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AffIrming Sanatana Dharma and Recording the Modern History of a Billion-Strong Global Religion in Renaissance

. NOVEMBER, 1998

Lead Stor,y: Vedic Astrologers Bring their
Subtle Indian Craft to America 20
Caribbean: Hirldu Life on Barbados 32
Defamation: Ganesha Departs Disney 35
Discrimination: Fired for a Swastika! 36
History: He's One Determmed Historian 50

Life Decisions: Choosing a Career 25
Spirituality: Your Inne;: Astrology 26
Insight: Nakshatras: the Twenty-Seven
• Superstars of Vedic Astrology 27
L~a"'J1ing: ?mart Kids Don't Smart 41

Pub'lIsher's Desk: Regrets and Worries ...
• Flee from the Eternal Now 10
Letters 12
My Jurn: What Qualifies an Astrologer? 13
Editorial: Becoming Good Navigators
6n the Sea of Time 16
Women of Vision: Why Ramas Role as
Husband Doesn't Inspire Women 39
Healing: Indian Food that Can Kill 46
Minister's Message: Two Swamis Lay Down
the Law on Corporal Punishment 52

Diaspora 7 News in Brief 49
Quotes &Quips 17 Digital Dharma 54
Evolutions 46

( "I""\c-ui;,,,,, from left) The nine planets of 0 solar system pose for a group
o 74470 12134 3 '1~'"}1l<lJ'll newlyweds and kin at their family festival in Barbados, . A ... I,mber: 181. Unlld80
'-'lI.iU\.J.~fP""1l U1lal at his Vedic Astrology center in Los Angeles, CalifJrrua ' ~ AINolatld , ..... 'IY RlIOul'OI Award
, .
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PUBLISHER'S DESK Three modes of living: The man on the left is burdened by the past,
fretting over things he wished had never happend. The man on the
right is worned about the future. Neither has time fo catch up with

Will You Dare Live'

the present. 'The being in the middle lives in the now---centered,
positive and secure in the certainty that "I'm all right, right now."
, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .~ . . . . . . . . . ..... . . . . . . . . .,. . . . . u . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... n .....u . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

now, worried, bothered and disturbed, and in the midst of your

In the"Eternal Now? disturbance say to yourself, :'1 am all right, t ight now. Just this in-
stant, I am all right." What a shock to the disturbed part of your
mind! It will not only be shocked, it will be shllttered out of its
disturbance when you declare the truth that you are all right in
the eternal now. .
Abiding in the moment is the height of security, but to It is one thing to say "I am all right, right now," and it is another
thing to feel it. Can you feel that you are all right, right now? Can
maintai:r:t it takes practice and a clear subconscious you really believe it? Can you hold that feeling, so that this affir-
mation becomes permeated through your subconscious mind? Let
this feeling permeate so deeply through your subconscious mind
BY. SATGURU SIVAYA SUBRAMUNIYASWAMI that it begins working within you, the same way your involuntary
subconscious keeps your heart beating and the other processes of
, OU ONLY HAVE A MINUTE , ONLY SIXTY Nor is there any death. your body going.
seconds in it. Didn't want it, didn't choose it, You have transcended 'Tm all right, right now." Let the feeling of these words Vibrate
forced upon you, can't refuse it. Yet you suffer even the laws of reincar- within you. Then every time you abide in the luxury of worry-
if you lose it, give account if you abuse it. Just a nation in that state, hold- and the luxury of worry is one luxury you cannot afford-say to
tiny little minute, but eternity is in it. For not ing the consciousness of yourself, 'Tm all right, right now," and forget about where you are
to love is not to live, and npt to give- is not to live." eternity, for you are be- going, forget about.where you have been and just be where you
That's an old proverb I was taught when young. yond the soul which rein- are, where your physical body is, in its immediate surroUndings.
There is really very little to be said intellectually carnates and creates a When you do that, you fmd that where you were going and what
about -the eternal now. You have to live in it, and in new form around itself you were worried about has to do with the egotistical you-your
living in it you discover a higher state of conscious- What is the instant? pride and the various qualities that you hasten to rid yourself of
ness than you have experienced in your life. That is what we have to when you think you should improve yourself So, it is really very
Because the vibration of the eternal now is so very discover through a mo- practical to live now and be all'right in all the nows. But remem-
high, part of your mind and nature does not like to ment of concentration. ber, since living in the eternal now lifts you into a higher state of
experience the security of the eternal now, which is' What is the moment? We consciousness than you have been accustomed to, you have to con-
really the height of security. It takes practice to all know what the past tinue to feel that you are all right, right now. When you continue
maintain a continued experience of the eternal now. is-many people live in for long ~eriods in the consciousness of the eternal now, something
Can you visuiilize yourself, right at this instant, the past, over and O\~er mysterious and wonderful begins to happen-your soul, your su-
balanced on the top of a tall tree? If the tree were to bend toe far again, and they never catch up with the perconscious, begins to work out your spiritual destiny. When you
forward, you would fall to the ground, or down into time and present. Other people live in the quiet your mind, and only when you quiet your mind, you give
thought. If it were to bend too far back, you would again fall. Bal- future-but of course when they do, your soul a chance. What difference does it make) f you do have
anced on the top of this tree, you can look out over the country- they are really only living in the past, problems? They will work themselves out if you can keep the con-
side and enjoy everything you see. But if you stop to think about too, and they never fmd the present fusion of your lower states of mind out of the way.
one thing of the past; you would become so engrossed in what you either. Visualize your soul now as a shaft of light. Visualize your mind
are thinking about that you would again fall to the ground. You an
Just as example, how many times as various layers surrounding that soul, covering up the brilliancy
find that you cannot live in a thinking consciousness balanced so have you gone to the temple without of that light. If you live in the layers around the soul, which only
high. ,Here you live in the eternal now, with great awarenes& of being fully tliere? Part of you was there, cover up the brilliancy of the light, you add to the confusion
what-is around you and within you, but with no thought on it. part of you was living in the past, part around the soul. But you can choose to live in that shaft of light. By
Can you feel like this? Right now you are here. Right now noth- of you was trying to live in the future; realizing that you are all right this instant, that light of your soul
ing else maHers. You are aware. You are alive, and you are in eter- and there you were, emoting over the has a chance to shine thro~gh the surroun<#ng layers of the mind
nity. Finding the eternal now is a vibration even more powerful things that.happened that should never- just a little, enough to calm your future-fer yOUF future is made ill
than that of sound or light, for you are in the consciousness of Be- have happened, and fear(ul of things the prE!.sent, in the eternal nQw.
ing-being intensely aware, being very alive. In that state of con- that might happen in the future, which
sciousness you can see that when you begin to think, it is like probably won't happen unless you con- Announcing Our Daily Web Page: Now you can visit on the Inter-
climbing down the tree and wplking along through the forest. On tinue being fearful of their happening net our Kauai Aadheenam on the Garden Island of Kauai. Just
ille ground you cannot see the forest.for the trees. On top of the until you create them! ' point yOpI' browser to http;llwww.gurltdeva.dynip.coml-htoday/to-
tree you can see the entire fores( and enjoy it. In the eternal now Do youJrnow that the ability to live day/. Here yQ.u 'll enjoy my daily spiritual message in live voice,
you find awareness in every part of your body, every fiber of your right now, in the instant, is a spiritual read todays newest news and a fresh lesson of the day, see some
consciousness. Your life depends upon your awareness! Here you power, reflecting the awakening of the soul and requiring a sub- while, as if you weren't anybody, if for years and years you have current digital photos and soon a video. Aadheenam is the South
can enjoy seeing the birds fly by, the waterfall, the countryside. conscious control of the mind? Your soul is never bothered with been accustomed to making fears, worries and doubts your cher- India name for an ashram. It is where 25 of my monks-acharyas,
You can enjoy all that, but you dare not stop to think upon the the things tllat disturb the rest of the mind! The mind lives in the ished possessions-more important to you than anything. There swamis, yogis and sadhakas-serve in creating HINDUISM TODAY
flight of one bird, because you would become too engrossed in past, and the mind tries to live in the future. But when you quiet are people who just wouldn't know who they were if you took away month after month after month. This is our 20TH year of produc-
thClught and fall into a lower state of consciousness. That bird your mind, you live in the present. You are living within your soul, their"f'ears, worries and doubts. But if you want to be somebQdy, ing the magazine. For those who do not know, our tropical island is
might remind you of a pet bird you had at home, and the thinking or the higher state of your mind which is undisturbed by the something, a state of being, you want to live in the eternal now. 3,800 miles east of Japan, 4,8'00 miles north of Australia, 2,200
mind would go on and on, landing you on the ground. When you things of time. There is a simple formula for attaining the eternal now. If you miles south of Alaska and 2,750 miles west of California.
become aware and start living in eternity, in the eternal now, you Also, when you live in the present, you eliminate fears, worries can remember it, you can center yourself within yourself very Come to the ashram in cyberspace for daily darshan. Do it now.
find t hat eternity is within you. Then you can see there is no life. and doubts. Of course, you might feel a little out of place for a . quickly .and experience living right this instant. Imagine yourself Don't delay. You will be very welcome.


Dress Code for Temple Goers If only we' could realize we are all actually and reverential tribute to Swami Krish- I

Can Astrologers Be
I AM A MALAYSIAN OF CHINESE ORIGIN, brothers and sisters, and it doesn't matter nll9andji [MINISTER'S MESSAGE, Aug. 'g8] as
and I am very interested in Indian/Hindu what we speak or how we speak but that we "Swami of Africa" will bring happy memo-
c;lture, especially on the aspect of dr~ss are all of one kind. If only? Would you be {ies, satisfaction and gratitute to thousands
and costume. There is, of course, a signifi- willing to teach your child that every Hindu of people whose lives were touched by Swa-

Spiritual Mentors?
cant Indian minority in Malaysia, and I have is a Hindu and not a member of some lan- mi Krishnanandji. I met him in 1981 and to-
many indian/Hindu friends. One of the best guage or caste group? If only we could day memories come flooding to my mind of,
gifts I have got from an Indian friend was break these barriers created by our forefa- his deep spirituality, compassion and true
when he taught me how to wea( the dhoti, thers and still practiced by many!1f only we greatness. It is right and proper that Mahat-
wpat they call here a veshti for men. The could change ourselves firsf! Then I think rna Gandht.. and Swami Krishnanandji who
sad thing is that not many men wear the Hindus all over the world still have a chance. made history in and for Africa are remem- HINDUISM TODAY was founded January 5, 1979, Only if they are trained in counseling and
veshti nowadays in Malaysia, not even in the No Hindu should be greater or lesser than bered together. Swami Ghananandji and his by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. It is a
temples, except for the priest. Many of my
friends say that wearing a veshti is uncom-
another, and no Hindu should eye himself as
the greatest and look down on his neighbor.
message are a compliment to Africa. ' nonprofit educational activity of Himalayan
Academy with the following\Jlurposes: 1. To fos-
steeped in personal spiritual practice
fortable since ' they are more used to After all, dear Ganesha, I wonder what You • HARROW, UNITED KINGDOM ter Hindu solidarity as a unity in diver-sity
trousers. I have to say that there is nothing are and what language You speak? , among all sects and lineages; 2. 'fo inform and BY l)MANANDA QUONG
really uncomfortable about the veshti, one KRISHNAKUMARI NALLAKUMAR Don't Dismiss Ancient Tamil inspire Hindus worldwide and people interest-
can get used to it after a while, but the trib- " THE POSSIBILITY THAT AN ANCIENT DRA- ed in Hinduism; 3. To dispel myths, illusions and OR PROFESSIONAL ASTRO- hira describes the qualities of
al style where the cloth goes under the legs vidian tongue could be the language of the misinformation about Hindl:lism; 4 ..To protect,
logers who encounter the ideal astrologer: "He must
to .be tucked behind takes a bit of getting Sadhu Bathing Order Harappans should not be discredited [LAN- preserve and promote the sacred Vedas and the
daily the hopes, fears, be clean, efficient, bold, elo- -
used to. Some of my friends whose origins IN YOUR KUMBHA MELA TIME LINE IT IS GUAGE , May'98]. The letter "+" also repre- Hindu religion; 5. To nurture and monitor the
ongoing spiritual Hindu renaissance. We invite . desires and aspirations of quent, possessed of genius or /
are from Kerala say lhat some temples there mentioned [INSIGHT, pg 34, Sep.' 'g8]: "ca sented "K" in ancient Tamil. The Rig Veda often desperate people facing ready wit, knower of the time
our readers to share these purposes with us by
enforce traditional clothing on men when 1780: British establish the order for royal mentions dark complexion"ed residents. Pure real-life crises, predictive ability and place, sincere, not timid in
sending letters, reports on events, news clip-
they go there. Do you .think there should be bathing by the monastic groups (the same Tamil words are traceable in ancient Sanskrit pings, and encouraging others to subscribe. and technical expertise are not assemblies, not to be overpow-
a dress code for all who enter temples? order is followed today)." It is my impression texts. Tamil was older or contemporary with enough. They must develop the ered by his fellow students,
JAMES CHONG that it was (Thode) Madhavrao Peshwa, the Sanskrit and perhaps its culture and cere- capacity to address the psycho- expert, free from vices, well-
PERAK, MALAYSIA Maratha Prime Minister, who established Pub lis he ...: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
I monies were the cornerstone of Hinduism. logical needs of the client, versed in the performance of
" Admin. Dir.: Paramacharya BGldhinatha
this order (prior to 1780?) after figllts broke THAVARAJA SUNDHAR SUNDRAM Edito ...-in-Chief Acharya Palaniswami above and beyond the basic curative and preventive types of
out at &e Nashik KiImbha Mela and not the KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA Publishe...·s Aitk: Acharya Ceyonswfuni interpretation of the horoscope. How many rituals, as well as in that of magic and
A Big Barrier-Social Divisions British. The British East India Company DeputlJ Edito...: Acharya Kumarswami professing to be astrologers have received bathing, engaged in the worship of Gods,
COMING FROM A COUNTRY LIKE MALAYSIA, had just won the Battle of Plassey (1757) Conspiracy Behind a Name? Managing Edito...: Sannyasin Arumugaswami any kinel of formal training in counseling observances or austerities and fast; pos- •
one inevitably notices that the Hindus here and would hardly be in a position to dictate I HAVE OFTEN WONDERED WHY, IN ENG- Graphics Di...ecto ...: Sannyasin Natarajnathaswami skills, or even any informal preparation, sessed of great power generated by the
are made up of many different groups iden- religious rules in 1780. The British Crown lish, Christianity is the only religion referred Mauritius Edito ...: Sannyasin Sivamurugaswami which qualifies them to give advke to peo- wonderful achievements of his scientific
tified with different Indian states, languages seized power of India in 1857 after the Na- to with the suffix "-ity." Every other religion Mauritius Staff Writer: Sannyasin Sivadevanathaswami ple on a variety of important issues? knowledge and,capable of answering
or castes. We nave the Telegus, Malayalees, tional Uprising. It was then that major re- is referred to as an "-ism," Hinduism, Bud- Pmd.lP...omotion Mgr.: Sannyasin Sivakatirswami How many times have we seen or heard queries made by others and suggesting
Gounaers, Chettiyars, Mudaliars, etc., etc., forms, changes, and degradations in Hindu dism, Jainism, Judaism, etc. The suffix "-ity" Managing Ed.'s Aitk: Tyagi Saravanannathaswami
about clients who have departed an astro- remedial measures for troubles, other than
and the list never seems to end. What aston- religion started taking place. suggests a state of being, as in gravity, agili- Dep. Managing Ed.: Tyagi Karttikeyanathaswami
Edito ...-in-Chiefs Aitk: Yogi Yuganatha
logical consultation feeling distraught, con- the visitations of God." Knowledge of as-
ishes me most is the fact that as people of a AMOL lOSHI ty , volatility. It suggests a quality inherent to
Advertising Manage ...: Sadhaka Jothinatha fused and discouraged about specific con- trology must be complem~nted by spiritual
common religion, just Hindus, we instead " ahjoshi@hotmaihcom the subject-the way religion is supposed to SubScription Manage ...: Sadhaka Adinatha clusions and predictions concerning future practice and a religious life ~hich enables
look at each other through the eyes of "he or be. The suffix "-ism" suggests a precon- Correspontknts: Gowri Sh~kar & Anandhi Rama- events in a person's life? Indians typically the astrologer to be an instrument of the
she is not one of my kind," and this has cre- Ten Years to Worldwide Reiki ceived set of thoughts to which one agrees chandran, Chennai; Choodamani Shivaram, Bangalore; believe in karmic retribution and in as- Divine, providing advice based on spiritual
ated and clouded the progress of the Hindus I'M SURPRISED NO ONE HAS RESPONDED TO or does not without it being inherent to one's Rajiv Malik, Prabha Prabhakar Bhardwaj, Mangala trologers' predictions, which they expeot in values and the wisdom of personal E)xperi-
in this country. Each temple.or Hindu or- the "Reiki" article (HT January 1998). For nature as in communism, capitalism, dada- Prasad Mohanty, Delhi; V S. Gopalakrishnan, Kerala; any consultatiol}. What the eyes see, the ence. The spiritual qualities which make a
ganisation is identified as "a Ceylonese tem- many years, I have believed that hatha yoga ism, minimalism, etc. It is not hard to imag- Basudeb Phar, Bangladesh; Archana Dongre, Los An- mind interprets according to ones expecta- -person a great yogi are the same attributes
ple" pr "a Chettiyar temple," etc. The worst and meditation are the keys to achieve Self ine that people who first coined. the term geles; Lavina Melwani, New York; Dr. Hari Bansh Jha, tions and beliefs. A, strong belief that an which contribute to eminence in astrology.
part is when a boy and a girl of two different Realization. This is true, however, Reiki is did not feel comfortable calling other's reli- Nepal; Parasram Ramoutar, Anil Mahabir, Trinidad; astrologer's predictions will come true will Only a life lived in ~ccordance with dhar-
groups fall in love and decide to get married, no! just for healing-it is a path to Enlight- ;gion a religion. But now that we are free to Dr. Devananda Tandavan, Chicago; V G. Julie Rajan, have a major effect upon one's perception ma can produce the wisd~m and loving
the opposition is so strong that often the enment. When you put your hands on any call ourselves anythil)g, we should call our- Philadelphia; Shikha Malaviya, Minnesota; Rajesh Jan-
tilal, South Africa; Tara Katir, Hawaii. Sanskritist: Dr. and interpretation of the "objective reality" kindness that can heal as well as inform.
couple decide to part and save their family part of the bQdy, the flow of healing energy selves "Hinduity" and let people Imow that of events to come. Americans tend to be- As "great as astrology is, we should also
S. Jayaraman, New York. Artists: A. Manivelu, S. Ra-
the shame of marrying out. This is unbeliev- begins. Remove the hands and the energy we have caught on to their conspiracy. jam. Cartoonists: Barry Geller, David Lourie, Mario lieve they can alter their destiny through recognize its limitations, and maintain ~
able. Hindus and yet not Hindus. What is stops! This is a simple but powerful tech- SHRUTI AND ABHIJIT T. SHUKLA de Miranda, Manick Sorcar, Gary L. Stair, Bob Thaves. conscious choice, and prefer directions for clear understanding of its role in the con-
the problem here? Identifying yourself with nique. Your readers should consider adding " Photo Contributo ...s: Thomas L. Kelly, Stephen P personal, spiritual transformatiqn. In either text of our ovef"all spiritual evolution. We
a special language or caste group rather than Reiki to their daily routine. Within the next Huyler, Dev Raj Agrawal, Phal S. Girota, ~ny Stone case, there is a large subjectivity factbr and should not lose sight of the unlimited, infi-
being proud that you are a Hindu, this is the ten yearS"; I believe Reiki will spread rapidly Images, Photobank, Art Wolfe Inc., Gordon Wiltsie, room for judgmental errors. It would be nite, illlbounded nature of our.true Being-
problem. It stunts the progress of the Hindu throu~hout the entire world. Indivar Sivanathan. Web Masters: Deva Seyon, Sad- prudent to show discretion and humility in ness, which is always beyond the realm of
Le~ters with writers n~e, address and daytime
yommunity in terms of education, econom- MARC EDWARDS phone number, should be sent to: hunathan Nadesan. Scanning: Vikram Patel, New ones presentation, lest some error of judg- cause and effect. Astrology pertains to fhe
ic and social welfare. Certain groups are " Letters, HINDUISM TODAY York. Distribution: USA: Ingram Periodicals, New ment result in actual harm to the client. At interactions of cosmic forces in the realm
found to only contribut~ and help their own 107 Kaholalele Road Leaf, EBSCO Subscription Services, Indo-US Books,
the very least, predictive astrologers should of manifestation, and does not provide a
kind and are proud of it. If only we didn't Remembering'Krishnanaildji KAPAA, HAWAII, 96746-9304 USA One ~urce, Ubiquity, Total Circulation..:Services.
Canada: Gordon and Gotch. Europe: SWETS Sub- speak in simple, clear language, according direct path to realization of the Divine.
belong to a Nair, a Pillai, a Menon, a Goun- IT IS APPROPRIATE THAT THE COVER OF or faxed to: (808) 822-4351 ,
or e·mailed to: , scription Service. Malaysia and Singapore: Sanathana to the level of understanding of the listener,
der, a Chettiyar social caste group or what- the" August issue should carry ' the photo- , Dharma Publications~ South Africa: Atlas Printers. In- and not inundate the client with excessive STEPHEN QUONG, 47, has traveled exten-
ever else andJ ust belonged to the Hindus, graph of President Nelson Mandela at a Letters may be edited for space and clarity and may dia: Central News Agency Limited, New Delhi. technical jargon. Sively throughout India, Nepal and Sri Lan-
we might find ourselves conquering moun- Hindu center at Durban on Dipavali cele- appear in electronic versions of HiNDUISMTODAY. Printe...: Banta Publications Group, Kansas City In Brihat Samhita (11.2), Sage Varahami- ka. He began studying astrology in 1970.
tains and leapiNg over the tallest buildings. brations. Also, Swami Ghananandji's warm \., INDICATESLETTERS REC,EIVEDVIA E-MAIL


