The Demands – Master Document (1.15.

15) and Ferguson Action



#1 Political Accountability for the Death of
Michael Brown

We believe that Michael Brown, Jr. was murdered
and that the political structures and
representatives in Missouri must be held
accountable for their response, and lack of
response, to his murder.

A. Immediate firing of Ferguson Police Chief
Jackson and Ferguson City Manager for release
of video purporting to link Michael Brown to a
crime, willful spreading of misinformation to
the public and press, and inciting protesters.
B. Create a process involving citizens directly in
the hiring of all police chiefs in all STL
municipalities and the City of STL
C. Arrest and charge Darren Wilson with the
murder of Michael Brown
D. Fire Darren Wilson as an officer with the
Ferguson Police Department and remove his
ability to serve in a law enforcement agency in
the state of Missouri

# 2 Special Prosecutor for All Deadly Force Cases

We believe that a special prosecutor must be
appointed in every incident that involves an
officer’s use of deadly force.

#3 Police Held Accountable for Use of Deadly

We believe that officers should be accountable for
the use of deadly force in every encounter.

A. Establish state law necessitating the
appointment of a special prosecutor in any
case wherein a police officer used deadly
B. Identify an alternative to the Governor of
Missouri to appoint a Special Prosecutor, who
will be held accountable to the people
A. Establish state and federal Law establishing
clear process for the response to any officer
involved deadly-force situation wherein
including collection of facts, establishing
timeline and all issues related to release of
B. Establish state and federal law mandating the
release of the name of each police officer
involved in an incident wherein deadly force
was used within 48 hours of the incident.
C. Establish state and federal law requiring an
annual report on the use of deadly force by all
Missouri Police Departments

These are a working draft and were compiled by many participants. The numerical order is not a prioritization, but a way of coding.

The Demands – Master Document (1.15.15)
#4 End Overpolicing and Criminalization of

We believe that Missouri has a history and current
practice of using fines and fees in structurally and
systemically racist ways that disproportionately
impact the poor and pushes people further into

A. Recall all outstanding warrants on non-violent
municipal ordinance violations.
B. Remittance of all fines and fees on outstanding
municipal ordinance violations.
C. Missouri Supreme Court to adopt rule change
proportioning fines to income.
D. Establish state law capping revenue from
municipal courts at 10%.
E. Missouri Attorney General and Missouri
Auditor immediately begin to enforce Mack’s
Creek law stating municipalities may not
exceed more than 30% of revenue from
municipal courts. (there are several in excess
of that statutory cap right now)
F. Consolidate municipal courts to 4 regional
G. End “Hot Spot” policing techniques
H. Establish a Police Oversight Committee in STL
City and STL County with a range of real
power, including that of being able to remove
officers from duty
I. Enforce strict limits on the transfer and use of
military equipment to local law enforcement
and adopt the Stop Militarizing Law
Enforcement Act of 2014.

#5 Representative Police Force and Intentional
Officer Training

We believe that a police force should be
representative of those citizens that it is designed
to serve and protect.

A. Develop statewide sensitivity training program
for all municipalities and the City
B. Develop statewide diversity recruiting plan for
all law enforcement roles and remove nonviolent crimes, child support, and instances
such as juvenile records as disqualifying
actions for law enforcement eligibility.
C. Consolidate police departments.
D. End practice of allowing police officers fired

These are a working draft and were compiled by many participants. The numerical order is not a prioritization, but a way of coding.

The Demands – Master Document (1.15.15)

#6 The Right to Protest

We believe in the right to protest and the
government’s responsibility to honor and protect
this right.

#7 Pass National End Racial Profiling Legislation

We believe that the United States Congress should
pass the “End Racial Profiling” (H. 2851, S. 1038)
legislation introduced by Representative Conyers
and Senator Cardin.
We believe that there is systemic and structural
racism present in policing practices nationwide and
that these practices undermine the foundation of

#8 Comprehensive Review of Systemic Abuses by
Local Police Departments

from one municipality for cause from working
in any other Missouri Law Enforcement
A. Nolle prosequi all charges against any
protester arrested in relation to the killing of
Michael Brown, Kajieme Powell or VonDerrit
Myers Jr.
B. Immediately end provocative police behaviors
exhibited during protests, including but not
limited to the use of police K9s, the use of tear
gas and/or smoke bombs, rubber bullets,
shouting obscenities at protesters, giving
conflicting orders, forcing protesters to
continuously walk, and pointing loaded
firearms at protesters.
C. Do not employ “Shoot To Kill” tactics or
Martial Law in the event of protestors
protesting in response to a non-indictment
A. Congress to immediately pass the End Racial
Profiling Act introduced by Representative
Conyers and Senator Cardin.
A. Comprehensive review by the DOJ of abuses
by local police departments.
B. Development of use of force standards and
accompanying training best practices, and
standards for the use of excessive force.
C. Comprehensive federal review of police
departments’ data collection that allows for
reporting on the rates of stops, frisks,
searches, summonses and arrests by race, age,
and gender.

