platform offers personalized, one-stop
access to investment services from your computer.
You can place trades, find stock quotes, retrieve
reports, track your portfolio, research equities and
chart stock options anytime, anywhere.

Over 6,000 investment choices

Invest in individual stocks, bonds or mutual funds

All trades clear automatically, and funds sweep

from the HSA automatically

Sales proceeds are deposited back into HSA

Access to your brokerage account through

myStreetscape portal provided by NFS

No investment maintenance fee (NFS)*

Easy account setup
Trading is convenient and available 24/7
120 months of statements and records
Planning calculators
Online guide and myStreetscape demo


HSA balance of $2,500 before submitting a
brokerage application.
Once opened, a minimum balance of $1,000 is
required to be maintained in your HSA.
If minimum HSA balance drops below $1,000, an
investment fee of $3.50 per month will be assessed
until the account balance is increased to $1,000.
*American Health Value does not receive any compensation.

*If no trades are conducted during the calendar year, a custody fee of $25 will be assessed for inactivity on any brokerage account holding a balance. At least one instance of new trading activity
(identified with a BUY or SEL mnemonic) must settle on or before December 31 to exempt the account from this fee. The following transactions are not defined as trading activity: mutual fund
dividend reinvestments or EFT transactions resulting from PIPs or SWPs. Fees are subject to change at any time.
Detailed guidelines for account usage and trading are contained within the brokerage application and agreement. Securities offered by: HSA Investment Services are not FDIC insured, are not deposits
of, obligations of, or guaranteed by any bank, and are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of principle amount invested. Neither American Health Value, LLC (AHV), The Bancorp Bank
nor its subsidiaries (collectively AHV), are registered investment advisers, nor is AHV acting in the capacity of a registered investment adviser with respect to the offering by National Financial Services
of Health Savings Account (HSA) investment options. Participation in the investment options is voluntary. Under no circumstance is AHV offering any of the HSA investment options, and AHV makes no
representations with respect to the investment options offered by National Financial Services. Non-deposit products, such as mutual funds, that may be held in the HSA are not FDIC insured, are not
guaranteed, and may lose value. AHV disclaims any and all liability, contingent or otherwise, for the performance of the investment options. Investment losses which are replaced are subject to the
annual HSA contribution limits set by the IRS. Please see your financial advisor for personal investment advice.



HSA Investment Services Revised 08-27-14

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