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Created in Singapore. Ancient street of Daxu Town with an arched gate . All information are correct at the time of printing. What you will bring home with you from this experience is truly the wonderful opportunity to look at the world in a different light. dial 6412 2436) China : 400 8111 688 Hong Kong : 800 96 4847 Indonesia : 001 803 65 7311 Korea : 007 9865 17123 Malaysia : 1800 18 1121 Philippines : 1800 1651 0639 Taiwan : 0080 165 1333 Thailand : 001 800 65 6060 Vietnam : 120 65122 Legend Look for these symbols throughout the magazine. one of Mexico’s top holiday destinations. What we know now as tourist sites were actually important gateways that served as instrumental structures that boosted a city’s business and trade relations in the ancient times. we give you some of the places that will surely open doors to the world’s stunning locations and magnificent Contest Islands. The publisher also reserves the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation for such action. is your entryway to revitalising your senses amidst Malaysia’s its tropical allure. taking us to significant moments in history. If exploring the Mediterranean is in your next vacation list. Spain’s colourful port cities. the Canary Islands and Málaga. where you can also fall in love with exotic cuisine and its vibrant lifestyle. The portal to discovering about the Mayan culture is Cancun. no responsibility can be accepted by this publisher for the quality of foods and services supplied by advertisers. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information in this magazine. The RCI logo and other designs are trademarks of Resort Condominiums International. All material published in Endless Vacation® is copyrighted and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without written consent from the publisher. are your access to experiencing nature’s finest and exciting festivals. 2-5 Amsterdam. In this new issue of Endless Vacation. ©Copyright 2013 RCI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd CONTENTS Issue 1. which used to be an important trading site for the Dutch. however. in Chinese 30-31 RCI Platinum 32-33 Resorts in Asia 16-19 Cancun. Being there as well make us look at how a city has transformed such an important site into a beautiful sight. Unsolicited material is welcome. Step into the old-world and discover contemporary European culture when you visit Amsterdam. we take you to the world’s former ports that are now mesmerising tourists must-visit spots. Stepping onto these places seems like a travel back in time. China Lim Kuo Ching Editor 23 RCI Compliment Letters the Netherlands Book your vacation. If relaxing is in your itinerary. and are registered in countries throughout the world. typesetting and printed errors. which was once a busy trading port. Malaysia Tioman: A Glimpse of Paradise MICA (P) 187/04/2012. China’s gateway to the best and most unique landscapes. prices quoted. get ready with your cameras. Mexico Enter a World of Ancient Glory and Exotic Delights 34 Worldwide Luxury Cruise 20-22 Tioman. Spain 10-11 Gateway to China’s Best Landscapes EDITOR PROJECT MANAGER CREATIVE DIRECTION ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES Lim Kuo Ching Vincent Lee PMG Asia Pacific Tel: +65 6226 2800 Fax: +65 6226 2300 Endless Vacation® is published by RCI Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. 2013 The Nine Streets in Amsterdam Regional Head Office: RCI Member Services Hotlines: RCI Asia Pacific 223 Mountbatten Road #03-11/27 Singapore 398008 Tel: +65 6223 4333 Fax:+65 6223 4334 Brunei : 800 065(enter 2#2#. The advertisements found in Endless Vacation® magazine represent the views of the advertisers and are not necessarily endorsed by RCI the publisher. From Asia to Europe. We are servicing members from these countries: Bangladesh Brunei Cambodia China Hong Kong Indonesia Laos Malaysia RCI + Me Moments 12-15 Guilin. is not guaranteed and no responsibility will be accepted for lost manuscripts. Mongolia Pakistan Philippines Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam 28-29 RCI. Intrigued by China’s natural wonders? Enter Guilin. They may not be used without permission from RCI. We also give you places that serve as entryways to nature’s wonders and breathtaking escapes.EDITOR’S NOTE The world’s history has always kept us awed by how much our civilisation has grown over the centuries. Amsterdam: Access to Old and New 24-25 New Resort Highlights 6-9 Malaga and Canary 26 Laguna 15 Anniversary Mediterranean Gems: Spain’s Canary Islands and Malaga 27 Why RCI. Publication. Responsibility cannot be accepted for the accuracy of the author’s work. and prepare to experience the past and the present when you enter these fabulous scenic spots. LLC.

such as the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum. cultural and creative centre. or get acquainted with animals at Amsterdam’s Zoo. Beautiful Amsterdam canals Canal cruise. simply want to experience its delectable varieties. Amsterdam is the country’s largest city. 2 Van Gogh Museum 3 . Bring the kids to an awesome adventure. the tallest in Amsterdam. see the city in a different light atop the Science Centre NEMO. Amsterdam also boasts of attractions that will surely delight families. Learn about Dutch art and history. Amsterdam has more canals than Venice and its watery maze canals are considered its most distinguishing and most charming feature. No wonder that this city has become a melting pot of cultures and one of the most multicultural cities in the world. owing to its lovely canals that surround the city amidst a backdrop of beautiful architecture and over a thousand bridges. but one thing is for sure: it is the perfect place to discover the old-world charm of Europe and the dynamism of a modern society. lined channels. Or spend an afternoon visiting one of its many art galleries where you can see old and contemporary art collections. this lovely canalside city offers just about anything to suit your European getaway. The capital of The Netherlands. as well as its modern charm. The right to free passage was instrumental for its economic development.Amsterdam is known as Venice of the North. or just to indulge in the high of discovering troves of great shopping finds. Amsterdam has forged relationships with other cultures. It used to be a 13th-century fishing village on a river bed and has progressed over the years as a financial. See treeCruising through Amsterdam city center Beautiful view of Amsterdam canals with bridge and typical Dutch houses Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum Photo credit: Ivica Drusany / Shutterstock. From its earliest days as a trading city. Whether you want to immerse yourself in culture and history. Van Gogh wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum Discover Amsterdam’s scenic sights Explore the city and you will bump into a number of magnificent attractions that reveal Amsterdam’s heritage and Amsterdam: Access to the old and the new An interesting mixture of rich history and contemporary culture. or Anne Frank’s house as you cruise along the city’s winding waterways. These canals were an important part of trade relations for Amsterdam. this city opens your eyes to a vibrant world Much has been said about Amsterdam. luxurious canal houses and architectural structures such as the tower of Westerkerk (Western Church). See the wax figures of celebrities and historic figures at the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Make sure to drop by the city’s worldfamous museums.

