Right People in Right Place at Right Time
The Best of Both Worlds - Time-Attendance and Access Control
Time and attendance automates the process of tracking employees
as they check in and out for work and provide accurate time and
leave data for each employee. This helps to increase efficiency and
productivity of the organization.
Access control secures valuable assets of the organization that
depends on having right answers to Who, What, Where and When.
Defining, controlling and monitoring entries and exits in each area is
necessary for putting right people in right place at right time.
Tracking employee attendance and managing access to secure
areas has traditionally been a costly and cumbersome affair for
small businesses. In today's challenging business environment
they want all the functions and flexibility similar to big businesses in
their limited budget.
Presenting Matrix COSEC PE- Perfect cost effective Time
Attendance and Access Control system with complete features and
functionalities for Offices, Factories, Educational Institutes, Jewelry
Shops, Retail Outlets and many other locations.


Now time attendance of all employees is recorded from a single location. fingerprint and card based user credentials are used to make the entry. Card or fingerprint is used in accounting department but for the higher security of data in the server room. Optional modules like advanced Access Control. COSEC DOOR CAP Card or Fingerprint Fig shows COSEC PE solution deployment in a small office having 80 employees in different departments. COSEC Door Controllers are installed over Ethernet in each department and every employee's credentials (finger and card) are enrolled into the system. This helps to increase accuracy and efficiency in workforce allocation and preventing payroll fraud. User and Devices. Time Attendance.APPLICATION COSEC Deployment for Time-Attendance and Access Control Application Card or Fingerprint Card+ Fingerprint cou Ac oo rR nti ng pt. COSEC DOOR FCS COSEC DOOR FCP COSEC SOFTWARE MODULES Admin Time-Attendance and Leave Management User Advanced Access Control Devices Visitor Management COSEC DOOR FOS COSEC DOOR FOP Built-in Employee Self Service Optional COSEC application software comes with built-in modules like Admin. Visitor Management. COSEC PANEL LITE COSEC PANEL . Employee Self Service can be added on requirements. De m rve Se ns tio Ac IT S me olu COSEC DOOR CAS D ep t.

exit switch. It can be powered through power adaptor. COSEC DOOR PSBB or from COSEC PANEL. They are connected with application server directly or via panel through Ethernet or WiFi. DVR USB Port USB Drive User #1 Internet COSEC Application Server User #N Web Users COSEC SERVER COSEC Layered Architecture LAN/WAN Internet COSEC PANEL PANEL LITE LAN/RS485 Wi Fi COSEC DOOR CONTROLLER COSEC . shows COSEC in a layered architecture. Ethernet and WiFi. exit reader. COSEC PANEL manages multiple door controllers and acts as a bridge between COSEC application server and door controller. USB.Key Differentiators Ÿ 1 to 10. auxiliary input and output port.000 Door Controllers Ÿ 1 to 1Million Users Ÿ Built-in Controller and Reader Ÿ Distributed Architecture Ÿ Built-in Web based Application Ÿ Centralized Monitoring and Control Ÿ Centralized Fingerprint Distribution Ÿ Dual Fingerprint Templates Ÿ Automatic Events Download Ÿ Pluggable Card Reader Modules Ÿ USB. At the top is the web based COSEC application server which manages multiple door controllers and panels. . Door Controllers are front end terminal that guarding and monitoring entry and exit points. WiFi and 3G Connectivity Ÿ Employee Self Service Portal Fig.COSEC CONNECTIVITY Wiegand/RS232 Power Supply Exit Reader 3G / WiFi Door Lock Port Power Supply Door Lock COSEC Application Server Ethernet Exit Switch Port COSEC Door Controller Interfaces Exit Switch RS485 Aux Input Port Smoke Detector COSEC PANEL Aux Output Port Power Supply Fig shows COSEC Door Controller connectivity with door lock.