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EDITORIAL maybe 6 or 7 or 4), since the week we
live is, like the day, flexible in its length
depending on the c~lestial movements.
QlJOTES & tlllPS
We Ar~ All \X(ayfarer-s
"Weekends," which we call retreats and
dedicate to nonworldly matters, are "There is no conflict between politics and religion, for
usually two, but sometimes three, days
, .
long. All this brings us cl0ser to the sa-
cred cosmo~, though it can confound
-both aini ,~t perf~ction of the individual. and s,o ciety"
our connections with the rest of the

On the Waves ofTime.

world. We're alWays hearing one among
us utter, "What? Today is Saturday?"
We also avoid important meetings or
events during ashtami, the eighth day
Member of India's Parliament Swami Chinmayananda, asked whether it's difficult to be a religious leader and politiG..,mn at the same time

put stones in the bowl, the light will go out

and he will become a stone himself A
And one of the few truly useful navigational of the lunar cycle. Ironically, some
Vedic astrologers don't themselves fol-
stone does not grow or move. If at any time
he tires of being a stone"all he needs-t:o do
tools is an ancient one -V.edic astrology 10w the traditiimal Indian calendar,
which is understandable in this 7-days-
is turn the bowl upside down and the
make-a-week world. Less understand- stones will fall away and the light will grow
BY'THE EDITOR able is why they don't always follow the • once more. Ancient Hawaiian saying
knowledge they teach others. Consider
ELIEVING NOTHING, THE SKEPTIC IS BLIND; BELIEVING how when an astrology conference was being planned last year, we The Patience Prayer: God, please grant me
everything, the naif is lame_ Somewhere between the t~o proposed it happen on an auspicious day. "That won't work," came
lies the lucid land of viveka, discrimination, which neither the answer. "Its not a weekend!" Behold the new auspiciousness! patience... and please don't delay!
doubts every inexplicable phenomenon nor swallows every The astrologer is something of a tribal shaman. Ideally, he or she
un'~x~un:ined statement. In this issue we explore the uncanny is the one with special insight, a wider vision that lifts awareness be-
Vedic technology ofjyotisha, that hoary knowledge derived from sec- yond our little world, connecting us to the canopy above, expand-
oddary Vedic texts, born, they say, of Lord Brahma who taught it to ing perception beyond the narrow sliver oHime in which we live by
Surya, the Sun, who gifted it to Brighu, the first human to know the bringing past lives and actions into the now. I have said before that
science of astronomy and astrology. Its about time. And its about the astrologers tell time with a bigger watch.
unseen forces that swir about our blue Earth-island, creating tides, not The genuine astrologer is a time navigator. He teaches that time is
of matter but of mind, not-of water but of fates and karmas. not all colorless and neutral: the same in all directions. Time has its
Ronald Reagan, when President of the lJnited States, confounded eddies, its waxing and waning, its preferential ways-and in that "Yes, I have previous management experience.
the White House staff and embarrassed aides by having his itiner- sense is much like the oceans, full of change. No ship's captain worth
ary and major meetings scheduled in careful consultation with his his hardtack would consider the sea uniform, everywhere equal and In a past life, I was the master of a galley ship
wife's astrologer in California. Scoffing staffers counted it pure silli- indifferent to his passage. No, the sea is alive with idle doldrums and where I kept 100 men rowing 24 hours a day."
ness, others thought it merely impolitic of him. treaCherous'tempests, and, yes, dangers worthy of anticipation.
,Mr. Reagan is not a lone heretic. Queen Elizabeth I consulted the To the astrologer, time is like that sea, with changing moods and
stars. Galileo, the Italian mathematician and astronomer, cast charts forces, some propelling us swiftly forward, others opposing our Many advances in the sciences that we session is full of commotion and that all
on the side, as did the Gentian celestial scientist Johannes Kepler. well-plotted progress. Today time impels, tO,morrow it impedes. consider today to have been made in Eu- political leaders should be taught yoga and DID YOU KNOW?
Britain's Princess Diane followed the stars, and many Hollywood How foolhardy is the seaman who keeps his canvas unfurled in a
rope were in fact made in .India centuries Transcendental Meditation.
stars do the same. Ditto with Carl Jung and American-millionnaire storm or stows his sails when good winds blow. Time is a kind of
ago. Grant Duff, British-historian (!)f India
Western Pundits
J.P. Morgan. That said, astrology still is not anywhere near as im- psychic wind, blowing now this way, now that. As a ship's captain
portant in the Western world as in Asia. , heeds the chart reckoned by his navi- Some came with sandals or bathroom slip- HAT IS A PUNDIT? THE WORD
A '1990 poll of Americans found that
while nearly 30% of Christians in
AmeFica believe in astrology and read
their horoscope weekly, only 5% had
gator as to course, winds and tides, so
our life's journey benefits f{om anoth-
er chart, our astrologer's appraisal of
protean time's orderly and sometimes
A round luit:
• This is Tuit. Guard it
with your' life as Tuits are hard
pers ...some even dared to step in clad il!
jeans and funky glasses. The Kathmandu
Post on the reason for a new law that all
• wear the traditional
W is from the Sanskrit pandita,
'1earned person," but a new
meaning surfaced when Dwight Eisen-
personally consulted an astrologer_ Like ornery flow. It benefits, too, from a to come by, especially the round parliamentarians must hower denounced "sensation-seeking
so many other things, astrology in the deep submissio to the fact that .this ones. This is an ~dispensable item. It s~ack, knee-length shirt, matching jacket columnists and commentat0rs" as "pun-
Occident is anout personal things- life is all our own self-created sea; and will help you become a more efficient and cap during parliament sittings. In the dits_" So now the word has a pompous
about me and mine, my spiritual the navigator's chart cannot chan~ worker. For years we have heard people past, only government ministers have vol- connotation in the West, and, accord-
progress, my love life and business suc- the waters we are in, it can simp,ly help
cess. In the Orient these con~erns are us exploit the currents and avoid the say, 'TIl do it as soon as I get a Round untarily worn Nepali dress, while deputies ing to a humorous account in the New
not absent, but larger concerns domi- ~ perilous shallow reefs. 'lUit." Now that you have on~, you . turned up in a range of informa.z wear: York Times, todays journalist "pundit"
nate. Astrology in India is about(auspi- "~ The subtle art of astrology turns on can accomplish all those things boldly w.rites into stories that he isn't
ciousness, about connections, about sa- ~ what to give importance to. Ask ten as- you put aside until you get Each child, at birth, has a bowl of light. If sure about certain facts, secure in the
cred timing and being in a flow with '" . trologers, and you may get ten distinct' a Round Tuit! he tends to his light, it'll grow in strength knowledge that most readers will take
the ebb and tide 0.£ divine forces. This universalizing approach to as- responses. The key is finding one that suits you, your needs and
trology gives the science a maturity that it tends to lack in the West, . understandings. If ever it seems too confusing or you fall into doubt and he can do all things: swim with sharks, that to mean he really does know but is
where it is seen as a frivolous, campy diversion for lonely souls try- about your days, remember the words of Sri Lanka's greatest sage, I can ,do it because 0f yoga and meditation. fly with birds, know and understand all protecting a source. FUrther, the "pun-
ing to get a grip on their out-of-controllife. Satguru Yogaswami: 'M times are auspicious for the true devotee If all'ministers would meditate, they can things. But if he becomes envious, jealous, dit" is loyal only to fact-gatherers and
At the HINDUISM TODAY headquarters in Hawaii, monks move of Siva." He wanted to combat the superstition and Sani-phobia also interact with, people calmly. Dr. angry or fearful, he drops a stone into the bosses loyal to him, and requests news
in a matrix of Vedic understanding. We don't observe the days of the that often surrounds an astrologer's forwarnings. He meant that we Prasanna Patsani, member of India's Par- bowl and some light goes gut. Light and tips from colleagues who are less "exalt-
week in our life on Kauai, rather the sacred lunar calendar need not cringe in fear that this time is bad for me, that time is
for which our Monday is called Sun 1 and our Friday is Sun 5 (or good. All times are beneficent to those who cling closely to God. liament! commenting that every legislative the stone cannot. coexist. If he continues to ed" but more knowledgeable than him.


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The Great ayurvedic medicine, vastu archi-

tecture or-to go further back-the
systematic study of language, an-
Cycles of Life cient Vedic arts and scienceS' have
slowly penetrated Western life.
Among the least recognized of these divine-
Understanding the ly inspir~d intellectual colonizers is jyotish,
Hindu astrology. Its introduction has picked
To foresee problems
rhythm of the dasas up steam only in the last five or ten years, and guide treatment
aI\d it seems destined now to eventually dis-
place the Western system of astrology-it-
Edith Hathaway took up W estern as- self derived from the Greeks who took it Vamadeva Shastri (Dr. David Frawley)
trology and hatha yoga in 1976, and from the Hindu system thousands of years divides his talents between astrology
Vedic astrology in 1988 under the ini- ago. Prominent among jyotish's harbingers and ayuroeda, writing, editing and
tial tutelage ofVamadeva Shastri.. is Chakrapani Ullal, who arrived in America teaching in both fields
in 1979 as the personal astrologer of Swami
ASA IS A CYCLE OR PERIOD OF Muktananda. A few years later, in 1981, MONG THE FmST QUESTIONS AN

J[ time. In Vedic astrology there

are 55 differept dasa systems, of
which the VImsottari is most
used. Vimsottari literally means "120,"
Chakrapani set up practice in Southern Cal-
ifornia. Today he runs a thriving counseling
service dealing with hundreds of clients a
year, including major corporations. He's one
A astrologer may hear from a new
client is, "How is my health going
to be?" or even, "How long am I
going to live?" Medical astrology aims at
and refers to manS ideal 120-year life- of several cross-cultural facilitators who assessing our health potential, our likely
span, with various cycles, subcycles have inspired hundreds of Americans to diseases, their possible cure and our life
and sub-sub-cycles within it. These pursue the divine art and many thousands span, as well as potential emotional and
dasas are indicators of when the to seek its wisdom. mental problems.
karnw.phala, fruits of karma from past Dennis Harness, for example, met Cha- This system is inti-
lives, will unfold. The sequence of the krapani in 1980 at Swami Muktananda's mately connected
dasas is the same for everyone, but the ashram in Santa Monica, California. "It was with ayurveda, the
starting point varies according to the a profound experience of being seen at a Vedic medicine.
individual chart, specifically the soul level," Harness told HINDUISM TODAY. All of us eventual-
Moon's nakshatra. The duration of the "During the session, many predictions for ly get sick and die,
mahadasas, or major cycles are: Sun, 6 the future were made which have come to so every chart has
years; Moon 10 years; Mars, 7; Rahu, pass. Chalqapani told me that my profession negative health po-
18; Jupiter, 16; Saturn, 19; Mercury, 17; would involve teaching, counseling, consult- tentials- a disturb-
Ketu, 7; and Venus, 20. Dasas unfold ing and advising using astrology. At one ing fact when deal-
differently for each person, depending point during the consultation he looked ing with those
upon the birth chart. deeply into my eyes and said, 'I know your close to us. Proper Vamadeva Shastri
An example close to me is that of the mind very well, perhaps better than you. ", analysis can show
great Hindu saint, Ma Anrritananda- Harness is one leader of the American us when a person is likely to get sick
mayi, known as Am- Council of Vedic Astrology, a recently and their potential for recovery. If a
machi. The first 19 formed group representing about half the person has come down with a major ill-
years of her life- practitioners of Hindu astrology in Ameri- ness and is entering into difficult plane-
her Sun and Moon ca-several of whom have written and been tary periods, the prognosis is not likely
dasas- were ex- featured in the sidebar stories to this article. to be good. If the periods change to
tremely difficult. Unlike in India, astrology has been exiled something positive, a quick recovery
She was unnoticed, to the margins of r~spectability in the West can be indicated. The chart can also
uncared for, treated since the Middle Ages. Though rarely en- show which treatment may work best
as a domestic ser- forced, laws against "fortunetelling"- .which for them- and especially when to
vant and completely includes astrology-exist today in many schedule major surgery. Even wrong
misunderstood by communities. Earlier in the century some of treatment can be predicted!
her own family. The Americas most prominent astrologers were Remedial measures can promote
Edith dasa sequence for arrested. When enemies of Nancy Reagan, health. Gems, mantras and rituals for
Hathaway Ammachi since age wife of US President Ronald R~agan, want- planetary deities can make a real dif-
19 has steadily im- ed to get even with her, they expos.~d the ference in the vitality of a person.
proved the material conditions of her fact she had been consulting an astrologer, Gems help fortify the pranic (energy)
life, even as a satguru and Holy Moth- Joan Quigley, throughout much of Reagan's field and subtle body which is highly
er. When she entered Rahu dasa in presidency, and that his meetings of state sensitive to cosmic rays. Mantras and
1972, devotees came and her first were generally timed according to Quigley's rituals are good for problems caused
ashram began. 'IJpical for a spiritual advice. The First Lady was widely ridiculed by occult influences.
master, her dasa sequence starts off in the media. By providing early warning of im-
with many difficulties, then improves Two groups, normally at opposite ends of pending negative planetary periods for
dramatically. During her Saturn dasa, issues, vehemently attack astrology today: our health, astrology gives us time to
beginning in 2006, her influence conservative Christians and crusading secu- take precautions and offers methods to
should become extremely prominent. lar humanists-the former as a devilish art, minimize the negative effects.
the latter as superstitious balderdash. Nev-