Throughout the city. Make sure to drop by De Jacobs Hoeve/Henri Willig cheese farm. Do not confuse coffeeshops with ‘koffiehuis' (coffee house). Tour the farm to see the goats and sheep that supply the milk. or enjoy a cup of coffee at Amsterdam.landal. Savor the flavor of Dutch cheese. which are spacious and very stylish places to unwind. Here’s what you should try: Taste local cuisine and discover new specialties such as erwtensoep. Discover the beauty of nature. you can enjoy taxfree shopping on your purchases for a minimum spend of 50 Euros. a tasting bar. and have a taste of their cheese made the traditional way. there are as many canals and drawbridges as bracelets on a Gypsy’s bronzed arms. art galleries. Here you can find just about anything from pillow cases to bicycle parts. The Nine Streets in Amsterdam The best time to visit Amsterdam is between April and September. ·· Greet assistants upon entering or leaving shops. and Dutch clogs. At the Keukenhof Gardens. What’s For more information. Netherlands www. floral mosaics. the water is the mistress and the land the vassal. Attractions include a mini brewery. or ATMs.landal. which sells only coffee and light meals. Mexx. visit http://www. mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables and served with meat and gravy. or with café. Discover Dutch cuisine and sample their beers. where the days are longer and the temperature is milder. and the ‘Stable Walk’. There are multi-storey department stores and exclusive boutiques. Check out the city’s thriving bar scene. pea soup with ham and smoked canna/bulbfield. Leidsestraat has exclusive boutiques where you can shop for brands like Karen Millen. Amsterdam also has numerous watering holes where you can enjoy a drink or two. Netherlands www. The Dutch consider it rude to just wander in and out. Netherlands www. Biking is a great way to see and get around the city. Amsterdam has a long tradition of café culture and this is best discovered at their grand cafés.Get into the Heineken #8145 Landal Hoog Vaals Vaals. as well as shops that sell antiques and contemporary Dutch design.html #C903 Landal Landgoed’t Loo PS ‘t visit http://roel. where you can see how the famous Gouda cheese is Visit The Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes). Visit the former Heineken Brewery. stamppot. There are themed pavilions. Do not ride your bike at night without lights to avoid being fined. which is a casual restaurant or bar. Esprit and Zara. STAY #8142 Landal Heideheuvel Beekbergen. Treat your palate to Dutch flavors. Kalverstraat has famous designer brands such as H&M.landal. boutiques and vintage stores. admire the blooming tulips. ·· Do not walk on the bike lanes.landal. If you’re looking for vintage clothes. local items. Gouda cheese Blooming tulips in Keukenhof Park Leidsestraat In Amsterdam. Shop for great finds You can shop for almost anything in Amsterdam: from high-end fashion brands down to the local souvenir items. and more for visitors of all ages. ·· Drinking alcohol on the streets is against the law. Only licensed coffeeshops are permitted to sell cannabis products. an area of nice narrow streets dotted with great #8144 Landal Coldenhove where you can access the stables of Heineken’s iconic Shire horses which still deliver beer throughout the city. especially when it comes to selling and consuming cannabis products. Plan your vacation now and discover the amazing sights and interesting culture of Amsterdam. cafés. They usually frequent the train from Schiphol International Airport to the city.web44. Amsterdam’s two main shopping streets. ·· Amsterdam has been known to be a very tolerant city. amaryllis and other flowers.germany. Netherlands www. and suddervlees. Paul Warmer or Shoebaloo.htm Heineken Brewery Museum Amsterdam Dos and Don’ts Stamppot with bacon and sausages ·· Be alert for pickpockets who usually victimize tourists with lots of baggage. ·· Rent a bike and ride around the city. or have a chit chat with your For more information. slowly braised meat. touted as the world’s largest flower gardens. Here you can choose an array of styles and trends at affordable prices. Drop by Kalverstraat and Leidsestraat. chat with some locals and party Dutch-style! Check out Amsterdam’s cafés where you can spend a few hours enjoying a sip of coffee as you read a magazine or newspaper. visit the Waterlooplein. Amsterdam’s best-known flea leisure-and-recreation/scenic-routes/romantic-road. offering exhibits on Heineken’s rich history and tradition of beer brewing. —Felix Marti-Ibañezv Bars and coffee shops in Amsterdam 4 5 .

with over 10 million visitors a year. At 3. which translates to ‘Island of the Dogs’. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Lanzarote.Tour the islands The Canaries are comprised of islets and seven major islands: Tenerife. Each island boasts of unique vistas and natural wonders that are a league of their own. Choose from sunkissed beaches. La Palma’s clear skies take star gazing to a whole new level. Gran Canaria. A paradise for scuba divers. performance venues. Interested to know more? Visiting The Canary Islands and Málaga is the first step. There is no better place for surfers. a surfer’s paradise Experience nature at its finest and explore Spain’s culture at these vibrant port cities Sophisticated. step into the seemingly enchanted forests of La Gomera. Experts however. canis marinus or ‘sea dogs’. Spain is a country full of intoxicating elements. from superb islands to talk-of-the-town festivals and a brilliant art scene. have come up with an interesting theory: these so-called dogs were actually a species of seals. are a Spanish archipelago located just off the northwest coast of mainland Africa. countryside vistas and even sand dunes! Plus. secret coves. geysers and mountain ranges. Multicolored kites fill the sky in The Canary Islands Los Cristianos Harbor. enjoy modern living in the capital. Prepare to experience something different each day at Tenerife. Escape from the big. Mediterranean Gems: Spain’s Canary Islands and Málaga Fond of superlatives. The name was said to be derived from the Latin Canariae Insulae. intense and dedicated to living life to the fullest. La Palma. Then. where diverse landscapes and climates make the island truly unique. theatres. Meanwhile. the largest and the best-known island in The Canaries. Rich in flora. also known as The Canaries. with its chic shopping centres. Lanzarote’s spectacular volcanic landscapes. Explore Get stoked at Fuerteventura. between the borders of Morocco and Western Sahara. windsurfers and kite flyers in need of an adrenaline rush. The Canary Islands. 6 Gran Canaria also has breathtaking sand dunes Santa Ana Cathedral. Tenerife also has the grand Pico del Teide. Historian Pliny the Elder has noted that huge dogs inhabited the islands in ancient times. La Gomera and El Hierro.718 metres. Fuerteventura. unpolluted skies. it is Spain’s tallest peak. Tenerife Journey on to Gran Canaria. bars and restaurants. it is a popular hiking destination. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 7 . fauna and landscapes sculpted over the centuries. on the other hand. Centuries-old lava streams rest side by side with stunning rock formations. busy Tenerife and be carried off by the powerful winds of Fuerteventura. seem to be out of this world. El Hierro is surrounded by clear blue waters. with their fondness for discos headlined by international DJs and wild foam parties. The most important astrophysics observatories in the northern hemisphere can be found on this island due to its clear. You could be visiting a museum today or watching a rock concert the following evening. Tinerfeños have mastered the art of having a good time.