These are a working draft and were compiled by many participants. The numerical order is not a prioritization, but a way of coding.

The Demands – Master Document (1.15.15)
#9 Congressional Hearing Investigating the
Criminalization of Communities of Color, Racial
Profiling, Police Abuses and Torture by Law

We believe that Congress has an obligation to
review discriminatory policing practices nationwide
to address systemic and structural practices that
lead to an increased criminalization of
communities of color.

A. Scheduled congressional hearing focusing
exclusively on discriminatory policing practices

#10 National Plan of Action For Racial Justice

We believe that a national plan is necessary to
create the conditions nationwide for racial equality
and reducing racial disparities. We believe that
new tools are necessary for holding government
accountable for meeting targets related to racial

A. Develop a National Plan of Action for Racial
Justice that addresses persistent and on-going
forms of racial discrimination and disparities
that exist in almost every sphere of life,
including criminal justice, housing, education,
health, land/property, voting, poverty, and
immigration. This plan would set concrete
targets for achieving racial equality and
reducing racial disparities.


State adoption of legislation to end racial profiling, including an end to MOA’s illegal racial profiling
Require all Minnesota law enforcement officers to take implicit bias and cultural competency training.
Establish an independent community review board for police departments and establish a federal oversight system.
Increase the number of officers that live in the communities they serve and immediately repeal the 1990 "Stanek
Residency Freedom Bill."
De-militarize local law enforcement across the country.
DC Ferguson
A legitimate citizen review board with subpoena and firing power
A percentage (over 50%) of the police force will be made to live in the community they occupy
Any officer who murders an unarmed citizen should be fired, arrested, indicted and charged.
Demilitarization of police including an immediate end to the paramilitary "jump-out" tactic.

These are a working draft and were compiled by many participants. The numerical order is not a prioritization, but a way of coding.

The Demands – Master Document (1.15.15)






The immediate firing of officer Daniel Pantaleo and all officers responsible for the death of Eric Garner.
The State of NY will appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute all criminal cases involving the use of force,
including deadly force, by police officers, and in particular, immediately appoint a Special Prosecutor in the wrongful
death of Eric Garner.
The City and State of NY draft legislation to clarify the rules of engagement between the police and the community to
make illegal the use of lethal force, including the chokehold, expect to protect against serious, imminent physical injury to
the police officers or the public.
NYC create a comprehensive NYPD Training Program for all officers – to include crisis intervention, harm reduction and
de-escalation skills – to eliminate racial disparity and police brutality.
An immediate end to NYPD’s “Broken Windows” policing, which overwhelmingly targets black and brown communities
with aggressive quality of life policing and enforcement tactics that could escalate to excessive force as in the case of Eric
An end to the criminalization of young people in the NY school system. The so-caled “school-to-prison pipeline” targets
primarily youth of color and has created a generation of youth frowing up incarcerated. Mayor de Blasio has made this a
hallmark of his historic campaign, but has yet to adopt necessary reforms.
US Attorney General Eric Holder expedite the federal investigation into the death of Eric Garner.
Immediate passage of the Right To Know Act.
NY State and all localities engage in complete transparency in regards to profiling, and search and seizure practices, and
to provide all public data on other police practices including summonses, arrests and detention practices.
We all on Mayor Bill Be Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo and NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to meet with Justice
League NYC in order to explore all avenues to make viable implementation of the above demands as immediately and
efficiently as possible.

These are a working draft and were compiled by many participants. The numerical order is not a prioritization, but a way of coding.

The Demands – Master Document (1.15.15)

In Atlanta:
A. Reexamine and reform the laws governing police force policy in Atlanta and all metro jurisdictions.
B. Give power to Atlanta Community Review Board to investigate all use of excessive force cases and disallow the use of
internal police review boards in said cases.
C. Allow the UN to step in and investigate human rights violations carried out by police against oppressed communities.
D. DEMAND that the Dept. of Justice reopen Kendrick Johnson’s case in Valdosta, investigate evidence inconsistencies
E. Create legislation to implement front facing cameras on every officer in Atlanta and metro jurisdictions to improve police
A. Eric Holder to use the full resources and power of the Department of Justice to implement a nationwide investigation of
systematic police brutality and harassment in black and brown communities.
B. Ensure transparency, accountability, and safety of our communities by requiring front facing cameras in police
departments with records of racial disparities in stops, arrests, killings, and excessive force complaints.
C. Immediate suspension without pay of law enforcement officers that have used or approved excessive use of force.
Additionally, their names and policing history should be made available to the public.

These are a working draft and were compiled by many participants. The numerical order is not a prioritization, but a way of coding.