HR can define holiday schedule for the current year. static and database field values can be replaced with user defined values. employee self service and enrollment management. week off and holidays. HRM or Payroll as an input. HR can create and assign these policies to an employee or a group of employees. Reporting office or HR can approve or reject applied leave and depending on the decision. There is a provision to authorize the overtime from his reporting officer for maintaining proper system. etc. Text.Matrix COSEC PE is an ideal time attendance and access control solution designed after keeping in mind exact needs of small businesses. overtime hours. battery backup. visitor management. employees can instantly submit their leave request and those requests are routed to reporting officer and HR's window. The Matrix COSEC hardware includes different building blocks like door controllers. Employees can enjoy predefined number of holidays from this list without leave deduction. Admin can define range of holidays with start and end date. exit readers. higher reliability and advanced features and functionalities enhance the value of your complete time-attendance and security solution. where serial holidays or vacations needs to be included in a holiday list. Compensatory Off (Comp-OFF) Policy and Authorization Many organizations provide compensation for extra work to motivate their employees. Absenteeism. COSEC Time-attendance module summarizes employee data such as attendance. COSEC time attendance software is designed after considering this complexity. can be taken based on late-in and early-out entries of an employee. leave details. master. This is very useful feature for schools. convert overtime working hours in Compensatory Off hours and offer additional leave or encashment options. System has the provision to define restricted holiday list which is common for all employees in the organization. Holidays and Restricted Holidays With COSEC software. With just a single click of the mouse. This software allows calculating overtime on daily or weekly basis and provides option for rounding the values. Integration with ERP/Tally/HRM/Payroll Integration of web based application with 3rd party software can save lots of time and money for any business organization. Excel and XML to ERP. Past Adjustments. Matrix COSEC meets this objective by offering a range of flexible time attendance features and functions. Compensatory Off. Software allows 4 holiday schedule groups with maximum of 32 holidays range in each group. Tally. It is a comprehensive solution with complete range of hardware and software. department-wise and user defined period-wise Attendance Summary can be generated. HR can easily Leave Management Using Leave Management module. With Comp-off policy. Detailed reports and charts are available for easy and fast evaluation. It allows creating unlimited shifts and up to 99 shift schedules to manage workforce of any type of organization. Moreover. With export data generation utility. . MUSTER SUMMARY Shifts and Schedules Shifts and Schedules vary from organization to organization. Appropriate actions like leave deductions. group them and assign to a single user or a group of users. Furthermore organization-wise. are just a list of few of them. Late-In and Early-Out. HR can create new leave types. Late-In/ Early-Out Policy Matrix COSEC time attendance software is a reliable tool to monitor late-in and early-out entry of each employee based on his shift. Reporting officer has the rights to authorize comp-off hours. which gives flexibility to the customer to chose a perfect and cost effective solution for their businesses. Moreover web based monitoring and control. access control. Overtime. master controllers. leave management. wide variety of report generation. It is useful especially for the employees who are coming from other regions and don't want to miss their festival. officials or personal marking etc. admin can create different templates with programmable data fields which can be exported from the system in different formats like CSV. Attendance Summary Attendance Summary comprises essential attributes for the salary calculation. COSEC time-attendance software generates past adjustment data automatically and includes it into current month salary calculation data. simplified installation. Past Adjustments Many times HR needs to correct employee data like attendance days. colleges etc. leave balance will be updated. The application software is modular in nature and it consist of various modules like time attendance. enrollment station and card reader modules. Overtime Policy and Authorization Overtime Policy is a complex process and varies from organization to organization. TIME-ATTENDANCE It is very challenging to capture Time and Attendance data of an organization and automate them. working hours and shift allowance after the attendance period is closed. It is very time consuming for the managers to manually manage workforce effectively and efficiently.

