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Front cover picture Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

The Namibia Film Commission

P.O Box 40715, Ausspannplatz
Windhoek, Namibia
+264 61 381 900

Thus the Film Production Directory Namibia continues to

play a pivotal role in promoting Namibia and the Commission
Finally, the NFC is proud to say that the directory has
contributed immensely in making Namibia a preferred film
destination, equal to none.

The annual Film Production Directory Namibia was first

published in 2010 under the RBJ Trust which was also
founded the same year. The publication has been recognized
and established as a marketing and reference tool amongst
local and international filmmakers as well as service providers
in the industry.
The Namibia Film Commission (NFC) has supported the
publication since its inception and will continue to do so as its
impact is beyond measure.
Six issues of the Film Directory have been published and
distributed to 10 countries worldwide. About 6500 directories
are distributed yearly to countries such as the USA, UK,
Germany, India, South Africa, France, Belgium, China, and
Cuba including film festivals, expos and trade fairs.
This has brought so many positive results to Namibia,
considering the many queries from foreign film Productions
Companies and the increase in the number of foreign
productions done in Namibia. In the 2013/2014 financial year,
the NFC issued 102 film permits to foreign film production
companies with an estimated value of over 47-million
Namibian Dollars. About 343 Namibians were employed in
various positions.

Yours in film
Ms. Florence Haifene
Executive Secretary
Namibia Film Commission

Namibian Facts

Namibian Facts

Namibian Facts
Namibias vast expanse encompasses the worlds highest sand dunes,
the largest single piece of meteor on earth weighing 66 tonnes, the
worlds oldest desert and the worlds second largest canyon. The more
you know about the multi-faceted country that is Namibia, the better
your filming experience in beautiful Namibia, will be.
Namibia is also the fifth largest country in Africa - larger than Spain
and Germany combined, yet despite the 824,292 square kilometres of
still desert, less than 2.3 million people live here - the same amount of
people live in Paris!

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 15

Namibian Facts
What languages do Namibians speak? Is Namibia a democracy? Are
there big cities with modern amenities? Are the roads tarred? How
far will my money go? Heres the breakdown on why Namibias
going to surprise you.
Welcome to Africas south-west border on the Atlantic ocean. Here, the
cold Bengula current wars with the desert heat, clear, sunny weather lasts
most of the year, and big game roams just beyond the city lights with
Angola and Zambia to the north, South Africa to the south and Botswana
to the east.
This is where humanity began: our ancestors traces are still evident
in fossilised footprints 80 000 years old, and in the worlds oldest rock
paintings.Today, Namibia is a stable, democratic country in Africa, with an
infrastructure to match any first-world country.
You can drive on wide, tarred highways or join the millions of international
travellers who disembark at our airports every year. Namibia is the fourthlargest exporter of nonfuel minerals in Africa, the worlds fifth-largest
producer of uranium, and the producer of large quantities of lead, zinc,
tin, silver, and tungsten. And almost everyone who visits is astonished at
how far a dollar, euro or pound will stretch.

Welcome to Namibia!

Namibia in a Nutshell
Is it a big country?
To just about anyone, from anywhere in the world, yes. The
country stretches 824,418 sq km with topography ranging
from desert to dunes and sparkling beaches and is the
second least densely populated country in the world.

ForbesLife recently voted

Namibia one of 3 Top Travel
Destinations for 2015!
anniversary as an independent
nation this year, Namibia is
arguably the jewel of Africa,
and an example to the
continentand the world
of the power of sustainable

You say the roads are tarred?

Yes, Namibia is connected by many kilometres of tarred
and regularly maintained gravel national roads.

How do I get to Namibia?

The country can be accessed by air via the international
airports, Hosea Kutako and Walvis Bay, and regionally via
Eros airport. Located in the centre of the country, there are two
main routes that can be travelled by car, from east to west and
north to south, as well as the main railroads that lead through

Is it safe to walk around?

Like anywhere, yes provided you dont go wandering about
deserted streets at the dead of night. Yes, there is crime in
Namibia. But you dont need to do more than take the usual
sensible precautions. Know where youre going before you set
off, particularly at night. Dont walk alone or display valuable
possessions carelessly in public. Lock the doors at night. And,
like anywhere else in the world, know that there are some areas of
the major cities where outsiders present a more vulnerable target.

How far will my money go?

With a favourable exchange rate for many international
currencies, youll find Namibia a very inexpensive destination.
Namibias unit of currency is the Namibian Dollar (although
the South African Rand is also accepted) which is divided
into 100 cents. Coins come in denominations of 5c, 10c, 20c,
50c, N$1 and N$5, and notes in denominations of N$10,
N$20, N$50, N$100 and N$200.
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 17

Are there modern banks?

Namibia has a world-class, sophisticated financial sector,
abreast of all the latest technological trends. From the
moment you step off the plane youll start seeing banks,
bureaux de change and ATMs. All major credit cards can be
used in Namibia, with American Express and Diners Club
enjoying less universal acceptance than MasterCard and
Visa. Foreign banks are well represented, and you can bank
by ATM or internet.

Can I drink the water?

High-quality tap (faucet) water is available in Namibias
urban areas, but not all water in rural areas is safe to
drink straight from the tap. Bottled mineral water is readily
available in most places.

What about the capital?

Namibias capital is Windhoek which is home to historical
buildings dating back to German colonial rule and its cuisine,
culture, dress codes and educational institutions resemble
something you might encounter in Europe. At the same time
Windhoek has the color, sounds and tempo of a modern African
city. Pavement displays of African drums and woodcarvings
from the north contrast with elegant shops.

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Ill be able to phone home?

That, and more. With a network that
is 99% digital and includes the latest
in fixed-line, wireless and satellite
communication, Namibia has a highly
developed telecommunications network.
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 11

Namibian Facts
Who lives in Namibia?
Namibia is a nation of 2.3 million people of diverse
origins, cultures, languages and beliefs. Major ethnic
groups include Owambo, Kwangali, Damara, Herero,
Nama, San, Afrikaner, German, and others.The majority
of Namibians are Christian.

Sub Title

Will I get to see wild animals?

You wont have to go far to do so. An hour or sos drive from
such urban jungles as Windhoek and Swakopmund, you can
see lions, elephants, cheetah and hundreds more species in
their natural environments.

What languages do people speak?

English is the official language but the first language of only 7% of
the population. Afrikaans (a derivative of Dutch, which northern
Europeans will find surprisingly easy to follow) is actually the
most common language spoken by Namibians, including
about 60% of the white population. German is spoken by 32%
of the population. Indigenous languages include Oshiwambo,
Rukwangari, Silozi, Otjiherero, Damara, Nama, Khoisan and

Is Namibia a democracy?
Namibia is proudly independent
democratic since 1990.


Is foreign business welcome?

The open for business signs are up.
The country offers an investor-friendly
environment in which 100% foreign
ownership is allowed. Repatriation of profits
is liberal. The exchange rate is favourable.

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 13

Namibian Facts

What about apartheid?

Since independence from white-majority rule, Namibia
has worked hard to balance the scales. Post-apartheid
Namibia has a government comprising all races.

Whats the weather like?

Namibia has 365 days of sunshine a year, with a typical hot and
dry desert climate with little to no rainfall. If youre travelling to
the coast, pack a little warmer as the cold current keeps the
temperature a little cooler than the rest of the country. If youre
visiting from the northern hemisphere, just remember: when
its winter over there, its summer over here. Bring sunglasses
and sunscreen; leave the raincoat at home.

Are there big cities with modern amenities?

Theres more to Africa than cheetahs even though we have
plenty of those! Our capital Windhoek as well as many other
cities have lights that work, flowing water, multi-lane highways
and unfortunately traffic jams. You can book into a Hilton
or a Protea Hotel and eat at cosmopolitan restaurants serving
anything from sushi to burgers to orxy steaks.

Is it true that there are robots on the street

Yes, there are. In Namibia, traffic lights are
known as robots, although no one knows
why. A pick-up truck is a bakkie, sneakers
are takkies and a barbeque is a braai.

