Microcontroller VS FPGA

In our design, there is a need for a controller. The controller will perform such functions as storing data, comparing data, and controlling the multiplexor. The main two options for the controller are a microcontroller or an FPGA. There are advantages and disadvantages to both which can be seen in Table 1 and Table 2. After considering these advantages and talking with Dr. Bruce, we have decided that a Microcontroller would be the best option.

Microcontroller Analysis
Advantages Easy to program Guaranteed Reliability Power Saver mode Easy to change design functionality Short time-to-marget Table 1. Microcontroller Analysis Disadvantages Paying for functionality that is not being used More costly Lower performance

FPGA Analysis
Advantages Higher performance Exact functionality that is needed is provided Lower cost Table 2. FPGA Analysis Disadvantages Difficult to design and debug Constant power usage Harder to change design functionality Long time-to-market

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