personal or official marking etc can be corrected manually with proper access rights. Time Trigger on Auxiliary Ports Certain Applications like school bell. gold. etc where security of such assets must not be entrusted to a single individual. USERS IN/OUT EVENTS REPORT . When any users access the Door Controller. lunch siren etc should be take place on specific time. When user shows his credential to the reader. He can create new user profile with various personal. material and premises. the door relay is energized for the pre-defined time to allow entry. Tamper Detection When a Door Controller or PANEL detects its enclosure being opened or any other tamper attempts. After this period. missing punch and user events. Overtime/comp-off hours. This intelligent feature of COSEC helps organization to maximize security by preventing fraudulent use of card and helps to maintain an accurate record of the number of people in a specific zone and last position of the user. Blocked Users Matrix COSEC offers a unique feature for putting a user in Blocked Users' list to restrict him from entering into a controlled zone. data. Anti-Pass Back (APB) Anti-Pass Back prevents a card holder from passing their card back to a second person to gain entry into the same zone unless the same card is registered for exit after each entry. leave approval. new user entry can be restricted for a predefined time. Door Auto Relock Door Auto Relock is an important security feature to prevent tailgating of the other person along with authorized user. Moreover he can enroll user's credentials like fingerprint. it declares the incident as Tamper Detection and generates an alarm on Door Controller and PANEL. Do Not Disturb (DND) Zone Do Not Disturb Zone feature is useful for meeting rooms. Door Controller's keypad or from the enrollment station. 2Person Rule. The maximum number of occupants in a zone can be defined and when count reaches this limit. User Creation and Enrollment COSEC Software simplifies the employee data management for the HR Department. This feature can have grate use in School. This feature saves time and cost of the personal. Door Auto Relock. Man-Trap and Visitor Management ensure fool-proof security of man-power. camera will capture user photograph that can be viewed on the software. the door relay will automatically deactivate and lock the door to restrict further entry. This user is treated as a deactivated user and all the access privileges he has will be temporarily withdrawn. The primary access is controlled on three dimensions User.Manual Entry and Corrections of Entry-Exit Events Manual Entry is a useful feature when employee is on tour or requires any modification in attendance record. Colleges and all type of offices to inform user for their various attendance and leave details. In addition. intellectual property. He can initiate this process through COSEC application software. This answers the three fundamental questions Who. The range and flexibility of access control features provided by the Matrix COSEC help to achieve this objective. activates the device connected with the output port of the system on pre-defined time. By declaring any zone as a DND Zone. a range of value-added feature like Anti-Pass Back. canteen etc where limited space is available. ACCESS CONTROL The basic objective of any access control is to protect business assets. First-In User. COSEC can be integrated with the DVR system. conference halls where people inside the area do not want to be disturbed by outside people. late-in/early-out time. Guard Tour. Zone and Time. 2-Person Rule Certain sensitive zones contain valuable assets like cash. contact. Where and When. Time Trigger feature of the COSEC. Image Capture with User Events For advanced monitoring of the users. leave application. attendance and organizational details and generate reports. 2-Person Rule allows entry only when two persons from an authorized group jointly use their access rights within a specified time. special function card. SMS and Email Notification This smart feature of COSEC will send SMS and Email notification to a user for their monthly attendance. leave rejection. COSEC blocks additional user entry. Occupancy Control Occupancy Control is used to control the number of users within a designated areas like conference room. Blocked Users. card or PIN.