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 15

Namibian Facts
Namibia, despite being one of the
worlds oldest deserts, is a country
rich in natural minerals, culture,
wilderness and wildlife.

Quick Facts
Electricity: 220 volts, 50Hz.
Plugs are 3-pin round or 2-pin
VAT Refunds: For purchases
exceeding N$250, tourists can
obtain a VAT refund (15%) at
their port of exit, provided that all
cash slips have been kept.
accommodation establishments,
by law, are obliged to charge
a tourism levy of either 1% (all
inclusive rate) or 2% (BED or
B&B rate).

Connectivity: Broadband and

wireless Internet services are
available at selected hotels
and internet cafes. Portable
broadband services are also
available from providers of your
Local Time: GMT +2 (GMT +1
during April - August).
Dialing Code: +264
Directory Enquiries: 1188
Driving: On the left
System of measures: Metric
Average Temp: 77F / 25C

Measurement Conversion
1 inch 2.45 cm
1 foot 30.48 cm
1 mile 1.609 km
1 pint 0.568 l
1 gallon
4.546 l
1 ounce
28.35 g
1 pound
0.453 kg
1 stone 6.348kg

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 17

Namibian Facts
Namibia is one of the youngest democracies in the world
whose constitution outlines and stipulates conservation
and protection of the environment. Approximately 42%
of Namibias land is under some form of conservation
management. Entry permits are required for all national
parks, state-operated nature reserves, protected areas and
In most cases, permits can be obtained at the entrance gates to
these areas, for example the Etosha National Park. For all other
areas permits can be bought at the Ministry of Environment and
Tourism offices located in Windhoek, Swakopmund, etc. For some
areas, such as the Namib Naukluft Park and the Dorob National
Park, permits can be obtained at the closest town. All filming in
Namibia requires a filming permit.
Please note that to traverse any of the named areas without a valid
permit is considered an offence and can lead to a hefty fine. Strict
operating hours are also enforced between sunrise and sunset and
no off-road driving is allowed.
Below is a list of some of the parks that require entry permits: /Ai-/Ais
Richtersveld Transfrontier National Park, Bwabwata National Park,
Etosha National Park, Khaudum National Park, Mamili National
Park, Mangetti National Park, Mudumu National Park, Namib
Naukluft National Park, Skeleton Coast National Park, Waterberg
Plateau Park , Dorob National Park, Tsau // Khaeb National Park
Namibia also has a collection of national heritage and historic sites
that will require permits to enter. Take note that often these areas
are not self-drive and will require the accompaniment of a local
guide. Remember that these permits cannot be pre-applied for, or
obtained electronically.

The basic restrictions to permits for national parks and protected
areas generally include the following:

Vehicles may only drive on clearly marked paths. No offroad driving will be allowed.
Speed limits may be enforced; this is usually between 40
and 60 km/hr.
Floral species within the areas may not be removed,
damaged or destroyed.
Faunal species within the areas may not be removed, killed
or maimed.
Fires must be kindled only in designated areas.
All rubbish must be collected and disposed of in the
designated rubbish bins.
Entering these areas is done at own risk.
Entry and exit is strictly enforced from sunrise to sunset.

Contact details for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism:

Windhoek: Levinson Arcade, Capital Centre Building, 4th floor
Tel: +264 61 284 2178
Swakopmund: Bismarck Street
Tel: +264 64 404 576
The Namibian Filming Commission (NFC) regulates all
commercial filming projects in Namibia. Please note that for
any such purposes persons are required by law to apply for a
filming permit as well as a temporary work visa.

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 19

Namibian Facts

Health & Safety

Namibia has a well developed medical system - one of the

best in Africa! It is one of the only countries on the continent
where open heart surgery is practised. Throughout the
country one can find basic good health clinics and hospitals.
Prescribed medicine is available from pharmacies. Medical
evacuations by plane or road can be done from the more
remote areas. An international health insurance is strongly
SOS International: 081-707 eMed 24 Rescue: 081-924
Due to the hot, dry climate Namibia is not subject to any
tropical diseases so prior health certificates or injections
are unnecessary. However, malaria prevention tablets are
encouraged when visiting the far northern areas. If you are
travelling to the north, the risk of malaria can be reduced
with the use of tablets, which should be started before
arriving in Namibia and taken under a doctors guidance.
It is no coincidence that the sun is the main element on the
Namibian flag - Southern Africa has some of the highest
skin cancer statistics. Sun tan lotion (preferably SPF40) is
of great importance. Protect yourself against burning and
even more dangerous: cancer. Take the Namibian sun and
heat seriously: always wear a hat, use sunscreen and drink
plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
It is advised when in the desert, to wear closed shoes and
loose clothes as well as to always carry water.

Most crimes in Namibia include pick pocketing, vehicle break-ins
and purse snatching. Violent crimes are rare and Namibia has
enjoyed a stable economy since its independence in 1990. The
best policy to safeguard against crime is to be vigilant and aware
of ones surroundings. Valuables such as wallets, cell phones and
passports must be kept out of sight and tucked away safely. Never
leave them in your car even if it is locked.
Windhoeks city police emergency number is 302 302. From cell
phones or roaming phones please dial +264 (61) 302 302.
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 21

Namibian Facts

Geography & Regions

Part of the allure of filming in Namibia is that it is four countries
in one; four beautiful, contrasting landscapes each with their own
characteristics and attractions.
There are four distinct topographical regions in Namibia:
In the west stretches the coastal Namib Desert with hardly
any vegetation. It reaches from the north of South Africa up
to Angola. It is characterised by mighty expanses of sand
dunes, riverbeds, steep canyons and endless gravel plains.

Namibia is divided into 14 regions.








Ohangwena, Oshikoto, Kunene, Kavango




Otjozondojupa, Omaheke, Khomas, Hardap

Towards the inland, the coastal desert belt is followed

by the escarpment, a mountain wall of up to 2000
Brandberg with an elevation of 2579m above sea level.
The escarpment changes into the Central Plateau which slowly
descends towards the east. The majority of the Namibian towns
and villages lie on this plateau, such as Windhoek. Further to the
east of the central plateau lies the Kalahari Basin, characterised
by wide sandy plains and dune ridges with scarce vegetation.
Another distinct geographical area is the north-east with the
Ovamboland, Kavango and Caprivi regions which receive
considerably more precipitation than the rest of the country. The
northern regions are mainly flat, and the Caprivi is covered with
dense bushveld.

NamibRand Nature Reserve

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 23

Namibian Facts
Oh look! Another beautiful day of the 299 others weve
had this year!

Namibia is truly a sunny place with an average of 300
days of sunshine a year.
Namibias climate is typical of a semi-desert country with
hot days and cool evenings. During the winter months,
while the days remain quite warm, the temperature
plummets in the evenings.
Weather at the coast of Namibia, influenced by the cold
Benguela currents and the escarpment, is generally cool
and mornings are often foggy. Winter sometimes brings
the hot and sandy east wind causing dust storms, but
these conditions pass quickly.
The best times to visit Namibia are between June and
October. Weather is fair and with the dryer conditions,
wildlife tends to congregate around the waterholes as
water elsewhere disappears.
Winter (May-September) - Characterised by wonderful
warm days, very cold nights with temperatures coming
to rest at about -1C to 5C.
Summer (October-April) - Summer is Namibias rainy
season, where some areas receive an average of
700mm while others only receive 20-50mm. However,
even the smallest amount of rain in the desert causes
the adapted desert flora to flourish. Temperatures can
reach 40C during the day; evenings remain quite cool.
Average daily temperature is 20 - 35C.

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 25

Namibian Facts

Filming Attractions
Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

The famous red sand dunes of Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert are often
referred to as the highest dunes in the world but regardless of whether
or not this is true, Sossusvlei is one of the most spectacular sights in
Namibia. The sand dunes at Sossusvlei are just one excellent reason
to visit Namibia. Sossusvlei has been declared a World Heritage Site.

