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Definition enoturism in Europe Vintur
enotourism, we mean to designate all the tourist, leisure and spare time
activities, dedicated to the discovery and to the cultural and enophile
pleasure of the vine, wine and its soil.






First study in 2000

•Identify the stakes wine tourism
•Identify expectations and the motivations of the
•Identify expectations of the professionals of the wine
and the tourism
•Suggest main track of development

Suggest main track of development in 2000       Quality of the information Circuits roads Improvement of reception The local actors must be made sensitive to become real influencers of local products. Create news products for short tourist stays There is a will to share the budgets of promotion and communication in particular for lounges . in particular some wine.

In 2004. Make a success of the Welcome in cellars Objective: supply a guide of the good practices marketing •Build its project of reception in cellar •Reception •Fit out cellars •Dégustation and sales •Make the visitors come in cellars .

the reservation .the spontaneity. culture of the oenology vs sometimes superficial character of the holidays .the lack of information vs the surfeit of information by Internet in particular .the sharpness(delicacy) of wines.the cost of the offers. the small groups vs on Company . the wines vs the search of better price . the immediate envy(urge) vs the organization of holidays.Problems in wine tourism  Brakes in the visit:        Tourism and wine.the peace. a natural marriage? .the fear of the elitism in particular at the foreigners . the intimacy. bring operational answers to the actors of the network. tourist marketing Objectives: A national study on the winetourism was launched in December.En 2010.atoutfrance. having for objectives: . A grouping of three offices realized this study (Elan Development. of the demand and the competition . the Agency of tourist development of France ( www. the PV2D cabinet realized the editorial staff. Qassiopé). This study is piloted by Atout improve the knowledge of the offer ). . and led in partnership with eight French wineproducing regions. BVA. Tourisme & Wine.

(9500 questionnaire) .Context of the study  Methodology:  A phase of benchmark (four destinations Rioja. Napa Valley and south africa)  A qualitative study shift with the clienteles and the French and foreign non-clienteles of offers winetourism  A quantitative study shift with customers of sites winetourism. Tuscany. over the period June 2009-Octobre 2009.

8 partner regions of the approach: Champagne Alsace Val de Loire Bourgogne Rhône alpes Aquitaine Provence Languedoc Roussillon .

The perception of the French wine-producing regions Through associations of ideas Feel Sensations Understand intellect Look for te origins of the wine .

Marketing recommandations: the main things Transportation Bike walking minibus Women and wine Psychologic al price Duration ans seasons Accomadation of charm and personnal touch Short days Week end Offer add up Gastronomy Culture Events .

of quality and accessibility of the wine tourism offer of base 2. Offer "more produced" adapted to offer/ public off 3.And Finally improvement wine tourism in France  Four points : 1. Keep a standard of regularity. Propose more profitable and better adapted offers Marketing recommendations and " examples to be followed " to develop the French-style Wine tourism . Allowing to distinguish itself and to win so in attractiveness 4.

Keep a standard of regularity. respect of schedules. • The tasting. • The sale of wine in particular in the unit • The master's degree of foreign languages. • The reliable information on openings and performances proposed via referencing . of quality and accessibility of the wine tourism offer of base Quality of experience • The regularity reception.1. • The effective sign and a signalling system. • The reception in a place fitted out with adapted comments.

the origins of the soil. · A totem of road marking of these cellars Certified "Reception Wine grower ". the art to treat you. the art to disorient you. lights of history. On the following subjects: the art of you Fascinate.Grape harvests of the sky and the ground www. of the mystery under them .ardeche-wines.The association 2000 wines of Ardèche. · A map of routes wine growers with 4 routes in Ardèche Southern (edition to 50000 copies). the art of to surprise you. a politics of routes Themes and of totems " Reception Wine grower " Exemple A labelling of cellars under the label reception Wine grower " who concerns 43 vaults on 71 cellars of the territory.

2. Offer furthermore A better mediation / interpretation Modernize proposition Festive special events management stakes in shows of the offer Contact more relax Human dimension more effective.sensory animations and Inviting commented tastings A suplement of soul News technologies .

Example : Maison de sancerre Ideas Peculiarity Figures .

The behavior of the clienteles in their choice of holidays connected to the wine  Propose offers more profitable and better adapted to the segments of clienteles winetourism identified (Epicureans.3. experts. classics) Coktail of news sensations Explorations of the small secrets of the wine Trip of « terroir » Trip tecnical and initiatory . explorers.

1.Epicurians Friendly Classic practice Visit associated with the other tourist activities Beauty of landscape Wine trail in bike.3. by horse Sensory animations ex :wines bar Gastronomy Agreement puts and wines Accommodation of typical and aesthetic .

1. soft hikes through Vineyards    Ideas Peculiarity Figures .Example Epicureans  « wines Buissonnières " in Peak Saint wolf in Languedoc-Roussillon.3.

2. the tasting. the relation to the vineyard(vine) Intimity Pick up(Dislodge) little conaked wine growers Learn and practise tastings in the intimacy of cellars Stamp Accommodation(Hosting) of carcatère in the heart of vineyards will be preferred .3. Explorers Explorer Discover the intimacy of the wine.

2. restoring of the house Cazes •Ideas •Peculiarity •Figures .Example explorers  The Table of Aimé.3.

3. stakes Meet profesionnals. connoisseurs.3.Experts Learn the history of wines. frequent fairs Pedagogy Prestige Reputation . codifications.

Example experts    Ideas Peculiarity Figures .3.3.

Classic Wine heart of heritage • Wine • Culture history.4. architecture.gastronomy Meet wine producers • wine • Well being Social • wine • gastronomy .

1.4.Example classics .

Format the off re just like products Sold by the distributors    Keys of succes Targets Organized .4. .4.Example www.1.

Benchmark or How see we our competitors     Rioja. Spain: convergence and differentiation with the French models The Tuscany.: the sales management of the customer relationship South Africa: for the models of treatment of the waits(expectations) clienteles by TRICK .U. Italy: the enrichment by the versatility of the tourist offer NAPA. E.

The foreign competition Rioja :Global characteristics • Management of A. • cooperative cellars. big vaults • Importance of the period of sunshine • festive Lifestyle and Mediterranean lifestyle Regions • Potentialities of intensification by blind conformity • Languedoc Roussillon • Midi-Pyrénées •Tuscany: the South of Rhône-Alpes Global characteristics • • • • • • • wine trails Wealth of the offer wine tourism Association of the landscapes and the cultural offer professional Master's degree tried in the organization Potentialities of intensification by blind conformity Provence Aquitaine. Provence to the ecological aspect to Alsace the new lifestyles •• OMerchandising Identity: adapted Aquitaine. Alsace Napa valley : Global characteristics •· Regions • Control(Master's degree) of the marketing mix and the management of the offer OeT •O All • Raising awareness(Sensitization) •O Nearness Paca.C.O. .