WiFi. RTF User Ÿ Creation and Management Ÿ Delete Ÿ Enroll Ÿ Mass Assignment Ÿ Synchronize Export Ÿ Access Control Events Ÿ API for Automatic Payroll Integration Ÿ Attendance Events Ÿ Attendance Summary Ÿ Data Templates Programmable Fields Admin Ÿ Message Board Ÿ Audit Trail Ÿ Import Data Ÿ Database Utility Ÿ Installation Wizard Ÿ Backup and Restore Ÿ Default Configurations Ÿ Firmware Upgrade Ÿ Restrict Work-Stations Ÿ Facility Code* Ÿ Data Transfer through USB Ÿ Data Storage in USB Ÿ Firmware Upgrade through USB Ÿ Special Function Cards Ÿ Web API Architecture Ÿ Centralized Management Ÿ Distributed Processing Ÿ Renewed Communication Architecture Ÿ Web-based Interface Date-Time Ÿ Clock Synchronization Ÿ Country-Specific Format Ÿ Daylight Saving Time* Monitor and Control Ÿ Alarms Ÿ Door Controllers Ÿ Events Ÿ Who's In* Ÿ Input-Output Links* Ÿ Local Ÿ Panel Controllers Ÿ Soft Override * Ÿ Ports Status Ÿ Remote Ÿ Time Trigger Function Ÿ Auto Refresh Screen Door Controller Ÿ Auxiliary Input Port (Supervised) Ÿ Auxiliary Output Port Ÿ Buzzer and LEDs Ÿ User Name and ID Display Ÿ Touch Sense Keys Ÿ Dot-Matrix LCD Ÿ Duress Detection and Reporting* Ÿ Ethernet. Carry Forward/Lapse Ÿ Opening. Debit Ÿ Encashment Ÿ Organization-wise Leaves Ÿ Requests and Approvals Ÿ Views and Reports ACCESS CONTROL Access Control Ÿ 2-Person Rule Ÿ Blocked User Ÿ First-in User Rule Ÿ Do Not Disturb (DND)* Ÿ Occupancy Control Ÿ Guard Tour* Ÿ Fire Alarm Integration Access Mode Ÿ Card Only Ÿ Finger Only Ÿ Card + Finger Ÿ Card + PIN Ÿ Finger + PIN Ÿ Card + Finger + PIN Ÿ Card or Finger or PIN Ÿ Verification 1:1 or 1: N Ÿ Bypass Finger Ÿ Zone-wise Card.FEATURES LIST TIME ATTENDANCE Attendance Ÿ Multiple Organizations Ÿ Late-In Policies Ÿ Early-Out Policies Ÿ Overtime Policies Ÿ Absenteeism Policies Ÿ Compensatory Off (Comp-OFF) Policies Ÿ Date-wise Policies Ÿ Flexible Timing Ÿ Fix-Timing Ÿ Past Adjustments Ÿ Real Time Processing Ÿ Selectable Periods Ÿ User-wise and Period-wise Option Ÿ Selectable Entry-Exit Mode on Readers Ÿ Attendance with Fingerprint only Ÿ Integration with ERP. Acknowledge and Clear Input-Output Ports Ÿ Control Ÿ Linking* Ÿ Status TIME ATTENDANCE AND ACCESS CONTROL SMS and Email Alerts for Ÿ Customized Message Ÿ Missing In/Out Ÿ Monthly Attendance Ÿ Leave/Tour Application Ÿ Leave/Tour Approval Ÿ Leave/Tour Rejection Ÿ User Events-Entry/Exit Ÿ Present/Absent Blocked Users Ÿ Absentee Ÿ Unauthorized Attempts Ÿ Usage Count PLATFORM FEATURES Holidays Ÿ Multiple Schedules Ÿ Restricted Ÿ Range of Holidays Enroll Ÿ Card Ÿ Bulk Card Ÿ Dual Fingerprint Templates Ÿ Up to 10 Fingers per User Ÿ Fingerprint Verification Ÿ From Door Controller (Menu or Special Cards) Ÿ From Enrollment Station Ÿ Group Card Enrollment Ÿ Upload Photo Ÿ Photo Adjustment while Capture Report Formats Ÿ Text and Graphical Ÿ Excel. Finger. PDF. CSV. 3G and RS485 Ÿ External Reader Support Ÿ DVR Integration Ÿ Programmable Entry/Exit Ÿ Request to Exit (REX) Switch Ÿ Tamper Detection Ÿ Degraded Operation* Panel Controller Ÿ Alarm Input Port (Fire Alarm) Ÿ Auxiliary Output Port Ÿ Battery-Backup# Ÿ USB Port Ÿ 3G/WiFi on USB Login Policies Ÿ Disable Passive Users Ÿ Forced Password Change Ÿ Multiple Levels and Rights Ÿ Strong Password * These features are available with COSEC PANEL or COSEC PANEL LITE Smart Card Ÿ Organization Security Code Ÿ User Profile Ÿ User Templates VISITOR MANAGEMENT Ÿ Access Denied Ÿ Blocked Visitors Ÿ Documents Entry