5 Amazing Things About Sossusvlei

The colours and scenery here are Dune 45, so called because it lies
45 km past Sesriem on the road
some of the most contrasting and
to Sossusvlei is also known as
remote found in the world
the most photographed dune in
the world
dunes, grasslands, mountains,
desert & game all make for a Namibia is considered a rich
desert as it contains diamonds,
photographers paradise
gold, silver, base metals and
The highest dune is Big Daddy at

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is one of Southern Africas finest and most
important Game Reserves. Etosha, meaning Great White Place, is
dominated by a massive mineral pan which takes up about 25% of
the 22 270 square km. It is home to 114 mammal species, 340 bird
species, 110 reptile species, 16 amphibian species and one species
of fish.
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 27

Namibian Facts
Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Filming Attractions
Caprivi Wetlands
It has been said that the Caprivi, Namibias Wetland Paradise, is
one of Namibias best kept secrets. The river is full of life with hippo,
elephants, buffalo, crocodiles, birds and more. The Caprivi region is
an area steeped in wildlife and tradition and as yet, undisturbed by
western influences.

Namib Naukluft Park

The unique Namib Desert has a variety of desert landscapes, which
gives Namibia its essential character. Its the oldest living desert on earth,
where flora and fauna are perfectly adapted to this harsh environment,
and where the flat plains of Ganab, the Naukluft Mountains and the
largest dunes in the world can be found.
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 29

Namibian Facts
Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Filming Attractions
Kalahari Desert
The Kalahari Desert stretches across 7 countries Botswana, Zambia,
the Republic of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola and the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It is home to many animals
and reptiles. Most notably, the San people also live in parts of this
inhospitable fossil desert.

One of the last remaining wilderness areas in Southern Africa,
Kaokoland is a refuge for the rare desert dwelling elephant, black rhino
and giraffe; and the home of the Himba people. The rugged landscape
is especially attractive during the early morning and early evening
when the sun turns the landscape into a sea of pastels.

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 31

Namibian Facts

Filming Attractions

Giants Playground
The Giants Playground is packed with large dolerite boulders that
are stacked upon each other as if a giant had used them as building
blocks. Wind erosion has transformed them into wonderful shapes.
The boulders are between 160 million and 180 million years old and
form a maze that is interesting to explore.

Fish River Canyon

It is easy to see why the strikingly beautiful Fish River is the second
most visited tourist site in Namibia. It has been created not only by
water erosion, but also by the collapse of the valley bottom due to
movements in the earths crust. The 500 million year old canyon is the
largest in Africa, and the second largest in the world.
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 33

Namibian Facts

Filming Attractions
Whats Special about the Skeleton Coast?
Limited Visitors
Just 800 visitors are allowed each year to visit the Skeleton Coast.
Strict, guided safari excursions are the only permitted way to visit.
Just two safari companies operate in the Skeleton Coast,. A long dune
drive in a Land Rover brings you into the Ugab River Park entrance,
where large gates decorated with skull and crossbones announce
your arrival.
The Roaring Dunes
This is the only place on Earth where a lucky, well-timed visitor can
hear the roar of the sand dunes. Air trapped between billions of
grains of sand creates a low rumble that has many tourists looking up
thinking theres a jetliner passing above.
Animal Graveyards
One of the first stops in the Skeleton Coast National Park is a massive
cemetery of animal bones including an elephant rib cages mixed with
turtle shells, topped with whale vertebrae and seal skulls.

Skeleton Coast

Edward Bolen
The creepy landscape is not just a final resting place for animal bones.
It also keeps as trophies the ghostly remains of ships it has wrecked.
One of the most prominent and haunting examples is the Edward
Bolen - a German cargo and passenger ship weighing 2,272 tons and
310 feet long, has been stranded off the coast of the Namib Desert
since September 5, 1909. Currently the wreck, rusty and partially
buried in the sand, lie within a few hundred meters from the coastline.

The Skeleton Coast is a barren area but encompasses sand dunes,

canyons and mountain ranges. It is particularly well named; many early
explorers ships were wrecked here. The Bushmen called it The Land
God Made in Anger and the Portuguese knew it as The Gates of Hell.
Surprisingly, there is considerable wildlife further inland.
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 35

Namibian Facts


Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 37

Useful Information

Filming and travelling in Namibia will be a richer experience

for the filmmaker armed with an understanding of the countrys
natural history, cultures and traditions, travel safety tips and other
key information.
In this chapter you will learn a few facts you should know before
you leave for Namibia.

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 45

Useful Information

Useful Information

Useful Information

Sub Title

Eat !

By Bus
TransNamib operates air-conditioned buses (and trains) to destinations all
over Namibia via their Starline service.

By Train
The national railway company of Namibia, TransNamib operates trains
(and buses) to destinations all over Namibia via their StarLine passenger
There is also the Desert Express, a luxury tourist train that traverses
Namibia regularly, taking tourists to such destinations as Walvisbay,
Swakopmund and Etosha National Park. Buses are used to transport
visitors from train stations to the various sights.

By Plane


Namibia has two international airports: the Hosea

Kutako International Airport in Windhoek and the
Walvis Bay Airport. There are also 133 domestic
airports and airstrips.

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et to
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get a filmin

By Sea
Namibia has two harbours: one in Lderitz and a deep sea harbour in
Walvis Bay, which are administered by Namibia Ports Authority (Namport).

By Car
Simply the best way to see Namibia is by car. Namibias car rental
companies maintain a high standard guaranteed by the Car Rental
Association of Namibia (CARAN).
42 000km of well established roads link all corners of Namibia and allow
visitors to explore the country at a reasonable cost. Where the paved
roads end, the adventure begins! The extra cost for a sturdy 4x4 is worth
considering for the added clearance and power benefits off the beaten
A valid driving license from any country is accepted, as long as it is easily
legible to the English speaking authorities. Languages such as Cyrillic,
Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and ideogramatic languages such as Chinese and
Japanese, etc. tend to cause problems and an international license should
be applied for if this is the case.
Traffic drives on the left and seatbelts must be worn. The speed limits are
60 km/h in towns and cities, 120 km/h on the main, tarred roads between
towns and 80 km/h on gravel roads.

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 41

Safety & Tipping

Transport Advice
Remember: your drivers licence must be with you when driving

the vehicle this is a legal requirement in Namibia.


extra drinking water and first aid kits if travelling long

distances - especially in remote areas. A good map is essential.

Ensure that your travel plans and approximate arrival times are
known. For off road travel it is recommended that two vehicles are
It is illegal to use a mobile phone when driving.
Traffic lights are referred to as robots.
Wild animals are always a danger, especially at night and sunrise/

sunset, so be vigilant and reduce speed when the road verge is



not leave anything valuable in the car when leaving it

unattended, and ALWAYS lock the car, even for an absence of a
few minutes.

Always try to park in a busy, well-lit area.

On gravel roads, try to avoid braking hard or swerving.

Beautiful Namibia is a politically stable, peaceful country and the majority
of visits to Namibia are safe and trouble-free. If you are travelling in an
organized group and staying at lodges and camps, safety problems are
very rare. However, like anywhere in the world, most crime occurs in the
cities and safety precautions are advised. Theft from vehicles, especially
from service stations, is common and valuables should be kept out of
sight and the car locked. Avoid using taxis if possible and never take one
alone. Care should be taken when travelling in the Caprivi Strip; travel in
daylight hours only (livestock wandering onto roads at night cause many
accidents), and stay on the main tarred highway. Travellers should carry
identification such as photocopies of their passport at all times.
Tipping is customary in Namibia although not compulsory.
Use the following as a guideline:

Porters & pump attendants: N$3-5

Car guards (only if present on arrival and departure): N$ 2-5; but at
night up to N$10
10-20% of the bill in restaurants
Tour guides, game rangers and trackers appreciate their tips

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 3

Useful Information
All foreign crew, cast and professional photographers intending to work
in Namibia must have a valid temporary work visa. The applicant should
complete a form from the Minisitry of Home Affairs and Immigration
entitled Application for Visa which is also available on the Namibia Film
Commission website.
Visa Requirements
Requirements for temporary work permit (valid for one-three months)
Waiting period: 15 working days / 3 weeks

Visa Application
Passport copy
Motivation letter explaining briefly the purpose
NFC Filming Permit

Type Of Permit
Work Visa

3 Months
N$ 470.00

6 Months
N$ 870.00

Border Crossing
Length of Stay
Tourists are given a maximum of 90 days a year in Namibia if a
return ticket is produced and they have a valid passport for at
least another 6 months. The tourist visa is issued at arrival. An
immediate check must be made that enough days have been
granted. Overstaying the permitted period can draw drastic
Visa Extension
One has to apply for an extension far ahead of time at the
Ministry of Home Affairs Tel 061 2922111.

