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Why the Sat Guru is revered as God...

The phenomenon of Divine Mediumnity (Spiritual incorporation) in India is of fundamental

importance in the doctrine of Guru Worship (The master or Spiritual Preceptor).

The Oldest Cultures in the world have made their discoveries through the
field of Divine Mediumnity.
The Greek Pythias were intermediates of the gods...

The African Priests who incorporated a Deity (Orisa)...

The Native American Shamans who entered into a trance...

The Medium Tibetans who are spokespersons of the Deities...

The Native Brazilians traveling Astrally to the Kingdom of Tup (God)...

But how is this Divine Mediumnity phenomenon interpreted and experienced in Ancient
Let me tell you the old story of a Brahmin called Vishnucitta

Once there was a Pandyan King by the name of Vallabhadeva, who started a competition
between scholars to find out the path to paramapada (the higher Spiritual world)

The Lord Narayana (Vishnu) appeared in the dream of Vishnucitta,

and asked him to take part in the dispute.
Vishnucitta rejected the proposal saying he had no deep knowledge of the
scriptures, nor the gift of oratory.
The Lord replied, I just want you to go! I will speak through you. Fear not!

Vishnucitta obeyed the orders of the Lord and went to the palace of the King,
where a theological dispute was in progress.
In due course, a portion of Lord Vishnu entered the body of Vishnucitta and
began to speak with great learning and wisdom.
Vishnucitta won the dispute and was hailed as the wisest of all scholars.

In India, the real Sat Guru is the one who receives the gift of being a
channel (medium) of the Divine Presence.
It is in this sense that Adi Shankara was considered as an incarnation of

and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu an incarnation of the Lord Krishna.

In Ahobila, there is a Shrine of Lord Narasimha (Man-Lion Avatar of Lord Vishnu).

The 44th Acharya was often seen as that incorporating the Lord Narasimha.
This is an example of Divine Mediumnity!

According to this belief, God frequently uses the Astral Form of a Guru to impart
Knowledge, Spiritual Comfort, and Salvation from the dangers of life; and will even heal
physical ailments.

Through the shape and appearance of an Acharya or Sadhu, the Lord appears in the
dreams of devotees, or in an Astral Form before them, in two or three places at once.
Sometimes the Guru himself is not aware of what is happening...

and the reason is because the source of Siddhis (Mystical Powers) of the
Guru is Bhagavan (God)!

The miracles of a Guru are not only caused by the Kundalini Shakti.
Indeed, Kundalini plays an important role in the appearance of Divine Mediumnity.
But this does not explain how God can manifest mediumistically through....

a mountain,

a sacred Icon,

a Lord image made of stone.

True worship of the Guru is the worship of the Guru Tattva (Essence) God manifesting
as a Spiritual Master.
But on the other hand, this Divine Communion can occur...

with a disciple.

The inspiration of God can occur through a book or scripture...

the Voice of God can speak through music

or even in the street, by some unknown person!

Since God is the Universal Consciousness, the Param-Atman;

He can manifest mediumistically through any vehicle.
This does not diminish the importance of the Guru or Spiritual Master.
The figure of Guru will always be a privileged Manifestation of the Divine Goodness.

Even after being used mediumistically by Lord Vishnu, the Saint Vishnucitta
continued fulfilling his humble work of picking flowers for the Deity of his Temple.
His hymns and devotional poems show that he continued being inspired by the Lord.
Through out his life, he had his mediumnity connected to Vishnu.
But in no time, did he ever agree to be worshiped as if he were equal to God.

Very different from the modern gurus who WANT to be worshiped as if they were God.

Knowing that he is not the author of faith, nor of Divine events,

the Genuine Guru does not accept to be confused with God.

The false gurus consider themselves superior to others just because they
accept the votes and orange clothing of a renunciant (Swami/Sannyasin).

But are they even really renunciants?

Or are they in fact gluttons, lazy?

A householder who works hard to support his family is not much of a renunciant
compared to these imposters?

A householder who wakes up early to take care of the sick child is less of
an renunciant...

than these false gurus?

Think about it! Who maintains these guys is YOU!

It is YOU who buys their books, making generous donations for them to open
Ashrams, Maths, Monasteries, and Churches!
It is YOU who innocently believe that they have some kind of power or Shakti.
And even if they have the power they claim to have, be sure that this power does
not come from God...

this power comes from YOUR own mind, who is

YOUR biggest enemy, as the Bhagavad Gita declares.