The press service of the company "Eldorado" reported that the company is preparing to raise prices, creating reserves

for "old" purchase prices on the most popular product categories. "The rise in prices may significantly smoothed out
exactly the presence of inventory - says Irina Teplinskaya, Director of Public Relations" Eldorado ". - The only question
is, will there be enough of a reasonable margin snowballing demand in December and January, which can happen if
the exchange rate will continue to weaken. "
By the way, in early 2014, household appliances to electronics have to go up by an average of five percent. Then, too,
the ruble fell, and many foreign suppliers raised prices. But it happened almost unnoticed by the general public on the
background of the traditional price increase in Russia all in a row after the holidays.
And our and your
That year, Russian buyers and sellers of consumer electronics, as they say, live in perfect harmony. Intense
competition in the market makes online shopping to maintain a high level of service, constantly update and expand
the range of products.Foreigners say that in Russia where customers greater choice than in Europe.
At the same time, the consumer boom of recent years provided a steady growth in sales and earnings retailers. Back
in 2010, the market of consumer electronics, not only restored the indicators, collapsed in the crisis of 2008-2009, but
exceeded them.This year, despite the economic downturn in the country and the growing loss of purchasing power of
the population, the sale is still growing, albeit slowly.
For example, the sale of "M. Video" for the first nine months of 2014 increased by 3.5 percent compared to the same
period of the 2013th - up to 125 billion rubles. It is worth noting that in the third quarter of 2014, when the economic
situation in Russia has deteriorated dramatically, sales of "M. Video" is still growing - by 1.7 percent compared to the
same period of the third quarter of 2013th. In October and November is also a positive trend, said Anton Panteleev.
In the network "Eldorado" for the first three quarters of 2014, sales grew even more - by 6 percent, revenue reached
82.3 billion rubles.
Buyers can only hope that the competition for their wallets will keep prices down as much as possible. And the
competition, and without sharp enough, no doubt intensify.Market leaders intend to expand their networks.
Network "M. Video" covers 153 cities in Russia and has 358 stores, including 28 new, open this year. "Eldorado"
operates in more than 200 cities, and as of November 1, 2014 network includes 369 shops, 65 points online store and
14 hypermarkets Internet.
"M. Video" for 2014 will spend on the development of a network of about five billion rubles. "Eldorado" the volume of
investments in the expansion does not disclose, but the press-service reported that in 2015 they plan to increase by
2.5 times compared to 2014.
At the same time, and "Eldorado" and "M. Video" not planning expansion outside Russia, preferring to increase the
density of its presence in the Russian regions with the highest consumer activity. Particular attention both companies
are paying the central regions of the country, in Siberia and southern Russia. So they will inevitably have to work
elbows. "We still observed a marked increase in the north-west of the country, but this is our specialty, the market
there feels worse," - says Irina Tseplinskaya.
Wind of change
The worsening economic situation in the country dictates new rules both sellers and buyers. Both of them have to live
with high prices and much less available credit.
The delay on consumer loans reached alarming magnitude almost ten percent. That is a tenth of the issued loan is not
returned. All in a row no longer give out loans, so customers just like before, will have to save money for expensive
Express lending market expects zero growth compared with the results of 2013, said Vladislav Verbin, senior vice
president of development credit bank products "Renaissance Credit".

but the deal fell through after nominated by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) the conditions to close a considerable number of stores "Eldorado".ru" that at the moment the possibility of merging is not considered. Third. "Eldorado" .76 percent. the rise in prices in retail chains inevitably pushes buyers to gray dealers. it would be possible to reduce the number of stores. But in the current situation from the merger would benefit both sides. with the expansion of the network grew to discount suppliers. through the online store "Eldorado" carries 15 percent of all sales. However. Video" . . because the larger the order. while the market is not yet divided. there would be an opportunity to save on logistics." Technosila "CSN". Together. despite the activation of lending in pre-New Year period.nine percent of the market in January-October 2014.57. and each player seeks to capture more share. By the way. . more effective ways to attract customers. Video" . in the current situation for us the priority is not the amount and the quality of the loan portfolio and profitability of the business. and "M. Sales on the Internet are growing rapidly.6 percent. "M. and then collects the goods in the store. Video" almost bought "Eldorado". for the first nine months of 2014 issuance of express loans decreased by 13.said Alexander Antonenko. And the rise in prices and a reduction in the volume of lending is not the best way affect the sales of home appliances and electronics. the more discount. the company sold online catalog of more than 10 billion rubles. In the "Eldorado" expects that in 2015 the growth of online sales will be 15-20 per cent of the index in 2014. lists the expert. Also.6 percent."Our bank is represented in almost all the major networks of home appliances" Eldorado "." M. when a buyer makes an order on the Internet. hard times may again bring together the "Eldorado" and "M. director of consumer lending bank "Home Credit". Video". The new network would come off significantly from its competitors. And at the end of the year in the bank does not expect significant growth in issue. Sale of counterfeit goods legitimate sellers call their main problem. the player's number one and number two player would have taken far ahead in terms of positioning and target market. For the first nine months of 2014 the growth of online sales "M. In this case. One feels that the Russian retail chains to be a fierce battle for customers in the online space. . as both companies said "Lente. in many respects would be reduced by the cost of marketing the war." Media Markt ". The company's share . Who is the first place in online turnover among the largest Russian sellers of consumer electronics takes "Eldorado". In addition. The company is actively developing its strategy for the integration of traditional and sales on the Internet. " According to the "Home Loan". Secondly. CEO of business brokerage company "Altera Invest". Firstly.But while rapid lending is one of the most important ways of attracting customers. as now in most cases "Eldorado" and "M. the company "M. Video" arranged adjacent to each other. whose owners have twice held talks on how to combine into a single network. Video" expects to increase online sales from eight to ten percent. Last summer. said Maxim Novitsky. So that sellers need to find new. Video ".eight percent. if reducing the number of distribution centers.