7-12 Months

These amounts are non-refundable.

Submit directly to Ministry of Home Affairs (+264 (0)61 2922111)
or use make use of a local Production Company

Customs Regulations
Duty-exempt are items for personal use: 1 litre liquor, 2 litres
of wine, 50ml perfume, 250ml Eau de Toilette, 400 cigarettes
or 50 cigars, 250g tobacco, and other new or used items to
the value of N$ 2000. All things exceeding this limit including
food, are subject to strict tariff regulations. Gifts up to a value
of N$200 and all personal items are duty-free.
Road Toll
If you travel to Namibia by car, a cross border charge of N$ 220
is payable as a contribution to road maintenance.

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Useful Information





24 hours

Eros Airport


Depends on schedule



08h00 - 22h00



08h00 - 17h00



08h00 - 16h30

Hosea Kutako Airport


Depends on schedule



07h00 - 18h00



08h00 - 17h00



07h00 - 18h00

Katima Mulilo


08h00 - 17h00



08h00 - 17h00

Klein Manasse


08h00 - 22h00



08h00 - 17h00



08h00 - 17h00



08h00 - 18h00



24 hours



08h00 - 18h00



08h00 - 17h00



06h00 - 22h00



08h00 - 17h00



08h00 - 18h00



08h00 - 18h00



08h00 - 17h00

Trans Kalahari


07h00 - 24h00



08h00 - 22h00

Walvis Bay


08h00 - 17h00



07h00 - 18h00

Border Posts

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logisti e

Useful Information
Windhoek Hosea
Kutako International Airport
Phone: +264 (0) 61 295 5600
Fax: +264 (0) 61 295 5622
Eros Airport
Phone: +264 (0) 61 295 5501
Fax: +264 (0) 61 295 5522
Katima Mulilo Airport
Phone: +264 (0) 66 254 404
Fax: +264 (0) 66 254 405
Keetmanshoop Airport
Phone: +264 (0) 63 225 603
Fax: +264 (0) 63 225 608

Lderitz Airport
Phone: +264 (0) 63 202 035
Fax: +264 (0) 63 202 027
Ondangwa Airport
Phone: +264 (0) 65 240 476
Fax: +264 (0) 65 240 534
Rundu Airport
Phone: +264 (0) 66 255 462
Fax: +264 (0) 66 255 463
Walvis Bay Airport
Phone: +264 (0) 64 271 102
Fax: +264 (0) 64 200 164

Airports & Airlines

Namibia has a good number of domestic and international airports with
several local airlines together with other international airlines operating to
domestic and international destinations.
Hosea Kutako International Airport, Windhoek
Most visitors enter Namibia at Hosea Kutako International Airport
located 45km east of Windhoek. International flights arrive multiple times
throughout the week from Johannesburg and Frankfurt via a number of
carriers. The airport terminal offers a few shops and restaurants, also
ATMs and other helpful services, including taxi and shuttle transportation
to and from Windhoek.
Walvis Bay International Airport, Walvis Bay
Walvis Bay airport is located 15km from Walvis Bay town and 47km from
Swakopmund. Avis and Budget have car rental kiosks at the airport. Other
facilities include a restaurant, a few gift shops, mobile phone rentals,
Internet and shuttle transportation.
Flight Times:
To Windhoek from Frankfurt. Approximately 11 hours
To Windhoek from the USA via South Africa. Approximately 19 hours
To Windhoek from Johannesburg/Cape Town. Approximately 2 hours
To Windhoek from London. Approximately 12 hours

Domestic Flights
From Hosea Kutako International Airport, Air Namibia flies to the following
domestic destinations:
Walvis Bay
From Eros Airport in Windhoek, Air Namibia flies to:
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License no: 00097

Namibia Helicopter

For all your ying needs...

Flying for Film crews/Film work ~ Surveying ~
Rescue operations ~ Game capture/ Game counts
Tel: +264 67 302654 | Mobile: +264 (0)81 1295340
Mobile: +264 (0)81 1281606 |

Useful Information

Namibians love their food, especially when it is truly local, and the country
boasts some very talented chefs, whose flair and imagination can be found
in dishes prepared at lodges, hotels, restaurants in Namibia, and plenty of
catering establishments throughout the country.
Namibia is a country with a varied range of flavours and cultures and
each of the countrys 11 ethnic groups has managed to contribute to the
uniqueness of authentic Namibian cuisine.
One delicacy that is not only loved in Namibia but all over Africa is maize
meal porridge, Africas staple diet, referred to by many European travellers
as Wild Polenta. All cultures even those from western descent love
it and it is generally known as pap, typically served with Braai (African
BBQ). This is a must try dish for any traveller eating out in Namibia.
More and more local dining establishments are finding innovative ways to
prepare and incorporate such traditional flavours and to create a unique
Namibian taste.
Seasonal ingredients such as the Kalahari truffle and Omajowa mushroom
are two fine examples of indigenous ingredients harvested and served
with relish when in season.

Afrikaans, means "small pot". It is a
traditional round, cast iron, threelegged stewing pot that originated
evening when the wagons stopped, the
pot was placed over a fire to softly
simmer a delicious balance of meat and
vegetables, producing a stew with a
unique flavour.
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Useful Information


As Namibias popularity as a tourist and film

destination have grown, so too have the
accommodation choices available. Despite
Namibia still being a developing country, it is
extremely service oriented with everything to
suit your accommodation needs from camping,
self-catering, luxury camping, pensions, B&Bs,
caravans, lodges, spas, hotels and guesthouses.

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Filming Resources

Filming Resources
The Namibia Film Commission issued 102 film permits to foreign
film production companies with an estimated value of over 47-million
Namibian Dollars in the last two years - dont hesitate to be one of

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 67

Filming Resources

Everything you need to know about filming in Namibia from visas and
permits, to a equipment and car rentals can be found in this chapter.

Filming Resources
Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Filming Permits
The Namibian government requires that all foreign productions entering
Namibia apply for filming permission from the Namibia Film Commission
(Tel: +264 61 381 900 / at least three weeks before arrival.

All applications carry a fee of N$ 500.00 (non-refundable)

All filming and

Environment and

To film or photograph minority groups application for permission must

be submitted to:
1) Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa (WIMSA)
Tel: + 264 61 244 909 /

professional photo shoots in National

Tourism and will incur some fees.

2) HIZETJITWA Indigenous Peoples Organization (HIPO)

Tel: +264 65 273 362 / /

The Namibia Film Commission

(NFC) can supply information on
everything you need to know.

Film production or photography companies should obtain an ATA

carnet for their equipment before departure from country of residence.

Location fees vary depending on the genre and scale of the production
(commercial, feature or documentary). There is a reduced location fee
when working through a local, established service production company.
An additional entrance fee is required when filming in National Parks, paid
to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism: Tel: +264-61-284 2111.
An environmental officer is also required to be on set each day of filming in
a national park or in protected areas. A daily fee will be charged.