Ÿ Escort Ÿ Expired Passes Ÿ Frequent Visitors Ÿ Identification Ÿ Pass Creation Ÿ Pass Validity Ÿ Pass Status Ÿ Pre-Registration Ÿ Punch Correction Ÿ Punch Details Ÿ Watch List EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE Ÿ Attendance Approvals Ÿ Leave Approvals Ÿ Leave Requests Ÿ Plan Shift Schedules Ÿ Reporting Hierarchy Ÿ View Attendance Details Ÿ View Leave Details Ÿ View Shift Schedules Ÿ Visitor Pre-registration . XML. RPT. Tally and Payroll Ÿ Detail and Summary Ÿ Global Parameters Ÿ Views and Reports Authorization/Correction Ÿ Attendance Ÿ Compensatory Off (Comp-OFF) Ÿ Early-Out Correction Ÿ Hierarchy Ÿ Late-In Correction Ÿ Overtime Ÿ Manual Entry Ÿ Corrections of Entry-Exit events Shift Schedule/Holidays Ÿ Automatic Shift Correction Ÿ Multiple Shifts and Schedules Ÿ Plan and View Ÿ Holidays and Restricted Holidays Leave Management Ÿ Type Creation Ÿ Accounting Periods Ÿ Accumulation Rules Ÿ Balance. Word. PIN Access Policies Ÿ Home Zone* Ÿ Visit Zone* Ÿ Access Levels* Ÿ Physical Zones Ÿ Short Duration Ÿ Time Zones* Ÿ User Groups Ÿ VIP Access Ÿ Dead-Man Zone* # These features are available With COSEC PANEL Anti-Pass Back Ÿ Hard/Soft Ÿ Local/Global Ÿ Forgiveness Door Management Ÿ Door Auto Relock Ÿ Man-Trap (Door Interlock)* Alarm Ÿ Door Communication Ÿ Door Controller Tamper Ÿ Door Fault Ÿ Door Forced Open Ÿ Door Held Open Ÿ Door Lock Tamper Ÿ Duress Detection Ÿ External Reader Tamper Ÿ Network Fault Ÿ PANEL Battery Fail# Ÿ PANEL Mains Fail# Ÿ PANEL Tamper# Ÿ Zone Monitor (Dead-Man)* Ÿ Monitor. Credit.

Fingerprint and PIN Card and PIN Card.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS User Credentials Finger.00. Finger+PIN. Basic Access Control and Time-Attendance Add-on Software Modules Advanced Access Control. Devices. User. NC (Normally Closed). Card. Form C. WiFi.000 Events on Panels (local storage) 1. Time Attendance. Finger+Card. Alarm. PIN. Fingerprint and PIN Capacitive NA 9600 Optical Capacitive 9600 NA NA Optical Capacitive 9600 NA LCD (128x64 Dot-Matrix) – – – Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Touch-Sense Keys (16) – – – Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes USB Port – – – Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Wi-Fi – – – – – – Yes Yes Yes Communication Ethernet and Rs485 Ethernet and RS485 Ethernet. 1A@30VDC Tamper Detection Yes Buzzer Yes 4 LEDs for Status. Allowed and Denied Visual Indications * Card based Door Controllers require card personality module (CPM). Supervised Door Status Sense Door Lock Relay Relay SPDT.000 User Verification 1:1 and 1:N COSEC PE APPLICATION SOFTWARE Maximum Users 100 Maximum Door Controllers 4 Built-in Software Modules Admin. Finger+Card+PIN Templates per User Up to 10 Cards per User 2 (Any Type) Events on Door Controller (local storage) 50. Employee Self Service and Visitor Management Events Buffer in Database Unlimited COSEC DOOR CONTROLLERS Ordering Code* DOOR CAS DOOR FOS DOOR FCS Credentials Supported Card Card and Fingerprint Fingerprint Module NA Optical Fingerprint Template NA DOOR CAP DOOR FOP DOOR FCP DOOR CAW DOOR FOW DOOR FCW Card and PIN Card. 3G and RS485 1 Port for Card or Fingerprint Reader Additional Reader RS232 and Wiegand External Reader Interfaces Yes Exit Switch Port Programmable NO(Normally Open). Card+PIN. Touch Sense Keys WiFi Connectivity Drill-Down on Reports 3-Tier Architecture Web-Based Application Server Real-Time Processing of Events .