Jaipur: Part of the observatory, Jantar
Mantar, located at Jaipur, Rajasthan, In-
Right Timing dia, and founded by Maharaj Jai Singh in
171 6. These giant rruzsonry instruments
Little Omens
were used for determining local time and
Working with, not eclipses, as well as plotting the location of
the stars and the rrwvement of planets, all
Reading subtle signs
against, the stars with extrpordinary precision. Smaller ob-
servatories were built by Singh at Delhi, James Kelleher learned astrology in
Ujjain, Mathura and Varanasi. 1975 from M.K Gandhi. He has pur-
Christina Collins-Hill began her prac- sued the practice full-time since 1980.
tice of Westem astrology in 1968 and
incorporated the Vedic system in 1989. F AN ASTROLOGER WANTS TO
She assists a celebrity clientele and stu- know what is going to happen in
dents and is a TM teacher. the future, he can, rather than ana-
lyze a chart, look around for signs.
LECTIONAL ASTROLOGY (MUHUR- An entire branch of Vedic astrology,
ta, "moment," in Sanskrit) selects a called nemitta, is devoted to this sub-
time for an action to commence by ject. Omens, we are told, work because
searching for positive future plan- of the interconnectedness of all things.
etary placements. By doing this, we can A couple of years ago, I was invited
relieve or correct difficult conditions in to dinner, along with two other as-
the natal chart which cause impedi- trologers, by a popular lady-guru in I
ments to a desired objective. Spiritual Delhi. She asked us, "Will I return to
muhurta includes timings for initiation, K.N. Rao: He predicts that some of the India permanently?"
weddings, name-giving, etc. Material American Vedic astrologers will <'become Since my friends
muhurta covers matters of education, very good after eight or ten years. In 2020, were accurately read-
business, surgery, travel, law, etc. the generation that will come and dominate ing her chart, I would
A client of mine, Mike Love, lead America will be spiritual. The country will have nothing to add.
singer of the popular music group "The then take to the spiritual life very well. " So I scanned the
Beach Boys," approached me with the room for signs. Sud-
years-long dilemma that many of the there are degree programs (Trivedi has a denly, the guru asked
songs that he had either written or co- masters'in astrology) and certification tests the cook to bring
written did not carry his name as the (such as by the Indian Council of Astrologi- three glasses of milk.
author. Through cal Sciences, founded by Raman), anyone Then an ex-consulate
four years of litiga- may call himself an astrologer and start a general to India
tion, we used practice. In America, Harness, Quong, Va- came to visit. I had James Kelleher
muhurta for dates madeva Shastri and others held a sympo- what I needed.
to file documents, ertheless, astrology remains widely popular, ma and reincarnation to Western astrolo- chology, whereas in the Vedic system the fo- sium in 1992 with Raman as the key speak- When my turn came, I said, "The signs
arrange deposi- and columns of advice appear in nearly gers, fundamentals missing from their sys- cus is predictions. But there have always er. From this developed the American coinciding with this reading suggest
tions, court dates, every daily newspaper in the country. tem. Hes continued to visi~eight times up been businessmen, such as J.P. Morgan, the Council ot: Vedic Astrology, which encom- that you will return to this country
etc. When difficul- The first Vedic astrologer arrived in Amer- to 1993-and has seen many Westerners richest man of the 19th- century, and politi- passes perhaps half the practicing Vedic as- permanently in three years-indicated
ties seemed in- ica in 1946 in a book, not a boat. H~ was Sri adopt the Vedic system under his guidance cians, such as the Reagans, who have made trologers in the country and offers certifica- by the three glasses of milk and the
evitable, we used Yukteswar, guru of Paramahansa Yogananda. and inspiration. practical use of the science of light. tion tests. This level of organization 'and consulate generals arrival"-a predic-
remedial measures, Yukteswar was.a major figure in Yoganandas In the 70S only a handful of Americans Some Vedic astrologers, Harness for ex- training among, the followers of the Inaian tion later confirmed as accurate.
Christina such as ayurvedic hugely popular Autobiography of a Yogi, . were trying to figure out the Vedic system, ample, use the system in conjunction with system in the US has only developed within You don't have to be an astrologer to
Collins-Hill remedies to "cool read by millions. "In this text," recounts but then in the early 80S the Transcenden- psychological counseling-citing a pattern the last few years. , use nemitta. Birds, animals, the weath-
down" the nature American Vedic astrologer Gary Gomes, tal Meditation movement of Maharishi Ma- set by the famed psychiatrist Carl Jung, who Astrologer K.N. Rao's tours and seminars er and other events can all give clues
of the participants. The fmal results? "many of those outside India got a taste of hesh Yogi and the International Society for corresponded in the early 50S with B.V Ra- in 1993 to 1995 opened new vistas of know1- that will reveal your future. There is
The other band member admitted Mike the power of astrology in India and the use Krishna Consciousness both began actively man on the charts of difficult patients. Oth- edge for the fledgling community in Ameri- also a system called swara, based on
wrote the songs. of remedial measures such as gemstones." promoting Vedic astrology, along with other ers, such as Chakrapani, Stephen Quong and ca, especially with regard to the dasa system which nostril is more clear at the time
Another client absolutely needed a Western astrologers were more or less traditional Indian arts and sciences. Christina Collins-Hill, work in the business and other more complex aspects of the Hin- of a yes-no question. If on Sunday,
passport immediately Learning that it aware of the Vedic system, either through Freelance Indian astrologers have visited world. Asked about her clients" Christina du science of the heavens. Unfortunately, Tuesday or Saturday, at the time of
would take six weeks, he called me in Autobiography of a Yogi or by' reading The or immigrated to America also in the 70S commented, "Mostly I talk to their lawyers" Rao became unhappy with b9th his tour asking, the right nostril is more clear,
distress. Using a muhurta that had a Astrology MagaZine, published by J)r. B. V and 80S to serve the immigrant Hindu ~om­ -meaning she was involved in he client's hosts and Americans in general. Unl.!ke Ra- then the answer is yes. If the left is the
two-minute window of auspiciousness, Raman of Bangalore, India. Some knew munity Their numbers are not known; crucial corporate dealings. Laxshmi Shan- man, he arrived in a fairly decadent Ameri- clearer one, then no. On Monday,
I asked him to personally drive himself their own system had problems, that it was guesses range from fifty to several hundred, I kar Trivedi, an elder of the Gujarati com- ca. Raman came in the late 50S, when Amer- Wednesday, Thursday or Friday it is
to the passport office-not to send an a truncated and inaccurate version of the if priests practicing part-time are included. munity living in Fremont, California, coun- ican life was still kind and gentle. "My reversed, left is yes, right is no. This
employee-and hand in his request at more complete ancient astrology So, in a re- Serious, full-time American Vedic astrolo- sels a few dozen businessmen. He provides personal experience," Rao told HINDUISM may sound like mumbo jumbo, but it is
the exact time. He received the pass- turn to their own roots, they invited Ra- gers probably number about 50, according the service of horary, the answer to a single TODAY reporter Rajiv Malik in a recent in- based on esoteric principles related to
port in just three days! man-a revered figure in India-to speak at to Harness, and several hundred more are quesfion, based upon the moment it was terview in New Delhi, "is that America is to- the ida and the pingala., two types of
One can learn the complex art of a New York conference in 1959. He came capable amateurs. asked, sometimes augmented by the inquir- tally, one hundred percent, a mercenary subtle energy which run up the spine
muhurta, but I recommend engaging before the 60S outbreak of spiritual fervor Many of those adopting the Hindu system ers chart. Grateful clients amply reward him country with all the ills of capitalism. Fami- in different ways on different days of
the services of a competent astrologer and the arri';al of swamis from India, and to were adepts at the Western system. The ma- with a share of the profits his advice brings. ly life has broken down, and society has be- the week, and it works-as do other
for all important life moves. some extent he provided a groundwork for jor difference, according to them, is that the With .astrology, there is a perennial ques- come totally dysfunctional." Rao is aghast at forIllS of omen reading.
them. He reintroduced the concepts ofkar- main focus of the Western system is psy- tion of credentials. Even in India, where the lack of respect for parents, the loose sex


life and the self-centeredness. Such observa- not enhance your social standing. Despite

Parenting by tions-he himself confesses a lack of tact- these obstacles, dozens of sincere individuals
ana disagreements over money during his are working hard to learn' the complex Vedic
tours left him at odds with several promi- systems. Many mix Eastern and Western as-
Dharma nent Vedic astrologers here. Raman made trology, though Chakrapani and Quong at-
many of the same observations-though tribute this to a lack of thorough familiarity
somewhat less heatedly-in his entertaining with the Vedic system. Several say proudly
book, ,Hindu Astrology and the West. Rao's they are Hindus.' Those who do not cite a
Astrology's clues for main complaint about the astrologers was a specific religion tend to follow an eclectic
Getting as rich as
good child rearing lack of training-especially in the area of path, selecting behefs and practices from
predictions, which he considers the heart of various traditions. They may have been born
destiny allows
Hindu astrology. "There are some very goo.d as Christians, but have outgrown that belief
Self-taught, Dennis F'la.Mrty is certified Americans who want to. take the spiritual system. Traditionally, according to Raman, Stephen Quong, Uman4nda, is a
in Western and Eastern astrology and life very seriously and who are keen learn- Chakrapani, Rao and others, an astrologer trained investment consultant, and
uses both. He has been initiated into Su- ers, but they are overly dependent on their who expects divine guidance should follow a since 1991 a full time Vedic astrologer
fism, TM and Kriya Yoga. computers and cannot do mental calcula- sattvic, pure, lifestyle, and some are found specializing in finance.
tions. My advice is to first of all do worship." ...lacking in this respect.
NSTRUCTION ON THE RAISING Whatever the faults of the nascent group Vedic astrology may displace Western as- IMING IS EVERYTHING IN THE

I of children in Hinduism is quite

different than in other faiths, be-
cause of the doctrine of reincarna-
tion. Vedic astrology can benefit any
family, Hindu or not, who shares this
of Vemc astrologers in America, one must ac- trology, as Chakrapani predicts, but the •
knowledge the great personal sacrifice each greater impact is that these astrologers are
has made to practice their art. Both associa- spreading the core Hindu beliefs of karma
tion with astrology and Hinduism can lead and reincarnation among their clients-95%
to serious, even permanent rifts with par- of whom are not Indians. They are also ex-
T world of business. Through a care-
ful analysis of an
individual's birth-
chart, an astrologer
can predict not only a
belief system. ents, wives and family members-especially ponents of the efficacy of prayer, sadhana <~~----------------~-
person's overall pros-
First, an astrologer can identify for for those doing it full time. Even in ordinary (spiritual diSciplines) and self-sacrifice to al- Right profession: A contented Anil Gupta at his Navratan Kendra shop, Haridwar pects to succeed in a
devout parents those times for concep- life, announcing you are an astrologer does ter the course of a l?erson's life. .. specific field of en-
tion more divinely ordained than others LIFE DECISIONS deavor, but outline the
to bring an evolved and high-minded exact timetable when

t Planning a Stellar 'Career

soul into their family. the favorable karmas
Health of their
newborn is then natu-
Michael's Smart? Ask His Chart of previous lifetimes
which affect finances
rally the parent's fore- become reactivated.
most concern. The
childs chart will indi- )( T ~ 'n Chart the best course for your ·ability and destiny He can also predict
when increase is not likely, those times
cate areas of constitu- .n. when a person should concentrate on
tional weakness and William Levacy is a self-taught astrologer proached me to help identify lier five-year preserving his present capital.
potential illness. In , who practices in Southern California. He is old's capabilities-a perfect age to set career For example, one of my clients had
some cases balarishta a certified teacher of Transcendental Medi- directions. I saw the child would be interest- opportunities in both aircraft leasing
yogas-negative kar- tation, and considers himself a "Vedantist." ed in skills related to precision and high and the shipping business. Apparently,
South Indian Style
mas of the past with ')) e He shares here his experience about how to technology. All through the child's early ed- there was an immediate, appealing

the potential to cut
this life short-are
seen. In all cases, in-
* "
Chart for Michael
- --
choose a career.


ucation, the mother could see these interests
and skills, and she encouraged them. Now, at
18, he is entering the university with' a hap-
prospect in shipping, and none for
several years in the aircraft leasing
business. Nonetheless, my analysis
cluding extreme ones, Born 7:10 pm , seller you'll find many books on how to py specialization in computer technology. indicated success for him only with
remedial measures are effective, espe- ' locate that perfect job. To their dozens Two of my cli~nts proVide an example of airplanes, and in the near future at
cially the parent's prayers. This is not VJ January 18, 1984,
J1 of methods-submission of resumes, mid-career adjustments. They were success- that. Trusting my advice, the individ-
wishful thinking. I have personally seen 0 Honolulu, HawaII personal connections, moving up in the cur- ful consultants, but, wanted to take a major ual continued in the aircraft business.
miracles. S PART OF THIS rent business, etc.-we can add one more: step up with their business. One of the He attained extraordinary success a
The astrologer can suggest appropri- story, HINDUISM ,. short time later, while the shipping
cf astrology. With this time-tested process, we ladies called to ask about a new opportuni-
ate education, based on, the child's incli- TODAY sent as- '"
o can fmd our best choice for education and ty. I looked at their charts and, indeed, saw opportunities fell through.
'U'~ ~
nations for profession. Spiritual inclina-
tions may be seen and encouraged.
trologers inter-
viewed for the article the
~ - career. Later in life, we can use it to get clar- the potential for positive career change-but The choosing of an auspicious time
ity when we encounter those proverbial only for the next seven days. I told her and and date (muhurta) for a business
Appropriate discipline can be recom- birthdate, time and place '":cz" Jl ~ IJ 'It "forks in the road" as our caree!; branches her partner to go to the interview that very meeting or court appointment can also
mended. For example, if the child has a (and nothing else) of ge- out in various directions-or per- week-they did, we:re accepted, make a significant difference in ensur-
strongly placed Saturn, verbal admon- nius Michael Kearney, haps doesn't branch out at all. and successfully made q,: major ing amicable or favorable outcomes.
ishment can bring about humbling re- who entered high school at rate. Among the readings: not too close on the educa- I have found three special upward career move. Besides personal karmas for wealth,
sults. If Mars is strong, physical chores 5, graduated at 6 and at age ''highly intelligent, early ed- tion, but indicated, among , places that identify career activ- Vedic astrology can give clues there are collective karmas which
constructively engage the childs nature, 14 was the youngest person ucational advancement;" other traits, that Michael ity. The first house or ascendant to your karma in this life. It can manifest as business cycles and overall
but corporal punishment will only neg- to ever receive a master's "excelled in academic stud- has a strong intuitive and and its ruling planet give big ' tell you where your dreams lie increases or decreases in the stock
atively engage the Martian nature, fur- degree in America. We ies, performed lSeyond their spiritual nature-something clues . .The sixth house, that of and how you might make the market. There are many successful
ther fueling samskl1:ras of anger and po- asked, "What is exceptional years;" "Unusual attain- we confirmed with his par- service, has more to say about most money. From that point investors who use astrological analysis
tential violence. What is good for one about this person?" ments in the form of educa- ents. Is there any other sci- those "bread-and-butter" jobs forward, you can set a vision for of cycles related to planetary place-
child is not good for another. Raise the Of the seven responses tion;" "great deal of creative ence which can know any- that make us money. The tenth your future and develop the ments, lunar phases, even sun spots
child according to his or her nature, not we receive'd by deadline, talent being recognized thing about a person, sight house, of karma or action, tells us competence to deploy those and solar flares, as their primary basis
anothers nature. four were amazingly accu- now." The other three were unseen? about career or life purpose. dreams completely, correctly for timing their trades.
Several years ago a client ap- William Levacy and m a timely manner. ,;


Devotion: Priest of the Hazareshwar Temple
in Udaipur, Rajasthan, tenderly arranges
flowers for Nandi, Siva's bull.