Tel: +264 61 381 900 |
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Filming Resources

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 3

Filming Resources

Work Visas
All foreign cast and crew entering Namibia require work visas to film in
Namibia. All work visa applications must be directed to the Ministry of
Home Affairs and Immigration at least 15 working days prior to your arrival.
Requirements for a Temporary Work Visa (valid 1-3 months)
Visa Application
Passport copy
Motivation letter explaining briefly the purpose
Namibia Film Commission Filming Permit
3 month temporary work visa application cost: N$ 470.00
6 month temporary work visa application cost: N$ 870.00
These amounts are non-refundable.
Entry Visas
All non-Namibians require work visas, however you DO NOT require
an entry visa to Namibia, if you are from: Nationals of Angola, Armenia,
Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil,
Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hong
Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan,
Lesotho, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, SAR, Malawi, Malaysia,
Mauritius, Moldovia, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,
Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Sweden,
Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United
States of America, Uzbekistan, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
All foreign crew, cast and professional photographers intending
to work in Namibia must have a valid temporary work visa. The
applicant should complete a form from the Minisitry of Home Affairs
and Immigration entitled Application for Visa which is also available
on the Namibia Film Commission website.
Submit directly to Ministry of Home Affairs. Contact No +264 (0)61 2922111
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Filming Resources


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Filming Resources

Sub Title


Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 9

Filming Resources

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 11

Filming Resources

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Filming Resources
Why film here?
Because Namibias awesome, thats why!

Why Film Here?

One big open-air studio
Internationally renowned for its
barren desert landscape, Namibia
also offers immense diversity of
other settings, from rural to urban,
beach scenery, misty coastal
towns, seas of sand dunes, ghost
mines, Germanic architecture to
traditional villages and mud huts.
Furthermore, due to the changing
climate conditions found throughout
the expansive mass of land that is
Namibia, the country provides a
wide range of possible weather
360 Filming
Namibia offers motion picture
industry infrastructure and lowcost, high-quality services. Filming
permissions are easily obtainable,
especially with the help of a local
production company. Unlike many
European countries, Namibia has a
very welcoming approach to filming
in public areas such as on streets
and highways.

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

With opposite seasons to the
Northern hemisphere, Namibias
climate of low average rainfall, with
long daylight hours and an average
of 300 days of sunlight per year,
makes this country an ideal filming

Save money
considerably lower than the cost
of bringing in foreign crews. We
also have low production costs and
tax benefits for foreign companies
working through a local production
company, not to mention our
favourable exchange rate.
Highly qualified professionals
Namibian crews are renowned
motivation and dedication. Due
to Namibias ever expanding film
industry, Namibian crews not
only have the qualifications in
their field, but also the necessary
experience. Namibias film crews
and technicians are multilingual
and have international production
Namibia has companies that
specialise in high-quality equipment
Namibia is a politically stable
country with low crime incidents
and friendly, helpful people.

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 17

Filming Resources

Production Companies

With more than 102 filming permits issued in the last two years, Namibia
is fast becoming the place to film! Local production companies provide
more than just a basic film service, they share their experience and
knowledge of the country to make sure you leave happy, with plans
to return.
Namibian production companies and production service providers
ensure that your shoot proceeds smoothly, despite being in a foreign
country. From location scouting, shooting, permits, visa applications,
accommodation, hiring crew, facilities and equipment, casting,
catering, transport and tax and legal compliance, our local production
companies will assist and handle all these details.
Local knowledge of the environment, contacts to local people and
understanding of the prevailing conditions is an essential part of a
successful production in Namibia. These are compelling reasons to
use a reputable production service provider. The advantage of using
professional local crew, that have knowledge of the local environment,
culture, resources and conditions is priceless and adds savings to the
visiting producers budget.

Rusting star shaped Dune 45 sprawls about

45km from the Sesriem Canyon and stretches
about 170m to the skies above

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 19

A film production company operating under IMWE NAMIBIA HOLDINGS

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Let Namibias leading Service Production Company be at the centre of any production, and
visiting Producers, ideal to envisage their dream to film in the Land between Deserts.
Namib Film is dedicated to bridging the gap between Namibia and the international filmmaker
by providing exceptional experience and infrastructure for quality service delivery. For more
information and contact details please visit the website:

Filming Resources

Sub Title

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 23

Filming Resources

Sub Title


Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Helping you tell your story

Tel: +264 (0)64 463371 | Cell: +264 (0)81 228 1964
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 25 |

Filming Resources

Once a prosperous diamond mining town,

Kolmanskop - now a ghost town - fights

a constant, losing, battle with the sand

dunes of the Namib Desert.

Namibia offers idyllic tropical and desert locations that are
incomparable. The most spectacular landscapes for filmmakers
can be found in the Namib Desert and the surrounding area.
Films such as Flight of the Phoenix, 10 000 BC, The Cell and
Mad Max 4: Fury Road, were filmed here. Our landscapes are
one of Mother Natures best gifts.
Below are a few simple descriptions of what is on offer:

sheer mountains and rocky outcrops

sandy beaches with golden or volcanic coloured sand
endless belts of dunes and deserts
bounteous wild-life, bird-life and fishing options
long and winding roads through changing landscapes
sun drenched savannah with freely roaming wild-life
forests of trees from petrified to lush
scenic lakes, rivers and oases
abandoned ghost towns

From the quaint small German town of Swakopmund to the

rustic traditional villages in the north, you will find no shortage
of inspiration. Each town is able to double as a dozen different
venues and time periods in film, from medieval Europe to
modern America allowing big savings for the producer.
South of the Kuiseb River (dry river) lies the sea of dunes, tall
and beautiful red and yellow dunes which stretch for hundreds
of kilometers, with no trace of civilization yet, the port town of
Walvis Bay is only approx. 30 kms (18 Miles) away! Your crew
can conveniently access the dune sea via a good gravel road
and an experienced service company. Namibia is filled with
such wonders, just a stones throw away from convenience.

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Filming Resources

These bare circles in the dune valleys or

grassy plains of the NamibRand Nature

Reserve and Giribis Plains, Puros are called
fairy circles.

A private nature reserve of iconic desert landscapes, wildlife

and unique features like the famous fairy circles

NamibRand Nature Reserve

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Filming Resources

100% Film Friendly!

Experience marine wildlife up close

with seals, dolphins, whales, pelicans,
penguins and more. Contact us to find
out how we can assist on your next
Tel: +264 811245045

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

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Sub Title

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Filming Resources

Equipment, Service & Support

All the unit equipment needed for your production is readily available, from
mobile make-up departments to comfortable star trailers. Equipment is
available from rental companies offering state-of-the-art cameras, lenses
and accessories. Namibian post facilities have high-end editing suites,
both digital linear and non-linear. Local studios offer 3D and 2D animation,
complete sound processing from composition to recording to mastering
as well as a full range of lights. Namibia can accommodate projects of
different sizes and budgets.
Should you choose to bring in your own equipment from abroad, this can
be done on an ATA carnet and cleared by a local agent.
Specialised Film Services
Namibia has everything from animal trainers/wranglers, local experts to
undertake environmental impact assessments and rehabilitation of film
locations, on-site accommodation, location catering to the rental of small
aircraft, ultra-light planes and helicopters for aerial scouts, photography
and filming.
Filmmakers, production companies and producers have founded FAN
(Filmmakers Association of Namibia) to represent their interests and to
build up a data base providing qualified information about services and
suppliers existing in Namibia today. Visit their website on for more information.

Filmmakers Association of Namibia

Tel: +264 61 242 119
Mobile: +264 81 663 0830
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 35

Filming Resources

We practise safe sets.

+264 81 243 3447
Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Filming Resources

Lemonreel Ad to go here

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Sub Title

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 41

Filming Resources

NamibRand Nature Reserve

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 45

Filming Resources

Namibian Cast & Crew

Namibian Crew
These are compelling reasons to use a reputable production service
provider. Many of the local crew have international experience and
have worked locally on a wide variety of productions.
Namibian crews are renowned for their skill and diversity. Knowledge
of the local environment, local contacts, and understanding of
conditions are essential to a successful production in Namibia. It is
advised to use a reputable production service company to ensure
you receive the correct information and to streamline the filming
process. Although it is possible to bring international crew to
Namibia, we encourage the use of Namibian crew where possible.
From experience, we know that local knowledge is priceless and
adds great savings to the foreign producers budget.

Art Department Camera Stunts

Grip Lighting Sound
Namibian Cast
Namibia is unique in many different ways, but one of the main
reasons for its individual identity is that it has been influenced by
different cultures during colonisation. Namibia is a blend of 11
major ethnic groups, each aware of the past but all celebrating the
future that lies ahead. Namibians are proud to be Namibian.
Local casting agencies can supply any kind of look for your
production. Namibian extras and actors are skilled in languages
as well as stagecraft, and visiting directors praise their enthusiasm
and professionalism.