com Crown Resorts at Club La Riviera (#1559) Urbanización Riviera del Sol Málaga. the busiest bullring in the region. Jardín Botánico features towering Blending the old and the new Just as vibrant as the carnivals of the Canary Islands is Málaga. tapas. Tenerife. built by Abd ar-Rahman I.pinnacles. the Málaga Film Festival in April is a week-long exhibition of Spain’s finest films. dense Los Claviles (#2174) Arona. Walk this way Málaga’s mild climate and old world feel make it ideal for long. mixes compelling personal memorabilia with modern art Be in the mood for art Pay homage and be inspired by Málaga’s pride: Pablo Picasso. which have infused new life into the city. STAY Crown Resorts at Club Delta Mar (#1513) Urbanización Riviera del Sol Málaga.wimpen. Participants wear traditional white costumes and are covered with talcum powder as they move to electrifying island rhythms.crownresorts. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo and Museo Carmen Thyssen both have excellent collections of 19th and 20th Century Spanish paintings. dramatic cliffs. Tenerife. rays and a wide variety of fish! Cueva De Los Verdes. Málaga is known for its numerous art museums. know more about Spain’s bull fighting history at the Plaza del Toros Museum. This beautiful Renaissance cathedral has a series of chapels with exquisite religious imagery. Stop by Teatro Romano on your way down. Travel back in time at Alameda Principal. ancient trees and reptiles seen nowhere else. You can bring along a picnic basket and enjoy a meal on the stone steps as you marvel at its timeless grandeur. held every February in honour of immigrants who returned to the islands after making their fortune in the New World. a boulevard adorned with centuries-old trees and buildings.crownresorts.apartamentocasablanca. important Mediterranean civilisations established trade routes in Málaga. be caught up in a whirlwind of activity with Feria de Málaga. thanks to the strategic location of its ports. meandering walks. Scenes from the Passion of Christ are displayed on larger-than-life floats. Carmen Offermann and Carmen Soto. The birthplace of artist Pablo Picasso. located along the coast of southern Andalucia and set against the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Museo Casa Natal de Picasso. —Felix Marti-Ibañezv 9 . at par with those of Rio de Janeiro. Mayte Martinez. with art. Get a glimpse of everyday Málaga life and Málaga folklore at the Museo de Artes y Costumbres. Spain www. a 200-year-old lighthouse. Hidden in the many crevices are lobsters. created around 3. Come evening. caves and tunnels. Lanzarote El HIerro’s waters are frequented by avid scuba divers Teatro Romano at night Carnivals at The Canaries will keep you smiling Carnivals at The Canary Islands rival those of Rio de Janeiro Málaga’s famous son. It’s popularly known as La Manquita (meaning ‘The One-Armed’) since its southern tower was never completed. This Roman amphitheatre was excavated Stroll down to Plaza de la Merced and Málaga Park and relax amidst the charming gardens and timeless architecture. but one thing’s for sure: these events are colourful and a whole lot of fun. anemones eels. Its quaint streets. sketches engravings and sculptures. Don’t miss La Palma’s 'Fiesta de los Indianos’. Isaac Martin Roldan. See priceless artifacts dating back to these times at Alcazaba. Then head out to Paseo de la Farola which offers a stunning of view of the Málaga Port and one of the city’s iconic landmarks: the Farola. attracting revellers across Spain and the rest of Europe.000 years ago by lava flows from Monte Corona Málaga’s marinas come alive at night Know more about bull fighting at the Plaza del Toros Museum In the heart of the city is Catedral de Málaga. The museum also hosts exhibitions featuring Málaga’s contemporary artists such as Gomez Enrique Jose. Pedro Iglesias Asuar. which cover almost every phase and influence of the artist’s colourful career. Explore at your own pace and be rewarded with interesting finds. Canary Islands www. bull fights and flamenco shows. Spain has had a long love affair with the sea. Pablo Picasso Club Casablanca (#1668) Puerto de la Cruz. The harbour comes to life Málaga’s famous marinas are home to the world’s most luxurious yachts and the latest sports boats. A cactus garden in Guatiza. ·· For cinema See Málaga come alive ·· Visit during the Holy Week and witness spectacular processions that start on Palm Sunday and continue until Easter Sunday. a Cordoban emir from the 8th century. Controversial and intriguing. Start the day by watching the sun rise at La Malagueta. monuments and calm shores are both historic and cosmopolitan. with life. Viva La Carnival! After getting to know the archipelago. Canary Islands www. Spain www. deep drop offs. Sagrado Corazón and Santo Cristo de la Salud. The Museo Picasso Málaga has 204 Picasso paintings. the romance continues. 8 Other churches of interest in the area include Los Mártires. This fair is a vibrant showcase of the region’s finest Crown Resorts at Club Marbella (#2404) Urbanización Sitio de Calahonda Málaga. tree-lined promenades. STAY in 1951. Then. refreshing lakes and spectacular seasonal blooms. Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. it’s time to mingle with local residents through carnivals. the bars and cafes along the marinas pulsate with live music and entertainment. Spain www. climb up the hill to get an excellent view of the city. Málaga’s famous beach. At the Canary Islands and Málaga. an Arab fortress built in the 11th century. Picasso’s birthplace. shrimps. ·· Held every August.crownresorts. Photo credits: criben / Shutterstock. Looming over Alcazaba is Castillo de Gibralfaro. Each island has its own traditions and festivities. Soak up on history From the Phoenicians to the Romans. Land lovers will also delight in El Hierro’s fertile valleys.

