Sales Management

and Negotiation
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Sales Negotiation &
Negotiation Skills
Learning Objectives

To Conduct REAL SALES negotiations on behalf of a
REAL CLIENT and through this:

To critically reflect on and develop one’s own ability to negotiate
To practice negotiation in micro-exercises
To establish an understanding of the basics concepts of
To consider, plan and implement negotiations with buyers
To recognise negotiating parties’ styles of negotiating
To research & write on the differing role of negotiation with buyers
in the charity versus non-charity sectors.

a.40% Real Sales Negotiation- Preparation,
Planning & Performance
b.30 % Individual, Reflective Blog about Class
Learning & Out-of-Class Actions & Learning to
include: Personal & Teammates Negotiating style reflection; Team
Negotiation Plan preparation; deployment, components, successes
and failures; Key behavioural changes you wish to pursue & achieved
or failed; Questions sheets/Inventories Team performance
assessment & evaluation...and mire

c.30% Individual Essay

Team Assessment (40%)

In the next weeks you are to prepare and execute
a Sales Negotiation plan to secure ‘Intent-To-Buy’
email sign-ups from Customers that you
research, identify and meet for Fabulyzer
In each class and on the class blog you will update your progress on
this and describe
○ your action plan & targets (Next Steps)
○ results from your previous action plan and targets
○ reasons for failing to hit all your targets
○ actions to correct for those failures in your next actions
○ successful target achievements and reason for that

Homework 1
Customer Long/Short-listing & Identification
1.Firstly as a team create a long-list of at least 30 potential customers for
Fabulyzer’s Health Solution Concept from your own networks of accessible
contacts (e.g library search, ask TBS staff & students who live in Barcelona,
friends, family, and who might possibly overlap with any of your team’s userprofiles)
2.PRESENTATION IN Workshop 2 of 30 Potential Customers, Their Needs
and How well they fit criteria & Key Contact Details: Person Name, email,
3.Each of you will from these select 5 favourite buyer personas from your
team’s list of 30 and 5 least favoured buyer personas. That is EACH student will
list 5 BEST & 5 WORST of your 30
4.Present the reason for your choices and the 10 personas in Workshop 2.
5.Also as a team prepare the Top 15 targets that you thnk are the likeliest to
convert and what motivates the team members when it comes to selling to these
Top15 and why. in other words present a team rationale for targeting these
persona types.
6.Draft 15 minute customer needs analysis interviews for each of these
customers . Share it on the Blog before Workshop 2

In Class 2: Each team will Present

The name of your clients ie the long-list of 30
Individual’s 5 Favourite & 5 Least favourite Personas
Team’s Top 15 Targets for Interviews
Client Needs Analysis
A draft 15 minute first-contact customer validation interview
Draft of working agreement statement and present this to the the class