Actors Featured extras Background extras

Stand ins / body doubles
Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 47

Filming Resources

Costumes, Props & Make-Up

Namibia offers the final touch in bringing your production to life:

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Costume rental
Manufacturing of clothing and props
Designing of clothing and props
Trained Make - up artists
An extensive range of props covering everything from historical
furniture to vintage vehicles

Our designers take their inspiration from the landscape and history
of Namibia and sew it into every stitch. Our designers can respond
to a productions ever-changing requirements
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 49

Filming Resources


Below is a selection of productions filmed in Namibia, facilitated

by local companies using our facilities and locations, from the year
Feature films such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Ghajini, Mariyaan,
Drona, Gallowwalker, Dhoom 2, The Cell, Flight of the Phoenix,
The Bone Snatcher, Young Black Stallion, Beyond Borders and
Commercials for companies such as Blackberry, Lotto Max, Vespa,
Nissan, Windhoek Lager, Tafel Lager, Powerhorse, Kelloggs,
Halifax, Yamaha to name but a few.
Music videos for the likes of the Gorillaz, Stefan Ludik and Samir.
Reality / Lifestyle TV: The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, World
Wide Cookout, Naked & Afraid, Dude Youre Screwed
Documentaries and TV series for companies such as BBC, ITV
London, Battle Beat Productions & Renegade 83 USA, High Noon
Entertainment USA, Renegade Pictures UK, Superfilm GmbH,
Sky TV, Kyknet and NBC,Quiksilver Europe, Discovery, ARD,
Tele2Denmark, SVT Sweden, Orbita Max, Icon Films, In the Light
Productions BBC, Universal Studios, ITV, One Planet Films,
Cosmos Factory GmbH, Tomasz Gudzowaty Photography, BBC
Science, Epo Filmproduktions and others.

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 51

Want to get your hands on some

Namibian films?
Namibian films can be found at various public institutions in
Namibia and internationally. AfricAvenir, FNCC and JoeVision
Productions created the Namibia Movie Collection, consisting
currently of more than 60 Namibian produced films!
In Namibia, the collection can be found at the Franco Namibian
Cultural Centre, the Katutura Community and Arts Centre, the
Ministry of Youth, National Service, Youth and Culture, and at
the office of the Minister of Information and Communication
Outside of Namibia, the collection is available at the
office of the German branch of AfricAvenir in Berlin, at the
Entwicklungspolitisches Informationszentrum Berlin (EPIZ),
at the Basler Afrika Bibliographien (BAB) in Basel, and at the
Washington Library of Congress.
The content of the collection can be found here:
Commercially Namibian films can be accessed and purchased
via AfricAvenir:

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Sub Title

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 55

Sub Title

Namib Prefab Ad goes here

Namibia is known as the land of


Karl Andre
Andre Terblanche
Terblanche Photography
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 57


This section contains a list of film and film related Namibian companies
ready to help be a part of your Namibian production experience.
Feel free to check out our website for
our online listings as well as our online edition!




Hotel Pension Rapmund offers 25 standard and 2 luxury en-suite rooms

Hotel Pension Rapmund

with reasonable rates. Enjoy our hearty breakfast with a sea view, in a

Tel: +264 (0) 64 402035

friendly atmosphere. Our ideal central location, with a 2 min walk to the

Fax: +264 (0) 64 404524

beach and town centre, will make your stay cosy and relaxing.

Okahandja Country Hotel offers 22 en-suite twin rooms and 2 family

Okahandja Country Hotel

units. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning/heating, television &

Tel: +264-62-504299

satellite TV and coffee making facilities.We offer a complete service to

Fax: +264-62-502551

our guests. Accommodation, fully licensed bar and restaurant, all for your

Desert Ace Tours & Charters is a professional tour operator company

Desert Ace Tours & Charters

based in Namibia which specializes in self-drive tours, guided tours, fly-

Tel: +264 64 46 3371

safaris and tailor-made and specialized travel packages. Another distinct

Cell: +264 81 359 9087

service on offer by Desert Ace Tours & Charters is film production fixing
services in Namibia.

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 105


Aviation / Catamarans

Desert Ace Tours & Charters is a professional tour operator

Desert Ace Tours & Charters

company based in Namibia which specializes in self-drive tours,

Tel: +264 64 46 3371

guided tours, fly-safaris and tailor-made and specialized travel

Cell: +264 81 359 9087

packages. Another distinct service on offer by Desert Ace Tours &

Charters is film production fixing services in Namibia.

Namibia Helicopter Services has the expert capabilities to

provide a supporting role for aerial photography and filming and
the transport of crew and equipment to various locations. We also
facilitate game capture, game census, surveying and slinging. Our
clients include the World WildLife Fund (WWF), Discovery Channel,
National Geographic, and various other corporate clients.

Namibia Helicopter Services

Sun Sail Catamarans offer dolphin and seal cruises with German/

Sun Sail Catamarans

English guides or skippers on the Walvis Bay lagoon. An excellent

Tel: +264 811245045

opportunity to experience marine wildlife up close with seals,

dolphins, whales, pelicans, penguins and more while enjoying fresh
oysters, sparkling wine and snacks. We are 100% film friendly!

Tel: +264 67 302654

Mobile: +264 81 1295340 / 1281606

Cell: 0819SUN

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 3



AfricAvenir Windhoek focuses on the promotion of an African

Renaissance by organising film screenings/festivals, film workshops,
& provides film expertise/consultations. Partners to several film
festivals, such as AfryKamera Poland, International Images Film
Festival for Women Zimbabwe, Cacimba de Cinema e Video Brasil,
and to bodies such as AfriCine, the African Film Critique Federation
and VOD platforms such as AfricaFilms.TV.

AfricAvenir Windhoek

Filmmakers Association of Namibia (FAN) was founded to


represent filmmakers interests and to build up a database providing

Tel: +264 (0)61 242 119

qualified information about services and suppliers existing in

M: +264 (0)81 663 0830

Namibia today. The objectives of the associationis to promote the

Tel: +264 (0) 855630949

growth and development of the Namibian Film and Video industry.

Namibia Film Commission (NFC) can supply information on

Namibia Film Commission

everything you need to know about production services, locations,

Tel: +264 61 381 900

facilities, crews, permits, taxation, transport etc. Discover Namibia

for your next award winning film production.

Fax: +264 61 256 054 /

SMEs Compete Cost-effective solutions providing catering,

SMEs Compete

transport, costume making, carpentry etc. by creating a link between

Tel: +264-(0)61 24 7129

SMEs and established corporations and film producers, in the form

of subcontracting and outsourcing services.

Fax: +264-(0)61 24 8591
Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 5


Crew & Models

YM Models Namibia is the source of top Namibian models and can

YM Models Namibia

provide actresses, actors and extras for most needs.

Tel: +264 (0)67 222775

Fax: +264 (0)88 623581

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 7


Equipment, Service, Rentals

Adventure Camping Hire & Sales specialise in the renting of

Adventure Camping Hire & Sales

quality, affordable camping equipment on a daily basis or on long

Tel: +264 (0)61 242478

term, whichever suits your needs. We hire out any kind of camping

Fax: +264 (0)61 300611

equipment like off-road trailers, freezers, GPSs, satellite phones,

tents, roof tents and more.

Equipment List Rentals is a Namibian based film equipment

rental company which focus on supplying well maintained film- &
unit support equipment, as well as location management to the
visiting Producer. We also specialise in generators, two-way radios
and specialised film vehicles everything you need to make your
production a success.

Equipment List Rentals

Jope Trading cc caters for all your camping needs. Our company

Jope Trading

offers rental, guiding and tour planning services. We rent out tents,

Tel: +264 (0)81 3478044

gazebos, kitchen sets, chairs, mattresses and sleeping bags

amongst other.