The unique geological structure makes the local landscape and ecological system quite diverse. there is a wealth of economic. elegant houses scattered here and there rows upon rows and lush vegetation. The passionate Spanish dance is that impressive. diverse and considerate tourist The Beverly Hills Club we checked in is a Gold Crown holiday resort. Geologically. including the craggy Please remember to include your name. Digital shots must be in high resolution (at lease 300dpi). The island is blessed with beautiful sunshine. visiting the Teide Park which features the volcanic landforms. dense woods to deserts and rock formations. The mountain is 3. the tour around the island is the most interesting.RCI + Me Moments A Pleasant Sunny Holiday in Beautiful Tenerife With the help of RCI Holiday Guides. it can climb more than 1. the vast stretch of beach is something essential for island scenery. Among these. Performances of songs and dances can be seen at the atrium every night. Closing date: June 2013 11 . taking the submarine down to as deep as 27 metres in the Atlantic Ocean for a glimpse of the undersea world. Mrs. which are located in the south of Spain. such as a tour around the island. The kitchen wares in it are even more complete than those in our own home.000 metres within five minutes to reach the top. Li. Below the balcony is a swimming pool which is free of charge.718 metres above sea level. It is also known as “Happy Islands” in the world. Email your story to: Marketingsupport@rci. it is actually an overseas autonomous community of Spain. Taking the high-speed cable car. papas arrugadas and home-brewed wine. Tenerife and Madrid in Europe in August this year. This part of the world is home to the highest point of Spain – Teide Peak. tapas. This is really a wonderful holiday paradise! When leaving here. Undoubtedly. which is the world’s third highest volcano and one of the 16 existing active volcanoes in the world. It is always a busy place on a weekend as families and friends rush here to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. scenic mountains and waters. thousand-year-old dragon trees. beautiful Tenerife! Thank you for giving us an unforgettable experience! Write & Win RCI Exchange Voucher! Share your RCI Holiday experiences with us! You will get $100 RCI Exchange Voucher if your story is featured in our magazine. On the island. we couldn’t help exclaiming: Goodbye. which really made us feel at home. taking the ship to watch the whales and fishing out in the sea. programs available. RCI Membership Number and a selection of photos with captions. Sunshinelovers can enjoy the sun-bathing on beach chairs every day. The one-bedroom apartment we stayed in has an open kitchen. a place recommended by her which left us with an absolutely memorable experience. vast stretch of banana plantations. peaceful towns. exploring Tenerife under the star-filled night sky. It can help you have a taste of the unique style of the island. Tenerife is the largest among all the Canary Islands. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. traditional hollowed-out embroidery. especially Tenerife. soft sand and waves. time-honored churches. but according to the law. Canary soup. and delicious local food such as the seafood. The beautiful white houses built on the mountain slope together with blue sky form a picturesque scene! All the houses are equipped with the necessary facilities for daily life. ranging from sea beach to snow-capped mountains. it is part of Africa. barren sand dunes. broad beaches. we took a tour of Paris. Pictures that you take are as 10 beautiful as those printed on the postcards.

One of the most famous hills in the city and regarded as the symbol of Guilin. which you can get to via bicycles. and Bright Moon Peak. and rice paddies. Elephant’s Eye Stone. Also known as Dai Cai Hill. the hill is 3. Look-On-AllDirection Hill. On the river stands the 400-year-old Yulong Bridge. If the best of what Mother Nature offers is what you want to take away from your next vacation. With a topography that is probably the most unique in the world. Yuyue 13 . Guilin offers tourists something breathtaking at every corner Escaping to China is always a good idea if you’re looking to experience Asia’s old-world culture and marvel at just about any natural wonder you’ve always dreamt of seeing. See the locals on the rafts as they traverse the river to get to their houses. It consists of Yueshan Hill. as well as to tour tourists around Yangshuo. there’s always something to capture your eyes at this picturesque paradise. this hill looks like a giant elephant dipping its trunk into the river. Crane Peak. Elephant Trunk Hill Explore distinctive natural wonders Guilin boasts of the best landscapes under heaven. then Guilin is the perfect place to bring out your wanderlust. owing to the abundance of the fragrant flower throughout the prefecture.One of Guilin’s breathtaking sceneries Entryway to China’s best landscapes Elephant Trunk Hill. Boasting some of the world’s most unique scenic spots. Located in the downtown area of the city. Its name literally means Sweet Osmanthus (also known as sweet olive).6 hundred million years old and features amazing views for you to explore: Water Moon Cave. this hill derives its name from unusual looking rocks broken horizontally. Wherever you turn. Guilin is a prefectural city located in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in Southern China. Guilin is peppered with scenic spots that will easily amaze you. This river lets you marvel at beautiful Karst (limestone) formations. 12 Sweet Osmanthus Yangshuo Yulong River. It takes pride in being one of China’s top tourist destinations with its plethora of unique landscapes that came to be known as some of the best sights in the world. Here you can visit attractions such as the Folded Brocade Pavilion. Get close to nature and explore these great sights: Yulong Bridge Folded Brocade Hill Folded Brocade Hill. markets. Pagoda for Puxian and Yunfeng Temple. at the junction of the Li River and the Peach Blossom River.

as this is the way the Chinese lay for dead people in big festivals. Brocade Building. Or find solitude at Solitary Beauty Peak. Bring your trusty camera and take snapshots of the beautiful sceneries in Yangshuo.Ancient street of Daxu Town with an arched gate Seek solace in Mother Nature’s cradle Guilin also boasts of places where you can relax and just breathe in the beauty of nature. Li River with mountains at the backdrop in Yangshou Pavilion. Chengren Tablet of Masters Qu and Zhang. which is between September and November. Yangzhi Hill. Escape onto the countryside with your bicycle and see the orchards and paddy fields surrounding the mountains. where you can sample delicious yet cheap snacks. —Former US President Richard Nixon Longji rice terraces Solitary Beauty Peak 15 . Cycling in Yangshuo. China Dos and Don’ts ·· When meeting locals.” STAY The best time to travel to Guilin is during the warmer months. Cycling in Yangshuo Go for a leisurely walk at the Big Banyan Tree. as well as training programs for newbies. With its Karst mountains. Perched on the northern bank of Li River. Daxu Ancient Town. and Nayun Pavilion. Wind Cave. a top scenic attraction in Yangshuo. free rock-climbing information. Engage in recreational activities with nature as your backdrop Apart from exploring its beauteous wonders. #C934 HIVC@Yangshuo No. Take shots of Guilin landscape. caves and rocks. the largest and most beautiful park in Guilin that features rivers. Drawing tools such as brush. If you’re male. ·· Do not put your chopsticks straight on the bowl of rice. Guilin has always been a great subject to photograph. In lieu of “No. Popular rock-climbing peaks include Moon Hill and Wine Bottle Hill. Seven Star Cave Big camphor tree and beautiful Banyan lake I have visited more than 80 countries and over a hundred cities. Feel the gentle breeze as you view amazing landscapes on both sides of the river.) Learn Chinese painting and calligraphy. You can go on a cruise on Li River. This will give you a glimpse of the Chinese rural life. I have found that no city can surpass the beauty of Guilin. shops and stalls. 1 Yard. ink. it is lined with old residences. Longji Rice Terraces. This town boasts of ancient structures from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Longsheng or Xingping. Guilin also gives you the chance to experience great activities that you and your loved ones would surely enjoy: 14 Chinese painting and calligraphy You can also find inner peace and commune with nature at the Seven Star Park. There are commercial rock climbing clubs in Yangshuo that offer professional climbing guide. Guilin is really a bright pearl in China. a natural stone chamber believed to be the study used by the famous poet Yan Yanzhi. which was said to be planted in the Jin dynasty. these rice terraces were first built in the Yuan dynasty and completed in the Qing dynasty by the Zhuang people. paper and inkgrind will be provided for you. Wangjiang Pavilion. ·· Saying “No” is considered impolite by the Chinese. Guilin is a good site to test your rock-climbing skills. So plan your vacation now and discover nature all over again in Guilin. An hour-long class will bring out the artist in you as you learn more about China’s history in the arts. Conquer the mountains. wait for the woman to extend her hand first. ·· Extend courtesy to the elderly by offering them to enter the room first or allowing them to be seated first. Immerse yourself in basic Chinese painting and calligraphy skills with a teacher to guide your strokes. one of National Geographic magazine’s top 10 watery wonders.” you can instead use “I will think about it” or “I will get back to you on this. 1 Yard China Guilin (Refer to page 24 for more information on HIVC@Yangshuo No. There are about 66 kilometres of these rice terraces whichshowcase the resourcefulness and creativity of the ethnic groups in using land and water resources in the mountainous area. extend your right hand to shake hands. Built into the hillsides.