tions preposterous. She could be described

as somewhat flighty, flirtatious and fun lov-
I, ing, with a tendency to manipulate people to
her advantage. I advised her that she would
likely marry a foreigner, live abroad, be-
come very religious, and that it would ben-
efit her to begin a program of meditation.
Ten years later, when Jupiter dasa started,
she went through an enormous transforma-
tion in line with my predictions. In July,
1998, she actually showed up at my door,
feeling ashamed of how she had treated me
' a decade earlier, and insisted she write ·a
check as a gesture of apology.
In another case, I told a poor friend, one
who used to visit Swami Muktananda with
me, that he would become a great philan-
thropist. That friend later became rich and
just a few months ago decided to devote half
his profits to spiritual work. Others have
gained the confidence to take up the life of a
sadhu. I once advised a doctor that his chart
indicated skill with mantras. He developed
this skill, and learned mantras to recite be-
fore surgery that greatly helped his patients.
One couple who sought a child only suc-
ceeded when, following my advice, they in-
creased their religious worship to offset neg- The nakshatras, central to Hindu astrology, sattvic, rajasic or tamasic in nature. Sattva is ry motivation-dharma (life purpose), artha
ative influences in their chart. are the subject of this month's four-page In- the quality of spirituality and purity. Rajas (wealth), kama (pleasure) and moksha (en-
Sometimes the advice just . lets people Sight section. Contributors to this introduc- is high-energy activity. Tamas has the basic lightenment)-is associated with each nak-
cope better with life. After I explained to a tion include Devendra Trivedi, B.V Raman, quality of dullness, inertia and darkness. A shatra. An individual is born when the
talented lady that the lack of recognition she Dennis< Harness, Vamadeva Shastri and Lin- specific symbol [see pages 28-29], animal Moon is in a nakshatra suited to his destined
deserved which so frustrated her was fore- daJohnsen. species, sex, caste, temperament and prima- experiences of that lifetime. Astrological in-
seeable in her chart, she became accepting terpretations are based both on the naksha-
and less angry about it; I told one rich man HAT'S YOUR SIGN?" PEOPLE IN tra and the rasi [zodiac sign] of each planet,
that he must live a very simple life, or he America ask, meaning, "What but for both the Moon and the planets it is
would have problems. He forgot my advice, the position of the Sun in the nakshatra which has the deeper effect.
developed a lavish lifestyle for he and his zodiac when you were born?" Nakshatras are of primary importance in
family and, as predicted, started to face But in India, when the temple muhurtha, or electional astrology, estimat-
many difficulties. Recently he remembered priest queries, "Whats your nak- ing the optimal timing to undertake any new
Chakrapani Ullallearned astrology from his gest the best, lifestyle and spiritual regimen my advice, simplified his life and his prob- shatra?" he wants to know the position of venture, such as starting a new business,
father and grandfather. Early in life he came (sadhana) for that individual. The three gu- lems diminished. the Moon at your birth. The difference is not building a new home or choosing an auspi-
into contact with Swami Nityananada, and nas-sattva, calmness; rajas, action; and ta- Sometimes it is just the knowledge ofkar- superficial. In Western astrology, the birth cious wedding date [See page 30].
later that master's revered disciple, Swami mas, inertia-coexist in a varying degree of ma and reincarnation implicit in Vedic as- position of the Sun is considered paramount, Nakshatras (as well as rasis) mentioned in
Muktananda. It was Muktananda who in- dominance, also evident from the chart. The trology which, especially for the Wester:per, while in Hindu astrology, the Moons place- ancient texts provide clues of great historical
sisted pursue his family profes- • interplay of the gunas determines the nature creates a spiritual perspective on life. It ment is most critical. While both systems use value. In scriptures, such as the Vedas, Pu-
sion, even though he had obtained degrees of all our thoughts, feelings, and actions, helps the individual take responsibility fQ! (with important differences) the zodiac, or ranas and Mahabharata, are found refer-
both in business and law. Here he shares hence sadhana is recommended according the circumstances in which he finds himself rasi, division of twelve parts (Aries, Pisces, ences that at the equinox (or solstice), the
with us his insight into spiritueLllife. to the predominate guna. Hatha yoga and and forego resentment at the seeming mis- etc.), Hindus further refme this to 27 nak- Sun was in a particular nakshatra. Because
meditation for those of sattv;c nature, devo- fortunes in'dicated in the chart-whiqh is, shatras-literally, "star clusters," also know of the precession of the equinoxes, the Sun
STROLOGY OFFERS TO ':QIE TRUTH tion for the rajasic person and s~lfless reli- after all, a mere messenger of one's karma, as the '1unar mansions" (Ashvini, Bharani, slowly changes nakshatras at the equinox-
seeker who endeavors to maximize gious service for the tamasic. and in fact an opportunity for personal etc.). The moon passes through all 27 in the so one can calculate backward to arrive at
the opportunity for self-reflection The influence of certain planets encour- growth. ~, course of a lunar month, at the rate of about the date of the scripture accurate to within a
. and spiritual discipline a knowledge ages or hinders spiritual awareness, Jupiter one a day. The division is ancient. The list of few hundred years. For example, in the
so profound in its nature th~t it can be a being the most auspicious indicator, and Sat- • KEARSARGE CONTACT INFORMATION: CHAmAPANI ULLAL, 12044
the 27nakshatras given in the Krishna Yajur Atharva Veda (19.7) and Shatapatha Brah-
companion to any journey, as deep and as urn being an indicator of steadfastness. The B.V. RAMAN, SRI RAJESWARI, #28 (OLD 115/1) NAGAPPA Veda (Taittiriya Samhita 2-4-10) as part of mana, the solstice is in Magha, the period of
subtle as the aspirant is prepared. to take. powerful influence of Jupiter is demonstrat- RAO, F291 SARASWATI KUNJPATPARGAN], 110092 DELHI, the construction of the sacred fire altar was 27oo-1900BCE. This fact is used to trace the
By looking at the horoscope and how the ed to me often in my consulting practice. I INDIA; GARY GOMES, 854 BROCK AVE, NEW BEDFORD, MA
likely recorded in the second millennium, beginning of the later Vedic age.
planets demonstrate dharma (righteous- remember one case, owing to the rather ROAD, LAKE SHASTINA, CALIFORNIA 96094 USA; DENNIS BCE. Each nakshatra is governed by a Vedic On the next two pages the 27 nakshatras
ness), artha (wealth), kama (pleasure) and bold and dramatic gesture of my client, who HATHAWAY, WILLIAM LEVACY, CHRISTINA COLLINS-HILL Deity-Krittika by Agni, Rohini by Prajap- are explored, how they relate to the 12 rasis
moksha (liberation), one gains insight into canceled her' check after her consultation AND JAMES KELLEHER, ALL d o AMERICAN COUNCIL OF
ati, and so forth. Krittika: Star map adorns 1890 painting of and the basic qualities of a person born un-
the individual's basic instincts, and can sug- with me because she considered the predic- ARIZONA 86339 USA A nakshatra is male or female, as well as the personification of Krittika nakshatra der each nakshatra. ~


The following is a condensed summary of the characteristics and 15. Svati (Arcturus 17): Independent, generally quiet, nice people
tendencies of persons born when the Moon is located in each of the who control themselves in public. They are helpful, pleasant con-

27 nakshatras. Noted next to each nakshatra name is the star with versationalists and rarely hold grudges. Like travel and strongly at-
which it is associated. There are 2 1/4 nakshatras per zodiac sign. tracted to religion or philosophy. Sometimes they experience chron-
ic discontent.
1. Ashvini (Beta Arietis): Passionate, impulsive, attractive and intel- 16. Vishakha (Alpha 2 Libra): Purposeful, forceful, commanding in
" ligent, people whose birth Moon is in Ashvini can also be headstrong appearance. Excellent public speakers who enjoy making money.
and extravagant. They enjoy travel, are often skilled workers, and Courage, ambition and one-pointedness carry them quickly to their
may have healing abilities. The Ashvins are Vedic gods of light, heal- goals. They revel in turmoil and enjoy a good argunIent.
ing and inspiration. The Moon's location at birth along this ancient division of the ecliptic is, 17. Anuradha (Delta Scorpio): Well-to-do, they dislike austere
2. Bharani (41 Arietis): Bharani folk are usually healthy, happy, skill- lifestyles, but have a deep spiritual nature. They value family and
ful and conscientious. They also tend to be somewhat impatient and says Hindu astrology, a prime indication of a person's basic characteristics friends, enjoy organizing projects and managing people. The less
self-indulgent, and find it hard to forgive. Setbacks can shift their mature are prone to jealousy and depression.
priorities from material preoccupation to spiritual transcendence. 18. Jyeshtha (Antares 18): Deeply passionate, able leaders, re-
3. Krittika (Alcyone 2-Pleiades): Krittika types are fiery, full of cre- nowned for their adherence to virtue-and their testy tempera-
ative energy, highly ambitious, dedicated to divine service, self-mo- ments! Generally cheerful, but quite irascible when provoked, they
tivated and "think big." They stand out in a crowd and can become gladly fight to defend the helpless.
quite famous. They're prone to eating too much. 19. Mula (Lambda Scorpii): Set in their ways, clever, soft and happy
4. Rohlni (Aldebaran): Rohini gives a loving, truthful disposition, disposition, but somewhat suspicious of other people's motivations.
serenity, a sense of responsibility and a love of the arts, beauty and They tend to find their way to money, or money finds its way to
culture. If the Moon is afflicted, they may be prone to stubbornness, them.
anger, selfishness and fault -fmding. 20. Purvashadha (Delta Sagittarii): Patient, independent minded,
5. Mrigashira (Lambda Orion is): Gentle, sensitive, highly perceptive, convincing in speech, proud, lucky in love, outgoing people who will
drawn to romance, music and the arts, Mrigashiras prefer a quiet, stick with their friends. Value their own opinions over other's.
comfortable life, can be very hard working and are frequently 21. Uttarashadha (PI Sagittarii): Popular, idealistic, influential, sta-
drawn to spiritual life. Some are haunted by self-doubt or egoity. ble, introspective and ethical. Good both at starting projects and
6. Ardra (Betelguese 7): FUll of vitality, good athletes, Ardras live life completing them. Drawn to work which uplifts others. The less ma-
with enthusiasm and intensity. Sympathetic and helpful, they're of- ture may be lazy, easily distracted or stressed out.
ten drawn to the study of esoteric laws. If the Moon is afflicted, they 22. Shravana (Altair 20): Intelligent, well-educated, and prosperous.
can be cruel, lashing out at others unfairly at times. A degree of fame usually comes their way. They love to learn, make
7. Punarvasu (Pollux 11): Good-natured, generous emotionally, pru- good teachers and enjoy traveling. Often drawn to religious life, or a
dent financially, content to live a relaxed, uncluttered life, self-disci- life of service, but they may become rigid or fanatical.
plined, yet playful. They need to guard against complacency and 23. Dhanishtha (Alpha Delphini): Courageous, generous, often pros-
watch their health. They make good friends. perous, upbeat, ambitious and with a universal outlook. They bring
8. Pushya (Delta Caner i): They are stable, easy going personalities, people together for a worthy cause. Not easily fooled, they carefully
prosperous, well educated, popular, virtuous, nice looking, forth- analyze any proposition put to them. Can be aggressive, rash or
right, intelligent and wise. Can be overly rigid, selfish and arrogant. overly conservative.
Productive and caring people who make good teachers. 24. Satabhishak (Lambda Aquarii): Blunt but honest, disinclined to
9. Ashlesha (EpSilon Hydrae): Self-reliant, excellent communicators, conform, almost always get their way. Drawn to fields requiring pen-
capable of great concentration and penetrating insight. Their candor etrating insight such as science or philosophy. Can become a mind-
can turn to tactlessness, and they may manipulate truth to protect less workaholic, private, hiding their real thoughts. Most devoted to
themselves. Don't humiliate them; they will never forget it. service of humanity, whether recognized or not.
10. Magha (Alpha Leonis): Regal, ambitious, pleasure loving, physi- 25. Purva Prostapada (Beta Pegasi): F1ne speakers, good business
cally strong, they easily rise to leadership positions, honor tradition skills, can make money and hang onto it. Generally fairly serious
. and pursue noteworthy projects. They enjoy being served more than people, yet may act impetuously or have a hard time sticking to a de-
serving, and they can fall prey to a voracious desire for sex. cision. The less mature can be phobic, cynical or may strike out vin-
11. Purva Phalguni (Delta Leonis): Magnanimous, loyal, delightful dictively at others.
conversationalists, earthy, attractive. They get their way without in- 26. Uttara Prostapada (Gamma Pegasi): Well-balanced and ethical
timidating others. Often they are wanderers, drawn to the arts, and people, kindly, self-sacrificing, supportive, very convincing in dis-
enjoy life to the full. The body is usually healthy, but the mind is so cussions. They sincerely enjoy family life and like to help others.
active and creative, they tend to leap before looking. When conflicts or competition arise, they are likely to hold the
12. Uttara Phalguni (Beta Leonis): Likeable, generally well-to-do, winning hand. Young souls can be lazy, irresponsible and envious.
earning substantial salaries through their exceptional intelligence. 27. Revati (Zeta Piscium): Healthy, intelligent, with a sweet disposi-
Make wonderful friends, and are always ready to help their com- tion and artistically gifted, they love people, wish harm to no one
panions. Success, courage and love of adventure may appear, but ro- and nourish those in need. While they don't seek much for them-
mantic escapades may lead to trouble. selves, wealth and joy are often spontaneously bestowed on them.
13. Hasta (Delta Corvi): Hard working, industrious and exceptional- The less mature may display an inferiority complex, a servile nature,
ly resourceful, they make fine artisans, specialists, business people or fall prey to continual disappointments.
and teachers, but are not often leaders. May display intelligence, a
sharp wit and healing ability, also a lack of patience, and a deter- Nakshatras: Here with the Earth in the center is a diagram depict-
mined effort to manipulate others for their own ends. ing the 12 rasis, or signs, of the zodiac surrounded by the 27 naksha-
14. Chitra (Spica 16): Charming and stylishly dressed, drawn to any- tras, according to their relative location in the heavens as seen from
thing new or out of the ordinary. Magnets to the opposite sex, often the Earth. Each nakshatra is given a symbol related either to its sub-
artistically gifted, they surround themselves with beautiful things. tle vibration or to the shape of a nearby constellation of stars. There
May at times become self-indulgent. These are intelligent, honest, are also four equal divisions of each nakshatra, making a total of 108
efficient and never superficial people. expressions of human nature.


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mony." The days from the third Email: Vedicinst@aoLcom. Web:
ASTROLOGY quarter of Dhanishtha, the 23rd
nakshatra, to the end of Revati,

Stars Above, Life Below the 27th, are unsuitable for any
kind of auspicious work, except
Uttara Prostapada. Each naksha-
tra has a set of syllables which
Take advantage of the good times and dodge the bad should be used to begin the name
of a person born under that nak-
shatra. This gives a name in har-
AKSHATRAS ARE A POWERFUL MEANS activities, doing healing work or administer- mony with the person's nature, and also is an
to find auspicious times for every ing medicines, opening a business, sales, easy way to record ones nakshatra.
imaginable human activity. They're trade and borrowing and repaying. By consulting an astrologer, or studying
also useful for avoiding actions on a Soft: Mrigrashira, Chitra, Anuradha and books on the subject, one can determine aus-
day when results are likely to be frustrated. Revati are excellent for learning music, picious times for celebrating samskaras, rites
In order to find that date when the cosmic dance and drama, performing auspicious of passage for children, medical treatment,
vibrations will be just perfect for you to ceremonies such as marriage, buying and beginning of education, etc. This more com-
make that big career move, buy a car or wearing new clothes, the enjoyment of plea- plex analysis, involving your own birth chart,
plant your garden, you need a panchan- sure, romance, conception of a child and the location of the planets during the time
gam-an astrological calendar-calculated making of friends. period in question, can more precisely bring
for your region [see resources]. The Moon's Fixed: Rohini, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara your desired aims into harmony with uni-
nakshatra is the same allover the world at Ashadha, Uttara Prostapada are good for versal energies-something that is not neces-
the same moment, but the human conven- permanent works such as making vows or sarily going to happen when you schedule
tions of time zones and the international taking oaths of office, building homes and activities only according to a conveniel!
date line make the calendars produced in laying the foundations of cities, plowing the of the week. Those who live by this ancient
one place not applicable to another. Pan- land, planting and purchasing farms. lunar calendar swear it empowers their life.
changam in hand, you can proceed to re- Moveable: Purnarvasu, Svati, Shravana, One way to fmd out is to try it. ..-
search dates according to the following re- Dhanishtha and Satabhishak are good for RESOURCES: PANCHANGAMS: HINDUISM TODAY HTTP://
commendations. In general, activities will buying vehicles, for parades, gardening, PANCHANG, 4831 PIPER STREET, FREMONT, CALIFORNIA
bear more productive fruit if the Moon is change of residence or career, travel and AMERICA, PO BOX 88852 WORLD WAY CENTER, LOS ANGE-
waxing, that is, moving in the brightest phase other major life changes. LES, Ct\. 90009, USA, BOOIS: MYTHS AND SYMBOLS OF VEDIC
toward full moon day Sharp: Ardra, Aslesha, Jyeshtha and Mula. 21713. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 84121-°713 , USA; NilSHA-
The nakshatras are divided into seven de- Their vibration contributes to separation 86339 USA; NAXSHATRA, BY K.T. SHUBHAKARAN, SAGAR
scriptive categories as follows: from spouse or friends, argument, the work- PUBLICATIONS, 72 JANPATH , YEn MANSION, NEW DELHI 110
Light: Ashvini, Pushya and Hasta are es- ing of black magic, exorcism, punishment HART DEFOUW, AVAILABLE F ROM JDR VENTURES, 918
pecially good constellations for travel, sports and harm to others. These are good days for


