What’s wrong with this Police Report ?

Anatomy of a falsified police report by Sara Black #1-Not categorized as family violence. We dated before we moved in together and had discussed marriage. When the second incident happened on 10-31, Nickerson said if we were married we would be getting a divorce. The fact that Nickerson lied and claimed we were not in relationship to turn it into a civil case does not change that this was family violence. Under Texas law, once we moved in together we became a household. When Nickerson went postal on 10-31, it became family violence. Definition of Family Violence: Texas Family code Section 71.004 http://law.onecle.com/texas/family/71.004.00.html #2-This is not Nickerson’s work number at the Austin Police Department. Nickerson works for APD, however this number (512-478-8600) is for a place he does not work called Channel Austin. Officers Lopez and Metcalf were aware that Nickerson worked for APD because I mentioned it to them both during their first response on 10-31. Lopez and Metcalf also responded when Nickerson disconnected the phone, closed the window and assaulted me later that same day. I was not allowed to file charges against Nickerson and Officer Aguilar Lopez omitted the details of the violence from the report. This pattern and practice repeats for the subsequent reports until the truth is buried under layers of fiction. #3-Report shows daughter employed with APD summer program. Incident happened on 10-31. Summer was over and daughter was unemployed. #4-I am listed as the suspect when I am one of the victims of Nickerson. See later incident on YouTube of when I am again the victim of family /domestic violence by Nickerson & other perp, but am threatened with arrest by APD officer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOob9Ejubjw

GO 2009-1


General Offense Information
Operational status : PATROL - NO FOLLOW UP Reported on : Oct-3 1-2009 (Sat.) 1042 Occurred on : Oct-3 1-2009 (Sat.) 1042 Approved on : Nov-10-2009 (Tuc.) by : AP2425 - HENDRICKS, CARL Report submitted by : AP5319 - AGUILAR, RICARDO Org unit : C/E DAY PATROL 1 Down timcj 89_ Location : ^MMMMMMI^ Municipality : AUSTIN County : TRAVIS COUNTY District : CH Beat : 2 Grid : 413 ias : UNKNO> amily Offenses (Completed/Attempted) Offense : #1 3400 - 0 FAMILY DISTURBANCE - COMPLETED Location : RESIDENCES Offender suspected of using : N/A

Related Person(s) COMPLAINANT #1: NICKERSON,! (Case Specific Information) Sex : MALE Race : __ Ethnicity : Date of birt Address : , AUSTIN , TEXAS 787 Phone Numbers: HOME : (512) BUSINESS Master Name Index Reference COMPLAINANT #1: NICKERSON, Sex : MALE Race : _ Ethnicity : _ Date of birth : Linkage factors Resident status : RESIDENT OE AUSTIN

WITNESS #1:' (Case Specific Information) Sex : FEMALE Race : Ethnicity : Date of birtfTT For: AP0157 Thursday November 12, 2009


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