Ek Balam’s wonderful secrets have yet to be entirely revealed. refers to the fortified walls which once protected the city from invaders. at sunset 16 Embark on a Mayan journey Just a few hours away from Cancun are unique wonders of the Mayan civilisation. exotic cuisine and flamboyant colors. A recent discovery. Located 145 kilometres from Cancun. natural wonders. where the governors and priests held court. Visitors from all over gather here during the spring and autumn equinoxes to watch the temple as it casts a shadow of a plumed serpent. thrilling eco parks. the Mayan name for the god Quetzacoatl. The Mayan culture is best appreciated by visiting these sites: The ancient Mayan city of Ek Balam Tulum’s majestic Temple of the Wind Chichen Itza. It has made a name for itself as one of Mexico’s most popular holiday destinations. It is a wondrous sight not to be missed.000 years. This awe-inspiring World Heritage Site is located west of Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula. a wealth of wonders await you at Cancun Cancun is a lively southeastern Mexican city. and mathematical and astronomical systems. its principal buildings. One of the most-visited Mayan ruins in Mexico. rich in history. Ek Balam. located on the northeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo. the Temple of Kukulcan. which were all ahead of their time. Tulum. Approximately 90 kilometres from Chichen Itza. Dominating Chichen Itza is the Temple of Kukulcan. History enthusiasts will be fascinated by its pristine archaeological sites. temples and palaces were once sacred centres and seats of power. The shadow appears to slither down the pyramid and fertilise the earth. good food. it is known for its incredible symmetry and astrological importance to the Mayan civilisation.Enter a world of ancient glory and exotic delights From magnificent primeval structures. Its name. Named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Be swept away by Cancun’s breathtaking seascapes Chichen Itza’s most famous landmark. Tulum sits on the edge of a cliff looking out over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The Mayans were known for their art. great shopping finds and so much more. architecture. this ancient Mayan city is nestled between two lagoons and is shrouded by a dense jungle. 17 . a dynamic society that has endured for more than 3. which translates to ‘wall’ in Mayan. Coba.

·· Read before you go A little bit of research can go a long way to help you understand what you’re seeing. to swim with the dolphins and whale sharks. sour orange juice. Crococun is a great place to see the local wildlife. cenotes are a network of underground streams and rivers beneath the Yucatan peninsula. ·· Hands off. Kukulcan Plaza and Luxury Avenue. Quintana Roo Mexico www. Cancun has a variety of sumptuous dishes to choose from. With fair weather all year round. Venture into jungle and see crocodiles. Leave the airport and turn right on Highway 307 towards Playa del Carmen. including some of the world’s most luxurious brands. sneakers or hiking boots are your best bet. these activities offer fun and excitement for the entire family. minerals and protein. A must for adventure lovers. Swim with the gentle giants of the deep in Cancun’s waters Swim in one of many refreshing cenotes in Puerto Morelos Bring home one-of-a-kind handicrafts from Cancun Plaza Caracol.mayanpalace. Fish lovers will enjoy Pescado Tikin Xic. Be far from the maddening crowd at Puerto Morelos 18 Local pottery from one of Cancun’s markets STAY Mayan Palace Riviera Maya (#6483) Playa del Carmen. Insignificant as these may seem. even on cloudy days. ride on a horse and for the whole family Go on a Cancun’s eco-adventures for yet another educational experience. ·· Jumping into a cenote. Cancun has it all for the serious shopper. a delicious dish made of pork marinated in achiote. cumin and salt. pepitas. This is usually served with fresh tortillas and chopped onions. Rich and comforting. Sopa de Lima is chicken broth with shredded chicken. ·· Prepare to be amazed Mexico’s ancient cultures are still shrouded with mystery. Frijol con Puerco is a black beans and pork stew best paired with rice. mountain bike. —Marcus Garvey A Mayan woman sells her handicrafts Photo credits: Renee Davis / Shutterstock. Approximately 10 minutes after going past Puerto Morelos you will see an impressive Mayan arch on your left. Get one-of-a-kind souvenirs and silver jewelry at affordable prices. Cenote Siete Bocas. A sprinkling of chopped radish. ·· Going where the wild things are. Tour Isla Mujeres. Also known as sinkholes. Buy a bottle or two beforehand as prices may be more expensive onsite. ·· Hire a guide Having said that. hiring a local guide will make your visit much more interesting. Enjoy a harmony of flavors Outdoor activities are bound to work up appetites. Cancun cuisine deliciously combines European and Mayan influences. Whether on land or underwater. which serves as a pungent laid-back fishing village located only 35 kilometres from Cancun. With many European merchants trading in its ports. ·· Don’t forget the sunscreen Apply sunscreen at all times. which welcomes you to the Mayan Resorts Complex. Get extra protection with a hat and a pair of sunglasses. ultratrendy shoppers’ paradise complete with Venetian-inspired canals and walkways. From ultra-chic designer stores to flea markets and small boutiques. Isla Contoy and Isla Holbox. be advised to bring insect repellant as well. natural nesting places for exotic birds and other wildlife.thegrandmayan. Cenote Boca Del Puma and Cenote Verde Lucero. drive army trucks to natural caverns. or annatto seeds. Feast on Cochinita Pibil. snakes and other The Cancun International Airport is located 32 kilometres from the resort. And if you’re trekking through a jungle. the historical information they provide may be important. Planning an archaeological tour? Here are some tips ·· Dress comfortably When climbing pyramids or doing long walks on rough ground. Shop to your heart’s content in a glittering. A friendly. Plaza Bonita next door is lined with colourful buildings filled with shops selling quality Mexican handicrafts and pieces of art. The meat is wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in a pit oven until it slides off the bone. peppercorns. and chaya. Must-dos in Puerto Morelos include: ·· Planning a day at Selvatica. Fortunately. Plaza Las Americas. snorkel. the one of the world’s largest natural aquariums. this park has over 330 acres of forests. Their wide range of specialty restaurants. A shopper’s delight Mouthwatering Cancun dishes provide the perfect energy boost for yet another adventure: shopping. Quintana Roo Mexico www. achiote. Main cenotes include Las Mojarras. bars and cafes are great for relaxation after all that retail therapy! Market The Grand Mayan Riviera Maya (#6973) Playa del Carmen. Puerto Morelos has enchanted visitors with its rustic charms. These shopping centres are home to hundreds of boutiques. La Isla Shopping Village. Cochinita Pibil will make you come back for more Designed to resemble an old Mexican village. Ingredients commonly used are sour oranges. Panuchos are fried corn tortillas filled with black bean paste and topped with shredded chicken. origin and culture is like a tree without roots. Zipline. monkeys. let your sense of wonder run free. garlic. please It’s best not to touch stones or pottery shards that you may find. lime and fried tortilla strips. and see the ocean’s wonders at Xel-Ha. lettuce. it’s always a good time to plan a Cancun getaway. A people without the knowledge of their past history. Escape to Puerto Morelos. or pumpkin 19 . which is baked or barbecued grouper fish. tomatoes and onions. Hunt for great bargains in this huge flea market situated in the heart of downtown Cancun. local spinach packed with vitamins. Located 2 kilometres from Puerto Morelos. ·· Keep yourself hydrated Bring your own water. snorkel in the calm inlets of Xcaret Eco Park. cilantro and onions makes this a flavourful treat.