ate a fine balance. Many of us are so busy
trying to get our children all the things we
didn't have, that we forget to'pass on to them
the things we did have."
The earliest Sindhi settlers came from Ra-
jasthan and Bombay 50 years ago, before In-
dependence. In fact, a few hardy souls were
there early in 1945. Some of the first families
who came here were the Thanis, Motwanis
and Kripalani, and these are still well-known
names on the island. Many of these entre-
preneurs started their businesses in the old
days by going into the countryside on bicy-
cles and selling their goods from suitcases.
Today, the Indian community com.,prises
people from many regions, but the primary
graup is still the Sindhis. According to
Prakash Mahtani, a community leader, 95
percent of the members of the Hindu Asso-
ciation of Barbados are Sindhis. A majority
of Hindus in Barbados are followers of Ma-
haraj Charansinghji of Beas (a district of
Amritsar in the Punjab), Sri Satya Sai Baba
or Sadhu Vaswani. It is a community of
many vegetarians and teetotalers. In fact,
when the Sabnanis planned their son's wed-
z ding, this all-important point was well con-
"< sidered. They had to make sure the cake
and refreshments would not offend anyone.
Barbados is part of the Lesser Antilles,
bounded by the Caribbean Sea on the one
Sind hi rite: Seven married women assist the bridegroom's mother in prayers for the couple side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Just
By LAVINA MELWANI, NEW YORK 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, it is so flat
Lavish Sindhi wedding celebrations signal the MOUND OF SALT BETWEEN THEM, THE paraphernalia, including huge cutouts of
Radha-Krishna and the Taj Mahal, to pro-
nated the building which has become Bar-
bados' firs~and only Hindu temple.
that Christopher Columbus didn't even spot
it when he discovered the neighboring is-
new bride, resplendent in her fmery,
thriving of Hinduism in a Caribbean outpost shyly picks up a handful in her palms vide a backdrop for the boisterous sangeet Many Sindhi families face · a universal
dilemma. As older generations pass on, the
lands. Apart frpm the sun, sand and sugar
cane, Barbados' most winning resource is its
and passes it to the bridegroom, who and mehndi party. With no Indian grocery
hands it back to her. Thrice the salt exchange stores or restaurants, everything Indian in younger ones discover they do not know the people-a warm, friendly lot who go out of
takes place, after which,the bride touches his Barbados, from dals to DJs, is brought in rituals of their faith. Nor do many Hindu their way to help newcom~rs.
feet. She repeats the ceremony with all her from Miami or New York. priests know the regional customs. Even . With the opening of a giant new software
new in-laws, bowing to the elders and hug- For wedding services, even the priest is some of the elder statesmen of the communi- solutions company, Barbados is fast becom-
ging the others, including the family cook, to imported- a practice common to most of ty have lived on the island so long that they ing the quintessential destination for Indian
ensure good relations in her new life. these islands, including St. Martins, St. are uncertain of the original rites. Many of computer programmers. Srinivasan Vishy is
This ancient custom, datar, has been Thomas and Jamaica. Priests are generally the younger women voiced this concern to the president of PRT Group Inc., which is
handed down through generations of Sindhi invited from New York, since they are more me, hoping that !i book on Sindhi customs for headquartered in New York and services
Hindu families and has become a part of famili!l1"'-with Sindhi traditions. This season, the passings of life might be published to give -Fortune 500 companies. The company has
their Vedic wedding rituals. One would ex- however, all the New York priests were them guidelines on the appropriate behavior. launched its new software solutions compa-
pect to see it in Sindh, Pakistan, India-even booked solid with weddings in the city, so But Pundit Jeevan Maharaj of Trinidad ny, TTSL, in Barbados, where it employs sev-
in New York City-but it was a bit startJing the Sabnanis hired a priest from Trinidad, l<.elieves the future looks bright for Hindu- eral hundred people. The company is active,
to. observe it on the holiday resort island of who performed the Vedic rites beautifully. ism in the islands of the Caribbean. A son of ly recruiting computer programmers from
Barbados, a place populated by touris~, Barbados has a tightly-knit community of the Dharmacharya of Trinidad and Tobago, India to work and live here. If they have their
where rum is the drink of the day and flying just 80 Sindhi families, and everyone of Maharaj grew up in Guyana. He went to col- way, thousands will come. US Visa quotas for
fish is the national dish. them has a home shrine. The, Sabnanis' lege, pursued a legal career and now travels such engineers are 30,000 per year, while
Althougl{ the bridegroom was born ip Sri shrine is especially handsome, with beauti- through the islands, even to Canada and 300,000 jobs go unfilled. TTSL hopes to fill
Lanka and the bride in Spain, they had met ful idols and pictures, incense, beJli; and a America, conducting Ramayana, {'urana the market need by establishing a program-
in Miami. At heart, both wanted nothing light which burns constantly, be it day or and Bhagwat yajnas, as well as weddings. ming base offshore. They offer unparalled
less than a real Indian wedding. They con-' night. It is this spiritual spark which is re- His message to the isolated islanders is, personal attention to employees, including
sidered traveling to India, but decided to markable about the community here. In- "People are getting ahead in life, but they giving them the apartment of their dreams.
wed in Barbados, which is now their home. deed, for many years the Sindhis kept Hin- are not getting along. They are getting mon- Barbados is a special place, where your
• The preparations started a full year in ad- duism alive solely through their private ey, but losing their children; getting name spiI'its are lifted by the perfect play of sun,
vance. Since there are so few Indian images shrines at home, which paid tribute"to every and fame, but losing their culture. You can't sky and sand and the happy smiles of Bar-
in Barbados, the bridegroom's mother took a Hindu deity, to the Bhagavad Gita and the keep telling children about an India of thou- badian schoolchildren walking hand in
trip to Mumbai and Delhi to purchase the Guru Granth Sahib, too. A Hindu temple sands of years ago while they are watching hand. Long after you return home, as I did
for the community was a dream for a long American television of the present in the to New York in August, the memories stay
Kinship: The bride (right) and her new sister- time, but it was only a few years back that a Caribbean. So :t:.0u can't blame them for a with you, turning the coldest days of winter
in-law exchange salt in a ritual of bonding Sindhi businessman and philanthropist do- sense of confusion and loss. We have to cre- into summer once again. ..,..,


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through the Internet. There was no re-
sponse from the VHP." The AHAD was
the mailing addresses of the officials at Dis-
ney whom she had already written to.
Marion, VA 24354-2534 USA
Tel: 540-782-9987 • Fax: 540-782-9697
~ ;to ;:rllrnCfT Fax: 732-750-4908 • eager to take up the matter, but they were Much of her ordeal was simply waiting.
We accept VISA and MasterCard engaged in a skirmish with Sony over the Six months later, a letter from Disney stated
defamation of Lord Krishna [Hindu Protest that they were looking into the matter. Fear-
Forces Sony to Remake CD, July 1997]. A ing that her appeal was drowning in red
Main attraction: Prominent website ad "higher official" at a famous Hindu Temple tape, Krishnan renewed her effort to get
in the LoS'Angeles area told her, "Lady, you people to write to Disney. Finally, in late July
T TOOK MORE' THAN A YEAR TO GET can do what you want. My one phone call to she received a ~ordialletter from Christine
Disney to understand our sentiments Disney will take care of this problem."
experience the Gift of
Goosman, a senior show writer in Show
and do the right thing," explains South- Apparently it did not. After seeing no Writing and Concept Development: "I apol-
ern California housewife Jayashree Kr- change during a visit to Disney in the spring ogize for the delay. I waite9- to write this let-
ishnan. "Fired up by the article I read in of '97, Krishnan concluded it was up to her ter until the situation had been resolved and

Lord Gonesho HINDUISM TODAY [Ganesha Lives in Dis-

neyland, November, 19!}6] which described
the display of Lord Ganesha in a ,most
derogatory manner, I could not stay passive.
alone. She collected signatures from friends
at the Chinmaya Kasi center in Anaheim,
California. Bramachari Someshwar, the res-
I could bring you a positive response. Fol-
lowing in-house discussions with our de-
signers and management, the statue of
ident acharya, spoke to the congregation to Ganesha has been removed from the queue
I visited Disneyland in November of 1996 rally support. Sp.e distributed pictures and
Awaken your inner vision area and is no longer in public view. We are
·sorry that the inclusion of the figure caused
and bring genuine change into your life. offense, but want to assure you that the sit-
uation has been corrected. Thank you for
taking the time to write us with your con..
cerns and for your patience in awaiting a re-
Don't just see the future; learn how to actively partici- sponse. Your input was of great value to us."
pate in shaping your destiny. Success, prosperity, and 'Che Magical 'Cattwa Cards Triumphant and relieved, Krishnan ex-
fulfillment can be yours today. The Magical Tattwa Cards
are a complete and unique system of meditation, divina-
tion and self-development based upon the ageless wis-
by Dr. Jonn Mumford - Swami Anandakapila Saraswati
Contains: 26 Full Color cards, 288-page book
Order# K-472 - $29.95 US
.. ults, "One of the most satisfying moments of
my life was receiving that letter. Without the '
article in HINDUISM TODAY, I would not
have become aware of such an insult to Lord
dom of the universe. Ganesha by an American icon."
Another Ganesha still sits contentedly in
the adjacent Jungle Cruise ride. His sur-
rouhdings are natural, not derogatory, so His
placeTent was never found offensive. ~

Statutory statues: (above) Ganesha in the

Jungle Cruise ride; (left) A 1996 photo of
the "Indy" Ganesha before His removal


- ~ - - -----------~
- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----- - - - ---- - -~---------~-----------


. His case has been in the local newspa~
Treasures of India Visit Barsana Dham, Austin, Texas I

pers, as well as India Abroad. There was a The fInest images Established by H.D. Swami

Symbol ·of -Goo'd and Ev.i l report or two on the radi6, but Kaushal com-
plains that all this has been too brief and too
shallow. "1 wish someone would get this
created by the
most talented
artists in contem-
Prakashanand Saraswati.

We invite you to visit Shree

across to the American public, with a televi- porary village India. Raseshwari Radha Rani
Hindu sues Hyatt hotel for religious discrimination sion documentary or something, to let people Recently featured Temple at Barsana Dham
know there are very different meanings." in the Atlanta and receive the Divine
after being fired for draWing his swastika The swastika is a symbol of unknow.n ori- Festival of India blessings of Radha Krishn.
gin that has been employed for thousands of Celebrations! All of
years as a religious sign and a dec- our selections are Barsana Dham
IHE UNIMAGINABLE ATROCI- orative emblem. It has appeared made by hand and 400 Barsana Rd, Austin, TX 78737-9075 USA
ties committed by Nazis dur- in ancient China, Egypt and In- one-of-a-kind. If Tel: 512-288-7180 • Fax: 512-288-0447 • www.isdLorg
ing World War II still weigh dia. It has been found on Greek you do not fInd what you desire on our website, please ' - - -- - An as!uam in the ~ IIadl.tim wIllch is amain aspect ofBindu religion _ _ _-'
heavily on the world's psyche, coins, pre-Christian Celtic and contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will attempt to
and few images' reawaken the ig- Scandinavian artifacts, the cata- meet your needs. A new shipment has just arrived!
nominy and suffering more combs of the early Christians in
strongly than the Nazi swastika. Rome and Byzantine .buildings. Sculptures in: Life Insurance and Estate Planning
Devlhder Paul Kaushal, a devout Until 50 years ago, it was widely • Bronze- from US$50 to $10,000
vegetarian Hindu from New Del- used by American Indians. • Kachila Stone (our specialty)-from $25 to $1,000 In an increasingly complex field of
hi, learned the extent of this stig- For Kaushal, who was born in • Sandalwood-from $60 to $1,000 laws and available financial strate-
ma at work one day. His employ- Punjab and moved to New Delhi gies, it is wise to rely on professional
ment of over twelve years at the at age four, the swastika had al- Paintings on: counsel for retirement and estate i
Hyatt Regency in WoodfIeld, just ways been the symbol of every- • Silk-from $30 to $800 planning. For information, contact
outside of Chicago, was terminat- ~ thing good. "We had our ow.n tem- • Pata Chitra-from $30 to $650 one of the most highly trained
ed after he innocently used win- ~ ple,» he recalls. '~d whenever we • Palm Leaf-from $20 to $200 fInancial advisors in the USA:
dow cleaner to spray a swastika on ~ did the Divali puja, the swastika Niraj P. Baxi, MSI, CLU, chFC
a mirror he was helping to clean. ~ ":~~~ was the fIrst image set dow.n. Treasures of India, 549-2 Amsterdam Avenue 101 California St #2850
The image .was immediately ~ ,. When 1 got married, this was the Atlanta, GA 30306-3472 USA San Francisco, CA 94111-2850
wiped away, but Kaushal's co- ~ ...""""""'-'__ fIrst sign we put on. Whenever we Tel: 888-806-2870 • Fax:404-892-2862 Tel: 800-253-6006/415-421-3737
workers were taken aback, and Comfort castle: The main lobby of the Hyatt Regency, Woodfield buy a house or open a business,·
complained. Kaushal made efforts this is the fIrst sign we put on the
to explain to his seniors that in his religion the ily. I am not going to resign. I don't know what building." He is painfully aware of the irony-
swastika is a prevalent image associated with you are thinking. This is my religious sym- his symbol of goodness is another man's sym-
auspiciousness. But they were not convinced. bol." Kaushal claims he had n0 knowledge of bol of evil-and he struggles with the impli-
He was asked to resign, and when he didn't, how deep the revulsion for die swast ika runs cations of hi~ case. "Its a hard lesson for me to
was fIred days later. Kaushal is now suing the in the West. He told HINDUISM TODAY, "I did learn. 1 just want the public to know that our
hotel giant for religious discrimination, seek- not mean to offend anybody. Now that I have symbol has a very different meaning."
The Sixth
ing reinstatement, back pay ahd damages. learned more about it, I do feel sorry for the Prior to press time fOJ this issue, Kaushals International
Married with two boys, ages 5 and 2 , thir- holocaust victims. But people should also be case was scheduled for mid-October. His at-
ty-six-year-old Kaushal told his supervisor, aware that this is our religious symbol. We torney was optimistic. w/ Symposium
"There is no way thaI:'I am going to resign af- Hindus have been using it long before
ter working for so long with the com}'lany. If I anybody else. It is very hard for 'me to
was young, I wouldn't care. But I have a fam- get this through to the public." ASTROLOGY FEATURED SPEAKERS FROM INDIA
,.N. Sharma, C.S. Patel and Niranjan Babu
Astrology was developed by the ancient sages of India over
5 ,000 years ago. Called )yotisha, the Science of Light, it is renowned
james Braha Andrew Foss R.G. Krishnan
Ancient Icon prohibited. After the outbreak
of World War II, four Arizona
the use of the
emblem com-
for its spiritual depth and accuracy in predicting future events.
Goals of the Vedic Astrology Symposium are:
Howard Beckman Dr. Dav id Frawley William R. Levacy

tribes protested Nazi aggres-
sion by banning the swastika.
monly know.n
today as the
* To promote the development of the
American College of Vedic Astrology as
Kathleen Burt
Christina Collins-Hill
Gary Gomes
Dennis M. Harness, PhD
Pt. Benu Mukhopadhyay
Ann Muldoon

that the battle of The proclamation of the ban swastika, or a non-profit educational organization ~ Nalinikanta Das Edith Hathaway Barry Rosen

World War II in Europe (photo right) reads, "Because fylfot, on our * To establish professional standards in the Yves Decarie
Narendra Desai
Richard Houck
Kenneth johnson
Dr. Dinesh Sharma

* training and practice of Vedic Astrology Prince Hirindra Singh, PhD

would deeply impact na- the above ornament, which blankets, bas-
To promote the free exchange ideas among Ronnie Gale Dreyer james Kelleher Atreya Smith
tive American Indian tradi- has been a symbol of friend- kets, art ob-
practitioners and students of various schools Brendan Feeley Sat Siri Khalsa Steven Stuckey
tions for decades? ship among our jects, sand- of astrology Dennis Flaherty Robert Koch
The swastika was
one of the most
forefathers for many
centuries, has been
paintings and
clothing." Never again: Hopi, Fred Kabotie, (left) and
* To provide accredited classes and workshops
for certification in Vedic Astrology
Dr. Bangalore Sureshwara
Chakrapani Ullal I

used ancient sym- desecrated recently The specific Apache, Miguel Flores, banning the swastika o Please register me for attendance at the International Symposium
1~".U::l.I.dJII""". Savings for Early Registration! on Vedic Astrology, November 12-17, 1998, atthe Poco Diablo Resort,
bols of the Native by another nation list of restric- Sedona, AZ. Enclosed is payment of $_ _ for _ _ Registration feels)
IKI~gI~itriltlll'n fees for main symposium (Nov. 13-15):
Americans. This of peoples, there- tions signifies the extent to be if Hindus were to proscribe o
fact is little know.n, fore, it is resolved which the tribes had used the the use of the sacred
for ACVA Members (by 10/15/98)
for non-members (by 10/15/98)
* Send more information on the SymposiJm and hotel accommodations
Optional pre-conference introductory classes and post-conference
intensives will also be offered .
not because it's use that henceforth, motif in every aspect of their symbol, Aum.
$275 after (l0/15/98)
was insignificant, from this date on daily life up to the time of the RESOURCE : THE SWASTIXA: A HISTORY,
but because in Feb- INSTlTUn OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY
and forever more, ban, perhaps even more so BY ROBERT R. WEGER, rnEBOR REGEW
_ __ __ __ _ _ _ _ _~State_Zip _ __
ruary, 1940, it was our tribes renounce than Hindus. A parallel might CALIFORNIA 9454 9 USA
Phone (520) 282-6595 • FAX (520) 282-6097
Website http:\ \a"· e-mail _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Exp.Date --.l _

36 HINDUISM TODA.Y NOVEMBER , 1998 ~~~====================~~37


Teachings in the Kriya Yoga Tradition

Ayurveda Encyclopedia WOMEN OF VI-SION left her destitute even while she was preg-
Programs and books by Roy nant with his children."
Eugene Davis, a disciple of Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention and Longevity Joshi told his audience th~t the purpose
Paramahansa Yogananda.

• Meditation retreats from

May through Autumn
by Swami Sada Shlva Tlrtha

• 85 herb materia medica wI photos

• 89 Ayurvedlc hatha yoga photos
The U,rifalling Po.wer of the Lakshmi Mukti program was to see
that no modern-day Sita would ever have
to suffer the fate of Ram's Sita, left without
anything to call her own. By transferring
• Kriya Yoga philosophy
and practices featured
• Sanskrit instruction and
and discussion . scientific
research . nutrition . aroma-
therapy . sadhana . pancha karma
• In-depth pathology & diagnosis
Of Fern'ale Fidelity , land-to their wives, they were paying off "a
long overdue debt." In village after village I
would see men reducea to tears listening to
Ayurveda seminar by Sitas story. In 15 months more than 613
qualified teachers Read Chapter 1 and
other excerpts online at Lord Ramas tragic treatment of his ch~ste villages carried out the Lakshmi Mukti
program of land transfer to wives celebrat-
Request information and ing the occasion as though it were a festi-
our free book catalog: 686 pages . "'$37 postpaid
wife Sita show women which men to avoid val. Men felt good atoning for the
Center For Spiritual (online ordering also available wrongdoing of Ram. Ana dditional two
with Internatlonal pricing)
Awareness· PO Box 7-H BY MADHU KISHWA·R theusand villages volunteered to accept the
Lakemont, GA 30552-0007 USA "An important reference Lakshmi Mukti Program, but the leader-
Tel: 706-782-4723. Fax 706-782-4560 volume for all students of ayurveda and ship somehow lost momentum.
E-mail • Website yoga, almost a complete course in ayurveda itself. Swami GREW UP THINKING THAT SITA, HEROINE People will say approvingly, "He is a
Sada Shiva tirtha has done a monumental work in putting together so Ram-like son or a Ram-like brother or a
much material in such a concise and clear manner.•
of the Ramayana, was a slavish wife with-
Roy Eugene Davis' Books in India: -Dr. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri), author/director American out a mind of her own who deserved the Ram-like king," but almost never say in
Institute of Vedic Studies, NM, USA _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
(when ordering by mail add Rs. 15 postage each book) shabby treatment of her husband, Lord approval, "He is a Ram-like husband."
B. Jain Publishers • Post Box 5775 New Delhi 110 055 Ram. It took me a long time to understand Women do not wish a Ram-like husband,
An Easy Guide to Ayurveda , Rs. 45 AHC Press I Ayurveda Holistic Center that it is not Indian women's masochism which even while they wish to be as loyal as Sita.
82A Bayville Ave . Bayville NY 11709-1671 USA
Motilal Banarsidass, Publishers Tel: 516-628-8200 m~es Sita appear an appealiDg role model. It is Likewise, no woman wants a Krishna or a
41 U.A., Bungalow Road, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi 110 007 her supreme loyalty, combined with her digni- Vishnu, for Krishna is seen as a Casanova
Ask about the Ayurveda 2-Year Cer@cation Correspondence/Residential Program
The Book of Life, Rs. 65 (leading to BA, MA or PhD) • Books by Swami Purushottam Tirtha: fied refusal to go through the humiliation of a who kept many women dangling after him.
A Master Guide to Meditation , Rs. 85 Yoga Vani: Instructions for the Attainment of Siddhayoga, $13.50 postpaid second fire ordeal, She makes Ram appear so Women often pray for a Krishna-like child,
Life Surrendered in God (yoga-sutras), Guru Bani: 100 Ways to Attain Peace, $9.50 postpaid uncouth and unreasonab e that this one injus- but almost never pray that they get a
Online bookstore, herbal products mall , consultations, free dosha self-test,
Hardcover, Rs. 295 • Softcover, Rs. 195. 10 articles, photos and more at tice has not been forgiven all ·these centuries. Krishna type husband.
During Ramanand Sagar's' "Ramayan" telecast Siva alone of all the Gods is considered
on TV, as the episode approached when Sita's the most desirable type of husband. Un- ,
fidelity was to be tested with an agnipariksha married women fast on Mondays praying