Battery not Included. Matrix has launched cutting-edge telecom products like IP-PBX. Matrix has won many awards for its innovative products SECURITY SOLUTIONS Head Office 394 .000 customers representing the entire spectrum of industries. These solutions are feature-rich. Vadodara . North America. COSEC PE ESS Employee Self Service Management Portal for COSEC PE.2Ah) for COSEC Door Controller. reliable and conform to the international standards.391 760. ABOUT MATRIX An ISO 9001 Company. India.ORDERING INFORMATION PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION COSEC COMBOs: (Complete Solution with Hardware and Software) COSEC COMBO CAP COSEC DOOR CAP + COSEC CPM EM PROX + COSEC PE PLATFORM + COSEC PE TAM with 100 Users Capacity. the company is committed to keep pace with the revolutions in the telecom and security industries. PSBB12V Battery Backup (12VDC. COSEC PE ACM Advanced Access Control Module for COSEC PE.GIDC. Makarpura. COSEC PANEL LITE Panel to Support up to 16 Door Controllers having Ethernet. technology driven and customer focused organization. COSEC COMBO FOP COSEC DOOR FOP + COSEC PE PLATFORM + COSEC PE TAM with 100 Users Capacity. With around 30% of its human resources dedicated to the development of new products. USB and Power Adaptor. Fax: +91 265 2636598 E-mail: Inquiry@MatrixComSec. Small and Medium Enterprises and Large Enterprises. Ph: +91 2668 262056/57. COSEC PANEL Panel to Support up to 75 Door Controllers having Ethernet. Dist. COSEC READER FC Capacitive Fingerprint based SMS ‘MATRIX’ to +91 99987 55555 Factory 39 . RS485. Matrix ensures that the products serve the needs of its customers faster and longer. South America and Africa through an extensive network of more than 500 channel partners.MatrixComSec. COSEC PE VMM Visitor Management Module for COSEC PE. Europe.R3 July ‘11 MATRIX COMSEC PVT. Work with any COSEC Door Controller. Matrix has gained trust and admiration of more than 150. Work with any COSEC Door Controller. Work with any COSEC Door Controller. COSEC ENROLL FINGER Enrollment Station for Fingerprints. Matrix is a leader in Telecom and Security solutions for modern businesses and enterprises. RS485. COSEC CPM MIFARE SMART Mifare Smart Card Personality Reader Module with UART/RS232 Interface. USB. Fax: +91 2668 262631 www. COSEC ENROLL CARD Enrollment Station for Cards. VoIP Gateways and Terminals. India. Access Control and Enrollment Management for 100 Users and 4 Door Controllers. GSM Gateways and Security products like Access Control and Time-Attendance Systems and Fire Alarm Systems.390 V1. Vadodara . Ph: +91 265 2630555. COSEC PE TAM Time Attendance Module for COSEC PE. COSEC CPM HID PROX HID Proximity Card Personality Reader Module with Wiegand Interface. Having global foot-prints in Asia. COSEC READER FO Optical Fingerprint based Reader. 3. Waghodia. COSEC READER CA Card based Reader. COSEC SOFTWARE COSEC PE PLATFORM Application Software with Basic Time-Attendance. Card Personality Module not Included. An innovative. COSEC CPM EM PROX EM Proximity Card Personality Reader Module with UART/RS232 Interface. . LTD. Universal Gateways. Auxiliary Ports. The COSEC software is also available in higher capacities for Small and Medium Businesses.GIDC. COSEC CPM HID ICLASS HID iCLASS Smart Card Personality Reader Module with Wiegand and RS232 Interface. Power Supply and Battery Backup Provision for Door Controllers. Auxiliary Ports. COSEC HARDWARE COSEC DOOR CONTROLLERS The details of Different Door Controllers are Given in the Technical Specifications.