in the state of Pahang. duty free shopping at Tekek. Tioman has something for every traveller: from families with small children to honeymooners. from the newly certified to the experienced wreck diver . Arab. local guides organize climbing expeditions to easier sport climbing routes. where you could get a chance to see black-tip sharks. Black Giant Squirrel. It has eight main villages. Go deeper For the more adventurous. thrill seekers and even those looking for a slice of exclusivity and luxury. Hardcore climbers can attempt the full. Tioman’s temperate climate and excellent underwater visibility makes it one of the most popular diving destinations in Malaysia. Marine Park. this is one of the few places 21 . twin granite peaks that only a few climbers have conquered. five-day climb to Dragon’s Horns. Mouse Deer. Longtailed Macaque. Take the dragon by the horns Tioman is steadily carving its niche as a haven for extreme sports enthusiasts. Beginners need not worry. snorkelling at the Marine Park. Red Giant Flying Squirrel. Do a little of everything Get a feel of Tioman by going on a day-long island tour. Endangered mammals such as the Binturong. Once a busy trading post. Take the plunge and snorkel With crystal clear waters and an amazing variety of marine life. including the majestic Frigatebird.there’s just so many things to see and explore. Bouldering enthusiasts can test their balance on the massive boulders that line the beaches. And its azure waters are filled with beautiful corals of all shapes and colours and a diversity of sea creatures. Tioman Island is a good place to start. and a stop at Tioman’s other villages. the largest and most populous being Kampung Tekek in the north. Slow Loris. and European merchant ships. Explore over 20 dive sites that are sure to amaze everyone. But the island’s main attractions are its amazing natural wonders. Rare bird species. Brush-tailed Porcupine and Common Palm Civet inhabit the island’s 20 rainforests. Be amazed by breathtaking coral gardens teeming with life at Tulai Island. Tioman has played host to Chinese. Monkey Bay and Salang. Tioman is the largest in a volcanic group of islands located 32 kilometres off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Renggis Island. Highlights of this tour include a quick dip in the Asah Waterfalls. a stay in Tioman would not be complete without a snorkelling trip. as evidenced by the porcelain shards that can be found on beaches around the island. The island’s stunning limestone formations and overhanging walls offer opportunities for rock climbers of all levels to test their skills and determination. call Tioman home. a souvenir photograph with the Dragon’s Horns. where schools of colourful fish welcome visitors. What’s more.Tioman: A glimpse of paradise A delightful introduction to Malaysia’s tropical treasures If you’re visiting Malaysia and are overwhelmed with the country’s numerous leisure options.

Ben Malaysia where you are likely to come across schools of dolphins! Tick an item off your bucket list and get certified for recreational diving from one of the many dive centres in the island. with a stunning vistas of the beach on one side and rich greens on another. 22 Pearlyn patiently explained how vacation exchanges work. She also went out of her way to tell us of an existing promotion on tickets to Universal Studios. hand and feet grooming and a selection of hair spa treatments. facials. with stops at Monkey Bay.000 hectares of lush rainforests. Other popular treks cover trails across the villages of Gentling. Be sure to load up on water. Here’s what they have to say about our staff: I would like to commend my holiday guide. She gave me great ideas on how I could spend my vacation. snacks and insect repellent for a safe and enjoyable hike. This par-71 course is filled with challenging hazards such as ponds and bunkers. Take nothing but pictures – and debris that may be floating in the water. Jenniefer Flores Reynaldo M Aquino Philippines Jose Maria Mina Philippines Pearlyn —Ralph Waldo Emerson 23 . She quickly responded to my queries and has been consistently courteous ever since our first conversation. STAY Berjaya Tioman Resort (#2864) bvc@berjaya. Amazing! Richard Lim Philippines Jenniefer was very helpful. Air Bating and Salang. Services offered include traditional massages that use a variety of local herbs and spices. she even sent me website links to interesting places my family and I can visit in Singapore. She was able to maximise our resources so efficiently that we actually had something left for our next vacation. refreshing mountain streams. In fact. for providing excellent customer service. bcv@berjaya. which saved us money! Yap Wei Ni Rejuvenate after great adventures Take a breather from all the excitement and relax at Tioman’s renowned spas: the Ayura Spa and the Paya Holistic My memorable experience has made me want to continue my RCI membership. Thank you! Ben Kunarat Thanapon Nerakanthee Thailand ·· Remind your boat crew to anchor away from the reef and make sure that all rubbish are stowed away. the unreliable mobile phone signal in our area did not hinder her from trying to reach us. body scrubs and waterfalls and a colourful menagerie of birds and mammals. Beach & Spa Resort’s 18-hole international standard golf course is just as soothing. scores of birds. Wei Ni did her best to find accommodations that were within our tight travel Tioman Island Resort (#4166) Trek through the jungle With about 12. She also encouraged me to go online and assisted me in every step of the booking process. Tioman is an excellent trekking destination.Juana trail. What’s more. Pay. which helped me create a wonderful trip itinerary. Pearlyn was very courteous and accommodating. Embark on a 7 kilometre. Diving Basics I’m grateful for her assistance. four-hour trek along the Tekek .my RCI Complimentary Letter Cheers to the RCI Team Members were impressed by the RCI team’s focus on going the extra mile to make each holiday the best it can be. Then relax amidst the golden sands of Juana beach on the other side of the island. go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. A round of golf at Berjaya Tioman Golf. Walk through the hills for exciting encounters with monkeys. Do not go where the path may lead. ·· Prevent accidental contact with the reef or kicking up sediment by practicing good fin and body control. insects and centuries-old trees. monitor lizards. ·· Respect marine life.

