Acrobat X Pro

2 day course
Prerequisites: Windows 7: Basic or equivalent experience
The first day will teach students fundamental concepts and terminology, and the basic
features of Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Students will learn PDF basics and explore the Acrobat interface. They'll
learn how to navigate and organize PDF documents. Students will learn how to create a PDF document
from within Acrobat. They will also create PDF documents from within other applications, and create
documents from Web pages. Students will learn to modify PDF content by rearranging, editing, and
formatting existing text; and by adding headers, footers, watermarks, and backgrounds. They'll learn how
to insert multimedia content, including audio, video, and flash files. They'll add bookmarks and links, and
improve accessibility in a document. Students will learn to manage security issues by using password
encryption and digital signatures. They'll explore document review techniques, including the use of
comments, markups, and automated reviews, such as Page View Sharing and Collaborate Live. The second
day builds on the fundamentals taught in Acrobat X Pro: Basic. Students will learn how to produce highquality PDF documents for press. They will learn how to discover geospatial data in a PDF map. They will
learn prepress techniques including color management, proofing and converting colors, color separations,
managing inks, trapping, and transparency flattening. Students will use the Preflight feature to test and
convert a document to comply with print provider requirements or ISO 9000 standards such as PDF/X,
PDF/A, or PDF/E. Students will learn to create interactive forms using both the Form Editor as well as
LiveCycle Designer ES2. They will learn to distribute PDF documents and forms, and to compile form data
returned from users

II. Creating PDF documents

Day 1: Basic

Printing to PDF from any application
Creating a PDF file by using the Print command

I. Getting started
The Acrobat environment
Identifying the benefits of PDF documents
Exploring the Acrobat environment
Viewing and navigating a PDF document
Advanced navigation
Navigating with bookmarks
Navigating with links
Using split view
Finding text
Finding text by using the Find toolbar
Finding text by using the Search PDF window
Finding text by using OCR
Getting help
Finding information
Setting preferences
Setting Acrobat application preferences

Acrobat PDFMaker
Using PDFMaker within Word
The Create PDF commands
Combining multiple documents in a PDF Portfolio
Managing PDF Portfolios
Creating a PDF document from a Web page
Discussing other Creative Suite applications

III. Modifying PDF documents
Moving document pages
Moving pages within a PDF document
Moving pages between PDF documents
Modifying content
Editing PDF document text
Formatting PDF document text
Inserting headers and footers
Inserting a watermark and background
Synchronizing page numbering
Creating a custom action

Baton Rouge | Lafayette

PDF accessibility Accessible documents Adding tags to a PDF document Checking the accessibility of a PDF document Fixing accessibility problems Modifying a tagged document’s reading order Creating a new tagging structure Reviewer tools Adding notes Specifying the reviewer’s author name Adding drawing markups Adding text markups Adding a stamp Accessibility in the Acrobat environment Using the Accessibility Setup Assistant Setting reading preferences Managing comments and markups Exporting comments and markups Importing comments from multiple reviewers Navigating comments from multiple reviewers Creating a comment summary PDF file VI. Document security Password protection Setting a Document Open password Setting a Permissions password Baton Rouge | Lafayette www. Document review techniques Document reviews Discussing automated reviews V. Document navigation tools Working with bookmarks Testing automatically generated bookmarks Adding a bookmark Adding bookmarks from selected text Modifying bookmark destinations Arranging bookmarks Formatting bookmarks Working with links Creating a link Resizing and aligning links Formatting text to look like a link Creating links from selected text Digital signatures Creating a digital ID Exporting a digital ID certificate file Digitally signing a PDF document Validating a signed document Creating a blank digital signature field Certifying a PDF document Encryption certification and security envelopes Encrypting a PDF file by using a certificate Creating a security envelope Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES encryption Discussing Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES encryption Password and certificate security policies Creating a password security policy Applying a security policy VII.LANtecCTC.Acrobat X Pro 2 day course Moving PDF content to other programs Copying a graphic to another program Adding multimedia Adding a video file Optimizing PDF file size Optimizing a PDF file Reducing file size .

LANtecCTC. Preflight and validation Print problems Discussing potential print problems Discussing industry standards Preflight profiles Preflighting with a predefined profile Creating a custom preflight profile II. Color separations Color separation setup Discussing color separations Adjusting box sizes and adding printer’s marks Fixing hairlines Separations preview Previewing separations Displaying color warnings Ink Manager Managing inks Printing color separations Printing process color and spot color separations Creating a form Using Form Editing mode Creating a form Inserting an image Adding a text object Adding guidelines Baton Rouge | Lafayette www. Color management Color management basics Discussing color management Setting color preferences for untagged images Color management workflow Choosing a color management workflow Applying color settings for PDF conversion Soft-proofing colors Simulating printer output on-screen Preflight reports Managing preflight results Preflight droplets Creating a preflight droplet Validation and conversion Ensuring PDF/X compliance V. High-quality PDFs Transparency flattening Comparing distilled and exported PDF transparency Previewing flattening PDF generation methods Discussing prepress issues Discussing prepress methods PDF file attributes Selecting an appropriate default setting PDF settings Setting general options Setting image options Setting font embedding options Saving new settings as a custom settings file Geospatial data Locating geospatial data IV.Acrobat X Pro 2 day course Trapping Discussing trapping Applying a trap preset Day 2 Advanced I. Interactive PDF forms Forms and LiveCycle Designer ES2 Discussing PDF forms Customizing LiveCycle Designer ES2 Converting colors Converting to CMYK .

PDF distribution and management PDF distribution Protecting sensitive information Processing a PDF document Exporting a PDF document Enabling usage rights Form management Distributing a form Compiling form data Baton Rouge | Lafayette .LANtecCTC.Acrobat X Pro 2 day course Working with form fields Adding a custom object Modifying a custom object Inserting a text field Inserting radio buttons Inserting check boxes Inserting a drop-down list Inserting a button Modifying a form Aligning objects Sizing fields to match Changing form object properties Testing a form Previewing a form Filling out a form VI.