We affirm, Resolved: Prioritizing economic development over environmental
protection is in the best interest of the people of India

It involves increasing income levels and reducing poverty. Page 543. The words “best interest” suggests that whichever provides the greatest benefit affecting the greater number of people." Economics for the IB Diploma. particularly in economically less developed countries. and the improvement of quality of life” OR Tragakes. education. wins today’s debate. PRO doesn’t have the burden of feasibility Lastly. sanitation. . and health care services. Ellie. 2nd ed. < which do u like? Second. Chief Examiner for IB Economics. Economic development: Broad based rises in the standard of living and wellbeing of a population.We observe: FIRST Economic development is defined by The International Economic Development Council as “the creation of jobs and wealth. 2009. and increasing provision and access to basic goods and services such as food and shelter. reducing income inequalities and unemployment. Cambridge: Cambridge UP. "Glossary.

Contention 1: Poverty’s rising population .

the environment cannot be improved. is adversely affecting the environment University of Mumbai writes this year that with every significant addition to population. The result of this misuse is that a huge quantity of waste is generated …directly affect[ing] the environment…. there is misuse of resources.Thus without the implementation of economic opportunities for the growing population of poor. . and according to Ranjit Goswami Dean of the Institute of Management Technology. This growth is problematic as written by Dr. Nagdeve of the ENVIS center who furthers in 2006 Rapid population growth and poverty…. Much of India’s population increase has occurred among the poorest socioeconomic percentile.A) OVERPOPULATION India experiences some of the largest population growth in the world.

BUT Policies directed at protecting the environment only exacerbate the problem. .B) POVERTY As explained by International Institute for Population Sciences stationed in Mumbai. The World Watch Institute. Economic developmental would fix this through The creation of employment opportunities < which> is essential in agricultural areas with high poverty. according to the Journal of Epidemiology and community health in 2004 the poor will bear disproportionate shares of the economic burdens of any… environmental regulations that unduly increase prices …. in 2013 cites such programs already underway in the state of Kerala. This creates an unbreakable cycle of poverty. The poor people. who rely on natural resources more than the rich. deplete natural resources faster as they have no real prospects of gaining access to other types of resources…[however] degraded environment can accelerate the process of impoverishment. India saying it provides a model of fighting poverty with grassroots participation. in 2006 Poverty is said to be both cause and effect of environment degradation.

Solar energy is one of the most feasible remedies to the worlds energy crisis and According to Goswami in 2013. Lastly. renewable energy has particular relevance in remote and rural areas. Infrastructure is desperately needed for the Indian people to ensure better economic opportunities and safety. solar energy will help reduce the power issues many in India face. where there are around 289 million people who don't have access to reliable sources of energy. Solar energy is the most cost-effective option for India to reduce energy poverty Also. thus development should be tackled first. Goswami furthers Renewable energy has the potential to reenergize India's economy by creating millions of new jobs.. we have to build better roads so that the transportation of goods becomes efficient. Solar energy will boost the Indian manufacturing industry as written by The World Bank in 2013 India has great potential to manufacture its own components for Concentrated solar power. IN CONCLUSION. …. . Additionally. allowing the country to achieve energy independence. Secondly. However. B) Development of solar energy India has a crippling lack of energy infrastructure. india Even if a tenth of this potential was utilized. This is beneficial to the Indian people as it both strengthening the economy and helping the environment. This could give birth to a new industry. Addionally Lack of infrastructure is key to environmental problems too as explained by PollutionIssues lack of appropriate infrastructure—from water-treatment facilities to better roads and communication—all exacerbate the twin problems of poverty and environmental degradation. reduce its trade deficits and propel it forward. economic development must be prioritized over environmental protection because any environmental degradation will only worsen with overpopulation and poverty. Solar Energy development has the potential to hugely benefit small rural areas again Goswami explains. with common blackouts and many rural areas with no connection the the power grid.…. it could mark the end of India's power problems… However the development of Solar energy would spell more than an end to power problems for the people of India.CONTENTION 2) Infrastructure is critical to developing the economy and environment A) Infrastructure Along with providing jobs and demand for manufacturing the development of India’s infrastructure is critical for its huge population centers. Manish Agarwal in 2013 writes For India’s economy to make sustained progress.

will boosting economic growth. We strongly urge a pro ballot. and creating jobs. Thank you .