"Sweet" ,
(fire ordeal), the serial makers were flooded in to Siva that He bless them with Parvatis
advance with so many letters protesting the good fortune. Why? Because Siva is single
depiGtion of Sita going through the agniparik- minded in his devotion to Parvati. He has
sha that he had to deviate from his text and rio eye for any other woman. When she
show a mock agnipariksha, witli the TV Ram making it clear that immolates herself as Sati to protest her father's ins,ult of her hus-

Sattvic, he did not doubt Sita's chastity. Clearly, Ram's injustice to Sita hung
so heavily on the collectjve conscience of Indians that they will-
ingly demanded even a'sacred text be altered.
I witnessed the power of Sims story ,to move men's hearts in
band, Siva is ready to burn down the whole world and rests only
after he has brought her back to life. She carries treQ1endous influ-
ence in his activities, a companion and advisor rather than a
servile wife. They are our mythology's most celebrated and happy
couple, representing per!ect joy in togetherness, including iI;t their

Maharashtra. I was working on the Lakshmi Mukti program to
persuad~ peasants of the organization, Shetkari Sangathana, to , sexual union. Yet, Parvati had not been able to seduce him with
empower women by voluntarily transferring a portion of the fam- her physical charm. She did rigorous austerities to win him.
ily land in the name of the wife. During our campaign, Sangathan~ Why do women want a Siva-like husband and not a Krishna or

leader Sharad Joshi pointed out to men ,how their wives toil for Ram? At the heart of this ehoice is the awareness that women's
them selflessly, how crucial their wives' labor and care is for the well-being requires a stable family and a m~ who will act respon-,
well-being of the fanuly. He would ask his audience: "But how do sibly towards his wife and hi!, children. Most women shudder at
we men treat our Lakshmi's? [Sita is an incarnation of Lakshmi]. the prospect of being a single parent, like Sita. Nor do they want to

Often no better than Ram treated Sita! When Ram was banished be a wife like Rukmini, who is forever waiting for her husband"
for 14 years Sita could have stayep. back, but she insisted, 'Wherev- who is too busy with his various dalliances. For a stable family life,
er go'es Ram, there goes Sita. My place is by your side.' She suf- . sexual loyalty and restraint are a pre-60ndition. Even while
fered numerous privations for him jQyfully. Though Ram's enemy, preaching its...Vi.rtue to women, most men have found it hard to live
Ravan, respected her chastity when she was captured by him, and by those norms. And women have had a hard time trying to hold
"The quality of the gem is directly , did not violate Sita against her wishes, her own husband subjected . 'men to it by making their own lives examples to be emulated in
related to the power of the effect. " her to the cruel humiliation of a&nipariksha to prove her chastity. this respect. Some succeed partially, some well, some not at all. But
Even fire could not touch her. But on their return to his kingdom, most keep trying because they know if they give up or take to the
Importer, wholesaler, G.I.A, graduate at the mere hint of a slanderous remark by a laundryman, Ram ways of men, there is little possibility of fmding an emotionally
asks b akshman to take away Sita ana. leave her in a forest without stable family life for themselves and their children.
gemologist with 18 years experience explanation. Maharani (Great Queen) Sita became a beggar
personally selects the best ]yotish overnight because her husband turned against her. It did not occur MADHU KISHWAR, 47, New Delhi, editor of Manushi, India's lead-
Quality gemstones for you. to him to tell his subjects, 'If Sita is not good enough to be your ing'magazine on human issues, espeCially women right's, is an eru-
JAY BOYLE COMPANY queen, then my place is by her side. I cannot stay here either.' He dite activist in the effort to raise up the qualify of life in India.
Superior quality, competitive pricing, 515-472-5090 • 800-559-5090
satisfaction guaranteed. visit our website: www
dames Braha-dyotish Kovid A Modern Master of Solar Yoga
James Braha, 20 years experience, is Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov is
author of Ancient Hindu Astrology for
the Modern Western Astrologer, How
"...a great modern master of
Solar Yoga" - Georg
Feuerstein, Ph.D. ,
Child Abuse
to Predict your Future-Secrets of
Eastern and Western Astrology, How author of Shambhala
to be a Great Astrologer and Astro- Enclyopedia of Yoga. To identify and prevent
Logos-Revelations of a Hindu •
Astrologer. Call about lectures, work- Surya Yoga is fundamental to
shops, brochures: James T. Braha Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov's - OU GREET YOUR SCHOOL STUDENTS
680 Fox St • Longboat Key, FL teaching. In the first three of one morning and Devi, usually cheer-
34228 USA • Tel: 941-387-9101 the following volumes, he ful' walks in the classroom looking explores the Sun's role as a sullen, with a slight limp, and, oh, it
giver of light and life and as a looks like there may even be a red mark on
symbol of the transcendental her cheek. What should y.ou do?
light of the divine. The fourth As child abuse escalat~s, parents are ask-
volume, The Mystery of Light, ing: What is child abuse? How do I talk to
Answers to Eternal Questions is the first book-length account of Master Aivanhov's children about sexual abuse? Who are the
remarkable life and teaching. "I'll teach you ..." Sure. These kids won't be in any mood ~o learn after this lesson abusers? Are my children at risk? How do I
Where have you come from? Where • Toward a Solar Civilization US$6.95 cope if my child is abused? Nowhere are an-
will you go when you leave this life? • Light is a Living Spirit 6.95 LEA.RNING swers more thoroughly given than in James 'I
You can find the answers to these • The Splendour of Tiphareth (Surya Yoga) 14.95 A. Monteleone, M.D's, new A Parent's &
questions within you.
"I entered this life to reveal Christ
Consciousness." -Normal Paulsen
• The Mystery of Light by Georg Feuerstein
Prices do not include shipping. For a free catalog:
• USA: Prosveta USA, PO Box 49614, Los Angeles, CA
Do Smacks Lower Smarts? Teacher's Handbook on Identifying and Pre-
venting Child Abuse, (G.W Medical Pub-
lishing). It's not that Dr. Monteleone wasn't
Books and video available from: 90049-0614 • Tel: 310-458-3331 dealing with abuse for many years. It's just
• Australasia: Suryoma Ltd: PO Box 798, Brookvale . Punishment leaves intel}igence behind, says study that, until now, there was no request for
The Solar Logos Foundation NSW 2100, Australia • E-mail: practical, hands-on information for parents.
PO Box 2008- H
Buellton, CA 93427-2008 USA
• Americasia Global Marketing:
Clementi Central Post Office, PO Box 108
. -\
OUNG ASHOK WAS CANED ONE MORN- not an absolute decrease in cognition."
You'll fInd out what abusive injuries look
like (paleness, sweating, vomiting or diffi-
Tel: 888-689-0352. Fax: 805-688-9998 Singapore 911204 • 'leI: 65-892-0503 • Fax: 65-95-199-198 ing before school for pushing his sister. Straus believes one reason for higher cog- culty in breathing can mean an infant was
1l!och!ags of tho WNBn GDootIc aDd HiDdu. ThIdltIom - - - - - - ' j Next door, Kugan pushed his sister, but nitive ability in children spanked the least is shaken), what behavioral signs mean and
instead of caning, mom sat him down that, wanting to avoid corporal punishment, don't mean (injuring pets can indicate a
and calmly explained more appropriate be- "parents use more verbal methods of con- child is abused) .and how
havior. That day in school, was Ashok as re- trol, such as explaining to the child." Some --=---------,. to communicate
The only resource that will help you confidently choose .ceptive to learning 'as Kugan? Not according parents think explaining correcfbehavior
• to the University of New Hampshire's Mur- is a waste, but research shows these ver-
ray Straus, co-director of the Family Re- bal parent-child interactions enhance the
caregivers and safeguard your children. search Laboratory (www.unh.etlulfrV) and child's cognitive stimulation. Straus's study
author of numerous studies on after-effects also confIrms recent brain research showing
of corporal punishmeqt. He and Mallie that we "downshift" from our brain's cere-
NEW! AParent's &Teacher's Handbook on Identifying and Preventing Paschall have found th'llt children who are bral cortex (cognitive learning center) into
Child Abuse $19.95, plus $5.95 shipping & handling (ISBN 878060·27-9)
never or rarely spanked have higher s~ ores instinctiveness when faced with 'threat.
on tests of cognitive ability (knowing Even if the parent says she is smacking
For every parent who has felt helpless to protect a child from abuse, this resource offers empower- through .awareness, perception, reasoning, "with love," can. we honestly expect tllat a
ment. In layman's language with an easy-to-follow format, the authors (all experts in their fields) ex- judgmel\t) than . those frequently spanked. spank seems nonthreatening to a child? No.
plain what is and is not abuse, and describe in detail the physical and behavioral indicators of physi- Spanking refers to several forms of punish- In another study ,about learning, Claudia
cal, sexual and psychological abuse. Strategies for discussing personal body safety with children are ment, such as slapping, caning or paddling. Mueller and Carol Dweck of Columbia Uni-
The fmdings are based on a representative versity found that children told they_were
presented, along with clear-cut steps to take when a child discloses that he/she has been abused.
sample of 960 US children ages one to four smart were vulnerable to setbacks, while
Drawing on the advice of real families who have dealt with abuse, the handbook describes at the start of the study. The study took into those praised for their efforts were not. '
how the legal and social systems process a child abuse case. Stressing prevention, it offers help account many other factors that could affect "Praising childrens' intelligence, far from with children regarding body safety issues
with choosing a daycare center or babysitter, keeping discipline from becoming physically or a childs cognitive ability-mothe\"s age, ed- boosting their self-esteem, encourages them (just as you'd teach kids to look both ways
emotionally abusive, and creating a supportive home environment. A chapter on the Inter- ucatilm, whether the father was present in to embrace self-defeating be4aviors like before crossing a street, while sparing gory
net £uniliarizes parents with cyberspace and how molesters use chat rooms and web sites to the household, number of childrer( in the worrying about failure and avoiding,:risks," details of what it's like to be run down, you
contact children. Safety guidelines for computer use by children are included. family, mother's supportiveness and cogni- Dweck said. "But when children are taught can teach about sexual abuse without being
Abuse scars a child for life. Because the stakes are so great, we've loaded this volume with tive stimulation, ethnic group and the child's the value of concentrating, strategizing and graphic). Dr. Monteleone explains how to
tables, illustrations and case histories, all at a most reasonable price. Invest in its knowledge age, gender and birth weight. working hard in dealing with academic work with US laws, create a supportive
and help protect our children. "Cognitive ability of children ' who were challenges, they're encouraged to sustain home environment and how to keep kids
not spanked in either of two sample weeks their motivation, performance and self-es- saf~ on the Internet. In the first edition of
Four easy ways to order: increit>ed, while cognitive ability of children teem." Bottom line-it's better to praise An- the book, Dr. Monteleone disapproved of
who were frequently spanked decreased," jali for her hard work than for her brains. most corporal punishment, but his next edi-
1) Call toll-free: 1-800-600-0330 (U.S.) or 2) Fax: 314-298-2820 (U.S.) reports Straus. "Children who were spanked Since discipline means "to teach" and cor- tion makes a compelling argument that any'
or 3) E-mail: or 4) Mail to: didn't get dumber. The study shows that poral punishment is now scientifically form of physical punishment is abusive. ...~
spanking is associated with falling behind proven to impair learning ability, Hindus C.W. MEDICAL PUBLISHING, 2.601 METRO BLVD, ST. LOUIS, MIS-
G. W. Medical Publishing, Inc., 2601 Metro Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63043 the average rate of cognitive development, should avoid viotent child rearing. ~ SOURI 63043 USA, WEBSITE : www.gwmedicalcom

Visit our web site at

CLASSIFIED Send US$2 to: JBL, Box 163 H, Crozet, VA of externalized consciousness, affirmations, Purity Farms organic traditional ghee. 85464-HT, Seattle, WA 98145-1464 USA. available. Penny Price Media. 355C Lake
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• Hinduism Today, 107 Kaholalele Rd, Kapaa, desses. Also two games for Hindu children: about our 89-page book, Making and Using Panchang available in English or Gujarati. Wanted
Hawaii, 96746-9304 USA. Tel: 800-850-1008, "Memory" and 'Dominoes."Cali Lakshmi: 209- Find God. "What right has a man to say that Ghee-the Royal Oil. Call 303-647-2368, USA. U'$9+$2 s./h. 3 versions for NY, Chicago,
808-822-7032 ext. 233, 808-639-1006. 337-2477 (USA). there is a God if he does not see Him?" Any- San Francisco times. Tel: 510-490-1533. Spiritually evolved people to acquire land to
Fax: 808-822-4351 • E-mail: one with a burning desire to honestly know Elegant, custom Hindu clothing for all occa- Devendra Trivedi, 4831 Piper St, Fremont, form a hermitage on the island of Kauai
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Bukit Tengah, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang, al fabrics. Free brochure: Palani Stitches. Living in harmony with nature using perma-
from India. Golden Rose. West Malaysia. 510-680-7278 USA. #1 English-language astrology magazine: culture technique, creating a sthapatuveda
Multi-crore Vedic project. Sanatana Guru-
Neel Kamal. Pure Sandal-
kula education in Vedas, Sanskrit, offered free "The Mountain Astrologer". Primarily Western center where to retire, write, meditate and Be.
wood cones, and more.
-to children between ages 8 to 12 since 1994. Tel: 970-949-6329 USA
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Forest, enchanting river Cauvery near Banga- many benefits to self, family, business. Write Well-written articles; forecasts; interviews; Hawaii 96746-9404 USA. Fax: 808-822-2148.
lore provide natural setting. Completion of VedicAstro, PO. Box 975, Guthrie, OK, Auromere: Sri Aurobindo books, classical spir- book and software reviews; astro-humor.
Gurukula project requires U'$400,000. Medi- 73044-0975 USA, or see website: http:// itual texts, ayurveda books, children's books Sample copy postpaid U'$6 USA/Canada. Tel: Hinduism Today is looking for unusual news
tation complex, $250,000, medicinal plants Education from India, ayurvedic products, incense, and 800-287-4828, U'$9.50. Overseas 530-477- items that impact the global Hindu family.
conservation park, $62,500. Donors will be much more. Free catalog: 1-800-735-4691 8839. Quips, quotations, cartoons, professional pho-
offered free stays in the sylvan setting. Assis- Excellent correspondence course on Vedic Jewelry (USA). tographs, anything that you think will be of in-
tance is urgently sought. Send contributions Astrology by Jyotish Krishnan, recipient of sev- Vedic astrology: Groundswell Press is fully terest! Send to HINDUISM TODAY, 107 Kaholalele
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K.R. Road, 20d Main, Shastrinagar, Bangalore, otish Vachaspathi by ICAS, India. Normal cost Free brochure. Informative video: $12. Satisfac- cal spiritual texts. Homeopathy. Aromatherapy. Vedic astrology primarily among Western as- 808-822-7032, x227. Fax: 808-822-4351 E-
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91-080-661-0914. Dec. '98: $200 off). More than 100 persons have St.lA-289-T, Lompoc, CA 93436-4377 USA. products including ayurveda, homeopathic "baseline" but they also layer some western fac-
Teachings in the Vaishnava Hindu Tradition. already benefitted by this course. Excellent ref- Tel: 805-736-0449 (no credit cards.) remedies, herbal remedies, incense, essential tors and procedures on top of this for a more en- Yoga I
erences. Tel/fax: 972-783-1242 or write: PO oils, massage oils, etc. Wholesale-retail-mail riched, and more popular, synthetic approach.
Ashrams Box 852892, Richardson TX 75085-2892 USA. Astrological rings, pendants of gemstones, order. Free catalog. Lotus Light, Box 1008HT, For further information about these books, Yoga in Daily Life. Yoga, meditation, guest
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Ayurvedic/Health trained by masters in India, over 20 years ex- to the power of the effect." Importer, whole- catalog: Heart-Light Distributors, PO Box 60 min. US$33.95 pstpd (ck). Pal and Catalog
perience, author of the pioneer Matrix Jyotish saler, G.I.A. graduate gemologist with 18
Discover Homeopathy! Books, tapes, medicines, Vedic astrology program that made Vedic years experience personally selects the best
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39 different remedies for all major diseases. books. Offered by Umananda- Stephen Quong, to Vedic astrologers. Free brochure. Healing vate consultations.
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Fax 541 349 0975. Tel: 530-938-2997. Website: www.jyotishacom Music and Art
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Fast, friendly, fun software-Hindi, Sanskrit, site at on India. Ganesha, Shiva, Karttikeya, Rama, assessment (Winter).
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one for Windows, now on special offer. Call astrology: From India, with love." (See also more. imbalances (Spring).
416-315-3186 (Canada). page 20 of this issue of HINDUISM TODAY.)
Exquisite Vedic paintings done to order. Art • Correspondence Course·by ·,
Haydn's Jyotish for IBM or MAC, U'$95. Free Products and Services book, Windows to Spiritual World. Pushkar, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Ayurvedic Physician
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and video tapes and a quarterly journal.
by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Sixty a beautiful catalog, send US$l to Encinitas
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hand-painted images, many hard to find.
Color catalog includes 200 other deities. handling karma, fear, worry and other states Albuquerque, NM 87192-1445 USA
Products/Stores Tel: 505-291-9698 • Fax: 505-294-7572
42 43
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Hindu Businessmen's Association 'frust Kriya Haran $141.00 Malaysian Hindu Youth Educational Trust
Vel Alahan $155.56 Edwin Hawk $1,405.35 Jeyasreedharan $40.00
Manogaran Mardemootoo $21.39 Diksha Kat ir $82.40 Total $40.00
M I SSION STATEMENT Nathan Palani $31.20 Andrzej & Beatriz Kraja $50.00
Mathavasi Medical Fund
Small gifts to fu nd $22.46 Sadhunathan Nadesan $308.00
Anonymous $24.00
Hindu Heritage Endowment is a publicly supported, charitable organization te~ognized as tax ex- Total $230.61 Deva Natharaja
Umah Rani Palanisamy
Gow ri Nadaso n $30.00
Hindu Orphanage Endowment Fund
empt by the IRS on April 22, 1994. Its emyloyer ID nlll!lber is 99-0308924. Foun~d by" Satguru'
Total $54.00
Ka nthasamy Pillaiyar $110.00
Anonymous $134.00
Saiva Siddhanta Church $7,1 66.16 Mathavasi Travel Fund
Raj & Sun ita Kumar $101.00
Padmin i Samuthiran $3 18.26 Erasenthiran Poonjolai $75.00
Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, its philanthropic mission is to'provide secure, professionally managed Small gifts to fu nd $60.00
Hitesvara Saravan $413.90 Total $75.00
Total $295.00
Loganatha Shivam $300.00
financial support for instihltions and religious leaders of all lineages of Sanatana Dharma. Hinduism Today Endowment Trust Palaka Shivam $300.00
Sundari Peruman Memorial Fund
Markandeya Peruman $25.00
Robert Sorrells $180.00 Yatrikadevi Shivam $200.00
Total $25.00
N OVEM.~ER DONOR PROFILE Small gifts to fu nd
Peshala Varadan
Vayudeva Varadan
$444.10 Thank You Gurudeva Fund
Small gifts to fund Kailash Sivam Dhaksinamurthi $5 1.00
Sharing a profound interest in things mystical and beginning their Hinduism Today Distribution Fund $36.47
Total $13,973.8 1 Larry Gibson $50.00
study of traditional Hinduism together, Markandeya and Sundari Peru- Hotranatha Ajaya $630.31
Satya Palan i $40.00
Appamal Athimulam $37.93 Jyarappan Temple Trust
man were married in 1961. They moved to Houston, Texas, in 1977, and Jatinder Bhan $46.00 Alphonse Van Well $50.00
Markandeya Peruma n $50.00
Vayudeva Varadan $52.00
became active members of the Sri MeeI1jlkshi Temple. Often, temple Ravindra Doorgiat $38.22 Total $50.00
Small gifts to fund $35.08
devotees came to look to this elderly coupl~ <tlmost as grandparents. As Kartikeyen Manick $30.39 Kauai Aadheenam Annual Archana Fund Total $278.08
Logadasan Murugesu $45.00 (
one family said, "Their impact on all our lives is huge, especially with Logadassen Raday $40.73
Prasana Samugam $44.28 Trrunavakkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam Fund
Small gifts to fund _ $83.94
our spiritual growth. I-am glad our children had the blessing of learn- P Rajagopalan $52.00 Small gifts to fund $72.20
Total $128.22
ing Hinduism from Markandeya and Sundari. They are like family to Guha Skanda $40.00 Total $72.20
Omkar Tiku $52 .00 Kalakshetra Scholarship Fund
us." When Sundari (photo left) departed from this world in 1995, Total of Small Funds $55.00
Bhamar & Kanta Trivedi $50.00 Manickam Shanmugam $20.00
Markandeya and son Ravi started a memorial endowment to which Saravan Veylan $65.54 Total $20.00 Personal Income Endowment