Tel: +264 (0)81 243 3447

Fax: +264 88 650 3238

M: +264 (0)81 2773218

Lemonreel Film Services provides a range of specialised services

Lemonreel Film Services

by experienced Namibian crew: lights, grips, camera, on set medics,

Tel: +264 (0)81 122 7717

props, wardrobe, SFX, VFX and Namibian based equipment to the

film industry.

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 9


Equipment, Service, Rentals

Namib Prefab Buildings - your complete prefabricated building

Namib PreFab Buildings

solution! Manufacturing and building of prefabricated buildings

Tel: +264 64 461112

conversions of storage containers, offices, ablutions etc.

Cell: +264 81 738 2970

Panavision - supplier of all types of HD and film equipment in-

Panavision South Africa

cluding Panavision and Arri Flex cameras, all lens types,extensive

Tel: +27 21 555 1780

range of grip equipment including techno cranes and dollies and all
associated technical support.

Cell: +27 (0)82 895 0508

Sandstone Logistics offers film, documentary and photographic

Sandstone Logistics

logistics as well as scouting, SFX Wind, Tracking, Safari Camps, Unit

Paul van der Ploeg

Support, Set Building, Location Management and Environmental

Management Plans.

STEEL AFRICA - Merchants of mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized,

Cell: +264 (0)81 333 2769

Walvis Bay Branch +264 64 274600

aluminium, Vesconite products & Welding Consumables. We also

supply reinforced steel cut and bent.

Windhoek Branch +264 61 269120

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 11

Corporate and Commercial, Farming, Personal and Domestic
Insurance Broking
Risk Management,
Risk Finance Consulting,
Specialist Insurance and
Claims Management

Marsh Namibia (Pty) Ltd
Tel +264 64 206 199
Fax +264 64 204616

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 13



Karl Andre Terblanche Photography sets the standard for

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Namibian photography. Karl is internationally published with images

Tel: + 264 (0)81 679 8850

used by National Geographic, The Mail on Sunday, The Observer

(UK), Le Figaro (France), TV Line among others.

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

Film Production Directory Namibia 2014 | 15


Production Services

Collective Productions name informs our each and every action.

We believe in building an empowering film industry within our
national borders and delivering high-end audiovisual experiences.
Currently in its sixth year of existence, Collective Productions has
produced award-winning short films,successful TV commercials
and creatively directed series for German television.

Collective Productions

Desert Rain Films where production miracles happen. The truly

Desert Rain Films

Namibian production service company, run by a carefully selected

Tel : +264 (0)81 792 7606

team of industry professionals. Discover our unique combination of

intimate local know-how, and vast international expertise.


Cell : +27 (0)79 679 9484

Magic Touch Films is an established production company in

Magic Touch Films

Namibia, specializing in documentary & reality televising facilitations.

Phone: +264 (0)64 46 3371

Africa is our love and Namibia is our home. With our experience

Cell: +264 (0)81 228 1964

we can provide you with the best specialized production service in


Namib Film, Namibias premier film production service company,

will be at the centre of any production that wants to envisage its
dream in Namibia. Namib Film specializes in the facilitation of
feature films, commercials, music videos and still shoot productions,
and is the only production company to have serviced Hollywood
and Bollywood studio films in Namibia.

Namib Film
Tel: +264 (0)64 463371
Cell: +264 81 224 0859
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New Mission Films is a well regarded services provider, with a
solid history of experience and expertise. We understand that film
and video are a powerful medium of communication and so we offer
a wide range of services to accommodate you. These include script
& content development, film & video production, documentaries,
international (foreign) production management corporate videos,
film equipment rental and location scouting.
Desert Ace Tours & Charters is a professional tour operator
company based in Namibia that offers film production fixing
services in Namibia. As a company with strong ties, knowledge and
experience within the Namibian film industry we have the added
advantage to assist you, the visiting Producer, with all your production
requirements to ensure that your production runs smoothly.

Production Services
New Mission Films
Tel: +264 (0)61 232113
Cell: +264 (0)81 124 5405

Desert Ace Tours & Charters

Tel: +264 64 46 3371
Cell: +264 81 359 9087

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Walvis Bay
Probst Willi Bakery, Restaurant and Cake-Dcor shop is located

Probst Willi Bakery, Restaurant and Cake-Dcor shop

in the heart of Walvis Bay and is an essential stop for lunch or

Tel: +264 64 202744

breakfast. Visit us for great home cooked food and also for a touch
of Namibian history, with down-home family feel. An experience not
to be missed!
12th Road Nr 13, Walvis Bay

The Fish Deli Your fresh fish specialist! We offer fresh and smoked

The Fish Deli

fish as well as a large variety of seafood to take home, or come

Tel: +264 64 462979

and enjoy our bistro for delicious fish & chips or our freshly made
sushi. We are located on the main road in town - open for lunch and
dinner. We look forward to seeing you!

Cell: +264 81 285 7515
29 Sam Nujoma Ave, Swakopmund

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Transport / Car Hire

Advanced 4x4 Car Hire We offer full camping equipped or standard

Advanced 4x4 Car Hire

4x4 vehicle hires with fridges, GPS and satellite phones on request.

Tel: +264 (0)61 246 832

Transfers to and from the airport is included in the rental. All our

Cell: +264 (0)81 287 6932

vehicles are allowed to enter Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

We offer 24 hour break down service.


SOLUTIONS - Customs Clearing & Forwarding; Import & Exports;
Inter Modal Transportation (Road, Air, Sea, Rail); Freight/Project
Cargo/Bulk Handling Services; Storage-Bonded/Bulk/Container;
Stevedoring; Ships Agency & Husbandry Services; Marine
Bunkering; Marine Lubricants Supplies; Specialised Training
Courses & Facilities; Airport ground-handling services/Crew
Changes/Transfers; Container Minor Repairs/Lashing/Securing
Cargo/Packing; Shipping; Logistical Onshore Services.

MANICA Group Namibia

Transworld Cargo specialise in logistics for international film crews

Transworld Cargo

and professional photographers. Import / Export Logistic by Land,

Windhoek Tel: +264 61 371 100

Sea, Air, Customs Brokerage, Warehousing, Staging, Charter

Passenger Services. Cost Efficient, Swift, 24/7.

Walvis Bay (Head office)

Tel (+264 64) 201 2911
Fax (+264 64) 20 7420

Walvis Bay Tel: +264 64 276 000

Desert Ace Tours & Charters is a professional tour operator

Desert Ace Tours & Charters

company based in Namibia which specializes in self-drive tours,

Tel: +264 64 46 3371

guided tours, fly-safaris and tailor-made and specialized travel

Cell: +264 81 359 9087

packages. Another distinct service on offer by Desert Ace Tours &

Charters is film production fixing services in Namibia.
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Speciality Locations

The NamibRand Nature Reserve, located in southern Namibia, is

NamibRand Nature Reserve

a private nature reserve established to help protect and conserve

Tel: +264 (0)61 224882

the unique ecology and wildlife of the south-west Namib Desert.

Fax: +264 (0)61 225811

Iconic desert landscapes, wildlife and unique features like fairy

circles are found here.

Taken on the NamibRand Nature Reserve

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Mondesa Youth Opportunities Founded in 2003, MYO is a
non-profit, afternoon-based academic enrichment programme
for disadvantaged, but promising learners who deserve a better
chance for a good education than that which they receive from their
local schools. We believe that the most important building blocks
to develop healthy, positive, enthusiastic youth are firmly rooted in
quality basic education.

