NAME: Garbea Stefania
DATE: 31.10.2014
CLASS: 5th grade
TITLE: Hercules
AIDS: textbook, blackboard, cd player
LESSON AIMS: 1. to enjoy a story in English
2. to practice going to
ACTIVITY 1: Checking homework
Time: 5’
ACTIVITY 2: Warm-up
Context: celebrity
Time: 5’
Organization: Before the lesson, T writes on the board: “Ben, Gina and Oscar are going
to………a …………. . T asks Ss to help to fill in the gaps. T elicits sentences about the party
beginning. They’re going to…. T elicits the verb phrases that appear on Pupil’s Book page 21.
T prompts the Ss by writing words with letter gaps.
Language: all and any
Possible problems: Ss may not fill in the gaps.
Context: Presentation
Time: 25’
Organization: T describes different monsters and sees if Ss can identify them in English or in
E.g.: -I live in the mountains. I like the snow. I’ve got brown fur and big feet. Who am I?
(The Yeti).
I’ve got two sharp teeth. My face is white. I wear black clothes. I can fly. I don’t like
sunshine. Who am I? (Dracula)
T finishes by describing the hydra: I’m purple, I’ve got lots of heads. I’ve got sharp teeth.
Who am I?
T explains the legend in English or in L1: When you cut off the hydra’s head it grows new
heads. T asks Ss if they can name any other monsters from films or legend. T helps them
make a sentence about the monsters they have suggested.
--Listen and read: Ss look at and talk about the pictures, using English as much as possible.
The story features characters from the film, Hercules. T encourages Ss to say what they know
about the film and the characters.
T asks in English or in L1: Who is Hercules? Is he a monster?Is he small? Is he big and
T says: Hercules si going to fight the hydra. T writes the sentence on the board and explains
Ss listen to R 29 and to follow in theor books, play it again, pausing after key sentence. T
explains unfamiliar words and expressions. Ss can act out the story if they wish.
Possible problems: Ss may not recognize the described monsters by the teacher.They might
not answer to the questions, they may not describe or mention a monster.

-false. Possible problems: Ss may not thick the correct answer. Key 1: true. fun. Ss complete the activity working in pairs.  AB. p 22 Homework: Find another ending for the story. 5: The hydra is going to rhide. T asks Ss to find them on Pupil’s Book page 22 and repeat them. 3: Hercules is going to dance all night.Context: Consolidation Time: 15’ Organization: T reads out sentences from the story dialogue which include going to. dance. Appendix: Read and answer in complete sentences. Tick the true ones T reads aloud the instructions and do the first sentence with the whole class. 2: The hydra is going to save the town-false. eat. 4: Hercules is going to fight the hydra. explains the meaning of battle. . T pints out that the activity refers to pictures 4 and 5 in the story. AB. page 22: Write the sentences correctly. Key: party.-false  Read and circle the correct words Before Ss do the activity. Possible problems: Ss may not find the right information and answer correctly to the question. T checks the Ss understand townspeople.-true.