Onebedroom units also include a sitting room spacious enough for a small party or meeting. The small town of Yangshuo is home to the famous West Street. an authentic Jeju village. It is the only place in the world to receive all three UNESCO designations in natural sciences. a spectacular example of a harmonious relationship between the people and the landscape. this resort boasts of a panoramic view of Yangshuo 24 County. 1 Yard (#C943) Kensington Resort Jeju Marina (#C944) DESTINATION HIGHLIGHTS Yangshuo County is a mountainous region known for its natural wonders and scenic tourist attractions. and the twelve mist-shrouded hills and the heavens as its backdrop. or go to Jeju Folk Village Museum for vivid cultural exhibits. or step up the pace with a game of tennis. and the Longsheng Rice Terraces. All units feature hot showers in a private bathroom. A lovely roof overlooks the famous Impression Liu San Jie. UNIT HIGHLIGHTS Stylish ocean-view units are airconditioned and are decorated in pleasant neutral tones. integrating the styles of Old Shanghai villas and those of Jiangnan art. and caves perfect for hiking and exploring. all units surpass three-star hotel standards. The Green Tea Museum. hair dryer and a well-equipped kitchenette that has a refrigerator. telephone. Other attractions include Elephant Trunk Hill which is the symbol of Guilin. is set amidst green tea plantations and is built to resemble an actual teacup. RESORT HIGHLIGHTS The only villa on the hillside. DESTINATION HIGHLIGHTS Jeju Island is Korea’s southernmost volcanic island. Known for its breathtaking scenery and unique volcanic features.Resort Highlights HIVC at Yangshuo No. two-burner stove. or small mountains. The hotel is built in the Suzhou Garden tradition. 25 . rice cooker and cutlery. The Li River’s karst vistas are famous worldwide. Visit Seongeup Folk Village. on the other hand. Explore them in a bamboo raft or on a cruise and enjoy the magnificent view. TV. UNIT HIGHLIGHTS Studio units feature balconies or small courtyards with scenic vistas. RESORT HIGHLIGHTS This waterfront resort is a lovely getaway. Take a leisurely stroll by the waterfront and browse through the boutiques. Equipped with excellent amenities. enjoy flavourful local specialties at the Korean restaurant on site. Jeju has 368 oreum. Three-bedroom units sleep up to 7 and include a doublebed room and two Korean-style futons. One-bedroom units sleep up to four and include a double bed and Korean-style futons. This is also the well-known site of an outdoor folk musical by the famous director Zhang Yi Mou. filled with shops selling local handicrafts and restaurants. At mealtime. serving both Western and Chinese food. graced by Halla Mountain. with the waters of the Li River as its stage.

Plan your dream holiday and browse online within the comforts and safety of your own home. China Chee Cheng Siew Malaysia Ma. Book and Confirm! Rose Tan Soo Gek Singapore 26 27 . Taiwan 让我的旅游度假 与众不同,尽情 享受RCI全球度假 村的交换服务! 想订就订,随时搞定 我的假期。方便,快 捷,自由自在 透過RCI. Plus. Book your next trip through RCI.com這個無國 界的空間,可讓人輕易 的盡情體驗各國風情。 Wang Chen Qingdao. com and enjoy great deals! Shortlisted Entries Time is is as easy as A. China Pan Wen Yan Shanghai. With RCI. “Why should you go to gives me free updates on great vacations and promotions wherever. which highlighted the convenience of booking a holiday through RCI. com. And the best part is.Why RCI. com? No more long queues and automated Contest Members were invited to answer the question. whenever. the booking process is super simple. valuable information on holiday destinations and facilities available is right at my fingertips. It’s wonderful! Rajinder Kumar Chugh Singapore Huang Cheng-Chung Zhang-Hua. Joselynn D Mateo Philippines Booking holidays through RCI. This gives me more time to do the things I want. Out of the hundreds of submissions received. I get more value for my money when I book vacations Winning Entry RCI. The participant with the best entry got to walk away with an iPad Mini. B and C Access. What’s not to like about RCI. RCI’s panel of judges chose these” in 30 words or less.

com. enter your Member ID number. select China-Simplified Chinese. Register Now Step 2 Select Weeks Members.rci. Enter Info Step 3 Read the Terms & Conditions and Click “I Accept” to complete the registration process. Benefits Manage and view your account details Search for the resort availability anytime anywhere Search and book Extra VacationsSM Getaways Get our best prices for vacations by booking online Final Step Accept T & C 28 Activate your account via your confirmation email received and start searching and booking for your holiday now! 29 . name and Contact Information including your Email Address then submit.How to Register an Account Select China-Simplified Chinese Step 1 Log on to www. click Register Now.