Volunteer Programs
Mondesa Youth Opportunities
Tel: +264 (0)64 403572
Fax: +264 (0)64 88 615737

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Useful Information
British Council

Embassies Windhoek
Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

1-5 Fidel Castro Street, Private Bag 13392, Windhoek

T: +264 (0)61 226776

F: +264 (0)61 227530

10 Berg St, Klein Windhoek, P.O. Box 11853, Windhoek

T: +264 (0)61 221501

F: +264 (0)61 228856

Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Embassy of Finland
5th Floor, Sanlam Centre, 154 Independence Avenue, Windhoek

Unit 6, Ausspann Platz, 2nd Floor, Dr. Agostinho Neto Road

T: +264 (0)61 221355

T: +264 (0)61 227905

F: +264 (0)61 221349

F: +264 (0)61 227804

Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Embassy of Iceland
4th Floor, Sanlam Centre, 154 Independence Avenue, PB 13266

T: +264 (0)61 229722

56 Bismark Street, P.O. Box 9064, Eros, Windhoek

T: +264 (0)61 256287

F: +264 (0)61 229755

F: +264 (0)61 256286

Embassy of Mexico

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

3rd Floor, Southern Life Tower, Post Street Mall, Windhoek

6th Floor, Sanlam Centre,154 Independence Avenue, P.O. Box 231

T: +264 (0)61 229082

T: +264 (0)61 229217

F: +264 (0)61 229082

F: +264 (0)61 222981

Embassy of Portugal

Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil

28 Garten St, Windhoek Central, P.O. Box 443, Windhoek

52 Bismarck St, Windhoek West, P.O. Box 24166, Windhoek

T: +264 (0)61 228736

T: +264 (0)61 237368

F: +264 (0)61 237929

F: +264 (0)61 233389

Embassy of Sweden

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

9th Floor, Sanlam Centre, 154 Independence Avenue, P.O. Box 23087

45 Kasteel St, Luxury Hill, P.O. Box 23866, Windhoek

T: +264 (0)61 222905

T: +264 (0)61 229974

F: +264 (0)61 222774

F: +264 (0)61 229975

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Useful Information

Embassies Windhoek

Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

58 Bismarck St, Windhoek West, P.O. Box 21811

103 Nelson Mandela Ave, Klein Windhoek, P.O. Box 20691

T: +264 (0)61 223066

T: +264 (0)61 221914

F: +264 (0)61 223046

F: +264 (0)61 223811

Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China

Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe

13 Wecke Street, Klein Windhoek P.O. Box 22777

398 Cnr. Independence Avenue & Grimm Street, P.O. Box 23056

T: +264 (0)61 372800

T: +264 (0)61 228134

F: +264 (0)61 225544

F: +264 (0)61 226859

Embassy of the Republic of Algeria

Embassy of the Russian Federation

Gloudina St, Ludwigsdorf, P.O. Box 23866

4 Christian St, Luxury Hill, P.O. Box 3826

T: +264 (0)61 221507

T: +264 (0)61 228671

F: +264 (0)61 236376

F: +264 (0)61 229061

Embassy of the Republic of Angola

Embassy of the United States of America

Angola House, 3 Ausspann Str, Ausspannplatz, P.O. Box 6647

14 Lossen Street, Ausspannplatz, P/Bag 12029

T: +264 (0)61 227535

T: +264 (0)61 221601

F: +264 (0)61 221498

F: +264 (0)61 229792

Embassy of the Republic of Congo

Embassy of Venezuela

9 Krner Street, P.O. Box 22970, Windhoek

3rd Floor, Southern Life Tower, Post Street Mall, P.O. Box 23866

T: +264 (0)61 257517

T: +264 (0)61 227905

F: +264 (0)61 240796

F: +264 (0)61 227804

Embassy of the Republic of Cuba

French Embassy

310 Muramba Road, Eros, P.O. Box 23866

1 Goethe Street

T: +264 (0)61 227072

F: +264 (0)61 231884

T: +264 (0)61 276700

F: +264 (0)61 276710

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Diplomatic Windhoek
Italian Embassy
Cor Anna & Gevers Street, Ludwigsdorf, P.O. Box 24065

T: +264 (0)61 228602

F: +264 (0)61 229860

Royal Netherlands Embassy

2 Crohn St, Windhoek Central, P.O. Box 564

T: +264 (0)61 223733

F: +264 (0)61 223732

Royal Norwegian Embassy

5th Floor, Sanlam centre, 154 Independence Avenue, P.O. Box 9936

T: +264 (0)61 227812

F: +264 (0)61 222226

Consulates Windhoek
Austrian Consulate
1 Schafer Street, Klein Windhoek, P.O. Box 11848

T: +264 (0)61 222159

F: +264 (0)61 232353

Consulate of Belgium
4th Floor, CDM Centre, Bulow St, Whk Central, P.O. Box 22584

T: +264 (0)61 238295

Karl Andre Terblanche Photography

F: +264 (0)61 236531

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Useful Information

Consulates Windhoek

Consulate of Canada

Consulate of the Republic of Bulgaria

P.O. Box 9704, Windhoek

17 Bach Street, P.O. Box 24449, Windhoek

T: +264 (0)61 238295

T: +264 (0)61 246333

F: +264 (0)61 235841

Consulate of Romania

Consulate of the Republic of Hungary

16 Gous Street, Pionierspark, Windhoek

7 Hippokrates Street, P.O. Box 20392, Windhoek

T: +264 (0)61 241292

M: +264 (0)81 124 3984

T: +264 (0)61 223175

F: +264 (0)61 241 980

F: +264 (0)61 223175

M: +264 (0)81 124 7493

Consulate of the Kingdom of Belgium

Consulate-General of Switzerland

12 Love Street, P.O. Box 43, Windhoek

2nd Floor, Southern Life Tower, Post Street Mall, P.O. Box 22287

T: +264 (0)61 383-300

T: +264 (0)61 222359

F: +264 (0)61 230011

F: +264 (0)61 227922

Consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand

New Zealand Consulate

Trust Centre Building, Independence Ave, 6 th Floor, Suite 606

23 Bodin Street, Academia, P.O. Box 31268, Pionierspark

T: +264 (0)61 233737

M: +264 (0)81 124 3984

T: +264 (0)61 225228

F: +264 (0)61 233209

F: +264 (0)61 220346

Consulate of the Netherlands

Royal Danish Consulate

18 Liliencron Street, (Unit 4), P.O. Box 564, Windhoek

7 Best Street, Windhoek West, P.O. Box 24236, Windhoek

T: +264 (0)61 223733

T: +264 (0)61 237565

F: +264 (0)61 223732

F: +264 (0)61 237614

Consulate of the Republic of Austria

Royal Norwegian Consulate General

60 Jan Jonker Road, Klein Windhoek, P.O. Box 3163, Windhoek

39 Schanzen Weg, Private Bag X 13303, Windhoek

T: +264 (0)61 237934

F: +264 (0)61 238795

T: +264 (0)61 258278 /

F: +264 (0)61 230528

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Useful Information

High Commissions

British High Commission

High Commission of the Republic of Ghana

116 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek Central, P.O. Box 22202
T: +264 (0)61 223022

5 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Klein Windhoek, P.O. Box 24165, WHK

F: +264 (0)61 228895

F: +264 (0)61 221 343

T: +264 (0)61 221 341/2

Delegation of the Commission of the European Union

High Commission of the Republic of Kenya

European House, 2 Newton Street, P.O. Box 24443, Windhoek

Kenya House, 5th Floor, 134 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Box 2889

T: +264 (0)61 2026000

T: +264 (0)61 226836

T: +264 (0)61 2026224

F: +264 (0)61 221409

High Commission of India

High Commission of the Republic of South Africa

97 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Klein Windhoek, P.O. Box 1209

Cor Jan Jonker and Nelson Mandela Ave, Klein Windhoek, P.O. Box 23100

T: +264 (0)61 226037

T: +264 (0)61 229765

F: +264 (0)61 237320

F: +264 (0)61 224140

High Commission of Malaysia

High Commission of the Republic of Zambia

12 Babs Street, Ludwigsdorf, P.O. Box 312

22 Sam Nujoma Drive, Cnr. Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue

T: +264 (0)61 259342/4

T: +264 (0)61 237610/1

F: +264 (0)61 259343

F: +264 (0)61 228162

High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

High Commission of the Republic of Zimbabwe

4 General Murtala Muhammed Avenue, Eros Park, Box 23547

Cor Independence Ave and Grimm St, Whk Central, P.O. Box 23056

T: +264 (0)61 232103/5

T: +264 (0)61 228134

F: +264 (0)61 221639

F: +264 (0)61 226859

High Commission of the Republic of Botswana

101 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Klein Windhoek, P.O. Box 20359

T: +264 (0)61 221941

F: +264 (0)61 236034
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