anyone who loved or admired Sundari Per~man is welcome to donate. The fund is dedicated to Small gifts to fu nd $204.90 KauaiAadheenam Monastic Endowment
HHE's Pooled Income Funds allows individu-
als to maintain a personal income while giv-
Total $1,333 .02 Vinaya Alahan
teaching Hindu children in A1p.erica about thsir religion. $300.00
ing generously to support the work of Hindu
Iraivan Temple Endowment Ramsamy Natarajan $16.09
Heritage Endowment.
Rathi Devi Batumallah $44.00 Ramsamy Pillay Samoo $138.47
VeiAlahan $5,000.00
FUND OF THE MONTH Veerasamy Batumallah $44.00 Total $454.56
Deva Raja n $5,000.00
Kailash Sivam Dhaksinamurthi $221.67 Loving Ganesha Distribution Fund Total $ 10,000.00
Toshadeva Lynam Guhan $186.10
A remote jewel floating in the Indian ocean, Mauritius is a pilgrimage destination10r sophisticated Chitravelloo Gunasegaran $58.50
Eric Mitchell $10.00
Manoharan Navaratnarajah $25.00 Total Recent Contrib. $27,369.50
tourists from three continents. N9w pilgrims of ~ ~ Mohana Sundari Gunasegaran $56.80 Total $35.00 Total Endowments at Market Value
another sort are journeying to a fishing village
Our sincere gratitude goes out to each and every individual who has given to one As ofJuly 31 , 1998 $2,513,997.53
on the Nortneast coast of this island where a
of the endowment funds of Hindu Heritage Endowment, helping to strengthen
unique nine-foot tall, five-faced statue of Gane- Hinduims for generations yet to come. HHE's goal is $50,000 a month to really
sha emanates a serene sense of sanctity that make a difference. All donations are income tax-deductible in the US.
pervades the surrounding spiritual park. Gane-
sha is enshrined in an imposing Kerala-style
INVESTMENT MANAGERS AND CONSULTANTS: Franklin Management Inc.; First Hawaiian Bank,
mandapam (right), and visitors find that peace
Trust & Investment Division; Brandes Investment Partners, Inc.; Pacific Century Trust (Bank of
of mind comes quickly in this beautiful seacoast
Hawaii); Alvin G. BUchignani, Esq., attorney; and Nathan Palani, CPA. HHE is a: member of the
sanctuary. You can help support this spiritual
Council on Foundations, an association of 1,500 foundations which interprets relevant law, interl1a-
park by checking the "Panchamukha Ganapati
tional and domestic, and acc9unting, management and investment principles.
Endowment" on the enclosed donation card.

A PROFESSIONAL'S PERSPECJ1VE: In general, you and your spouse may make tax-free transfers to ; I WANT TO PARTICIPATE. WHERE SHOULD I SEND MY DONATION? You can send your gift to an
a .child (up to $20,000 plus an infl~t\on adjustment) without giving the child immediate access to existing fund, create a new endowment or request information through the address below. Credit
the giJt;,.by using either (1) the Minor's Trust or (2)the Custodial Account. Property and its jncome card gifts may be made directly bye-mail. Or, use the HHE tear-out card in this magazine. to join
in a Minors Trusf may be used by or for the benefit of the child before age 21, and the remainder our family of benefactors who are Strengthening Hinduism Worldwide. Thank you.
will go to the child when he or she reaches age 21. Howeverr a custodian man-
ages the property in a custodial account must be turned over to the
child wh~n he or she is no longer a minor. Before deciding between a minot s'
107 Kaholalele Road
trust and a custodianship, there are many tax and non-tax factors to consider.
A custodianship has fewer formalities and administrative costs than a trust, Kapaa, Hawaji, 96746-9304 USA
and more"'tax advantages, but the custodianship is not as flexible as the trust Tel: (800) 890-1008, Ext. 235
can be. Nitai H. Pathak, CPA,. MST, of Kling, Lee & Pathak, Artesia, California (888) Outside US: (808) 822-3152, Ext. 235
721-5370 and (562) 924-8610. Fax: (808) 822-4351
As a public service, HHE occasionally will offer the opinion s of various financial p lanners. However, it endorses neither these advisors n or their
counsel, and reco.m mends that all individuals seek prof, ssional advice from several sources before making important long-term decisions.
Moneesh Resources - Gifts and Books Sacred Woods: Malas, Malas, Malas!
HEALING EVOLUTIONS For the past 18 Tulsi, Lotus, Rudraksha, Rosewood,
years, we have Sandalwood, Ebony, Gamet, Amethyst,

How About a DIED: Twelfth president of Ramakrish-

na Math and Ramakrishna Mission,
developed an ex-
tensive collection
Hematite, Pearl, Rosequartz, Tiger
Eye; more semiprecious. Necklaces,

to D 'ie 'I;or?
• Swami Bhuteshanandlijl Maharlij, in of gifts, statues and silver anklets, toe rings, bangles,
Calcutta, August books to support bindis, books, cards and incense.

Diet 10, at age 97.

Hundreds of thou-
sands of devotees
paid tribute as he
you in your spirit-
ual upliftment.
Millenia of teachings expressed in
100's of hand-made, natural products.
Free catalog:
• A broad collec- Sacred Woods. 1916 Arden Dr.
was cremated at tion of spiritual Bloomington, IN 47401-6731 USA
Indiscriminate food habits lead to obesity, the Mission's glob- texts of all tradi- Tel: 800-701-1008.
al headquarters in tions, esp. Hindu-Vedas, Upanishads, Sutras, Puranas, etc.
malnutrition, heart disease and arteriolsclerosis Belur Math on • The finest rudraksha malas, custom made-gold-filled,
the banks of the Bhuteshanandaji 14k gold, with silver etc. • A wide collection of wrist or
River Hooghly. necklace malas in various stones and styles • Statues of
BY DEVANANDA TAND~VAN, M.D. Popularly addressed as "President Ma- deities: Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva Nataraj, etc. • Posters, AdvertiSing in Hinduism Today
haraj" by disciples, Swami took charge calendars and notecards of deities from the finest artists-all
S I HAVE MENTIONED IN upper class homes don't have a of the Mission in 1989. Known for his sizes. Puja and meditation items: Incense, prayer shawls, HINDUISM TODAY reaches Hindus and Indophiles all around
the past, the traditional' well-rounded vegetarian diet. wit, wisdom and strict adherence to wool meditation asanas, cushions and more the world. Truly, wherever you find Hindus, you will find
South Indian vegetarian When I asked why no one uses discipline, he authored Thoughts on • Alternative health care remedies and books: ayurvedic HINDUISM TODAY (with circulation especially high in the
diet is an excellent bal- brown or unpolished rice for its Spiritual Life. His successor was to be and herbal preparations, essential oils and related books USA, Australia, SE Asia).
ance of protein, fat and carbohy- added nutritional value, I was named by the Mission's board of • Apparel: hatha yoga T-shirts and mats, meditation clothes, .
drates with no emphasis op told, "That is feed for the ani- trustees in early September. kurtas and dhotis We have ads for every budget, from $25 for a 20-word
undesirable fats. However, the mals." Perhaps that is why some classified to spectacular two- or three-page color foldouts.
diet I have encountered on my of the hogs and cattle seemed PERISHED: Over two hundred Hindu pil- Call or write for our free catalog!
many·Indian pilgrimages is healthier than the people. grims, their porters and local villagers Hinduism Today Advertising
something dif(erent. .What is Desserts are almost totally in the Himalayas Moneesh Resources • 467 Brickman Rd. 107 KallOlalele Road • Kapaa, Hawaii • 96746-9304 USA
served by the Tamil Nadu tourist sugar and eaten excessively. August 18 when Hurleyville, NY 12747-5314 USA • Tel: 914-434-8990 Tel: 800-850-1008, 808-822-7032 ext. 233, 808-639-1006
facilities and many of the other restaurants Children are constantly bribed with sweets incessant rains Fax: 914-435-0018 • Fax: 808-822-4351 •
throughout tpe south of India, as well as in to behave. Some children eat practically caused a huge
many homes, is truly a sad example of a nothing but sweets and rice; their teeth landslide and flash
good, healthy diet. show t4e disfiguring horrors of cavities and flood in the Kali
The food served to the public, and in- decay. <0verall body stature of children in River. The pil-
creasingly cominon in homes, is slowly India is less than that of comparable chil- grinls were head-
killing people by creating or fostering the
problems of obesity, arteriosclerosis, coro-
nary heart disease and other degenerative
dren fed a more appropriate vegetarian
diet: ls it any wonder that many residents
of India are suffering from arteriosclerosis,
ed across the Chi-
nese border in
Tibet toward the
diseases. This modern makeshift diet con- heart disease, obesity and malnutrition? sacred Mount Distributors and retailers of a wide range of books published in India
tains too much fat a.qd sugar. There are too I urge everyone to select fats that are Protima Bedi Kailas. On August
few vegetables, and what vegetables are predominantly monounsaturated-such as 19 three other
by Sagar, Ranjan, Motilal and many others on:
served have been cooked to a mush of little from olive oil, grape seed and flaX oil. Don't landslides hit the area, killing 37 more.
nutritional value. The quality of fat used in ever reuse fats, for even one heatinltcauses Struggling through rains and fog, res-
frying is of the worst kind-the so-called degeneratioI}. Reduce use of fats, as well as cuers had recovered only 43 bodies • Vedic Astrology
tropical fats that are highly saturated- the amount of fried foods, and rarely deep . and found 18 survivors by August 23.
coconut, palm and palm kernel oils. fry. If cast iron ~s used to cook, a few drops Among the bodies was that of famous • Palmistry
Restaurants and many private homes use of oil spread over the bottom of the pan is Odissi dancer Protlma Gaurl Bedl,
and reuse these fats until they no longer sufficient even for frying dosai. I also urge founder of the prestigious Nrityagram • Numerology
remain liquid. Ii: is common knowledge use of raw vegetables and slightly cooked dance village outside Bangalore. She
throughout the world that whenever fat is vegetables, with as much variety as possi- was on her way to Lake Manasarovar • Gems
heated, the fat breaks down to harmful ble. One should consume some dark green at the foot of Kailas. It is said that one
unknown and unnatural prod\lcts. It is also leafy vegetables every day. The flavor of of the most auspicious ways to die is • Ayurveda
common knowledge, even in India, that the the unpolished rice is very good, and its while on pilgrimage to Kailas. • Mantras & Tantras
use of saturated fats contributes fo cardio- nutritional value is much greater. There are
vascular disease and other conditions. also other grains that can be used as rice MURDERED: Swami Mahesh Anand of the
A typical restaurant meal is fried dosai substitutes. Elders' and children will bene- Chinmayanand Ashram in Mumbai
dripping with fat, vadai and deep fried fit greatly by the reduction of the amount July 9· He was 65. Police suspect rob-
potatoes or bananas. As near could be of sugar and sugary products. bery may be the motive behind his be- We are committed to bringing you the best selection of books at
calculated, the amount of calories from the ing stabbed in his room with a kitchen GUARANTEED LOW PRICES. For a FREE catalog, please call or write:
fat far exceed the desirable '1ess than DR. TANDAVAN, 78, retired nuclear physi- knife. It was apparent the ashram had
30%." Main meals consist of polished rice, cian and hospital staff preSident, lives in been plundered as well. Located on a JDR Ventures Inc.
rasam, sambar and a small amount of salad Chicago, where he specializes in alternative picturesque hillock abutting Powai
or vegetables. The evening meal is, again, healing arts. Visit his home page at the lake, the lake area is often host to anti- 918 Douglas Dr. • Wooster, Ohio 44691 USA
fried foods or several kinds of rice. Even HINDUISM TODAY website. social elements after nightfall. Phone: (330)263-1308 • Fax: (330)264-8544
Web Site: • Email:
EUROeE CONTINUES ITS love affair with Hin- '" ligions to make a joint effort toward world except'" in times of plague, war and deep
du culture. Among programs co_morat- peace. They ambitiously expect 150,000 ecopomic depression-have birth rates fall-
Mac OS ing India's 50th Independence anniversary participants. For details write: Odessa Cen- en so low. Europe is the worst: there's no
of is a touring exhibition on Lord' Krishna, ter of Integral Yoga, PO Box 9, Odessa longer a single country where people are
currently on view in Britain, organized by 270101, Ukraine. E-mail: having enough children to replace them-
· Demo CD's the Hayward Gallery for the Arts Council selves when they die. illustrating the think-
of England. It is the fIrst major exhibit in HINDUISM TODAY'S staff, as they stroll€d ing, Mia Hulton, 33, a Swedish working
Europe exclusively devoted to a single Hin- through Kauais Outrigger Hotel lobby in wife, says, "Women fInally have so many
Order by phone or website du Deity. The objective, according to orga- August, were chances to have the life they want. To travel
User-Friendly, Great User Interface nizers, is to "celebrate Krishna's enduring taken aback and work and learn. I fmd it hard to see

Complete, Powerful, World Class legend and the relevance of his message in when a group where having children would fIt into it."
Readings Reports you can sell an age so besotted with materialism." of evangelical
Over 50 different printouts
Highly Accurate Calculations 541-485-8453 FAX: 541-343-0344 Christians STRANDED AT DEATH? The United Arab Emi-
Online Learning Aids and Books 211 CREST DR, EUGENE OR 97405 U.S.A. IT WAS TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC for Buddhist shoved pam- rates has banned cremation since January.
Excellent Looking Printouts monk Kung Bunchhoeun. He was expelled phlets in their The only Hindu crematorium in Dubai was
C lor Chart Printouts Too ORDERS: VRAJESVARI@GORAVANI.COM from a temple in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, hands and ·shut down by the government. This put the
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punching fIght with a lay student. "We no private property. HT promptly informed which is very expensive," said one Dubai
Don't worry, It has all the standard features you expect INFORMATION longer accept this monk, because he has Gordon, a hotel manager, who was upset resident. Hindus have appealed to the Indi-

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too much freedom. His conduct violates
Buddhist discipline," the temple abbot said.
with the proselytizing and said the hotel
has a policy of "no solicitation," assuring .
an ambassador's offIce, but to no avail.

