Emapth's Venture By Idea1407

Copyright Idea1407 2010

Anguish Feel, feeling it all. Overwhelming the pressure. People's emotion affect me, It compels me to follow. Must resist, must be strong. Get away, have to get away. Stay away, stay away people, Your negatives are too strong. Anger, pain, fear, its smothering. Tired, so tired of it all. Ahh, take a distance from the crowds. Earth, sky, nature, all seems calm. There, there are my emotions, finally they surface. Relief, sweet relief, so precious. Still feeling, same people's negatives, But now I won't succumb to them. Knowing what's mine and what's theirs, I can keep all in order. Suddenly the world opens up. The universe opens up. All is connected. Now a new view of the world emerges.

Connection Entering a busy place, where prices are cut. The greeter is elderly standing for many hours. He is looking down fiddling with something. I pass and greet him with energy that says "Hi Ray", yet not a word leaves my mouth. Instantly he lifts his head and says "Thank you....Welcome". And I knew it was the moment of connection.

Trees Standing tall from ground to sky, Trees gives shelter to many. Yet there is more, more to trees, They feel, they live, they breath. Putting my hand on a trunk, The strong emotion fills me. Strong calmness, undeterred might, Now the rabbits and squirrels come near me. Then I came across a sour tree. Sour was the feel, repelling me. But the gardener explained to me, That the tree was hollow, and its branches were long. They were under stress and could break off. Some pruning changed the sour tree, No longer repelling, but pleasing. The forest is filled with all kinds of trees and shrubs. Clusters of these abound. Who speaks for the cluster? The biggest tree rules the group. Though we are mean to them, they look out for us. Keeping the sun and the wind from overwhelming us, They give us release from stress.

Fear Fear is present. Fear stays. Fear motivates. Fear controls. But fear doesn't have to be followed. Flourishing folks are free from fear. Find the ferociousness to be fearless, And freedom will be your friend.

Love How to love? Give what they want? Meet every whim? Heal every wound? Lavish with gifts? Nah! Listen, listen to their voice, Listen to their emotion. What do they require to learn? What can they not endure? Protect and respect them, Give them room to grow. Then your love will be noticed. Then your love will be obvious. And your love will come back to you.

Kindness The sixties said make love not war. The seventies said love everybody. The eighties said love yourself. The ninety said love prosperity. Then our cages were rattled. What do we really need? What to do with love? How about showing kindness? How about giving people the right of way? How about taking time to listen? How about helping others find their way? Give kindness and receive kindness, Give pushiness and receive pushiness. What would you have?

Water Water is amazing. We drink it, we cook with it. It rains on us, it snows on us. We are made of it. Is it alive? Water has a feel to it. Its a medium to me, like paint is to an artist. Its in the sky, its in the soil, its everywhere. Its liquid, its solid, its gaseous. Does it have a soul? Water is a simple three piece molecule. Yet we cannot live without it, And life is dead if not for it. It acts weird in the lab, changing colors and such. It becomes medicine as a homeopath. Is it spirit? In this existence, water is the common oddity. We owe our beings to water.

The Way of Pain Feeling people mourn, There is the way of pain. Feeling crushed spirits, There is the way of pain. Feeling scared children, There is the way of pain. Feeling the mass graves, There is the way of pain. Feeling people destroy themselves, There is the way of pain. When will we learn? When will we ever learn?

'verse Allocated volume, allocated dimensions, We called it the uni-verse. But science theorizes more than one, They theorize more than three dimensions. Astronomers see vast distances, And the Earth seems so small. But all is close, all is touching, all is connected. Spooky action is what a scientist called it. Others see gravitational waves. The 'verse is linked, The 'verse is sensed. To travel without traveling. To see without eyes. To feel it all. T'is a gift, t'is a curse.

Balance To stand, a person balances on their feet. To fly, a plane needs a balanced load. To navigate, a boat needs balance to not capsize. So what makes us think that we don't need balance in relationships. People have good and bad, positive and negative. To favor one over the other is inviting imbalance. Too much negative and a person becomes abusive. Too much positive and a person doesn't protect themselves or others. If we find the right balance in our lives, we can appreciate the balance in others.