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West Java 6302 Medewi Bay Resort Bali 3957 Leisure Cove Penang 2861 Hotel Royal Crown Phuket 3851 Nirwana Bali Tanah Lot. Bali C440 Penang Times Square-Birch The Plaza Penang 8715 LHC Phuket Resort Phuket 5461 Perdana Beach Resort Langkawi 4973 LHC at Allamanda Laguna Phuket Phuket 7771 Resort Suites at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel Petaling Java A520 LHC at Boathouse Hua Hin Phetchaburi 5962 MTC at Pattaya Hill Pattaya 4166 Tioman Island Resort Pulau Tioman 5456 MTC at The Legacy River Kwai Kanchanaburi 6373 MTC Plus at Grand Tower Inn Bangkok C389 Patong Bay Garden Phuket 4344 Patong Resort Hotel Phuket 4341 Patong Tower Condominium Phuket 5556 Pattaya Hill Resort Pattaya 5731 Q Signature Samui Koh Samui Cha-Am 7724 C386 Royal Bali Beach Club at Sanur Bali 3968 Royal Bali Beach Club @ Candidasa Manggis. Bali A538 Bali Island Villas & Spa Bali 5459 Bali Masari Villas & Spa Sanur. Bali 3505 Bali Tropic Resort & Spa Nusa Dua. Venue Hotel Suites Makati A517 Lijiang Sina Hotel Lijiang 7481 Noble Yacht Club. Hainan Hainan 4326 Paradise Hill Hotel Zhuhai Zhuhai 6408 Phoenix Resort A535 6785 Weihai Dawu Sea Feeling Hotel Shandong INDONESIA 7590 Bali Emerald Villas Sanur. Bali A516 Club Bali @ Kota Bunga Resort & Spa West Java 3690 Club Bali @ Jayakarta Bali Residence Legian. Ipoh Ipoh 2869 KL Plaza Suites 5257 5719 Chateau Dale Beach Resort Pattaya 6440 Club Thara at Thara Patong Beach Resort Phuket Kuala Lumpur 6305 Grand Tower Inn Bangkok Keraton Jimbaran Resort Bali 3692 Mambruk Quality Resort Serang.Resorts in Asia CHINA A539 A530 Beijing Badaling Hot Spring Resort Beijing 7525 Beijing Shihao International Hotel Beijing 7589 Blg-Beijing Longtou Apartment Beijing 6034 Dianchi Garden Hotel & Spa Kunming A536 FVC @ Lijiang Nan Yuan E Jia Lijiang A311 FVC @ Xiangxigu Holiday Village Anhui A312 FVC @ Xiaoshan International Hotel Hangzhou C700 HIVC @ Chongqing Sheraton International Chongqing A533 HIVC @ Luguhu Holiday Hotel Sichuan 8585 HNA @ Beach & Spa Resort Haikou Hainan 8587 HNA @ Intl'l Asia Pacific Convention Centre Sanya Hainan 8586 HNA @ Kangle Garden Hainan Hainan C722 Huangshan Grandview Resorts Hotel Anhui 6838 Huizhou Tangquan Golf Club Guangdong 3954 Jiuhua Spa & Resort Beijing Hawaii. A Club Bali Resort West Java Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands Cameron Highlands 5259 Heritage Hotel.Nusa Dua Nusa Dua. Hubei 3697 Kensington Resort Chungju Chungcheong buk-do C384 One Tagaytay Place Tagaytay 1300 Sigma Resort Club (South Pattaya) South Pattayav Ramada Hotel Wuxi Wuxi 3048 Kensington Resort Gyeongju Kyongsamnam-do 1947 Panoly Town & Beach Club Boracay Island 5216 Tai-Pan Hotel Bangkok A525 Ramada Plaza Hotel Yantai Shandong 4171 Kensington Resort Jirisan Kyongsamnam-do 6030 Pearl of the Pacific Beach Resort Boracay Island 5377 Bangkok 4980 Surf Plaza Qingdao Qingdao 3049 Kensington Resort Seorak Beach Gangwon-do 7647 Panagasinan 6888 The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel Dunhuang City Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort & Hotel The Resonance Club at State Tower C725 Hua Hin 5369 Sunrise Holiday Mansion Tagaytay UVC at Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences C726 UVC at Noble Remix Thonglor Sukhumvit 7526 SVC @ Subic Holiday Villas Zambales 6278 Tagaytay Dacha Villas Tagaytay A006 The A. Bali A547 The Seminyak Village Resort & Spa Bali KOREA PHILIPPINES 7773 Astoria Plaza Suites Pasig City A548 Boracay Regency Beach Resort Boracay Island 6781 Casa Del Mar Golf Resort Cebu A366 Club Balai Isabel Batangas C723 Eastgate Village Resort Olongapo City A509 EL Puerto Marina Beach Resort Pangasinan 6432 QVC at The Andaman Beach Suites 3502 Laguna De Boracay Resort Boracay Island 5376 Royal Belle Vista Country Club Chiang Mai 6741 Leisure Vacations Suites Baguio 4923 Phuket 5367 Nipa Beach Resort Iiocos Norte Royal Lighthouse Villa at Boat Lagoon Resort 7901 Hanwha Resort Haeundae Busan Metropolitan City 7903 Hanwha Resorts Seorak Sorano Gangwon-do E Zhou. Bali 5254 Royal Bali Beach Club @ Jimbaran Bay Bali 6920 RVC @ Hotel Rama Candidasa Bali C385 RVC @ Ivory Seminyak Resort & Spa Bali A515 Sekuta Condo Suites Bali 5450 The Grand Bali . Bali 6961 Bali Shangrila Beach Club Candidasa. Bali A521 Palace of the Golden Horse Selangor 2234 Jomtien Beach Paradise South Pattaya 3691 Risata Bali Resort & Spa Kuta. Bali 6916 Gili Meno Bird Park Resort Lombok A526 Goodway Hotel Batam 4170 Harris Resort Batam 32 MALAYSIA 2860 Aseania Resort Langkawi Langkawi 4919 Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort Genting Highlands 3967 Bayu Beach Resort Port Dickson A510 The Azalea Baguio Residences Baguio 2864 Berjaya Tioman Resort Pulau Tioman 5722 VCI Holidays @ Batangas Batangas 3013 Country Heights WRC Kuala Lumpur A522 Country Villas Kajang Selangor Taiwan Kentington Resort Ping-Tong Hisen Wing On Golf Country Club Tainan C702 Damai Beach Resort Sarawak 4325 3010 Dutu Vista Executives Suites Kuala Lumpur 4337 1703 Genting View Resort Genting Highlands A540 Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas & Spa Sepang 3196 Greenhill Resort Cameron Highlands Thailand Vietnam A518 Sea Links Golf & Beach Villas Binh Thuan A542 Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa Dalat City C438 Hon Tam Eco Green Resort Nha Trang Khanh Hoa A544 Emeralda Ninh Binh Gan Vien Note: Resort status is periodically reviewed and is subject to change. Resort Status indicated here is as current as of 1 March 2013 GOLD CROWN RESORT C383 Anantara Vacation Club at Bophut Koh Samui Koh Samui C382 Anantara Vacation Club at Phuket Villas Phuket SILVER CROWN RESORT HOSPITALITY AWARD 33 .

Price shown is current at the time of print.worldwide cruising $4620 * pp A ID NHAGEN OPE -C LITTLE ME R M from USD ONB OA R D ER LV SI Now you too can discover a side of Europe that only a special few will experience. getting up close and personal with spectacular fjords to view age-old glaciers. Taxes & gratuities may be additional. RI O DE JANIER O For all booking enquiries call the RCI member services hotline *Cabin type / pricing subject to availability at the time of booking. †Cruise exchange TP14 + exchange fee payable. Now from USD$9949*pp with Exchange† Save over $1400 USD per couple 16 Night South America Luxury Cruise on board Crystal Symphony Now from USD$4620*pp with Exchange† Save over $800 USD per couple IN between Miami and Rio de Janeiro Departure: November 2013 Deluxe Stateroom with Large Picture Window Twin Share Was from $5490* USD per person D U Departure: June 2013 • Vista Suite (Cat VI) Twin Share Was from $10. towering mountains and extraordinary arctic scenery. .650* USD per person CR NY YST AL SYMPHO 17 Night Luxury Northern Europe Cruise on board Silver Cloud Round trip Copenhagen SEA’S SILV E R CL O Sail in luxury.