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This is what I have done after I received my feedback to improve my magazine.

7th January 2015

Front cover

I have added a drop shadow

effect to the main cover line
so that it is bolder than the
rest of the text therefore it
will be eye catching.

I have now added an outer glow to

the rest of the main cover line, Ive
done this so it is still clear what
the text says on the background
but also so it is eye catching.

added a star with text saying posters

what the images above it are.

I have now
to indicate

I have now added a red drop

shadow to one of the cover lines,
the colour sticks to the colour
scheme but it also makes the text
stand out from the image that its

I have now added a

strobe effect to the
other cover line so you
can make out what it

I have now changed the font of most

the text so the same font isnt used too

This is how my front cover looks like

now that I have finalised it with the
feedback I received.

9th January 2015

Contents Page
I have changed the font of the masthead of the
page so that the font isnt the same all the way

have changed the font of certain words within the

contents, these words being music artists; therefore
the reader knows who is being featured throughout.
Also the page numbers have been changed in font so
that they stand out from the rest of the font.

have lined the images up so that it looks professional.

I have moved some of the text so that the text over the top image isnt out
of place, so I move the text on the third image to be similar.

Double Page Spread

For the text on the double page spread I have
went through checking the spelling and
grammar, also I have changed some of the
font within the text such as the name of the
band in the opening sentence and the names
of the people I am interviewing.

I have changed the font of the text of

the double page spread to match the
main cover line font as it is about the
same topic.

Ive changed the positioning of the pull quote so that the

right side of the double page spread wasnt blank.

I have added the magazine masthead to the top left hand

corner so that it is still linked into the magazine and so it
is still advertising that it is this magazine with all the

14th January 2015

I have added an outer glow to all the captions on the pictures so
that the text is more visible. The only image I didnt added an
effect to was the third one down as the effect didnt seem to work
on this text.

I have added a drop

shadow to the title of
the page just so that
it isnt plain and so
that it has some sort of appeal to this page.

I added an outer glow

to the title on the
double page spread,
this is so it stands out a
bit but also so it jumps
out slightly at the viewer.

I have added a green outer glow to

the pull quote so that it stands out
from the background image; also I
have moved the pull quote so that it
doesnt cover anyones face on the background image.
I have added an outer glow to the
captions of the images on the double
page spread so they are clearly
readable over the images, also the
colour of the outer glow matches the
colour scheme throughout.