CHART ORDERS ~30 that "we never want our guests to face this." D~SPITE MILITANT DISRUPTIONS, a record
Oforo ty~IO SOFlWARE ORDER FORM THERE'S NOTHING LIKE expressing inner 140,000 pilgrims trekked to India's famous
forces through outer art. Celebrating this in A CENTER FOR THE STUDY of alternative medi- Amarnath cave'in July/August for darshan
"My Software CD will put the July was "Mannin Marabu," a Tamil cultur- cine has been established at the"University of the ice Lingam. An offIcial said numer-
Universe of Hindu Astrology at .,' ~I al festival organized by of California in San Francisco. FUnded by ous sadhus carrying the silver mace of
~ I PI___ . India's government. A $12.2 Illi.llion in grants, the Osher Center Lord Siva entered the cave on August 8.
your fingertips." for Integrated Medicine will research how About 15 pilgrims died this year along the
[~ shop on kolams, rich alternatives can be combined with conven- arduous route, mostly due to heart failure.
• ' . ... mandala-like de- tional patient care to "address all aspects of
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ongoing Jyotish E-Mail
Discussion list or to order your I. 1 ~
and protecting the Hin-
du home. A hundred
cal, social and spiritual." The fIrst research
focuses on areas such as how to treat coro-
tarian basics, says the University of Califor-
nia at Los Angeles. Here is a sampling of
Chart with Readings printed
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Lakshmi Venkataram, coordinator, said, bread, nuts, mixed veg-
«The aim was to revive traditional designs SPEAKING AT PORTLAND STATE University in etables, sunflower seeds,
which have died out as well as to fmd new June, US President Clinton exhorted Ameri- garlic powder, chili pow-
evolving kolam expressions." cans to welcome rather than shun new im- der, honey, blackstrap
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All versions now have nightclub in Chicago. The club attracted and urged them to "embrace our culture, have this list, since Chelsea Clinton, vege-
the International numerous protests after opening in 1997, learn our language, know our history- and tarian daughter of the US President, just
ACS Atlas inside the due to its decor of pictures, statues and oth- when the time comes, become citizens. entered the dorm at Stanford University.
er depictions of Hindu deities. The owner, Ethnic pride is a very good thing. But pride
Shrinivas Reddy, has removed all Hindu in one's ethnic and racial heritage must nev- LIFE FOR COMMUNISTS IN KERALA has come
deities from the club. For details, visit the er become an excuse to withdraw from the full circle. The God-defying, temple-wreck-
Defamation website at www: hindunet. larger American community. This does not ing breed of Lenin worshipers are tossing
org!anti_ defamationlkarma_club. honor diversity, it breeds divisiveness." away Marxist ideology for Hinduism. Real-
izing the power of India's new government
WELCOME TO OUR BROTHERS' and sisters in IT'S A CRISIS THE OTHER.WAY around. Once and the appeal of Hindutva to the masses,
the Ukraine Republic! The Odessa Center regarded universally as a cherished gcial, they're energetically renovating temples
of Integral Yoga plans to hold a "World low birth rates in the industrial world have and conducting annual temple festivals.
Spiritual Meditation" in August 2000-a become a cause for alarm. Driven hrrgely by "Faith in God doesn't hinder our party
meeting in Ukrallle (part of the former So- prosperity and freedom, millions of women work," says activist Sukumar'an. "Besides,
viet Union) of monks and teachers of all re- are having fewer children. Never before- temple festivals are part of our social life."


Books on Hinduism, Indian Culture Sevaks Take Vow, Seek Translators I
mayan~ Sites' project. In it I categOl;ically re-
stated, 'Combined evidence from five sites Specialists in English-language books focussing (more than Mrs. Kusum Patel and all devotees of
excavated under the project shows there did 1,000 titles) on Hinduism, Indian civilization and culture. Gayatri Pariwar Yugnirman, Chicago,
exist a historical basis for the Ramayana.", • Pictorial story books for children and beginners. recently solemnly pledged to acquire
To the allegation that he is withholding • Condensed and simplified books on Hinduism by saints translations of each of Pandit Shree
documents from the Archaeological Survey and sages of various sampradayas. Ram Sharma Acharya's 3,000 books
of India, Lal writes, "The SUl1vey is already • Translations of philosophical works aimed at practitioners. into as many languages as possible.
the custodian of'all the documents, includ- • Ma, Who is a Hindu? By N.T. Nair. A nonacademic foun- Those able to translate from Gujarati
ing the field diaries, plans, photos and the dation of understanding and practice for all Hindus. or Hindi into any of the world's lan-
entire excavated material." To the third alle- • Yoga Philosophy by N. T. Nair. Insights into the philosophy, guages are urged to come forward
gation, Lal gives a more detailed response, practices and goal of Yoga: the unraveling of the mind's and help. Contact: 2046 W. Devon
due to its importance to the whole country mysteries, leading to the Self and emancipation. Ave., Chicago, IL 60659-2128 USA
(thousands died in 1992 communal riots • The Worship of Lord Ayyappan by N.T. Nair. The Pilgrim- Tel: 847-692-7712 or 773-465-2533
over demolition of the Babri Masjid). age to Holy Sabrimala and the worship of Lord Ayyappan.
Excavations in Ayodhya were originally • Journeys to The Lands ofthe Gods by R. Rajathurai. Induces
.undertaken to comp~e Ayodhyas antiquity in the reader a desire to evolve through pilgrimage.
with other sites in the Ramayana story. But • Understanding Hinduism by P.N. Unni and T.P. Paran.
as work progressed, they took on deeper This book, rich in graphics, extracts the essence of Hin- Custom Tours to India
meaning. A trench dug next to the Masjid I duism from the vast body of literature on the subject.
boundary revealed parallel rows of pillar- • The Worship of Shakti in Hinduism by N. T. Nair Kali Travel is uniquely qualified to
Sitting strong: Lal doesn't give in to anti-Hindu bias; he just presents archaeological facts foundations lying near the mosque. Affixed • The Non-Resident Indian- From Non-Being to Being by organize custom-made tours to satis-
to the piers of the Masjid were pillar-shafts Chandrashekhar Sastry. "A verbal panavision of the Indian fy the needs of any type of group,
HISTORY carved with Hindu Gods and Goddesses. inllnigrant the world over. organization or individual and to
Deity-carvings on pillars used as foundation structure an itinerary appropriate to

Ha's Re~Rightlng History' material in a mosque? Lal couldn't help but Contact us for retail and wholesale orders: their specific needs and interests.
wonder if this meant a Hindu temple once
stood on this same\ ite. Printworld Services Pte. Ltd. For more information, contact:
Lal knew that real confirmation required 80 Genting Lane, Genting Blk #04-02 Kali Travel Ltd.
Atheists. scorn professors proof of Ayodhya excavation in the Masjid floor area, but oth- Ruby Industrial Complex, Singapore 349 565 169-12 Hillside Ave,
er historians resisted it. That obstacle fell Tel: 65-744-2166 • Fax: 65-746-0845. Jamaica, NY 11432-4498 USA
with the now famous and unfortunate • Tel: 1-718-291-9292
ERHAPS HE SAW IT COMING. IN JUNE evidence the Babri Masjid mosque stood on , . Masjid demolition in 1992. Within the walls
The Indian Ministry for Human Re- the ruins of a Hindu temple, but doesn't sub< ' , torn down by the mob much archaeological
source Development r~placed 18 stantiat~ this claim with excavation facts. material was found. Especially.crucial were
Marxist historians of the Indian Council Withln ten days Lal issued a full rebuttal . three stone inscriptions, the largest (see
of Historical Research (whose terms were letter. "To the first allegation," he Wrote, '1et . photo left) 9f which Professor Ajaya Mitra Home , ...,e.. Temple. Parenting and Educating for Wholeness
up) with scholars who support the existence me make it absolutely clear that at no point Shastri of Nagpur University translated. His
of a Rama temple in Ayodhya. Councilman in time did I ever say there was no evidence ' report says, "The inscription was evidently Enhance your spiritual life The Common Vision,
Professor B. B. Lal was attacked by those put up on the temple wall, the with uplifting, vibrant home Parenting and Educatingfor 'The
historians and their compatriots. Lal's term construction of which is recorded prayer temples. Wholeness, by David Marshak Common V ision
was also up, but he :.vas reappointed. A bit in the inscribed text. Line 15, for Parenting·and,£ducating
example, tells us that a Beautiful Offer your deities the best. We How children can grow up to for Wbtjeness: ..
surprised, Lal was 'Still prepared to calmly
and fully respond. Here is why, and how. temple of Vishnu-Hari, 'built with are reputed for making the be whole-the practical
.Leftists in India are commonly Hindu- heaps of stone' and 'beautified very finest, most elegant deity wisdom of three spiritual
with a golden spire ~paralleled altars. Choose from the teachers. Describes human
bash~ng and attempt to distort history. 'Fhey
were. understandably upset at losing one of by any other temple built by ear- Mathura (pictured), Vrindaban, unfoldment from birth
their greatest sources of government pa- lier kings, was constructed. This Rasa Lila, or other styles, each through age 21 for body,
templ~ was built in the city of Ay- available in various sizes. The emotions, mind and spirit.
tronage and academic power in India. After
the ICHR chair-shuffling was over, Lal, for- . odhya.''' This inscription SPi!aks Mathura style pictured here, Makes the insights of Sri
mer Director General of the Archaeological .... for itself It's clear a twelfth-cen- for example, is 27 inches wide, Aurobindo, Sufi teacher
Survey of India (ASI), was condemned by tury temple was destroyed ana by 24 deep by 38.5 high. We Hazrat Inayat Khan, Rudolf
leftists as "communal" because he supports some of its parts incorporjited by also offer custom designs. Ask Steiner and Maria Montessori
the view that a Rama temple qnce existed at Muslims in the mosque. for our free color brochure. clear and understandable.
tfie site of Babri Masjid, Ayodhya, and that , So what happens next? Why is Describes schools based on this teaching.
the Aryan invasion theory is a myth. Rock-solid proof: stone inscripti0tl found at the Lal's response to The Hindu's edi- • FUlly covered with hand-carved designs
A negative editorial in The Hindu news- Ayodhya Masjid site details former Vishnu temple torial crucial? Before the Majid • Beautiful silver and/or gold finish Thw common vision of these great teachers answers the
paper titled "Tampering with History" sug- was demolished, a debate raged as • Carved side and back panels (for some styles) following three key questions in detail: f

gested a "disturbipg effort to undermine the about the 'historicity' of the Ramayana. In to whether the mosque was sitting on the • Comes apart for easy shipping • What is the true nature of human beings?
scientific temper that must preempt histori- 1988 the ICHR organized a seminar in Del- ruins of a Rama temple. Now, with over- • Drawer for jewelry etc.... (optional) • What is the course of human growth from birth
cal inquiry." The editor said La}. faltered>in hi at which I presented a 60-page paper en- \vhelming evidence that it was, millions of • Recessed ceiling lights through age twenty-one?
tltree ways: 1) that Lal's earlier conclusion titled Historicity of the Mahabharata and HiRdus want to know when the temple will • Given this understanding of human growth, what are
said there was no evidence to suggest "his- Ramayana: What Has Archaeology to Say? be re-constructed (a project already under Desire Tree Studios the desired functions of child raising and education?
995 Jennings Ave., Salem OH 44460-1545 USA ISBN 0-8204-3702-6 • 246 pages. U5$2995 +shipping.
toricity" of the Ramayana; 2) that Lal refus- Finding in it something counter to their way, sponsored by the Vishwa Hindu
es to hand over field diaries to the ASI and views, the (leftist) ICHR authorities at the Parishad), and how it can be done without Tel: 800-942-9494 or 330-332-8563
open them to fellow archaeologists; and time withheM publication. In 1993 came my offending Muslims. FUrther violence must More infu at: www.halcyon.comlcomvis •
3) Professor Lal claims to possess "clinching" first report of the 'Archaeology of Ra- be avoided. .....I http://members.xoom.comldesiretree Order from PETER LANG PUBLISHING • Tel: 800-770-5264
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-------- 1'

MINISTER'S MESSAGE imposed on this boy physically. Maybe an

affectionate gesture would have made the
boy realize the pain he l/ad caused the
younger boy!" Punishment with love at the

Zero.Tolerance most can be tolerated, but need not be en-

couraged at all. The danger of corporal
punishment lies in that it will produce an
attitude of challenge, to defy and to oppose

for Chil.d Battering any kind of punishment, however beneficial

it may be to the pllllished. Before resorting
to pllllishment, especially corporal, one
should think and act wisely.
Corporal punishment as failure, not method SWAMIBHAVAHARANANDA


AND SWAMI SHIVAPREMANANDA I has a brutalizIDg influence on the
; perpetrator and the perpetrated
r, . against. A widespread occurrence
upon defenseless children in most societies,
it speaks of a highly uncivilized form of

, PERSONALLY FEEL THAT ' behavior. It is an expression of the brutish

!pllllishment and fear are instinct of physical might. Provoked by a
natural outcomes of the weaker person, sheer bodily strength gives
J insufficiency and failures vent to intolerance in the form of violence,
on the side of both parents and such as in wife-beating, which is also wide-
their wards. There should-not spread nearly 'everywhere. .
be any kind of oppressing Considering that most children are in-
domination, physical or other- clined to resist being disciplined as they
wise, by either parents or chil- grow up, it is understandable that parents
dren. Such dominatioh only become irritated, lose patience and, thus,
proves that we are still at the take recourse to violence on the spur of the
instinctual level only-animal moment. But violence inevitably marks the
or human. It shows that we psyche of a child, especially when it occurs
have not yet been able to rise above such reactions and situations. repeatedly. If children are sure of the security of the love of their
Imaginative pro-action as well as creative planning fer a higher parents, as adults they will forgive their ill-tempered violence, but
life through a cool and impassionate approach will bring out from if not, their' grudge will be perman~nt and unforgiving. In such a
within us more patience, sympathy, love and affection. All that is case, no parents could expect their children to respect the injunc-
cruel, ugly and revengeful is best avoided while dealing with hu- tion from our scriptures, the Vedas, matri clevo bhavah, pitri clevo
man relationships. An aesthetic, objective approach will bring bhavah, "May your mother be a Goddess, MaY., your father be a
forth better results, no doubt. God." Awesome is the power of the parents over their children
Corporal pllllishment does not always bring the desired result. I who are totally dependent on them and also to~ defenseless.
personally experieneed this while once in charge of a school for Thus, it is morally imperative to all parents that such a power
boys. A strong well-built senior pushed a junior from a height, should net er be abused.
resulting in a head injury to the jllllior and profuse bleeding. Nowhere iN any Hindu scripture is violence against chjldren
There was no hostility between them. He just pushed playflllly, not enjoined. Ahimsa paramo dharmah, (nonviolence is a supreme
realizing the .outcome. I, being witness to the suffering of the vic- religious injunction).is a basic teaching of Hinduism. Nonviolence
tim, wanted to pllllish the wrongdoer (according to me) so that,he, is the first restraint (the first yama) in raja yoga. In the Hindu
too, would feel at least some of the pain which he had inflicted on tradition, the mother smgs to her child the lullaby: shuddosi, bud-
a jllllior. I wanted to cane him twice or thrice and asked him to dhosi, niranjanosi (You are a pure one,-intelligent one, innocent:.are
put out his hand to cane him on the palms. The boy, who had you.) All parents should learn from the Hindu scriptures how to
come from a stock which had seen much fight, blood and suffering raise their children: first of all, by personal example, with clear-cut
refused to obey me despite my asking him three times. I just want- guidance, with firmness and understanding, love and considera-
ed to make him understand tl}e pain and the consequent events he tion, patience and tolerance, never failing to explain the reason
had inflicted on an innocent boy younger and weaker than him- why pf any discipline required. 'I1fey may complain, but if th~y
self I even explained to him patj@ntly that only by suffering pain know theit parents mean well, do not have double stapdards, and
would he realize the consequence of his irresponsible act. But unselfishly love them, they will obey and grow up reasonably well.
nothing worked, so in desperation I caned him twice on his thighs SWAMI SHIVAPREMANANDK
and once on his buttocks. Being a very fair complexioij.ed, chubby
boy, the cane left angry red marks on his body. But, strangest of SWAMI BHAVAHARANANDA, 65 (left), is head librarian at the Ra-
all, the boy neither cried in pain· nor requested me to excuse hiin. makrishna Mission in Mumbai and author (unclerpen name Anan-
But I was in tears, since I felt det'eated in front of a child. Feeling da) of spiritual works, most recently Myth, Symbol and Language.
sorry, I took him to my room, applied ointment on his welts and
gave him some cool drinks which he took with the s'ame stoic atti- SWAMI SHIVAPREMANANDA, 72,f01"/'l1erprivate secretary to Swami
tude. Children are made of such stern stuff This made me thinI:<:, Sivananda, taught Yoga-Vedanta in Rishikesh and now directs
"Maybe I had a feeling of defeatism which I unconsciously large centers in South America in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.


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and lack of thriftiness
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spendable income and a
lower Hving standard-
T me in Silence and poured
into me a. speechless word that

W enough for daycare, not to mention that kids was the seed of wisdom. That ...o
mom often goes back to need full-time morns, word, 0 friend, had a magic ::>
work, believing the fami- and her own peace of effect on my life. It hushed up Q
ly "needs the money." mind. If you're not con- the mind and opened my ;;

whatsonthe.netlastromks But the reality may well vinced, USA Weekend's heart to silent embrace of
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ing 1,500 links to every- tryout a calculator- this passage is Saint Tayu-
thing under the sun. from the book Shat- manavar, whose 1.440
Hindu sites are well tering the Two-In- songs first lilted 250 years
represented with come Myth-to see ago. Aussie Pete Brown was
pages like 'i\.strolog- ...." how much that sec- smitten by the saint's poetic ren-
ical Gemstones in ond paycheck really dering of Saiva Siddhanta Hin-
Jyotish tradition," amounts to. Not duism and labored to put
"Goravani Jyotish much considering the his hymns on the Web, now
software" and 'ffilcient massive extra effort. available at http://magna.
Hindu Astrology for the PHOTODISC See www.usaweekend. com. au! -prfbrown/thayu
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