Discipline: English Language
Grade: 7th
Unit: Over three hours late
Subject: Nicola's letter
Type of lesson: mixed lesson
Duration: 50 minutes
Skills: Listening, reading, speaking, writing
C1- to use English language in an easy conversation
C2- to read/ to pronounce/ to write properly the new words and useful phrases
C3- to use the new words into the sentences
C4- to answer the questions concerning the characters
C5- to put the sentences into the correct order to summarise the story
C6- to complete the worksheets
Teaching techniques: Conversation, explanation, pronouncing after a model, exercise, evaluation
Aid materials: Textbook, CD and CD-player, worksheets
The organization of activity: Frontal and individual activity


• The teacher writes the unknown words on the Explanation blackboard and asks the students to form sentences with them: journey – trip nightmare. Activity 2: • The teacher asks the students to listen to the CD Exercise and try to guess the meaning of the unknown words. In the new lesson it will be the same idea.bad dream the bottom bunk – the low bed to climb – to go up to trip – to do a wrong step clumsy – awkward failure – alarm Timing 1’ 5’ 3’ 10’ 5’ 2 .14) and to translate it. Activity 3: • The teacher requires the students to read the text Exercise in the textbook (p.The lesson’s sequences Warming up Compe -tences C1 Lead in C2 Comprehension C2 C3 Activities Teaching strategy Activity 1: • The teacher enters the classroom and then checks Conversation the attendance: Have you got any absentees? • The teacher asks the students about the previous homework which is verified: We talked about summer jobs.

delay – coming late C4 Practice C5 • For a better comprehension of the text the Conversation students are required to answer the questions: 1) What time did the train leave London? (11. 3f) Nicola has un unpleasant train journey to Cornwall. 5’ 10’ 3 . 2c) Nicola leaves London. 4d) Nicola meets Jake at the bus stop near the station.13) and then to solve the exercise 3 on page 13 Exercise which consists in putting the sentences into the correct order to summarise the story: 1b) Tom starts work at the Cliff Hotel in Newquay.2/p.30) 2) Why was the other girl in the compartment unhappy? (Because she didn't have the bottom bunk) 3) How did she annoy Nicola? (She almost stepped on her face) 4) In what way was Nicola clumsy? (She tripped over her shoes and wake up the girl) 5) Why did Nicola use the phone on the train? (To phone her aunt and tell her about the delay) 6) What happened at the bus stop? (She met Jake) Activity 4: • The teacher asks the students to listen to the CD Conversation (ex.

2' 8’ 1’ 4 . then he checks orally the crowswords. Activity 6: • The students have to write the useful phrases in Explanation their notebooks (ex.5e) Nicola arrives at the hotel and meets her aunt. 6a) Nicola meets Tom and Louise. 4 on page 15) and form sentences with in their manner. Activity 6: • The teacher gives the students worksheets they Exercise must complete. C2 Feed-back C6 Assigns homework Activity 5: • The students listen to the CD and repeat each Exercise useful phrase (ex. 4 on page 15) for a better pronunciation.